Cocktails and Drinking Games for Smartphones and Mobile Devices - a Complete Guide to Bartending with Over 500 Cocktail Recipes. Alcoholic Beverages History, Culture, and Drinking Styles. Over 100 Drinking Games and Variations

Front Cover, Jan 1, 2007 - Cooking - 960 pages
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How to make Mojito? What wine goes with seafood? What is the proper way of drinking plum brandy? Find answers in this comprehensive guide. Over 500 cocktail recipes. Audience. Weather you are a novice to cocktail mixing or an experienced bartender this collection of recipes will indulge your senses and make a lasting impression on your guests. Detailed explanations of each recipe. Alcoholic beverages history, culture, and drinking styles. Fully illustrated. Be prepared for your special guest. Over 100 drinking games and variations. Easy and fast viewing. Always have the book available for a new idea. Search for words or phrases. Navigate from Table of Contents or read page by page. Add Bookmarks. Text annotation and mark-up. Table of Contents. Introduction: Cocktail Bartending History of alcohol Basics Utensils Responsibilities Ingredients: Mixers Garnish Drinkware: Overview Glasses Techniques Drink styles: Highballs Stirred cocktails Shaken cocktails Blended drinks. Cocktails WITH: Beer Bourbon Brandy or Cognac Cacha a Gin Rum Sake Tequila Vodka Whisky/whiskey Wine or Sparkling Wine Cocktails: Shot/shooters Flaming Cocktails. A-Z: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T V W Y Z. Fermented Beverages: Overview Wine Beer Ale Rye beer Chicha Wheat beer Sake Sonti Makkoli Tuak Cider Apfelwein Perry Pulque Plum wine Pomace wine Mead Kumis Huangjiu. Liqueur List of liqueurs. Distilled Beverages: Overview Agave: Tequila Mezcal Almond: Amaretto Anise-flavored: Absinthe Arak Ouzo Raki Pastis Sambuca Apples: Cider Apfelwein Applejack Calvados Barley, potato or rice: Shochu Fruits: Brandy Cognac Gin Kirschwasser Pisco Rakia Schnapps Plums: Slivovitz Tuica Palinka Pomace: Grappa Orujo Zivania Tsikoudia Tsipouro Rakia Potato: Vodka Aquavit Brennivin Rice: Soju Baijiu Sugarcane/Molasses: Rum Cachaca Aguardiente Falernum Guaro Wheat, corn & rye: Whisky Corn whiskey Rye whiskey. Drinking games: Introduction Pong games Table games Word games Card games Binge drinking games."

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