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Φιλοσοφίαν δε ου την Στωικήν λέγω, ουδε την Πλατωνικήν, ή την 'Επι-
κουρείον τε και Αριστοτελικήν· αλλ' όσα είρηται παρ' εκάστη των αιρεσέων
τούτων καλώς, δικαιοσύνης μετά ευσεβούς επιστήμησ εκδιδάσκοντα, τούτο
σύμπαν το ΕΚΛΕΚΤΙΚΟΝ φιλοσοφίαν φήμι.

CLEM. ALEX, Strom. L. 1.






The Editor cannot permit the first volume of the New Series to go forth without expressing his most sincere gratitude to the public, for the large extension which has taken place in the sale of this journal. While he does this, however, he must intimate that nothing but the hope of a considerable further extension of its circulation can justify him in taking all those steps which are necessary to give it its highest degree of efficiency, and to combine upon it all that talent which it were folly to expect should be adequately exerted, without being fairly remunerated. That such an increased circulation may be obtained from a body so numerous and respectable as the Dissenters of Great Britain, he cannot for a moment doubt, and he pledges himself to use his utmost efforts to deserve it.

That Dissenters have been hitherto lamentably insensible to the advantages which the press confers—of its power, as an instrument of diffusing their opinions and of giving concentration to their efforts, is notorious; and it is as little to be denied that they never will be able to do justice to themselves, or to exert that influence to which their numbers, their respectability, their activity, their position, all entitle them—till they make the press a more efficient engine than it has hitherto been in their hands. Their adversaries, at all events, are fully alive to a sense of its importance.

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