Apollyon Rising 2012: The Lost Symbol Found and the Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed

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Defender, 2009 - Religion - 352 pages
Best selling author Thomas Horn had been wrestling with certain images and enigmatic information for years having to do with the beliefs of an Occult Elite pertaining to the return of a pagan deity, which they believe will rule a final earthly empire. The Bible identifies this personality as the Antichrist. But now things were making sense to Thomas world affairs, changes to U.S. domestic and foreign policy, a renewed focus on the Middle East, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Babylon and he found it astonishing. The words, deeds, gestures and coded language of the worlds most powerful men were clearly pointing to an ancient, prophetic, cryptic and even terrifying reality. What even the best researchers of the Illuminati and veiled fraternities such as the Freemasons were never able to fully decipher is spelled out herein for the first time. The power at work behind global affairs and why current planetary powers are hurriedly aligning for a New Order from Chaos is exposed. Perhaps most incredibly, one learns how ancient prophets actually foresaw and forewarned of this time. Thomas believes this New World Order is very near.

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Cathy Burns justly discredits Tom Horn's frantic claims, none of which, by the way, are in any way original. Tom Horn strikes me as yet another CIA asset writer who steals other researcher's work and presents it as his own. If there were any truth to his delivery he would be something of a threat, but Tom Horn, with his easily-published books, pseudo-historian celebrity and locked-in conspiracy network is nothing but a smokescreen for truths which are entirely segregated from exposure. 

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