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This book gives a different view on how to shape behavior of large numbers of people - not with mandates, but nudges. The authors' case is interesting and thought-provoking. It's definitely a great read being very well-written and not too bogged down in details. Highly recommended! Read full review

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My first impression was Sunstein had gone into the self-help book business, but this is an incredible introduction to the power of policy making based on meaningful and well reasoned research.
Maybe it's too wonky for those not interested in policy making. Maybe it's not wonky enough for those who are in that field already. But for someone interested in better understanding and analyzing policies as an interested voter or for someone who cares about how their company's retirement plan changes (or inadequacies) will have a big impact on their co-workers or their community, this is an incredible resource!
They cover many topics as potentially benefiting from "nudges" which helps teach the reader through application in many fields and to various problems/dilemmas. I appreciate Sunstein's not-too-legal writing style as an attorney and as someone approaching a new subject; generally the writing is excellent and well organized.
Union members and leaders, plan administrators, or anyone creating a form or helping others make important, rare decisions - this is the spring board into leading, helping, and working better, with less effort, and with better results. Highly recommended for anyone who might have a chance to help change the policies at their office, in their community, and even in helping clients make informed/optimal decisions.

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