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fame, That is to say, That notwithftanding any Clause or Clauses in the abovementioned Charter, obliging the Province and Territories to join together in Legislation, I am content, and do hereby declare, That if the Representatives of the Province and Territories thall not hereafter agree to join together in Legislation, and that the fame shall be fignified unto me, or my Deputy, in open Affembly, or otherwise, from under the Hands and Seals of the Representatives, for the Time being, of the Province and Territories, or the major Part of either of them, at any Time within three Years from the Date hereof, that in fuch Cafe, the Inhabitants of each of the three Counties of this Province shall not have less than eight Perfons to represent them in Assembly, for the Province ; and the Inhabitants of the Town of Philadelphia (when the said Town is incorporated) two Persons to represent them in Assembly ; and the Inhabitants of each County in the Territories, fhall have as many Persons to represent them, in a diftinat Assembly for the Territories, as shall be by them requested as aforesaid.

Notwithstanding which Separation of the Province and Territories, in Respect of Legislation, I do hereby promife, grant and declare, That the Inhabitants of both Province and Territories, fhall separately enjoy all other Liberties, Privileges and Benefits, granted jointly to them in this Charter, any Law, Usage or Custom of this Government, heretofore made and practised, or any Law made and passed by this general Afsembly, to the contrary hereof notwithstanding.

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being diftinétly read in Assembly, and the whole and every Part' thereof being approved of and agreed to, by us, we do thankfully receive the fame from our Proprietary and Governor, at Philadelphia, this twenty-eighth Day of Oc

tober, one Thousand seven Hundred and One. Signed on Behalf, and by Order of the Assembly,

per Joseph Growdon, Speaker,

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BOOKS printed for LOCKYER Davis, at

Lord Bacon's Head, near Salisbury-Court,


ISHOP Nicholson's English, Scotch, and

Irish Historical Libraries, giving the Characters of most of our Historians in Print

or Manuscript, Folio. Pr. 1l. I S.

II. An Account of the Statues, Bar-Reliefs, Drawings and Pictures in Italy, &c. With Remarks by Mr. Richardson, Sen. and Jun. Pr. 5 s.

III. The Life of Grotius ; containing the Hiftory of the several Negotiations in which he was employ'd, and a critical Account of all his Works. Pr. 55.

IV. The History of the Conquest of Mexico, by the Spaniards. Translated from the original Spanish of Ant. de Solis, by Thomas Townsend, Efq; revised and corrected by Nathanael Hooke, Esq; Author of the Roman History, 8vo. 2 Vols. Pr. Fos.

V. Mr. Carter's History of the University of Cambridge, from its Original to the Year 1753 Giving a particular Account of every College and Hall; their respective Foundations, Founders, Benefactors, Bishops, learned Writers, - Masters, Livings, Curiosities, &c. Together with accurate Lists of all the Chancellors, Vice-Chancellors, Proctors, Taxers, Profeflors, Orators, Members of Parliament, &c. to the present Time. Pr. gs.

VI. A Voyage to St. Kilda, the remoteft of all the Hebrides, or Western Ifles of Scotland. Giving an Account of the remarkable Inhabitants of that Place; their Beauty and fingular Chastity (Fornication and Adultery being unknown among them) their Genius for Poetry, Musick, Dancing

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their surprizing Dexterity in climbing the Rocks
and Walls of Houfes, Diverfions, Habit, Food,
Language, Diseases and Methods of Care; their
extensive Charity ; their contempt of Gold and
Silver, as below the Dignity of human Nature ;
their religious Ceremonies, Notion of Spirits and
Visions, &c. &c. With an Account of Roderick
the late Impostor ; his Diabolical Inventions, At-
tempts upon the Women, &c. By M. Martin,
The Inhabitants of St. Kilda are almost the only

People in the World who feel the sweetness of
true Liberty ; what the Condition of the People
of the Golden Age is feigned by the Poets to be,

that their's really is. Price i s. 6 d. VII. The Spirit of Nations. Translated from the French. Treating of the Genius of the feveral Nations of the World ; of antient and modern Governments, of Liberty, Religion, Miracles, Enthusiasm; the various Effects of Climates, Distempers, Duration of Life, Arts and Sciences, the Theatre, Profession of Actors, the Treatment of Women in different countries, Philofophy, Poetry, Eloquence, Education, Manners, Dress '; and such other Characteristicks as, serve to distinguith particular Nations and People. Pr. 55.

VIII. Letters from several Parts of Europe, and the East. Written in the Years 1750, &c. Containing the Writer's Observations on the Productions of Nature, the Monuments of Art, and the Manners of the Inhabitants. 2 Vols. 8vo. Pr. 10 s.

IX. Letters of Madame de Maintenon, and other eminent Persons in the Age of Lewis XIV. To which are added some Characters. Translated from the French, 12mo.

X. The Life of the celebrated Madame de Maintenon, privately married to Lewis XIV.

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Pr. 35.

Pr. 35.

XI. The

XI. The History of the Heavens, considered according to the Poets and Philosophers, compared with the Doctrines of Mofes, translated from the French of the Abbé Pluche, Author of the Spectacle de la Nature; or, Nature Displayed. Second Edition. 2 Vols. 8vo. Pr. gs.

XII. The Works of Monf. de la Bruyere. A New Translation from the laft Paris Edition. To which is added, The Manner of Living with Great Men. Written after the Manner of M. de la Bruyere. By N. Rowe, Esq; in 2 Vols. 12mo. Pr. 6 s.

XIII. Dr. Hoffman's Treatise on the Disorders of the Teeth, and their Cure, &c. &c.

Pr. I s.

XIV. Receipts in Physic and Surgery, being the Practice of a late eminent Physician. Adapted to the Use of private Families. Price 2 s.

XV. Hippocrates upon Air, Water, and Situation; a upon epidemical Diseases, and Prognofticks in acute Cases especially. To which is added, the Life of Hippocrates, from Soranus, and Thucydides's Account of the Plague of Athens. The whole trandated methodically, and illuftrated with useful and explanatory Notes. By Francis Clifton, M. D. Fellow of the College of Physicians, and of the Royal Society. The Second Edition. Pr, 5s.

XVI. Sermons on feveral Occasions; to which is added, a Course of Lectures on the Church Catechism. By Richard Bundy D, D. late Vicar of St. Bride's, Prebend of Westminster, and Chaplain in ordinary to his Majesty. The 3d. Edit. compleat, in 3. Vols. Pr. 15.5.

XVII. Obfervations on the Greek and Roman Clathcks. In a Series of Letters to a young Nobleman. Now published for the Use of Gentlemen at the University, and those who may have Occa

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