Japan's Favorite Mon-star: The Unauthorized Biography of "The Big G"

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ECW Press, 1998 - Performing Arts - 374 pages
Bigger, badder, and more durable than Hollywood's greatest action heroes, Godzilla emerged from the mushroom cloud of an H-Bomb test in 1954 to trample Tokyo. More than forty years later, he reigns as the undisputed king of monsters, with legions of fans spanning several generations and countless international boundaries.

But despite his icon status, Godzilla has been consistently maligned by critics and sci-fi purists who insist that a man in a rubber suit, stomping through intricately built miniature cities, is mere cheap camp. The vast contributions to the horror cinema made by Godzilla's creators - director Ishiro Honda and SFX director Eiji Tsuburaya among them - have gone largely unnoticed in the West, and relatively little information on Japan's greatest film star has ever been published in English. Until now.

Godzilla: The Unauthorized Biography is the first authoritative guide to the Godzilla legend published in America. This thoroughly researched volume includes in-depth production details on all 22 Godzilla movies produced by Toho Co. of Japan between 1954 and 1995, including several "unmade" features, plus the upcoming May 1998 big-budget U.S. Godzilla remake by the producers of Independence Day. The book dispels the myths and illuminates the mysteries of Japan's enigmatic monstar, and is loaded with background information, trivia, and interviews with the people who created Godzilla - then and now.


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how does godzilla just sink to the bottom,godzilla can live underwater quite comfortably and sleep when they both fell over after 38 seconds kong was like 50 football fields making a beeline to pharoah island.of course he had to pop his head up to breathe godzilla weighs lets just say alot he did what kong did he swam away but he doesn't have to pop his head up your right how do people get the fact that kong won what did kong do to godzilla in godzillas natural habitat that he definitely couldn't do 25 minutes on land until that lightning came he was on his last breath even wikipedia says the only thing that can kill godzilla is what created him h bombs nuclear etc.another thing isnt kong like 50 feet tall and godzilla like 400 feet anyways whatever movie kong has been in except for toho he has died from conventional warfare easily.it tickles godzilla.do you notice in both toho movies not one NOT ONE bullet or tank or jet hits him with anything.in king kong escapes except at the end when susie says kong sink that ship he gets a little machine gun fire.king kong cannot beat godzilla.what do you think the 1974 mechagodzilla do to kong there would be ape chunks all over the place these are the kind of monsters godzilla fights on a regular basis.king kong should remain in kong land fighting t-rexs pterodactyls and snakes.when he fought gorosaurus on king kong escapes toho boy did they shrink poor goro right down to 60 ft.gorosaurus is almost as big as godzilla. what they say at the end of the movies is important too the dialogue and you dont just hear kong roar you hear godzillas as well in the real uncut version in the american version and this is important when the helicopter is buzzing around it says no godzilla then it goes right to that grinning oooh i wanna well it goes to eric carter and he says firmly godzilla has disappeared without a trace and they show a tv with kong swimming home and he says we wish him a safe journey home then you hear kong roar no godzilla roar.in the japanes version the two helicopter pilots were looking around and the passenger asked is godzilla dead?the pilot says hmmm..?? then the passenger says do you think he survived and the pilot says ITS POSSIBLE.then it goes right to the scientist and he says we have to respect animals and the earth etc then you hear both roars at the end.the japanese version is right down the middle with everything its 10 times better than the universal hack job and millions of fans have never seen the uncut japanese version and its a shame.the way i got to see it is i went to sumogorilla.com and bought the uncut japanese version of king kong vs godzilla with english subtitles its a dvd you can play it in a bluray player if thats what you have its better because it upscales the picture.its only 12 dollars free shipping and i got it in 4 days just got it a couple of days ago what a difference.ive seen every godzilla movie ever made and this one is the worst hack job and boy is it slanted towards kong my god its the worst americanized godzilla movie along with of course crockzilla 98. 


The Godzilla Era
GOLDEN AGE The 1960s
DARK DAYS The 1970s

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