Description of the western isles of Scotland, called Hybrides. To which is added, i. An account of Hirta and Rona, by sir G. McKenzie, ii. A description of Saint Kilda, by A. Buchan, iii. A voyage to Saint Kilda, by M. Martin

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1774 - 80 pages

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Page 18 - Erishe cronickells, that Coelus king of Norroway commandit his nobils to take his bodey and burey it in Colmkill, if it chancit him to die in the iles...
Page 101 - The Solan geese have always some of their mimber keeping centry in the night, and if they are surprised, as it often happens, all the flock are taken one after another; but if the centinel be awake at the approach of the creeping fowlers, and hear a noise, it cries softly, grog, grog...
Page 76 - Borera, there was scarce one of them able to manage cable or anchor : we put in under the hollow of an extraordinary high rock, to the north of this isle, which was all covered with a prodigious number of solan geese hatching in their nests; the heavens were darkened by their flying over our heads, their excrements were in such quantity, that they gave a tincture to the sea, and at the same...
Page 69 - Voyage to St Kilda, the remotest of all the Hebrides, or Western Isles of Scotland: giving an Account of the very remarkable Inhabitants of that Place, their Beauty and singular...
Page 29 - ... or wood. He was amazed to think how they could be provided with ale, for he never saw any there that drank water.
Page 149 - Pofition ; but the Inhabitants would never follow his Example in this, but continued their former Practice. He perfuaded the Women, that if in all things they complied with his new Revelation, they mould be undoubtedly carried to Heaven, and that in their Journey thither they were to pafs through the Firmament riding upon White Horfes.
Page 28 - ... into the ground to walk upon. He stood dumb at the door of his lodging with the greatest admiration; and when he saw a coach and two horses, he thought it to be a little house...
Page 122 - Solan geese are ready to fly, which the inhabitants think long enough ; the daily allowance paid by them is very regularly exacted, with regard to their respective proportions of lands and rocks.
Page 114 - ... of the inhabitants are infected with it. If any of the inhabitants of St. Kilda chance to live, though but a...
Page 5 - Rags fowed with Feathers inftead of Thread; our Boat being come pretty near, it was kept off this Rock with long Poles; fome of their Number coming by Pairs into the Sea received Mr.

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