The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception

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Trafford Publishing, 2005 - Psychology - 312 pages
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This is no ordinary book but an invitation to travel beyond the limitations of present perception and into a genuine sense that within ourselves we carry the potential to transcend the confines of the cognitive systems we have inherited. Lujan Matus is a bearer of ancient shamanic teachings, learnt in the parallel realms of dreaming and waking under the direct tutelage of his benefactor, the old nagual Lujan, and his charismatic cohorts - one of whom is revealed to be the Neolithic sage Juan Matus. The empowering sequence of lessons transmitted within these pages provides unprecedented insight into the intricacies of human existence, whilst simultaneously opening the doors to a universe of mythical proportions. Upon entering this remarkable continuum of events the reader begins to magically integrate, through the generation of internal imagery that bends the parameters of perception and invariably transforms consciousness itself. These teachings are a crucial reminder that life is a gift of endless potency when reflected in the light of awakened awareness. The clarity and integrity that shines throughout this book cuts right to the marrow in so many ways, and raises such vast questions about the very premise of our existence, that at times the content is alarming. With direct language and an otherworldly understanding of human nature, not to mention interdimensional travel, a non-linear proposition of time, and the elucidation of hieroglyphs that are keys to unlock awareness, Lujan eclipses the scratching-on-the-surface attempts of those who precede him and extends an invitation unlike any other.

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Lujan Matus offers selected biographical sojourns into the beyond where
he interacts with his teachers. Using visual language they impart certain understandings relevant to his, and our journey as humans. Interwoven into the text are the gems of insight, down-to earth discussions, theory and fascinating tales of transformation. The communication is alive and speaks to the reader directly.
Having said that, the utterly alien approach to communication forces an opening in the self as the only way to ingest it. And then one can look inside that opening.
The Book structure:
The first (major) part of the book contains is an extraordinary biography of events and experiences between the author and his teachers.
Then a most insightful illustrated analysis of the theory applied to an actual individual and his process –with explanatory comments by the author.
Then a discussion on Sexual attention, a very useful focal topic for discussing the theory imparted thus far.
Finally some more biographical events with the enigmatic teachers.
The experience
I believe the book aims to offer an experience that the reader can learn from –or not. The way in which concepts are woven into the read silently shifts perceptual frameworks, and is for that alone a most remarkable achievement. It seems to be the uncertainty the book causes that bears the greatest gift. This book, more so that all Toltec books I’ve read moves one into the Dreaming side of perception.
Initially the book simply escaped me. The content, the topic, the writing style… Perhaps I was being stalked… Perhaps I was just not getting it… Then I got why I was not getting it and that’s when the magic started happening.
The Toltec Teachings / Nagualism
The book took my fixed/established view on Toltec teachings (and what they mean) and shifted it into a more fluid and a more practical construct. It is not the aim of the book to reframe Toltec Teachings, but to point to the purpose and application of those teachings. It does not cover the gambit of Toltec terms with definitions and examples… It is seeking a connection with the reader on a level that needs to surface in order to apply these insights. The value of the presentation lies not only in making it easier to understand certain concepts, but also to relate them to one's own life… Could this be a source for self-knowledge.
I would classify the book a compulsory read for Toltec aficionados.
IF –purely to place the book, Castaneda and Clan represent the Biographical Magnus Opus, and Theun Mares the Right-brained Hermetic Treatise; If Victor Sanchez and Kenneth Smith (Eagle feather) provide the Pragmatic contemporization, and Miguel Ruiz and Clan the softer human approach, then Lujan Matus offers something COMPLETELY different. I'm tempted to say: "You've got to do it".
I have no idea how this book will find you, or you find it in turn -my guess is through the Heart.
I know it offers each reader insight, hope, strategies and all it requires is the you that you already are with the resources you already have. There is also a load of content on the parallelperception website and forums that will make more sense after reading the book.
For insights and techniques of Recapitulation, see "Awakening the Third Eye" by the same author. -

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