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Art. XXVIII. SELECT LITERARY INFORMATION. *** Gentlemen' and Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige the

Conductors of the ECLECTIC Review, by sending information (post puid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works ; which they may depend upon being communicated to the public, if consistent with its plan.

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Mr. Coleridge's “ Friend," of which twenty-eight Numbers are published, may now be had, in one volume, royal 8vo. price 18s. boards, of Messrs. Gale and Curtis, Paternoster Row. And Mr. C. intends to complete the Work in from eight to ten similar sheets to the foregoing, which will be published together in one part, sewed. The Subscribers to the former part can obtain this through their regular Booksellers. Only 100 copies remain of the 28 numbers, and their being printed on unstamped paper, will account to the Subscribers for the difference of the price.

On the 15th of February will be published, in one handsome volume, 8vo. Price 12s., A Defence of Modern Calvinism: containing an Examination of the Bishop of Lincoln's Work, entitled a Refutation of Calvinism: By Edward Williams. D.D.' - Early in next month will be published a work long expected, The Economical History of the Hebrides and Higblands of Scotland, by the late Rev. Dr. John Walker, Professor of Natural History in he University of Edinburgh. t At the same time will be published, a volume of Miscellaneous Essays on Natural History and Rural Economy, by the same author; being part of a considerable number which he had written on these subjects at different times.

In the press, and speedily will be published, a new edition of the Historia Muscorum of Dillenius. It is known that in the life time of the author 250 copies only of this most valuable work were published, so that now when they appear for sale, they sell at a very high price. About 40 years ago, a few copies of the plates were thrown off unaccompanied with the text, and the plates were then destroyed. These are now accurately re-engraved,' and the whole will be presented to the Botanical World in a very respectable form. Care has been taken that the references of Authors will apply to this edition as well as to the origmal. It is proposed to

throw off a few copies of the text to accommodate those who are already in possession of the plates. . . In the , course of a few weeks will be published, the Poetical Latin Version of the Psalms, by G. Buchanan, with copious notes in English, critical and explanatory, partly from those of Burmen, Chytræus, Ruddiman, Hunter, and Love, and partly by the Editor, A. Dickinson, of the University Press, Edinburgh. . To each Psalm will be prefixed the nature of the metre with a scanning table. Some copies will be thrown off on royal paper.

A new editirm of the Greek Grammar, and Greek and English Scripture Lexicon, By, Greville Ewing, Minister of the Gospel in Glasgow, is at present in the Press, and will be ready for Public cation in a few weeks. The greater part of the Grammar, and the whole of the Lexicon, have been composed anew, and both are greatly enlarged. The first edition of the Lexicon contained the words of the New Testament only: the present edition eontains those also of the Septuagint and Apocrypha; and is the only Greek and English Scripture Lexicon, which is thus adapted for reading all the Scriptures in the Greek language. The principal tenses of the verbs are now also inserted in the Lexicon: important words are illustrated at considerable length; and the illustrations are frequently supported by quotations from Scripture, from the Greek Fathers, and from the Classics. The whole will be comprised in one volume af nearly 400 pages, royal 8vo. The printing has been conducted with the greatest care, under the Author's immediate inspection.

In a short time will be published, A View of the Political State of Scotland at Michaelmas, 1811; comprehendiug the Roll of Freeholders at that Period, with a State of the Votes at the last Election for each County; an Abstract of the Leets of the Royal Burghs, with a State of the Votes, and the Names of the Delegates

from each Burgh at the last Election for of Cambridge, including the Lives of the the District. To which is prefixed, an Founders, with illustrative engravings. Introductory Account of the Form of It will be in two volumes, in quarto and Procedure at Elections to Parliament in octavo, to match with Chalıner's for Scotland.

History of Oxford. . At press, Lectures upon Portions of The Rev. Thomas Wintle, author of a the Old Testament, intended to illustrate Commentary on Daniel, has in the press, Jewish History and Scripture Cha- Christian Ethics, consisting of Discourses racters. By George Hill, D.D. F.R.S. on the Beatitudes, &c. in two octavo Edinburgh.' Principal of St. Mary's volumes. College, St. Andrews, one of the Minis- The Rev. C. Powlett will shortly pubters' of that City, and one of his lish, the Father's Reasons for being a Majesty's Chaplains.

