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The Run & Read Library,




OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. • The fact is the “ Run and Read is not inculcated.' – Baptist Magazine, Library” stands at the head of its class. February, 1859. It has this most excellent feature, that • This series of popular works is an every work is selected on the principle especial favorite, and deservedly so. No that light literature should be used to parent need fear for the morals or taste carry pleasantly to the minds of the of the young into whose hands these young germs of precious truth.'-Hogg's volumes may fall.:-Youths' Magazine. Instructor.

Your plan appears to me highly inter. These are the very things for a leisure esting, and I wish it success.'-DR. CROLY hour in summer or winter, on the rail or to the Publishers. the boat, by the sea-side or in the garden, Recommendatory notices of separate amidst the family circle, or at the lonely volumes have appeared in the 'Eclectic hearth. We can heartily recommend this Review, . British Banner, British series.' – Evangelical Magazine, Sept., Standard, Christian Witness,' 'Mothers! 1856.

Friend,' 'The Church,' Sunday School •May be safely recommended for family Union Magazine,' Churchman,' etc. etc. reading, which is more than we can say • Works of Imagination are avowedly for a good deal of the cheap fiction.'— read and enjoyed by men of science, Nonconformist.

wisdom, and piety.'-Miss C. SINCLAIR. •We cannot but congratulate the readers • To warn young people against BAD of the "Run and Read Library on the tales, and to provide them with GOOD store of amusement and information pro- ones, is real benevolence.-Mrs. Elton, vided for them by the spirited pub- Author of Real Happiness' etc. lishers.'— British Mothers' Magazine. « There are

many advantages to be • We have not met with one of the gained by reading books of imagination, IF series in which high Christian principle PROPERLY selected.'-Mrs. H. B. Stowe.

VOLUMES ALREADY PUBLISHED. F.cap 8vo, handsomely printed, each volume illustrated with Frontispiece and Vignette Title Page

in Fancy Boards. 1 I've Been Thinking: or, the 4 Jane Rutherford: the Miner's Secret of Success.

Daughter. By A, S. Roe. Revised and Edited

By Miss MAYNE. With 10 Doubleby Rev. C. B. TAYLER, M.A., ls.6d.

page Illustrations. ls. 6d. 2 The £5 Note : An Autobiogra- “ The tale is the best of the kind in tone

and treatment we have met with."-Weekly phy.

By the Author of "Naomi.” 1s. 6d.
« Mrs. Webb's £5 Note is endowed with

5 The Mysterious Marriage. 80 much wisdom, feeling, and discretion, By CATHERINE SINCLAIR. 18. 6d. that although we know it not to be flesh and blood, we cannot accept it as a mere 6 Mary Ann Wellington : the Sol

bit of printed paper."-Atheneum. 3 The Confessor : a Jesuit Tale

dier's Daughter, Wife, and

Widow. of the Times. By Miss HARDY. Edited with Pre

By the Author of "Margaret Catchface by the Rev. C. B. TAYLER, pole.” Is. 6d. M.A., Is. 60.

7 The Lamplighter. « The story of the Confessor is full of interest."--Tait's Magazine.

By Miss CUMMING. 18. 60,


THE RUN AND READ LIBRARY-continued. 8 Modern Flirtations.

120 Modern Accomplishments. By CATHERINE SINCLAIR. Is. 6d. By CATHERINE SINCLAIR. 28.

A sprightliness of dialogue, and bril9 Julamerk.

liancy of repartee, quite unsurpassed by any By the Author of “Naomi.” 28.

similar production in England."-Christian

A beautiful tale om dery considerable 21 Adonijah ; a Tale of the Jewish

merit."-Morning Herald.
10 Zenon the Roman Martyr.

By the Author of “Margaret Catch.


Deserves to take rank side by side pole." Is. 60.

with Naomi,' its companion and counter“ Unusually instructive and thrilling.

part.”-Youth's Magazine. The best of the fictions

of Bulwer and

his 22 Modern Society.
associates in romance are rubbish in com-
parison with Zenon.”- British Banner.

11 To Love and to be Loved. 23 Country Hospitalities.
By the Author of "I've Been Think.


A very pleasant and entertaining book, ing.” Is. 6d.

sparkling with genuine humor and good

nature." - Eclectic Review. 12 Beatrice; or, the Unknown 24 Real Happiness. Relatives.

By MRS. ELTON, 1s. 60. By CATHERINE SINCLAIR. 28. 25 The Star and the Cloud; or a 13 The Pilgrims of New England. Daughter's Love. By the Author of “ Naomi." 1s. 6d.

By the Author of " I've Been Think

ls. 6d, 14 I've Succeeded: or, A Long 26 The Flower of the Family. Look Ahead.

Price 18, 6d.
By the

Author of “I've Been 27 The Convent.
Thinking.” 1s. 6d.

By Miss MCCRINDELL, 1s. 6d. "We recommend it to our readers." Atheneum.

28 Queechy. 15 Jane Bouverie.

By the Author of the “Wide Wiae

World.” 2s. 6d.
“This picture of the hopes, loves, sor-

29 Rufus and Winthrop ; or, the rows, and anxieties of one of the single Hills of the Shatemuc. sisters is moral and powerful."-Nonconformist.

Preface by the Rev, C. B. TAYLER.

Is. 6d. 16 The Wide, Wide World.

30 Nellie of Truro ; a Tale from By Miss WETHERELL. With Twelve Illustrations. With Preface by the

Life. Rev. C. B. Tayler. 23.

Price ls. 60. 17 The Monk of Cimies.

31 Hidden Path.

By the Author of " Alone." ls. 6d. By MRS. SHERWOOD. 2s.

Needs no description of praise; who 32 Ida May; a Story of Things has not read it?"-Nonconformist.

Actual and Possible. 18 Freston Torger.

Price ls, 6d.
A Tale of the Times of Cardinal 33 Alone ; a Tale of Life.
Wolsey. By the Author of "Mar.

Price ls. 6d. garet Catchpole." Is. 6d.

The tale has a special charm and fasci- 34 Ellen : or, Training by Trials. nation."-Youth's Magazine.

By AMY OSBORN. 18. 6d. 19 Holiday House.

35 The Welsh Family Crusoes. By CATHERINE SINCLAIR. 23.

Price 2s.

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