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every first Day of the Week, called the Lord's Day, People fhall abstain from their common daily Labour, tha: they may the better difpose them felves to worship God according to their Understandings.

XXXVII. That as a careless and corrupt Administration of Justice draws the Wrath of God. upon Magiftrates, so the Wildness and Looseness of the Peon ple provoke the Indignation of God against a Country: Therefore, That all fuch Offences against God, as Swearing, Cyrsing, Lying, prophane Talking, Drunkenness, Drinking of Healths, obfeene Words, Incest, Sodomy, Rapes, Whoredom, Fornication, and other Uncleanness (not to be repeated) all Treasons, Misprifons, Murders, Duels, Felony, Sedition, Maims, forcible Entries, and other Violences, to the Perfons and Eftates of the Inhabitants within this Province; all Prizes, Stage-Plays, Cards, Dice, Maygames, Gamesters, Masques, Revels, Bull-baitings, Cock-fightings, Bear-baitings, and the like, which excite the People to Rudeness, Cruelty, Looseness, and Irreligion, shall be respectively discouraged and severely punished, according to the Appointment of the Governor and Freemen in provincial Council and general Assembly; as also all Proceedings contrary to these Laws, that are not here made exprefly penal.

XXXVHI. That a Copy of these Laws Thall be hung up in the provincial Council, and in publick Courts of Justice: And that they shall be read yearly ac the Opening of every provincial Council and neral Assembly, and Court of Justice ; and their Aflent shall be testified, by their standing up after the Rçading thereof.

geXXXIX. That there shall be at no Time any Alteration of any of these Laws, without the Consent of the Governor, his Heirs or Assigns, and fix Parts of seven of the Freemen, met in provincial Council: and general Assembly.

XL.. That all other. Matters and Things not herein provided for, which shall and may concern the publick Justice, Peace, or Safety of the said Province; and the raising and imposing Taxes, Customs, Duties, or other Charges whatsoever, shall be and are hereby referred to the Order, Prudence, and Determination of the Governor and Freemen in provincial Council and general Assembly, to be held from Time to Time in the said Province.

Signed and Sealed by the Governor and Freemen aforesaid, the fifth Day of the third Month, called May, One Thousand. Six. Hundred and Eighty-Two.



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upon by WILLIAM Penn, Proprietor and Governor of the Province of Pennfylvania, and those who are the Adventurers and Purchasers in the fame Province, the Eleventh of July, One Thousand Six Hundred and Eighty-one.




taken up upon

HAT so soon as it pleaseth God, that the

abovefaid . Persons arrive there, a certain Quantity of Land or Ground Plat, shall be laid out for a large Town or City, in the most convenient Place upon the River for Health and Navi-. gation; and every Purchaser and Adventurer hall by Lot have so much Land therein as will anfwer to the Proportion which he hath bought or

Rent: But it is to be noted, that the Surveyors fhall consider what Roads or Highways will be necessary to the Cities, Towns, or through the Lands. Great Roads from City to City thall not contain less than farty Feet in Breadth, and shall be first laid out and declared to be for Highways, before the Dividend of Acres be laid out for the Purchaser; and the like Observation to be had for the Streets in the Towns and Cities, that there may be convenient Roads and Streets preserved, not to be encroached upon by any Planter or Builder, that none may build irre


gularly to the Damage of another. In this, Cruso pom governs.

II. That the Land in the Town be laid out together after the Proportion of ten thousand Acres of the whole Country, that is, two, hundred Acres if the Place will bear it: However, that the Proportion be by Lot, and entire, fo as those that defire to be together, especially those that are by the Catalogue laid together, may be so laid together both in the Town and Country.

III. That when the Country-Lots are laid out, every Purchaser, from one thousand to ten thousand Acres, or more, not to have above one thousand Acres together, unless in three Years they plant a Family upon every thousand Acres; but that all such as purchase together, lie together; and if as many as comply with this Condition, that the whole' be laid out together.

IV. 1:1 That where any Number of Purchasers, more or less, whose Number of Acres amounts to five or ten thousand Acres, desire to fit together in a Lot or Township, they shall have their Lot or Townfhip caft together, in such Places as have convenient Harbours or pavigable Rivers attending it, if such can be found, and in Case


one or more Purchasers plant not according to Agreement in this Concession, to the Prejudice of others of the same Township, upon Complaint thereof made to the Governor or his Deputy, with Affiftance, they may award (if they see Cause) that the complaining Purchafer may, paying the Survey-Money, and Purchase-Money, and Interest thereof, be ena titled, inrolled, and lawfully invested in the Lands fo not feated,

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V. That the Proportion of Lands that shall be laid out in the first great Town or City, for every Purchaser, shall be after the Proportion of těn Acres for every five hundred Acres purchased, if the Place will allow it.

VI. That notwithstanding there be no Mention made, in the several Deeds made to the Purchasers, yet the faid William Penn does accord and declare, that all Rivers, Rivulets, Woods and Underwoods, Water; Water-courfes, Quarries, Mines and Minerals, (except Mines Royal) shall be freely and fully enjoyed, and wholly by the Purchafers, into whose Lot they fall.

VII. That for every fifty Acres that shall be allotted to a Servant at the End of his Service, his QuitRent shall be two Shillings per Annum, and the Master or Owner of the Servant, when he shall take up the other fifty Acres, his Quit-Rent shall be four Shillings by the Year;, or if the Master of the Servant (by Reason in the Indentures he is so obliged to do) allot out to the Servant. fifty Acres in his own Division, the faid Master Than have on Demand allotted him, from the Governor, the one hundred Acres, at the chief Rent of. fix Shillings per Annum.

VIII. And for the Encouragement of such as are in genious, and willing to search out Gold and Silver Mines in this Province, it is hereby agreed, that they have Liberty, to bore and dig in any Man's Property, fully paying the Damage done, and in Cafe a Discovery fhould be made, that the Difcoverer have one fifth, the owner of the Soil (if not the Discoverer) a tenth Part, the Governor two


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