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The Poetry of Nature. Selected and Illustrated with Thirty

six Engravings by Harrison Weir. Crown 8vo. handsomely bound in cloth, gilt edges, 58.; morocco, 10s. 6d.

Forming the new volume of Low's Choice Editions of Choice Books. Choice Editions of Choice Books. New Editions. Illustrated by

C. W. Cope, R. A., T. Creswick, R. A., Edward Duncan, Birket Foster, J. C. Horsley, A. R. A., George Hicks, R. Redgrave, R.A., C. Stonehouse, F. Tayler, George Thomas, H. J. Townshend, E. H. Wehnert, Har

rison Weir, &c. Crown 8vo. cloth, 5s. each; mor. 10s. Bd. Bloomfield's Farmer's Boy.

Keat's Eve of St. Agnes. Campbell's

Pleasures of Hope. Milton's l’Allegro. Cundall's Elizabethan Poetry. Poetry of Nature. Coleridge's Ancient Mariner.

Roger's Pleasures of Memory. Goldsmith's Deserted Village.

Shakespeare's Songs and Sonnets. Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefield. Tennyson's May Queen. Gray's Elegy in a Churchyard. Wordsworth's Pastoral Poems.

Such works are a glorious beatification for a poet. Such 'works as these educate townsmen, who, surrounded by dead and artificial things, as country people are by life and nature, scarcely learn to look at nature till

taught by these concentrated specimens of her beauty.-Athenæum. Bishop Heber's Hymns. Au Illustrated Edition, with upwards

of one hundred Designs. Engraved, in the first style of Art under the superintendence of J. D. Cooper. Small 4to. handsomely bound, price

Half a Guinea ; morocco, 21s. The Divine and Moral Songs of Dr. Watts: a New and very

choice Edition. Illustrated with One Hundred Woodcuts in the first style of the Art, from Original Designs by Eminent Artists; engraved

by J. D. Cooper. Small 4to. cloth extra, price 7s. 6d.; morocco, 15s. Artists and Arabs; or Sketching in Sunshine. By Henry

Blackburn, author of "The Pyrenees,&c. Numerous Illustrations.

Demy 8vo. cloth. 10s. 6d. The Pyrenees; a Description of Summer Life at French Milton's Paradise Lost. With the original Steel Engravings of

Watering Places. By Henry Blackburn, author of “ Travelling in Spain in the Present Day.” With upwards of 100 Illustrations by Gustave

Doré. Royal 8vo, cloth, 18s.; morocco, 25s. Travelling in Spain in the present day by a party of Ladies and

Gentlemen. By the same Author. With numerous Illustrations and

Map of Route. Square 8vo. 16s. Two Centuries of Song; or, Melodies, Madrigals, Sonnets,

and other Occasional Verse of the English Poets of the I last 200 years. With Critical and Biographical Notes by Walter Thornbury. Illustrated by Original Pictures of Eminent Artists, Drawn and En. graved especially for this work. Printed on toned paper, with coloured borders, designed by Henry Shaw, F.S.A. Very handsomely bound. Cloth extra, 21s.; morocco, 428.

John Martin. Printed on large paper, royal 4to. handsomely bound, 31. 13s. 6d.; morocco extra, 51. 15s. 6d.

Light after Darkness : Religious Poems by Harriet Beecher

Stowe. With Illustrations. Small post 8vo. cloth, 3s. 6d.

Poems of the Inner Life. Selected chiefly from modern Authors,

by permission. Small post 8vo. 6s.; gilt edges, 6s. 6d.

Favourite English Poems. Complete Edition. Comprising a

Collection of the most celebrated Poems in the English Language, with but one or two exceptions unabridged, from Chaucer to Tennyson. With 300 Illustrations by the first Artists. Two vols. royal 8vo. half bound, top gilt, Roxburgh style, 11. 185.; antique calf, 31. 3s.

Either Volume sold separately as distinct works. 1. “Early
English Poems, Chaucer_to Dyer.” 2. “ Favourite English Poems,
Thomson to Tennyson.” Each handsomely bound in cloth, 11. ls.
One of the choicest gift-books of the year,

Favourite English Poems" is not a toy book, to be laid for a week on the Christmas table and then thrown aside with the sparkling trifles of the Christmas tree, but an honest book, to be admired in the season of pleasant remembrances for its artistic beauty; and, when the holydays are over, to be placed for frequent and affectionate consultation on a favourite shelf.-Athenæum.

Schiller's Lay of the Bell. Sir E. Bulwer Lytton's translation;

beautifully illustrated by forty-two wood Engravings, drawn by Thomas Scott, and engraved by J. D. Cooper, after the Etchings by Retszch. Oblong 4to. cloth extra, 14s. ; morocco, 25s.

