Sporting Magazine: Or, Monthly Calendar of the Transactions of the Turf, the Chase and Every Other Diversion Interesting to the Man of Pleasure, Enterprize, and Spirit, Volume 17

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Rogerson & Tuxford, 1801 - Hunting

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Page 201 - Here once a year Distinction, low'rs its crest, The master, servant, and the merry guest, Are equal all ; and round the happy ring The reaper's eyes exulting glances fling, And, warm'd with gratitude, he quits his place, With sun-burnt hands and...
Page 106 - J tacit confession, that the company engaged therein do, in general, exceed the bounds of their respective fortunes; and therefore they cast lots to determine upon whom the ruin shall at present fall, that the rest may be saved a little longer.
Page 201 - Yet Plenty reigns, and from her boundless hoard, Though not one jelly trembles on the board, Supplies the feast with all that sense can crave ; With all that made our great forefathers brave, Ere the cloy'd palate countless flavours try'd, And cooks had Nature's judgment set aside.
Page 219 - These are odd assertions, but they are certainly facts, though we cannot, and do not pretend to account for them. We have now very good ore at Llwyn Llwyd, where the Knockers were heard to work, but have now yielded up the place, and are no more heard. Let who will laugh, we have the greatest reason to rejoice, and thank the Knockers, or rather God, who sends us these notices.
Page 152 - ... the Physiognomical Science of Lavater. His books, published in the German language, were multiplied by many editions. In the enthusiasm with which they were studied and admired, they were thought as necessary in every family as even the Bible itself. A servant would, at one time, scarcely be hired till the descriptions and engravings of Lavater had been consulted, in careful comparison with the lines and features of the young man's or woman's countenance. This account strikes one as a bit of...
Page 200 - The long accustom'd feast of HARVEST-HOME. No blood-stain'd victory, in story bright, Can give the philosophic mind delight ; No triumph please, while rage and death destroy : Reflection sickens at the monstrous joy. And where the joy, if rightly understood, Like cheerful praise for universal good ? The soul nor check nor doubtful anguish knows, But free and pure the grateful current flows.
Page 162 - ... talents, that you will be able to accomplish the resurrection in our church-yard the day after to-morrow, according to your promise; but I pray you to observe, that our city is in the utmost uproar and confusion, and to consider the dreadful revolution the success, of your experiment must produce in every family.
Page 218 - ... of nature,) will laugh at us Cardiganshire miners, who maintain the existence of knockers in mines, a kind of good-natured impalpable people, not to be seen, but heard, and who seem to us to work in the mines ; that is to say they are the types, or forerunners of working in mines, as dreams are of some accidents which happen to us.
Page 162 - Sir, I have not the least doubt from my experience of your rare talents that you will be able to accomplish the resurrection in our churchyard the day after to-morrow according to your promise, but I pray you to observe that our city is in the utmost uproar and confusion, and to consider the dreadful revolution your experiment must produce in every family.
Page 261 - Age, and at the same time increase the Revenue. Advice to the Lovely Cyprians, and to the Fair Sex in general, how to pass their Lives in future to their better Satisfaction, and to enjoy with Discretion the three Cardinal Virtues.

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