Right Hand, Left Hand: The multiple award-winning true life scientific detective story

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Orion, Jul 25, 2013 - Science - 480 pages

Winner of the Aventis Science Book Prize. 'A scientific detective story, a brilliant cross between Edgar Allan Poe and Gray's anatomy' J G Ballard, New Stateman Books of the Year

'Fascinating' New Scientist

'Wonderful' Nature

- What is the connection between Paul McCartney, Leonardo Da Vinci and Babe Ruth?
- Why are parrots and peacocks left-footed?
- Do left-handers behave differently from right-handers?
- Why are most people right-handed?
- Why are all muppets left-handed?
- Why is the heart on the left-hand side of the body?
- Why is each side of the human brain so different?

RIGHT HAND, LEFT HAND uses sources as diverse as the paintings of Rembrandt and the sculpture of Michelangelo, the behaviour of Canadian cichlid fish and the story of early cartography. Modern cognitive science, the history of the Wimbledon tennis championship and the biographies of great musicians are also used to explain the vast repertoire of 'left-right' symbolism that permeates our everyday lives.

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About the author (2013)

CHRIS MCMANUS is Professor of Psychology and Medical Education at University College, London. He is the author of the leading textbook Psychology in Medicine and is the co-editor of The Cambridge Handbook of Psychology, Health and Medicine. He is one of the world┐s foremost experts on handedness and lateralization.

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