Memoirs of the two last years of the reign of king Charles i

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Page 184 - Let me have a shirt on more than ordinary," said the king, " by reason the season is so sharp as probably may make me shake, which some observers will imagine proceeds from fear. I would have no such imputation. I fear not Death ! Death is not terrible to me. I bless my God I am prepar'd.
Page 221 - I look'd about, verily thinking it was no dream. The King said, my dream was remarkable, but he is dead ; yet, had we conferred together during life, 'tis very likely (albeit I loved him well) I should have said something to him might have occasioned his sigh.
Page 194 - ... being all that morning, as indeed at other times, using his power and interest to have the execution deferred for some days ; forbearing his coming among the officers, and fully resolved, with his own regiment, to prevent the execution, or have it deferred till he could make a party in the army to second his design ; but being with the officers of the army then at prayer, or discourse in colonel Harrison's apartment, being a room at the hither end of that gallery looking towards the privy-garden....
Page 189 - May it please your Gracious Majesty, it is the proper Lesson for the Day, as appears by the Kalendar," which the king was much affected with, so aptly serving as a seasonable preparation for his death that day.
Page 178 - The princess being the elder, was the most sensible of her royal father's condition, as appear'd by her sorrowful look and excessive weeping; and her little brother seeing his sister weep, he took the like impression, though, by reason of his tender age, he could not have the like apprehension.
Page 168 - The king, at the rising of the Court, was with a guard of halberdiers returned to White-hall in a close chair, through King-street, both sides whereof had a guard of foot-soldiers, who were silent as his Majesty pass'd. But shopstalls and windows were full of people, many of which shed tears, and some of them with audible voices pray'd for the king, who through the privy-garden was carried to his bed-chamber; whence, after two hours space, he was removed to St.
Page 190 - The colonel, in trembling manner, came near, and told his majesty it was time to go to Whitehall, where he might have some further time to rest. The king bade him go forth, he would come presently. Some time his majesty was private, and afterwards taking the good bishop by the hand, looking upon him with a chearful countenance, he said, ' Come, let us go ;
Page 201 - I. (who was a real defender of the faith, and as far from censuring any that; might be) would, upon occasional discourse, express some dislike in King Henry's proceedings, in misemploying those vast revenues, the suppressed abbeys, monasteries, and other religious houses were endowed with, and by demolishing those many beautiful and stately structures, which both expressed the greatness of their founders and preserved the splendour of the kingdom, which might at the reformation have, in some measure,...
Page 153 - ... nor any of his old attendants having the liberty to repair unto him, about the latter end of December his majesty had private notice, how that the house of commons, in a resolve, had declared, " That by the " laws of England, it was treason in the king to levy war " against the parliament and kingdom;" which resolve they sent up unto the lords for their concurrence.
Page 184 - ... awaking about two hours afore day, he opened his curtain to call Mr. Herbert ; there being a great cake of wax set in a silver bason, that then, as at all other times, burned all night ; so that he perceiv'd him somewhat disturb'd in sleep ; but calling him bad him rise ; ' For,' said his Majesty, ' I will get up, having a great work to do this day ;' however, he would know why he was so troubled in his sleep? He reply'd, ' May it please your Majesty, I was dreaming.

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