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Held at the Town of

Lancaster, in PenSYLVANIA,

By the HONOURABLE the Lieutenant-Governor of the PROVINCE,

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A Treaty with the INDIANS

of the Six NATIONS.

In the COURT-House in the Town of Lancafler, on Friday the Twentyfecond of June, 1744.


The Honourable GEORGE THOMAS, Esq.

Lieut. Governor of the Province of Pensylvania,
and Counties of Newcastle, Kent and Sussex, on
The Honble. Thomas Lee, Efq; Commiffioners
Colonel William Beverly,


The Hon ble Edm.Jennings, Esq;
Philip Thomas, Esq;

Colonel Robert King,

of Maryland. Colonel Thomas Colville, The Deputies of the Onondagoes, Senecas, Cayogoes;

Oneidas and Tufcaroraes.

Conrad Weiser, Interpreter.
HE Governor and the Commissioners

took some of the Indian Chiefs by the T Hand, and after they had feated them

selves, the Governor bid them welcome **888 into the Government; and there being Wine and Punch prepared for them, the Governor

Governor and the several Commiflioners drank Health to the Six Nations ;, and Canassateego, Tachanoontia, and some other Chiefs, returned the Compliments, drinking the Healths of * Onas, t Afaragoa, and the Governor of Maryland.

After they were all served with Wine, Punch, Pipes and Tobacco, the Governor told the Indians, that as it was customary, and indeed neceffary, they should have some Time to rest after so long a Journey, and as he thought three Days would be no more than sufficient for that Purpose, he proposed to speak to them on Monday next; after which, the honourable Commissioners would take their own Time to deliver what they had to say.

CANASSATEEGO answered the Governor: We thank you for giving us Time to reft; we are come to you, and Ihall leave it intirely to you to appoint the Time when we shall meet you again. We likewise leave it to the Governor of Maryland, by whose Invitation we came here, to appoint a Time when he will please to mention the Reason of his inviting us. As to our Brother Afaragoa, we have at this present Time nothing to say to him; not but we have a great deal to say to Afaragoa, which must be said at one Time or another ; but not being fatisfied whether he or we should begin first, we lball leave it wholly to our Brother Onas to adjust this between us, and to say which shall begin first.

* Onas, the Governor of Pensylvania,

Afarogoa, the Governor of Virginia,

I : *t In the Court-House at Lancaster, June 25,

1744. A. M.


1.II The Honourable GEORGE THOMAS; Efq;

Governor, &C. The Honourable the Commissioners of Virginia.! The Honourable the Commissioners of Maryland. The Deputies of the Six Nations. Conrad Weiser, Interpreter.

The GOVERNOR fpoke as follows:

*Honourable Gentlemen, Commisioners for the Govern

ments of Virginia and Maryland, and Brethren, Sachims, or Chiefs of the Indians of the Six Nations;


T a Treaty, held by me two Years ago, in

Behalf of the Government of Pensylvania, with a Number of the Chiefs of the Indians of the Six Nations, I was desired by them to write to the Governor of Maryland concerning some Lands in the back Parts of that Province, which they claim a Right to from their Conquests over the ancient Poffeffors, and which have been settled by some of the Inhabitants of that Government, without their Consent, or any Purchase made from them. It was at that Time understood that the Claim was upon Maryland only; but it has since appeared, by some Letters formerly wrote by Mr. President LoVOL. II. D


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