Strictures on the Modern System of Female Education: With a View of the Principles and Conduct Prevalent Among Women of Rank and Fortune, Volume 2

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T. Cadell Jun. and W. Davies, 1799 - Monastic religious life of women - 322 pages

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Page 289 - brought forward here. Of thefe may I be allowed to produce a few ? " God faw that the wickednefs of man " was great, and that every imagination " of the thoughts of his heart was only " evil continually :"—" God looked upon *' the earth, and behold, it was corrupt;
Page 210 - Whether ye eat or drink, " or whatever you do, do all to the glory " of God," was likely to be of more general ufe, than any feparate exhortation to temperance, to thankfulnefs, to moderation as to quantity or expence ; which laft indeed muft always be left in
Page 312 - except a man be " born again, he cannot fee the kingdom " of God:" that it is not a mere acknowledging His authority, calling him " Lord, " Lord," that will avail any thing, except we do what He commands: that any thing
Page 196 - of that divine prayer, which petitions that the name of God may be " hallowed," that " his kingdom (of grace) may come," and that " his will may be done on earth as it " is in heaven," than by each individual contributing according to his
Page 257 - divides us from eternity: *Tis greatly wife to talk with our paft hours, And afk them what report they bore to heaven, And how they might have borne
Page 158 - precept followed by fo gracious a promife, " Never " turn away thy face from any poor man, " and then the face of the Lord mall
Page 6 - to the rectification of her principles, and the formation of her habits. The great ufes of ftudy are to enable her to regulate her own mind, and to be ufeful to others. To woman, therefore, whatever be her rank, I would recommend a predominance of
Page 264 - And he faid unto them " all, if any man will come after me, '* let him deny himfelf, and take up his " crofs daily." Thofe who think, felfdenial not of
Page 9 - they dropt the practice, and fo had no " encouragement to go on." They do not know that they had no encouragement ; they do not know how much worfe their affairs might have gone on, had they difcontinued it fooner, or how their prayers helped to retard their ruin. Or they do
Page 4 - at liberty to reconcile our prayer with his own predetermined will, the Chriftian does not very critically examine, his precife and immediate duty being to pray, and not to examine; and 'probably this being among the *' fecret things which " belong to God," and not to us, it will lie hidden among thofe numberlefs myfteries

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