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Page iv - The Council of the Shakespeare Society desire it to be understood that they are not answerable for any opinions or observations that may appear in the Society's publications ; the Editors of the several works being alone responsible for the same.
Page 100 - I pray you Master Lieutenant, see me safe up, and for my coming down let me shift for myself.
Page xix - Eighth did reign, And rul'd our famous kingdom here; His royal queen he had from Spain, With whom he liv'd full many a year. Queen Katherine named, as stories tell, Sometime his elder brother's wife, By which unlawful marriage fell An endless trouble during life. But such kind love he still conceiv'd Of his fair queen, and of her friends, Which being by Spain and France perceiv'd, Their journeys fast for England bends. And with good leave were suffered Within our kingdom here to stay; Which multitudes...
Page 41 - To give the smooth and dexter way to me That owe it him by nature! Sure, thes things, Not phisickt by respecte, might turne our...
Page xxii - In saying so, the pearled tears Fell trickling from her princely eyes, Whereat his gentle queen he cheers, And says, " Stand up, sweet lady, rise! The lives of them I freely give, No means this kindness shall debar, Thou hast thy boon, and they may live To serve me in my Boulogne war.
Page 28 - Nay certainly you ar for to the king god hath his offyc lent of dread of iustyce, power and comaund hath bid him rule, and willd you to obay and to add ampler maiestie to this he hath not only lent the king his figure his throne and sword, but gyven him his owne name calls him a god on earth...
Page 72 - The emperour is a man of royall faith; 45 His looue vnto our soueraigne brings him downe From his emperiall seate, to marche in pay Vnder our English flagge, and weare the crosse, Like some high order, on his manly breast; Thus seruing, hees not maister of himselfe, 50 But, like a collonell commaunding other, Is by the generall ouer-awed himselfe.
Page 101 - Pluck up thy spirit, man, and be not afraid to do thine office. My neck is very short. Take heed therefore that thou strike not awry for saving of thine honesty.
Page 63 - Moore. Marke ye my Lord, this is witt without a bearde, what will he be, by that time he comes to the commoditie of a bearde ? 1024 Dyce supplies Inclin.
Page xxiii - London's prentices' renowns, And of their deeds by them there done. For ill May-day, and ill May-games, Perform'd in young and tender days, Can be no hind'rance to their fames, Or strains of manhood, any ways. But now it is ordain'd by law, We see on May-day's eve at night, To keep unruly youths in awe, By London's watch in armour bright. Still to prevent the like misdeed...

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