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H. Harbaugh, 1875 - Conduct of life

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that “Captain Kutchie Pelaez” of “Kutcharitaville” over
in Asheville, NC sure enough is “One Wild and Crazy Guy!” All the women
are so wild about him and his Famous Cheese Burgers and Key Lime Pies,
Hellaciously Fantastic Tender and Delicious Prime Ribs and Prime Steaks.
Drop Off the Bone Bar-B-Q Ribs, Pulled Pork and Beef Brisket.
His Drop Dead Gorgeous Wife “Anita” together in they’re Historic Key
Lime Pie Factory and Grill, where the Smiles and Ovens are always Warm
and Friendly, Inviting You to Spend A Little Time Resting and Enjoying
Your Time in They’re Little “Key West Island” near the Biltmore Estate
By….Kind of Funny You Know, The World’s Greatest Key Lime Pies Aren’t
Even Baked In The Keys But At Kutcharitaville By Captain Kutchie
Pelaez and His Lovely Wife Anita In The Carolina Mountains!….Go
You’ll Soon Learn Why People Call “Captain Kutchie
Pelaez “The Most Interesting Man In The World!”…But don’t take our word
for it, follow the Long Lines to “Anita and Captain Kutchie Pelaez’s Key
West-Kutcharitaville Key Lime Pie Factory and Grill’. “The Place To Be”
since 1976!
Don’t be fooled into thinking that Jimmy Buffett
designed or had anything to do with this place. Just Ask Miss Sunshine Smith! That would be an insult.
Kutchie’s was here long before anyone ever heard of JB……Sheesh!
Donald Trump loves KUTCHARITAVILLE so much that he often has take-out
flown to him in NEW YORK CITY! WOW! He must really love those original
cheese burgers in paradise, we sure do, they have our vote for sure.
My best friend said she heard last week that Donald Trump and Stephen
Colbert together are planing on a Welcome to the USA Party for “Pope Francis”
to be held soon over in Asheville, NC at “Kutcharitaville”.
Some party that will be for sure!
Think, I’ll just get all the girls together and we can all Nude-Up and
go too “Captain Kutchie’s” and Get Drunk and Screw! Let’s Go Y’all!
Captain Kutchie’s Key Lime Pies Are World Famous For Giving Everyone
That Eats Them They’re Very First “PIEGASAM”….That’s Probably why one
must be over 18 years of age to purchase or have an adult present.
…Oh and all that Great Fall Off The Bone Bar-B-Q Slow Smoking, “Carly
Fiorino” say’s that she Can Smell They’re Butts Miles Away!….Or Maybe She
Was Just Smelling “Hillary”!…..OMG?
…The Late Great “Captain Tony Tarracino” of Key West Fame was an Old Friend of “Captain Kutchie Pelaez”. Together the two of them Sailed Many Adventures Not Known To Much Of The World! Cheese Burgers, Rum, Scotch, Cigarettes, Cigars, Treasure Maps, Pizzas, Chocolate Bars and Key Lime Pies Helped The Two Make History. If You Can Believe It Even “Mel Fisher” Was Known To Hang With Them!….
Captain Kutchie The Key Lime Pie Whisperer!…
Thank “GOD” That Noah Had Two of Kutchie’s Key Lime Pies On The Ark!….
And Don't Forget "Ernest Hemingway's" (Original Thinking Post) ! There Was Only One And "Captain Kutchie" Has It. Don't Miss It.
Hillary Sucks!

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