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Since the true life on't was.

Poft. This is true ;
And this you might have beard of lere by me,
Or by some other.

Inch. More particulars
Mutt juftify my knowledge.

Post. So they must,
Or do your honour injury.

Iach. The chimney
Is south the chainber; and the chimney-piece,
Chafte Dian bathing : never saw I figures
So likely to report themselves *: the cutter
Was as ano: her nature dumb, out-went her;
Motion and breath left out.

Post. This is a thing
Which you might from relation likewise reap,
Being, as it is, much spoke of.

Iach. The roof oth? chamber
With golden cherubims is fretted: th' andirons,
I had forgot them, were two winking Cupids
Of silver, each on one foot standing, nicely
Depending on their brands.

Poft. This is her honour t?
Let it be granted you have seen all this,
Praise be to your remembrance, the description
Of what is in her chamber nothing saves
The wager you have laid.

Iach. Then, if you can, [Pulling out the bracelet.
Be pale $; I beg but leave to air this jewel. See!-
And now 'tis up again. It must be married
To that your diamond. I'll keep them.

Poft. Jove!
Once more let me behold it. Is it that
Which I left with her ?

Jach. Sir, I thank her, that.
She stript it from her arm.

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I see her yet ;

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* So near to speech. Johnson.

+ Is this her honour ?-That is, Is this any way selse eing to the honour of my wife? Upton. If you can forbea to fufis your cheek with tage.


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this too :


Her pretty action did out-sell her gift,

enrich'd it too; she gave it me,
And said Me prizid it once,

Poft. May be the pluck'd it off
To send it ine.

Iach. She writes so to you, doth slie?
Pojt. O, 110, no, no. 'Tis true.

Here, take

[Gives the ring
It is a basilisk unto mine eye,
Kills me to look on't ; let there be no honour
Where there is beauty; truth, where semblance ;

Where there's another man. The vows of women
Of no more bondage be, to where they're made,
Than they are to their virtues, which is nothing a
O, above measure falle!

Phil. Have patience, Sir,
And take your ring again : 'tis not yet won;
It may be probable flie lost it; or,
Who knows, one of her women, being corrupted,
Hath stol'n it from her.

Post. Very true.
And so, I hope, he came by't;-back my ring;-
Render to me some corporal sign about her,
More evident than this, for this was stole.

Iach. By Jupiter I had it from her arm.

Poft. Hark you, he fwears; by Jupiter he swears,
'Tisirue—nay, keep the ring ;- 'tis true ; I'm sure
She could not lose it; her attendants are
All sworn and honourable. They induc'd to steal it!
And by a stranger !_no, he hath enjoy'd her.
The cognizance of her incontinency
Is this; she hath bought the name of whore thus,

There, take thy hire, and all the fiends of hell
Divide themselves between you!

Phil. Sir, be patient;
This is not strong enough to be believ'd,
Of one persuaded well of-

Post. Never talk on't;
She hath been folted by him.
Jach. If you seek

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For further satisfying, under her brealt,
Worthy the preiling, lyes a mole, right proud
Of that most delicate lodging. By my life
I kiss'd it, and it gave me present hunger :
To feed again, though full. You do remember
This stain upon her?

Poft. Ay, and it doth confirm
Anoiber stain, as big as hell can hold,
Were there no more but it.

lach. Will you hear more?

Pojt. Spare your arithmetic,
Count not the turns: once, and a million!

Tach. I'll be sworn

Post. No swearing :
If you will fwear you have not done't, you lie.
And I will kill thee, if thou doft deny
Thou’ft made me cuckold.

lach. I'll deny nothing.

Poft. Othat I had her here to tear her limb-meal! I will go there, and do't i'th'court before Her father.-i'll do something

[Exit. Phil. Quite besides The government of patience! You have won ; Let's follow hia, and pervert the present wrath He hath against himself. lach. With all my heart.



Re-enter Posthumus. Poff. Is there no way for men to be, but women Must be half-workers ? we are bastards all; And that most venerable man, which I Did call my father, was I know not where, When I was stamp'd. Some coiner with his tools Made me a counterfeit;. yet my mother seem'dThe Dian of that time; fo doth my wife The non-pareil of this--Oh vengeance, vengeance! Me of my lawful pleasure the restrain'd, And pray'd me, oft, forbearance; did it with A pudency so rosy, the sweet view on't Might well have warın'd old Saturn

that I thought her

As chaste as unsunn'd snow. Oh, all the devils !
This yellow Iachimo in an hour -- Was't not?
Or leis-at first? Perchance he spo'se not, but
Like a full-acorn'd boar, a German one,
Cry'd, Oh! and mounted ; found no opposition
But what he look'd for thould oppole, and the
Should froin encounter guard. Could I find out
The woman's part in me! for there's no motion
That tends to vice in nran, but, I arfrın,
It is the woman's part; be't lying, note it,
The woman's; flattering, hers; deceiving, hers;
Luft and rank thoughts, hers, hers; revenges, hers;
Ambitions, coverings, change of prides, dildain,
Nice longings, llanders, inurability :
All faults that may be nam’d, nay, thai hell knows,
Why, hers in part, or all; but rather all. For

even to vice
They are not conitant, but are changing till
One vice, but of a minute old, for one
Not half so old as that. I'll write against them,
Detest them, curie them ;--yet 'tis greater skill
In a true hate to pray they have their will;
The very devils cannot plague their better. [Exito".



Cymbeline's Palace. :

Ester, in ftat?, Cymbeline, Queen, Cloten, and! Lords, at one door, and at another Caius Lucius and Attendants..

Cymbeline. TOW

.: Luc When Julius Caesar, whose re nembrance -Lives in men's eyes, and will to ears and tongues [yet : Be theme and hearing ever, was in this Britain, And conquer'd it, Calibelan, thine uncle, Failous in Cefai's praises, no whit less Than in sitats deferving it, for hin, Ang.liis fuccedion, granted Rome a tribute, s

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Yearly three thousand pounds; which by thee lately
Is left untender'd.

Queen. And, 'to kill the marvel,
Shui be so ever.

Clt. There be many Cæfars
Ere furis another Julius: Britain is
A world by’t felf; and we will nothing pay
For wearing our own noses.

Queen That opportunity;
Which then they had to take from's, to resume
We have again. Remember, Sir, my Liege,
The kings your ancestors ; together with
The nai'ral brav'ry of your ifle, which stands,
As Neptune's park, ribbed and paled in
With rocks unscaleable, and roaring waters:
With fands that will not bear your eneinies' boats,
But suck them up to th’top-mast A kind of conquest
Cælar made here, but made not here his brag
Of came, and suw, and overcame. With fhame,
The first that ever touch'd him, he was carried
From off our coast, twice bearen; and his shipping,
Poor ignorant baubles, on our terrible feas,
Like egg-Melis mov'd upon their surges, crack'd
As easily gainst our rocks. For joy whereof,
The fam'd Caflibelan, who was once at point,
Oh, giglet fortune! 10 master Cæsar's sword,
Made Lud's town with rejoicing fires bright,
And Britons ftrut with courage.

Clot. Come, there's no more tribute to be paid. Our kingdom is stronger than it was at that time; and, as I said, there is no more such Cæsars; other of them may have crooked noses, but to own such strait arms, none.

Cym. Son, let your mother end.

Clot. We have yet many among us can gripe as hard as Caslibelan ; I do not say I am one, but I have a hand. Why tribute? why should we pay tribute? If Cæsar can hide the fun from us with a blanket, or put the moon in his pocket, we will pay hiin tribute for light; else, Sir, no more tribute, prav you now.

Cym. You must know,

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