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tions, Liberties and Privileges unto the said Ports. belonging, as to him and them fhall seem moft expedient; and that all and singular the Ships, Boats, and other Vefsels, which shall come for Merchandize and Trade into the faid Province, or out of the same, shall be laden or unladen only at fuch Ports as shall be created and constituted by the said William Penn, his Heirs or Asigns, (any Ufe, Custom, or Thing to the contrary

notwithstanding.) Provided, that the said William Penn, and his Heirs, and the Lieutenants and Governors for the Time being, shall admit and receive in, and about all such Havens, Ports, Creeks and Quays, all Officers and their Deputies, who shalt from Time to Time be appointed for that Purpose, by the Farmers or Commisioners of our Customs for the Time being.


And we do further appoint and ordain, and by these Presents, for us, our Heirs and Succeffors, we do grant unto the said William Penn, his Heirs and Afligns, That he, the said Williain Penn, his Heirs and Affigns, may from time to time for ever, have and enjoy the Customs and Subsidies, in the Ports, Harbours, and other Creeks and Places aforesaid, within the Province aforesaid, payable or due for Merchandize and Wares there to be laded and unJaded, the said Customs and Subsidies to be reasonably affefsed upon any Occafion, by themselves and the People there as aforesaid to be assembled ; to whom we give Power by these Presents, for us, our Heirs and Succeffors, upon just Cause and due Proportion, to assess and impose the same; saving unto us, our Heirs and Succeffors, such Impofitions and Customs, as by Act of Parliament are and. Ihall be appointed.




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And it is our farther Will and Pleasure, That the faid William Penn, his Heirs and Afligns, shall from Time to Time constitute and appoint an AtCorney or Agent, to refide in or near our City of London, who shall make known the place where he fall dwell, or may be found, unto the Clerks of our Privy-Council for the Time being, or one of them, and shall be ready to appear in any of our Courts at Westminster, to answer for any Mifdemeanor that shall be committed, or by any wilful Default or Neglect permitted by the faid William Penn, his Heirs or Affigns, against the Laws of Trade and Navigation; and after it shall be ascer. tained in any of our faid Courts, what Damages we, or our Heirs or Successors, shall have sustained by such Default or Neglect, the said William Penn, his Heirs or Asigns, shall pay the same within one Year after such Taxation, and Demand thereof, from such Attorney; or in Cafe there shall be no such Attorney by the Space of one Year, or such Attorney shall not make Payment of such Damages within the Space of a Year, and answer such other Forfeitures and Penalties within the faid Time, as by the Acts of Parliament in England are and shall be provided, according to the true Intent and Meaning of these Presents; then it shall be lawful for us, our Heirs and Successors, to seize and resume the Government of the said Province or Country, and the fame to retain until Payment shall be made thereof: But notwithstanding any such Seizure or Resumption of the Government, nothing concerning the Propriety or Ownership of any Lands, Tenements, or other Hereditaments, or Good or Chattles, of any of the Adventurers, Planters, or Owners, other than the respective


Offenders there, Ihall any ways be affected of mon
Jested thereby


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Provided always, and our Will and Pleasure is, That neither the raid William Penn, nor his Heirs, or any other the Inhabitants of the said Province, shall at any Time hereafter have or maintain any Correspondence with any other King, Prince, or State, or with any of their Subjects, who shall then be in War against us, our Heirs and Succeffors; nor shall the said William Penn, or bis Heirs, or any other Inhabitants of the said Province, make War, or do any Act of Hostility against any other King, Prince, or State, or any of their Subjects, who shall then be in League or Amity with us, our Heirs and successors.


And, because in so remote a Country, and situate near many barbarous Nations, the Incurfions as well of the Savages themselves, as of other Enemies, Pirates and Robbers, may probably be feared : Therefore we have given, and for us, our Heirs and Successors, do give Power by these Presents to the said William Penn, his Heirs and Alsigns, by themselves or their Captains, or other their Officers, to levy, mufter and train all Sorts of Men, of what Condition foever, or wheresoever born, in the said Province of Pennsylvania for the Time being, and to make War, and to pursue the Enemies and Robbers aforesaid, as well by Sea as by Land, even without the Limits of the said Province, and by God's Alistance to vanquish and take them, and being taken, to put them to Death: by the Law of War, or to save them at their Plea



sure, and to do all and every other Thing which unto the Charge and Office of a Captain-General of an Army belongeth, or hath accustomed to belong, as fully and freely as any Captain-General of an Army hath ever had the same.


And furthermore, of our special Grace, and of our certain Knowledge and mere Motion, we have given and granted, and by these Presents, for us, our Heirs and Succeffors, do give and grant unto the said William Penn, his Heirs and Afligns, full and absolute Power, Licence and Authority, that he, the faid William Penn, his Heirs and Arfigns, from Time to Time hereafter for ever, at his or their own Will and Pleasure, may affign, alien, grant, demise, or enfeoff of the Premiffes, fo many

and such Parts and Parcels to him that shall be willing to purchase the same, as they shall think fit, to have and to hold to them the said Person and Persons willing to take and purchase, their Heirs and Assigns, in Fee-fimple or Fee-tail, or for the Term of Life, Lives or Years, to be held of the said William Penn, his Heirs or Afligns, as of the said Seigniory of Windsor, by such Sera' vices, Customs or Rents, as fhall seem meet to. the faid William Penn, his Heirs or Afligns, and not immediately of us, our Heirs or Successors..


And to the fame Person or Persons, and to all and every of them, we do give and grant by these Presents, for us, our Heirs and Successors, Licence, Authority and Power, that such Person or. Persons may take the Premisses, or any Parcel thereof, of the aforesaid William Penn, his Heirs,


or Afligns, and the same hold, to themselves, their Heirs and Afligns, in what Eftate of Inheritance soever, in Fee-fimple or in Fee-tail, or otherwise, as to him, the said William Penn, his Heirs or Afligns, shall seem expedient: The Statute made in the Parliament of EDWARD, Son of King HENRY, late King of England, our Predecessor, , (commonly called The Statute QUIA EMPTORES TERRARUM, lately published in our Kingdom of 1 England) in any wife notwithstanding.


And by these Presents we give and grant Liacence unto the said Willliam Penn, and his Heirs, , and likewise to all and every such Person or Perfons to whom the said William Penn, or his Heirs, , Ihall at any Time hereafter grant any Estate or Inheritance as aforesaid, to erect any Parcels of Land: within the Province aforesaid into Manors, by and with the Licence to be first had and obtained for that Purpose, under the Hand and Seal of the faid: William Penn, or his Heirs; and in every of the : said Manors to have and to hold a. Court-Barong, with all Things whatsoever which to a Court-Baron do belong, and to have and to hold View of Frank-Pledge for the Conservation of the Peace, . and the better Government of those Parts, by themselves or their Stewards, or by the Lords for : the. Time being of the Manors to be deputed when they shall be erected, and in the fame to use all Things belonging to the View.of Frank-Pledge. And we do further grant Licence and Authority, . That every such Person or. Persons who shall erect any such Mánor or Manors, as aforesaid, Mall or : may grant all or any Part of his faid Land to any Person or Persons, in Fee-fimple, or any other : Estate of Inheritance to be held of the said Manors


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