An Entirely New Edition of Edgar A. Poe's Poems. Illustrated

by Eminent Artists. Small 4to. cloth extra, price 108. 6d.

A History of Lace, from the Earliest Period; with upwards of

One Hundred Illustrations and Coloured Designs. By Mrs. Bury Palliser. One volume, 8vo. choicely bound in cloth. 3) s. 6d.

The Royal Cookery Book. By Jules Gouffe, Chef de Cuisine of

the Paris Jockey Club. Translated and Adapted for English use. By Alphonse Gouffé, Head Pastrycook to Her Majesty the Queen. Illustrated with large Plates beautifully printed in colours, and One Hundred and Sixty-One Woodcuts. One volume, super-royal 8vo. cloth extra, 21. 2s.

The Bayard Series.





NOVELETTES, ETC. Which, under an Editor of known taste and ability, will be very choicely printed at the Chiswick Press; with Vignette Title-page, Notes, and Index; the aim being to insure permanent value, as well as present attractiveness, and to render each volume an ac. quisition to the libraries of a new generation of readers. Size, a handsome 16mo. bound flexible in cloth extra, gilt edges, averaging about 220 pages.

Each Volume, complete in itself, price Half-a-crown.


the French of the Loyal Servant, M. de Berville, and others. By E. Walford. With Introduction and Notes by the Editor.

* Praise of him must walk the earth

For ever, and to noble deeds give birth.
This is the happy warrior; this is he
That every man in arms would wish to be."— Wordsworth.


characteristic Life of this Monarch by De Joinville. Translated by James Hutton.

St. Louis and his companions, as described by Joinville, not only in their glistening armour, but in their every-day attire, are brought nearer to us, become intelligible to us, and teach us lessons of humanity which we can learn from men only, and not from saints and heroes. Here lies the real value of real history. It widens our minds and our hearts, and gives us that true knowledge of the world and of human nature in all its phases which but few can gain in the short span of their own life, and in the narrow sphere of their friends and enemies. We can hardly imagine a better book for boys to read or for men to ponder over."-Times.

The Bayard Series,

his Prose Works; the Celebrated Character of Cromwell, Cutter of Coleman Street, &c. &c. With Life, Notes, and Illustrations by Dr. Hurd and others. Newly edited.

Praised in his day as a great Poet; the head of the school of poets called metaphysical, he is now chiefly known by those prose essays, all too short, and all too few, which, whether for thought or for expression, have rarely been excelled by any writer in any language.—Mary Russell Mitford's Recollections. Cowley's prose stamps him as a man of genius, and an improver of the English language.—Thos. Campbell.


By Edouard Laboullaye, of the French Academy. Translated by Mary L. Booth.

One of the noblest and purest French stories ever written.



A compilation from the best sources of this great man's shrewd and often prophetic thoughts, forming the best inner life of the most extraordinary man of modern times.

VATHEK, by William Beckford.

In preparation.


If the publishers go on as they have begun, they will have furnished us with one of the most valuable and attractive series of books that have ever been issued from the press.—Sunday Times.

There has, perhaps, never been produced anything more admirable either as regards matter or manner.”-Oxford Times.

6 The Bayard Series' is a perfect marvel of cheapness and of exquisite taste in the binding and getting up. We hope and believe that these delicate morsels of choice literature will be widely and gratefully welcomed.


The Gentle Life Series.

Printed in Elzevir, on Toned Paper, and handsomely bound,

forming suitable Volumes for Presents.

Price 6s. each; or in calf extra, price 10s. 6d.


THE GENTLE LIFE. Essays in Aid of the Formation of

Character of Gentlemen and Gentlewomen. Seventh Edition.

His notion of a gentleman is of the noblest and truest order. The volume is a capital specimen of what may be done by honest reason, high feeling, and cultivated intelect. A little compendium of cheerful philosophy.—Daily News.

Deserves to be printed in letters of gold, and circulated in every house."-Chambers's Journal.

The writer's object is to teach people to be truthful, sincere, generous : to be humble-minded, but bold in thought and action.” -Spectator.

Full of truth and persuasiveness, the book is a valuable composition, and one to which the reader will often turn for companionship.”—Morning Post.

It is with the more satisfaction that we meet with a new essayist who delights without the smallest pedantry to quote the choicest wisdom of our forefathers, and who abides by those old-fashioned Christian ideas of duty which Steele and Addison, wits and men of the world, were not ashamed to set before the young Englishmen of 1713.”—London Review.


ABOUT IN THE WORLD. Essays by the Author of “The

Gentle Life."

It is not easy to open it at any page without finding some happy idea.Morning Post.

Another characteristic merit of these essays is, that they make it their business, gently but firmly, to apply the qualifications and the corrections, which all philanthropic theories, all general rules or maxims, or principles, stand in need of before you can make them work.”—Literary Churchman.

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