A Help to Latin Grammar, Or, The Form and Use of Words in Latin: With Progressive Exercises

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Macmillan, 1855 - Latin language - 174 pages

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Page 20 - Positive. Comparative. Superlative. Bonus, good ; Melior, better ; Optimus, best ; Malus, bad ; Pejor, worse ; Pessimus, worst...
Page 46 - PERFECT amatus esse, to have been loved FUTURE amatum iri, to be about to be loved PARTICIPLES PERFECT amatus, -a, -um, loved (beloved, or having been loved) FUTURE (GERUNDIVE) amaxidus, -a, -um, to-be-loved (lovely) 1 See page 91, footnote 1.
Page 95 - Things earthly we must know ere love them : 'tis alone Things heavenly that must be first loved and after known. To see the face of God, this makes the joy of heaven ; The purer then the eye, the more joy will be given.
Page 20 - Parvus, little ; Minor, less ; Minimus, least ; Multus, much ; Plus, more ; Plurimus, most ; Magnus, great ; Major, greater ; Maximus, greatest ; and a few others.
Page 6 - NUMBER of which there are two forms, the SINGULAR and the PLURAL. A Noun is said to be in the SINGULAR NUMBER when it signifies only one, and in the PLURAL NUMBER when it denotes any number more than one; as, book, books.

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