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The Members of the Assembly present, Andrews Bringston,

Samuel Darke, Simon Irons,

Robert Lucas, John Wood,

James IVilliams, ohn Curtis,

Yohn Blunston, Daniel Brown,

John Songhurst, William Futcher,

Yohn Hill,
John Kipshaven, Nicholas Waln,
Abexander Molestine,

Thomas Fitzwalter,
Robert Bracy, fen. John Clows,
Thomas Bracy,

Luke Watson,
IVilliam Yardly, Joseph Phipps,
John Hastings,

Dennis Rotchford, Robert IVade,

John Brinklair, Thomas Hafsald,

Henry Bowman, John Hart,

Cornelius Verhoofe, Robert Hall,

John Southworth, Cl. of Robert Bedwell,

the Synod. William Simfmore,

Some of the Inhabitants of Philadelphia

present. William Howel,

Henry Lewis, Edmund Warner,

Samuel Miles.




WILLIAM PENN, Proprietary and Go

vernor of the Province of Pennsylvania, &c. To all to whom these Presents shall come, fends greeting KNOW YE, That at the humble Request of the Inhabitants and Settlers of this

Town Town of Philadelphia, being some of the first Adventurers and Purchasers within this Province, for their Encouragement, and for the more immediate and entire Government of the said Town, and better Regulation of Trade therein: I have, by Virtue of the King's Letters Patent, under the Great Seal of England, erected the said Town into a Borough, ard by these Presents do erect the said Town and Borough of Philadelphia into a City ; which City shall extend the Limits and Bounds, as it is laid out between Delaware and Skuylkill.

And I do for me, my Heirs and Assigns, grant and ordain, that the Streets of the said City shall for ever continue as they are now laid out and regulated; and that the End of each Street extending into the River Delaware, shall be and continue free for the Use and Service of the said City, and the Inhabitants thereof, who may improve the fame for the best Advantage of the City, and build Wharfs so far out into the River there, as the Mayor, Aldermen, and Common-Council, herein after mentioned, shall see meet.

And I do nominate Edward Shippen to be the present Mayor, who shall fo continue until another be chosen as is herein after directed,

And I do hereby assign and name Thomas Story to be the present Recorder, to do and execute all Things which unto the Office of Recorder of the said Čity doth or may belong.

And I do appoint Thomas Farmer to be the present Sheriff, and Robert Asheton to be present Town-clerk, and Clerk of the Peace, and Clerk of the Court and Courts.

And I do hereby name, constitute, and appoints Joshua Carpenter, Griffith Jones, Anthony Morris, Yoseph Wilcox, Nathan Stanbury, Charles Rea, Thomas Masters, and William Carter, Citizens


and Inhabitants of the said City, to be the present Aldermen of the said City of Philadelphia.

And I do also nominate and appoint John Par. fons, William Hudson, William Lee, Nehemiah Allen, Thomas Pafchal, John Bud, jun. Edward Smout, Samuel Buckley, James Atkinson, Pentecoft Teague, Francis Cook, and Henry Badcocke, to be the twelve present Common-council Men of the said City.

And I do by thefe Presents, for me, my Heirs and Successors, give, grant and declare, that the said Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen, and Commoncouncil Men for the Time being, and they whicha hereafter shall be Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen and Common-council Men within the faid City, and their Succeffors, for ever hereafter, be and shall be, by Virtue of these Presents, one Body corporate and politick in Deed, and by the Name of the Mayor and Commonalty of the City of Philadelphia, in the Province of Pennsylvania : And them by the Name of Mayor and Commonalty of the City of Philadelphia, one Body politick and corporate in Deed and in Name, I do for me, my Heirs and Succeffors, fully create, constitute and confirm, by these Presents; and that by the same Name of Mayor and Commonalty of the City of Philadelphia, they may have perpetual Succeffion; and that they and their Succeflors, by the Name of Mayor and Commonalty of the City of Philadel phia, be, and at all Times hereafter shall be, Pere Tons able and capable in Law, to have, get, receive, and poffefs, Lands and Tenements, Rents, Liberties, Jurisdictions, Franchises and Hereditaments, to them and their Succeflors in Fee-fimple, or for Term Life, Lives, Years, or otherwise, and also Goods, Chattles, and other Things, of what Nature, Kind, or Quality foever.

And also to give, grant, let, fell and aflign the fame Lands, Tenements, Hereditaments, Goods,

Chattles, Chattles, and to do and execute all other Things about the fame, by the Name aforesaid ; and also that they be, and thall be, for ever hereafter, Persons able and capable in Law, to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto, defend and be defended, in all or any the Courts and other Places, and before any Judges, Justices, and other Persons whatsoever within the said Province, in all Manner of Actions, Suits, Complaints, Pleas, Causes and Matters whatsoever, and of what Nature or Kind soever.

And that it sball and may be lawful to and for the said Mayor and Commonalty of the said City of Philadelphia, and their Successors, for ever hereafter, to have and use one common Seal, for the fealing of all Businesses touching the said Corporation, and the fame from Time to Time at their Will and Pleasure to change or alter.

And I do for me, my Heirs and Successors, give, and by these Presents, grant full Power and Au. thority unto the Mayor, Recorder and Commons Council of the faid City of Philadelphia, or any five or more of the Aldermen, and nine or more of the Common-Council-Men, the Mayor and Recorder for the Time being, or either of them, being present, on the first third Day of the Week, in the eighth Month yearly for ever hereafter, publickly to meet at a convenient Room or Place within the said City, to be by them appointed for that Purpose, and then and there nominate, elect and chuse one of the Aldermen to be Mayor for that ensuing Year.

And also to add to the Number of Aldermen and Common-Council-Men, such and so many of those, that by Virtue of these Presents shall be admitted Freemen of the said City from Time to Time, as they, the faid Mayor, Aldermen, and Common-Council fhall fee Occasion.


And that such Person who shall be so elected Mayor aforesaid, shall within three Days next after fuch Election, be presented before the Governor of this Province, or his Deputy for the Time being, and there shall subscribe the Declarations and Profession of his christian Belief, according to the late Act of Parliament made in the first Year of King William’s Reign, entitled, An Art for exempting their Majesties Subjects diffenting from the Church of England, from the Penalties of certain Laws ; and then and there the Mayor to presented, shall make his folemn Affirmation and Engagement for the due Execution of his Office.

And that the Recorder, Sheriff, Aldermen, and Common-Council-Men, and all other Officers of the said City, before they or any of them shall be admitted to execute their respective Offices, Thall make and subscribe the said Declarations and Profession aforesaid, before the Mayor for the Time being, and at the same Time shall be attested for the due Execution of their Offices respectively; which Declarations, Promises, and Attestations, the Mayor of the said City, for the Time being, is hereby impowered to take and administer 'accordingly.

And that the Mayor, Recorder, and Aldermen of the said City, for the Time being, Thall be Justices of the Peace and Justices of Oyer and Terminer; and are hereby impowered to act within the said City and Liberties thereof accordingly, as fully and amply as any Justice or Justices of the Peace, or Oyer and Terminer, can or may do within the said Province.

And that they, or any four or more of them (whereof the Mayor and Recorder of the said City, for the Time being, shall be two) shall and may for ever hereafter have Power and Authority, by Virtue of these Presents, to hear and enquire into


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