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ways present) shall seem neceffary and convenient for the Government of the faid City.

And the fame Laws, Ordinances, Orders and Conftitutions fo to be made, to put in Use and Execution accordingly, by the proper Officers of the faid City; and at their Pleasure to revoke, alter, and make anew, as Occafion shall require.

And also impofe fuch Mulets and Amerciaments upon the Breakers of fuch Laws and Ordinances, as to them in their Discretion shall be thought reasonable ; which Mulats, as also all other Fines and Amerciaments to be set or imposed by Virtue of the Powers granted, shall be levied as above is directed in Cafe of Fines, to the Use of the faid Corporation, without rendering any Account thereof to me, my Heirs and Succeffors; with Power to the Common-council aforefaid, to miti gate, remit, or release fuch Fines and Mulets, upon the Submission of the Parties. Provided ala ways, That no Person or Persons hereafter, shall have Right of electing or being elected, by Virtue of these

Presents, to any Office or Place judicial or minifterial, nor shall be admitted Freemen of the said City, unless they be free Denizens of this Province, and are of the Age of twenty-one Years or upwards, and are Inhabitants of the faid City, and have an Eftate of Inheritance or Freehold therein, or are worth fifty Pounds in Money, or other Stock, and have been resident in the said City for the Space of two Years, or shall purchase their Freedom of the Mayor and Commonalty aforesaid.

And I do further grant to the faid Mayor and Commonalty of the City of Philadelphia, that they and their Successors, shall and may for ever here after hold and keep within the said City, in every Week of the Year, two Market-days, the one upon the fourth Day of the Week, and the other upon the seventh Day of the Week, in such Place


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or Places as is, shall, or may be appointed for that Purpose, by the faid Commonalty, or their Succeffors, from Time to Time.

And also two Fairs therein every Year, the one of them to begin on the sixteenth Day of the third Month, called May, yearly, and to to be held in and about the Market-place, and continue for that Day and two Days next following ; and the other of the faid Fairs to be held in the aforesaid Place on the sixteenth Day of the ninth Month yearly, and for two Days next after.

And I do for me, my Heirs and Affigns, by Virtue of the King's Letters Patent, make, erect and constitute the laid City of Philadelphia, to be a Port or Harbour for discharging and unlading of Goods and Merchandize out of Ships, Boats, and other Vessels; and for landing and shipping them in or upon such and so many Places, Keys and Wharfs there, as by the Mayor, Aldermen, and Common-council of the said City, shall from Time to Time be thought most expedient for the Accommodation and Service of the Officers of the Customs, in the Management of the King's Affairs, and Preservation of his Duties, as well as for Conveniency of Trade.

And I do ordain and declare, that the said Port or Harbour shall be called the Port of Philadelphia, and shall extend and be accounted to extend into all fuch Creeks, Rivers, and Places within this Province, and shall have so many Wharfs, Keys, Landing-places and Members belonging thereto, for landing and shipping of Goods, as the faid Mayor, Aldermen, and Common-council for the Time being, with the Approbation of the chief Officer or Officers of the King's Customs, shall from Time to Time think fit to appoint.

And I do also ordain, that the Landing-places now and heretofore used at the Penny-pot-house and Vol. II.



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Blue-anchor, saving to all Persons their juft and legal Right and Properties in the Lands fo to be open, as also the Swamp between Bud's Buildings and the Society-hill, shall be left open and common for the Use and Service of the said City and all others, with Liberty to dig Docks and make Harbours for Ships and Veflels, in all or any part of the faid Swamp.

And I do hereby grant, that all the vacant Land within the Bounds and Limits of the faid City, Thall remain open as a free Common of Pafture, for the Use of the Inhabitants of the said City, until the same shall be gradually taken in, in order to build or improve thereon, and not otherwise. Provided always, That nothing herein contained, fhall debar me or my Heirs in Time to come, from fencing in all the vacant Lands that lie between the Center Meeting-house and the Schuylkil, which I intend Ahall be divided from the Land, by me allotted for Delaware Side, by a strait Line along the Broad-street, from Edward Shippin's Land through the Center Square by Daniel Pegg's Land; nor shall the fencing or taking in any of the Streets, happening to be within that Inclosure on Schuylkil, be deemed or adjudged to be an In croachment, where it shall not interfere or ftop any of the Streets or Passages leading to any of the Houses built or to be built on that Side, any Thing herein contained to the contrary notwithftanding.

And I do grant, that this present Charter faall, in all Courts of Law and Equity, be construed and taken most favourably and beneficially, for the said Corporation.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my Hand, and caused my

Great Seal to be affixed. Dated at Philadelphia the five-and-twentieth Day of Oslober, Anno Domini One Thousand seven Hundred and One,


and in the thirteenth Year of the Reign of King WILLIAM the Third, over England, &c. and the one and twentieth Year of my Government."

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granted by WILLIAM PENN, Esq; to the Inbabitants of Pennsylvania and Territories.


ILLIAM PENN, Proprietary and Go.

vernor of the Province of Pennsylvania, and Territories thereunto belonging. To all to whom thele Prefents shall come, sendeth Greeting. Whereas King CHARLES the Second, by his Letters Patents, under the Great Seal of England, bearing Date the fourth Day of March, in the Year One Thousand fix Hundred And Eighty, was graciously pleased to give and grant unto me, and my Heirs and Assigns for ever, this Province of Pennsylvania, with divers great Powers and Jurifdictions for the well Government thereof.

And whereas the King's dearest Brother, FAMES Duke of YORK and ALBANY, &c. by his Deeds of Feoffment, under his Hand and Seal duly perfected, bearing Date the twenty-fourth Day of August, One Thousand fix Hundred Eighty and Two, did grant unto me, my Heirs and Affigns, all that Tract of Land, now called the Territories of Pennsylvania, together with Powers and Jurifdictions for the good Government thereof. * And whereas for the Encouragement of all the Freemen and Planters, that might be concerned in the said Province and Territories, and for the good

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Government thereof, I the said WILLIAM Penn, in the Year One Thaufand fix Hundred Eighty and Three, for me, my Heirs and Afligns, did grant and confirm unto all the Freemen, Planters and Adventurers therein, divers Liberties, Franchises and Properties, as by the said Grant, entituled, The FRAME of the Government of the Province of Pennsylvania, and Territories thereunto belonging, in America, may appear ; which Charter or Frame being found in some Parts of it, not so suitable to the present Circumstances of the Inhabitants, was in the third Month, in the Year One Thousand seven Hundred, delivered up to me, by fix Parts of seven of the Freemen of this Province and Territories, in general Assembly met, Provision being made in the said Charter, for that End and Purpose.

And whereas I was then pleased to promise, That I would restore the said Charter to them again, with neceflary Alterations, or in Lieu thereof, give them another, better adapted to answer the present Circumstances and Conditions of the said Inhabitants, which they have now, by their Representatives in general Assembly, met at Philadelphia, requested me to grant,

Know ye therefore, That for the further Wellbeing and good Government of the said Province,

and Territories; and in Pursuance of the Rights " and Powers before-mentioned, I the faid William

Penn do declare, grant and confirm, unto all the Freemen, Planters and Adventurers, and other

Inhabitants in this Province and Territories, these 8 following Liberties, Franchises and Privileges, so

far as in me lieth, to be held, enjoyed and kept, by the Freemen, Planters and Adventurers, and other Inhabitants of and in the said Province and Territories thereunto annexed, for ever.

I. Because

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