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fifths, and the rest to the publick Treasury, saving to the King the Share reserved by Patent

IX. In every hundred thousand Acres, the Governor and Proprietary, by Lot, reserveth ten to himself, what shall lie but in one place.

Xi That every. Mån shall be bound to plant or man to much of his Share of Land as shall be set out and surveyed, within three Years after it is so set out and surveyed, or else it shall be lawful for new Comers to be settled thereupon, paying to them their Survey-Money, and they go up higher for their Shares

XF. There shall be no buying and felling, be it with an Indian, or one among another, of any Goods to be exported, but what shall be performed in pubs lick Market, when fuch Places thall be set apart on erected, where they thall pass the publick Stamp or Mark. If bad Ware, and prized as good, or deceitful in Proportion or Weight, to forfeit the Value as if good and full Weight and Proportion, to the publick Treasury of the Province, when ther it be the Merchandize of the Indiang or that of the Planters.

XII. And forasmuch as it is usual with the Planters, to over-reach the poor Natives of the Country in Trade, by Goods not being good of the Kind, or debased with Mixtures, with which they are fenfibly aggrieved, it is agreed, whatever is sold to the Indians, in Consideration of their Furs, shall be fold in the Market-place, and there suffer the Test, whether good or bad; if good, to pass; if pot good, not to be sold for good, that the Natives, may not be abused nor provoked,


XIII. That no Man shall by any Ways or Means, in Word or Deed, affront or wrong any Indian, but he shall incur the fame Penalty of the Law, as if he had committed it against his Fellow-Planter; and if any Indian shall abuse, in Word or Deed,

Planter of this Province, that he shall not be his own Judge upon the Indian, but he shall make his Complaint to the Governor of the Province, or his Lieutenant or Deputy, or some inferior Mas gistrate near him, who shall, to the utmost of his Power, take Care with the King of the said Ina dian, that all reafonable Satisfaction be made to. the said injured Planter,

XIV. That all Differences between the Planters and the Natives, thall also be ended by twelve Men, that is, by fix Planters and fix Natives, that so we may live friendly together as much as in us lieth, preventing all Occasions of Heart-burnings and Mischief.

XV, That the Indians shall, have Liberty to do alt Things relating to the Improvement of their Ground, and providing Sustenance for their Famis lies, that any of the Planters fhall enjoy.

XVI. That the Laws as to Slanders, Drunkenness, Swearing, Cursing, Pride in Apparel, Trespaffes, Distresses, Replevins, Weights and Measures, shall be the same as in England, till altered by Law in this Province.

XVII. That all shall mark their Hogs, Sheep, and other Cattle, and what are not marked within three Months after it is in their Poffeffion, be it young or old, it shall be forfeited to the Governori

i sul shak

that so People may be compelled to ayoid the Qccafions of much Strife between Planters."

XVIII! 411 That in clearing the Ground, Care be taken to leave one Acre of Trees - for every five Acres cleared, especially tor preferve Oak and Mulberries for Silk and Shipping,

XIX? That all Skip-Masters-fball give an Account of their Countries; Names, Ships, Owners, Freights and Passengers, to an OMçer to be appointed fox that Purpose, which shall be registred within two Dàys after their Arrival; and if they sdaļl 'refufe fo to do, that then none presume to trade with them, upon Forfeiture thereof; and that such Masters be looked“ upon as having an evil: Intention to the Province.

That no Person leave the Province, without
Publication being made thereof, in the Market-
Place, three Weeks before, and a Certificate from
some Justice of the Peace, of his Clearness with his
Neighbours, and those he hath dealt withal, ro.
far as such an Affurance can be attained and given:
And if any Mafter of a Ship Thall, contrary here-
unto, receive and carry away any Person, that
hath not given that publick Notice, the said Ma-
fer shall be liable to all Debts owing, by the faid,
Person, fo fecretly transported from the Province.
Lastly, that these are to be added to, or corrected,
by and with the Consent of the Parties hereunto

Sealed and delivered in

the Presence of
William Boelham,
Harbert Springet,
Thomas Prudyard.


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Sealed and delivered in the Presence of all the Prom
prietors who have hereunto subscribed, except
Thomas Farrinborrough and John Goodson, in
the Presence of
Hugh Chamberlen, Willam Powell,
R. Murray,

Richard Davie,
Harbert Springet,

Griffith Jones,
Humphry South, Hagh Lambe,
Thomas Barker, Thomas Farrinborrough,
Samuel Jobfon,

John Goodfon.
John-Joseph Moore,

Chester, 1682.

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and Governor of the Province of Pennfyi. vania, and Territories thereunto belonging, bath, out of his great Kindness and Goodness to the Inhabitants thereof, been fayqurably pleased to give and grant unto them a Charter of Liberties and Privileges, dated the Twenty-fifth Day of the few cond Month, One Thousand Six Hundred and Eightytwo : By which Charter it is said, the Government shall consist of the Governor and Freemen of the said Province, in the form of a provincial Council and general Assembly, and that the provincial Council shall consist of feventy-two Members, to be chosen by the Freemen; and that the general Assembly may, the first Year, consist of the whole Body of the Freeholders, and ever after of an elected Number, not exceeding two hundred Persons, without the Consent of the provincial Council and general Assembly : And such Assembly to fit yearly on the twentieth Day of the third Month,


as in the firft, fecond, third, fixth, fourteenth and Fixteenth Articles of the Charter, Reference being thereunto had, doth more at large appear.

And forasmuch as this Charter was the first of those probationary Laws, that were agreed to and made by and between the Proprietary, and Governor, and Freemen in England, that were Purchasers in this Province, which said. Laws, -in the whole and in every Part thereof, were to be submitted to the Explanation and Confirmation of the first provincial Council and general Assembly that was to be held in this Province, as by the Title and firft Law of the faid Agreement doth plainly appear.

And whereas, the Proprietary and Governor hath, according to that Charter, issued out Writs to the respective Sheriffs of the fix Counties of this Province, to summon the Freemen thereof, to chuse in each County twelve Perfons of moft Note for their Sobriety, Wisdom, and Integrity, to serve in provincial Council; and also to inform the Freemen that they might come, for this Time, in their own Persons, to make up a general Assembly, according to Charter. And that the said respective Sheriffs by their Returns, and the Freemen by their Petitions to the Proprietary and Governor, have plainly declared, that the Fewness of the People, their Inability in Estate, and Unskilfulness in Matters of Government, will not permit them to serve in so large a Council and Affembly, as bý the Charter is expressed ; and therefore do desire, that the Members now chosen to be their Deputies and Representatives, may serve both for provincial Council and general Affembly; that is to say, three out of each County for the provincial Council, and the remaining nine for the general Assembly, according to Act, as fully and amply as if the said provincial Council and general Assembly had con


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