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and affixed to the most noted Places in the inha. "bited Parts therof, thirty Days before the Meeting of the General Assembly, in order to the passing them into Laws, or rejecting of them, as the general Assembly shall see meet.

VIII. That the Governor and provincial Council shall take care, that all Laws, Statutes and Ordinances, which shall at any Time be made within the said Province, be duly and diligently executed.

IX. That the Governor and provincial Council fhall at all times have the Care of the Peace and Safety of the Province, and that nothing be by any Person attempted to the Subversion of this Frame of Government.

X. That the Governor and provincial Council Ihall at all Times settle and order the Situation of all Cities, Ports, and Market-Towns in every County, modelling therein all publick Buildings, Streets, and Market Places, and shall appoint all necessary Roads and High-ways in the Province.

XI. That the Governor and provincial Council shall at all Times have power to inspect the Management of the publick Treasury, and punish those who shall convert any Part thereof to any other Use, than what hath been agreed upon by the Governor, provincial Council, and General ArTembly.

XII. That the Governor and provincial Council fhall erect and order all publick Schools, and encourage and reward the Authors of useful Sciences and laudable Inventions in the said Province.

XIII. That for the better Management of the Powers and Trust aforesaid, the provincial Council shall from Time to Time divide itself into four distinct and proper Committees, for the more easy Administration of the Affairs of the Province, which divides the Seventy-two into four Eighteens, every one of the which Eighteens shall consist of six out of each of the three Orders or yearly Elections, each of which shall have a distinct Portion of Bus finess, as followeth : First, A Committee of Plantations, to fituate and settle Cities, Ports, and Market-Towns, and High-ways, and to hear and decide all Suits and Controversies relating to Plantations, Secondly, A Committee of Justice and Safety, to secure the Peace of the Province, and punish the Male Administration of those who subvert Justice to the Prejudice of the Publick or private Interest. Thirdly, A Committee of Trade and Treasury, who shall regulate all Trade and Commerce according to Law, encourage Manufacture and Country-Growth, and defray the publick Charge of the Province. And, Fourthly, A Commitee of Manners, Education, and Arts, that all wicked and scandalous Living may be prevented, and that Youth may be succesively trained up in Virtue and useful Knowledge and Arts: The Quorum of each of which Committees being fix, that is, two out of each of the three Orders, or yearly Elections, as aforesaid, make a constant and standing Council of TWENTY-FOUR, which will have the Power of the provincial Council, being the quorum of it, in all Cases not excepted in the fifth Article; and in the faid Committees and standing Council of the Province, the Governor or his Deputy fhall or may preside, as aforesaid ; and in the Abfence of the Governor or his Deputy, if no one is by either of them appointed, the said Committees


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or Council shall appoint a President for that Time, and not otherwise ; and what shall be resolved at fuch Committees, shall be reported to the said Coun. cil of the Province, and shall be by them resolved and confirmed before the same shall be put in Execution; and that these respective Committees shall not fit at one and the same Time, except in Cases of Necessity.

XIV. And, to the End that all Laws prepared by the Governor and provincial Council aforesaid, may yet have the more full Concurrence of the Freemen of the Province, it is declared, granted, and confirmed, That at the Time and Place or Places for the Choice of a provincial Council as aforesaid, the said Freemen shall yearly chuse Members to serve in a General Assembly as their Representatives, not exceeding two Hundred Persons, who shall yearly meet from the twentieth Day of the second Month, which

thall be in the Year One Thousand Six Hundred Eighty and Three, following, in the capital Town or City of the said Province where during eight Days the several Members may freely confer with one another; and, if any of them see meet, with a Committee of the provincial Council (confisting of three out of each of the four Committees aforesaid, being twelve in all) which shall be at that Time purposely appointed to receive from any of them Proposals for the Alterations or Amendment of any of the said proposed and promulgated Bills : And on the ninth Day from their fo meeting, the said General Assembly, after reading over the proposed Bills by the Clerk of the provincial Council, and the Occasions and Motives for them being opened by the Governor or his Deputy, thall give their Affirmative or Negative, which to them seemeth beft, in such Manner as herein after is express'd. But not less than two

thirds shall make a Quarum in the Passing of Laws, and Choice of such Officers as are by them to be chosen.

XV. That the Laws fo prepared and proposed as aforesaid, that are assented to by the General Affembly, shall be enrolled as Laws of the Province; with this Stile: By the Governor, with the Afent and Approbation of the Freemen in provincial Council and general Asembly.

XVI. That, for the better Establishment of the Go. vernment and Laws of this Province, and to the End there may be an universal Satisfaction in the Laying of the Fundamentals thereof; the general Assembly shall, or may for the first Year, consist of all the Freemen of and in the said Province, and ever after it fhall be yearly chosen as aforesaid ; which Number of two Hundred shall be enlarged as the Country fhall encrease in People, so as it do not exceed five Hundred at any Time: The Appointment and proportioning of which, as also the laying and methodizing of the Choice of the provincial Council and general Assembly in future Times, most equally to the Divisions of the Hun. dreds and Counties, which the Country shall here after be divided into, shall be in the Power of the provincial Council to propose, and the general Afsembly to resolve.

XVII. That the Governor and the provincial Coun. cil Thall erect from Time to Time standing Couris of Justice, in such Places and Number as they shall judge convenient for the good Governinent of the faid Province. And that the provincial Council shall, on the thirteenth Day of the first Month yearly, elect and present to the Governor or his Deputy, a double Number of Persons, to ferve for Vol. II.



Judges, Treasurers, Mafters of Rolls, within the Said Province for the Year next ensuing; and the Freemen of the said Province, in the CountyCourts, when they shall be erected ; and till then, in the general Affembly, fall, on the three and twentieth Day of the fecond Month yearly, ele&t and present to the Governor, or his Deputy, a double Number of Persons to serve for Sheriffs, Justices of the Peace, and Coroners, for the Year next ensuing ; out of which respective Elections and Presentments, the Governor or his Deputy Thall nominate and commiffionate the proper Number for each Office the third Day after the said Presentments; or else the first named in such PreSentment for each Office, shall ftand and serve for that Office the Year ensuing.

XVIII. But forasmuch as the present Condition of the Province requires fome immediate Settlement, and admits not of fo: quick a Revolution of Officers; and to the End the said Province may, with all convenient Speed, be well ordered and settled, I William Penn do therefore think fit to nominate and appoint such Persons for Judges, Treasurers, Masters of the Rolls, Sheriffs, Justices of the Peace, and Coroners, as are most fitly qualified for those Employments; to whom I shall make and grant Commissions for the faid Offices, respectively, to hold to them to whom the same Thall be granted, for so long Time as every fuch Perfon ihall well behave himself in the Office or Place to him respectively granted, and no longer. And upon the Decease or displacing of any of the faid Officers, the succeeding Officer or Officers Thall be chosen as aforesaid.

XIX. That the general Assembly shall continue so long as may be needful to impeach Criminals fit


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