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Katharine Lee Bates
Leach, Shewell, & Sanborn, 1890 - Ballads, English - 230 pages

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Page 224 - They say he is already in the forest of Arden, and a many merry men with him ; and there they live like the old Robin Hood of England. They say many young gentlemen flock to him every day, and fleet the time carelessly, as they did in the golden world.
Page 39 - THERE lived a wife at Usher's Well, And a wealthy wife was she ; She had three stout and stalwart sons, And sent them oer the sea. They hadna...
Page 114 - Lay me a green sod under my head, And another at my feet ; And lay my bent bow by my side, Which was my music sweet ; And make my grave of gravel and green, Which is most right and meet. Let me have length and breadth enough, With a green sod under my head ; That they may say, when I am dead, Here lies bold Robin Hood.
Page 106 - COME, listen to me, you gallants so free, All you that love mirth for to hear, And I will tell you of a bold outlaw, That lived in Nottinghamshire. As Robin Hood in the forest stood, All under the greenwood tree, There he was aware of a brave young man, As fine as fine might be.
Page 94 - We crept on knees, and held our breath, Till we placed the ladders against the wa' ; And sae ready was Buccleuch himsell To mount the first before us a'. He has ta'en the watchman by the throat, He flung him down upon the lead — " Had there not been peace between our lands Upon the other side thou hadst gaed ! — " Now sound out, trumpets !
Page 63 - Now, ever alake! my master dear, I fear a deadly storm! I saw the new moon late yestreen, Wi' the auld moon in her arm; And if we gang to sea, master, I fear we'll come to harm.
Page 108 - I have no money, then quoth the young man, No ready gold nor fee, But I will swear upon a book Thy true servant for to be. " How many miles is it to thy true love? Come tell me without guile." By the faith of my body, then said the young man, It is but five little mile.
Page 133 - RISE up, rise up, now, lord Douglas," she says, " And put on your armour so bright ; Let it never be said that a daughter of thine Was married to a lord under night. " Rise up, rise up, my seven bold sons, And put on your armour so bright, And take better care of your youngest sister, For your eldest's awa
Page 205 - Curst be the heart that thought the thought, And curst the hand that fired the shot, When in my arms burd Helen dropt, And died to succour me! 0 think na ye my heart was sair, When my love dropt down and spak nae mair! There did she swoon wi' meikle care, On fair Kirconnell Lee.
Page 113 - What is that boon," quoth Robin Hood, " Little John thou begs of me ? " " It is to burn fair Kirkley-hall, And all thy nunnery."

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