A Latin Grammar for the Use of English Boys: Being an Explanation of the Rudiments of the Latin Language

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Mills & Company [printers], 1835 - Latin language - 172 pages

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Page 7 - A Treatise on Cobbett's Corn, containing Instructions for Propagating and Cultivating the Plant, and for Harvesting and Preserving the Crop ; and also an Account of the several Uses to which the Produce is applied, with Minute Directions relative to each Mode of Application.
Page 5 - The HORSE-HOEING HUSBANDRY; or, A TREATISE on the Principles of TILLAGE and VEGETATION, wherein is taught a Method of introducing a sort of VINEYARD CULTURE into the CORNFIELDS, in order to increase their Product and diminish the common Expense.
Page 9 - A LEGACY to PARSONS ; Or, Have the Clergy of the Established Church an Equitable Right to Tithes and Church Property ? Fcap. 8vo. Cloth, 1/6. New Edition. " The most powerful work of the greatest master of political controversy this country has ever produced."— Pall Mall Gazette.
Page 1 - When I am asked what books a young man or young woman ought to read I always answer: 'Let him or her read all the books that I have written?
Page 11 - MARTENS'S LAW OF NATIONS. COBBETT'S TRANSLATION OF MARTENS'S LAW OF NATIONS (Price lls.J ; being the Science of National Law, Covenants, Power, &c. Founded upon the Treaties and Customs of Modern Nations in Europe.
Page 8 - Traffic ; all proved to be repugnant to the Divine and Ecclesiastical Law, and destructive to Civil Society. To which is prefixed a Narrative of the Controversy between the Author and Bishop Coppinger.
Page 11 - COBBETT. To which is added, a List of the Principal Treaties, Declarations, and other Public Papers, from the Year 1731 to 1738, by the Author ;and continued by the Translator down to November 1815. (The Fourth Edition.)— This is a large Octavo.
Page 8 - THE EMIGRANT'S GUIDE : In ten letters, addressed to the Tax-payers of England ; containing Information of every kind necessary to persons who are about to emigrate ; including several authentic and most interesting Letters from English Emigrants, now in America, to their Relations in England.
Page 12 - COBBETT (Miss Anne) : THE ENGLISH HOUSEKEEPER ; or, Manual of Domestic Management. Containing Advice on the conduct of Household Affairs and Practical Instructions, intended for the Use of Young Ladies who undertake the superintendence of their own Housekeeping. Fcap. 8vo. Cloth, 3/6.
Page 12 - Collective Commentaries : or. Remarks on the Proceedings in the Collective Wisdom of the Nation, during the Session which began on the 5th of February, and ended on the 6th of August, in the 3rd year of the Reign of King George the Fourth, and in the year of our Lord 1822 ; being the Third Session of the First Parliament of that King.

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