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Padre Alberto Tomassi c/o Suore Missionarie "Unitas in Christo ad Patrem" Via del Cinema 16 00040 Anzio - Falasche ( Roma ) Telephone' Italy - 06/9873405
The Father of All Mankind Foundation, Inc. 
Ground Floor G/F Aguirre Building 812 Antonio Arnaiz Avenue
Brgy. San Lorenzo 
Makati City 
Telephone: Philippines - 8123822 * 8192835 
* Oh Jesus, in compliance with God the Father's will, did you show mankind / humankind the way of the Cross or Crusifix to be followed for saving the world. By the power of the Holy Spirit.. w/ guide of light 
THE WAY OR PATHWAY OF THE CROSS OR CRUSIFIX OF SALVATION ( see vicinity map area ) with guide of Mary with Scepter, color light kingdom of RED, WHITE BLUE, YELLOW GOLD, GREEN and RED VIOLET including RED PINK.... LOCATION: From HOLY DOOR they call it, in the house of 
Miguel Jamilano Portes, Edgardo Jamilano Portes, Milagros Jamilano Portes, Lilia Jamilano Portes 'Y Maquirang, Juana Jamilano Portes @ 
18 - 18 A Claro M. Recto Street
Sitio Caltex formerly known Sitio Enverga
Brgy. Castillo
Pagbilao National Road / Maharlika Highway
Pagbilao, Quezon Province 4302
where the location of Purity Black Ash Crusifix ( actually the 1st sign was happen in Cenakulo 2013 - 2014 - 2015: Mark Kirby Lustado as Jesus Christ, while in road shouting "A Voice" said "hanggang dito na lang ang Crusifix na binubuhat ni Mark Kirby Lustado", pointing to the location ) 
Stain Glass Collage Mural Crusifix @ 
Patio of Parish of St. Catherine of Alexandria VM
Diocese of Lucena 
Decuria at Apostle of St. Mathew
Pornobi Street - General Luna Street
Brgy. Sta. Catalina
Pagbilao National Road / Maharlika Highway
Pagbilao Quezon Province 4302 
* Please let your servant Mother Eugenia Elisabetta Ravasio and the others ( see vicinity map area ) who participated in your life in such a unique way, light up in your Church someday....
I saw ( see ) Mother Eugenia Elisabetta Ravasio and the other with Guardian Khight Angel, Archangel, Saints, Apostle so on.... Sa labas ng bahay ( in the house ) of Mr. William and Mrs. Nancy Perez ( see vicinity map area ) "Simula pa noong unang panahon, dito na Siya nakatira", --- Guardian Knight Angel.
* Lights of Light, Six kind of Guidance Light Spirit Energy: 
Wave ( Bakod - Bakod ) Light ( Sonar Messages Signal from Ocean and Flying na Nilalang ) 
Fireball Light ( in everywhere ) 
Laser Beam Light Ray known as / like to Jesus Christ na 2 Light Ray ( RED and WHITE BLUE in His heart ) ( Using this technique by highlighted a text of word or sentence and paragraph for sending message in Quietly ) 
Lightning Light ( Formation of Spirit or Spiritual Treasures, items, kagamitan atbp.. like shield, helmet, weapon, boots or shoes, armor etc. Like also noong pagbabago o nagbago ng hitsura in Garden with Moises and Eilas ) 
Aura or Smoke Spirit Light ( In Jan Niņo Catalla House and In Fourth Watch in Brgy. Daungan near in Asela Baldejueza House ) 
Salt with Aura Light / Shadow Black with Aura Dark and Light ( In Jan Niņo Catalla House and Fourth Watch in Brgy. Daungan in Asela Baldejueza House ) 
* Open a Holy Book - ( see Illustration, Photos, Drawing with Elemental Precious Stone ) 
* The Plant ( see Medicinal Healing Plant, Fruit and Grain that can be use for Vitamin + Mineral Ingredients and Herbal Medicine )
* Schedule of thier redemption permanent reality and eternity ( Ark of the Covenant, see the furnish document including Dairy Notebook title TIMELINE: The Pathway of His Salvation Plan For Us....) 
MESSAGE OF GOD ( The Father, Son and Mother including mga nilalang na tinatawag or generalization category as Holy Spirit: Archangel, Guardian Knights Angel, Medic Angel, Service Angel, Messanger Angel, Seraphim, Kerubin or Cherub, Nympha, Saints, Group of Maria / Mary atbp....) August 16, 2017: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
NOTED: Guidance or

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