The cholera in Malta and Gozo in ... 1865

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Page 16 - The remote cause of this disease is unquestionably a poison; for at no period has a person in good health in this or any other country been known to become in a few minutes shrivelled up; his whole body to be of an icy coldness ; his face and extremities to turn purple, and, with or without vomiting of a peculiar fluid like ricewater, to die in a few hours, except under the influence of a poison.
Page 7 - . .. that is to say 5 under five years of age, 23 between five and seventy and 17 of seventy and upwards', (p.6). 5 Ohio, ibid, adds further on 'The mortality among children of the lower classes is mainly due to want of care. If these children had the benefit of better care in sickness, the rate of mortality in the absence of the eruptive diseases which occasionally visit these islands, would be much reduced*.
Page 17 - ... serait sage de les détruire par le feu. » Mieux vaudrait arrêter le fléau plus près de sa source ; et si cela ne se peut, c'est au moins à nos frontières qu'il faudrait lui barrer le passage par un système de mesures internationales bien entendues. « Le choléra, dit le docteur Aubert Roche, importé en Egypte, étant passé en France et en Europe, la vie et les intérêts européens étant atteints non-seulement en Egypte, mais en Europe, la France et l'Europe doivent prendre ou imposer...
Page 7 - Office, 1867), p.6, where he says that 'the average rate of mortality in these islands under ordinary circumstances is about nine persons per diem (24 per 1000, annually on the entire population)'.

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