Christian. In the press, a new edition of Dr. Mr. John Rippingham, of Westminster Evans's Sermons on the Christian Tem- School, will shortly publish, Rules for per, in 2 vol. 12mo,

English. Composition, and particularly • The Planter's Kalendar, or, the for Themes, in a' duodecimo volume. Nurseryman and Forester's Guide, He has also in the press, a translation of in the Operations of the Nursery, Longinus, with critical and explanatory the Forest and the Grove, will soon be notes, in an octavo volume. published, by. Walter Nicol, Author of Mr. Thomas Clarke has nearly ready the Gardener's Kalendar, the Villa Gar for publication, a Treatise on Arithmetic, den Directory, &c.

'with Strictures on the Nature of the Speedly will be published, by sub Elementary. Instruction contained in scription, in two volumes large octavo, English Works on that Scionce. price one Guirea to subscribers, A The Rev. J. Nightingale, author of . Convected Series of Essays, affording, Portraiture of Methodism, is engaged on among other valuable and curious In a Portraiture of the Roman Catholic formation, a comprehensive and authen Religion ; with an Appendix, containiog tic Detail of the Phenomena of Time, a Summary of the Laws against Papists, the Manner in which it has been com and a Review of the Catholic Question puted, divided, subdivided, and regu of Emancipation. lated, from the earliest Periods of An Mr. Styles has in the press, a volume tiquity, &c.

of Sermons, which will include , his Dr. John Barclay, will shortly pub Funeral Sermon for Mr. Spencer. lish, A Description of the Arteries, in an A Description of the Island of Java, 8vo. volume.

from Anjeric Bay in the Strait of Sunda Mr. Charles Ganith's Inquiry into the to Batavia, containing its natural hisVarious Systems of Political Economy, tory, mineralogy, &c. is in the press. is translating by Mr. D. Boileau, with The Sonnets and other poetical works additional notes.

of Alfieri, are preparing for publication Mons. C. T. Tombe's Voyage to the ninder the superintendence of Mr. Totte. East-Indies, during the years 1802 to Mr. Thomas Haynes, of Oundle, will 1806, including an account of the Cape, soon publish a Treatise on the improved the Isles of Mauritius, Bourbon, Java, Culture of the Strawberry, Raspberry, Banca, and the City of Batavia, with and Gooseberry. notes by Mr. Sonnini, is printing in The new edition of Biographica Dra. English from a translation by Mr. Blago matica, in three octavo volumes, will don, in two 8vo. volumes, with numerous. Soon appear. plates,

The sixth edition of Beawe's Lex MerMr. Blagdon has in the press, in two catoria, considerably improved by Mr. duodecimo volumes, about Four Thou. Chitty, in two quarto volanes, is nearly sand Quotations, principally from an ready for publication. cient authors, with appropriate transla- Shortly will be published, by subscriptions in English.

tion, in one octavo volume, a Selection The Rev. James Plumptre has made of Sermons, of the Rev. Daniel de Saperconsiderable progress in printing bis vilie, sen. Minister of the Walloon English Drama Purified, and it will ap Church, at Rotterdam, translated into pear early in the spring.

English by John Reynolds, Minister of Mr. Geo. Dyer has nearly ready for the Gospel publication, a History of the University To be published this month, a new

and correct edition, bandsomely printed in Brazil from 1804 to 1810. The in 3 vols, 8vo. of The Discourses of Dr. 'principal part of his work relates to the George Horne, late Lord Bishop of interior of Brazil, where no Englishman Norwich.

was ever before permitted to travel, and The Rev. Owen Manning, late Vicar particularly to the gold and diamond of Godalming, has left for publication districts, which he investigated by order some Sermons on various important of the Prince Regent of Portugal. subjects, which will shortly appear in Mr. John Galt has ready for publitwo octavo volumes.

cation, Voyages and Travels in 1809. Mr. John Mawe, author of a Treatise 10-11; containing Observations on on the Mineralogy of Derbyshire, will Gibraltar, Sardinia, &c. in a quarto shortly publish a narrative of his Voyage volume with three engravings. to the Rio de la Plata, and of his Travels


AGRICULTURE. Agriculture Defended : in answer to a " Comparative Statement of the Food produced from Arable and Grass Land, with Obserservations on the late Inclosures, published by the Rev. Luke Helsop, Archdeacon of Bucks." Inscribed to the Landholders of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, by Philarator. 8vo. 3s. sewed...

and other papers, never before published. By Thomas Mc Crie, Minister of the Gospel, Edinburgh. 8vo. 125., royal paper 11. Is.

DRAMA. A Series of Plays; in which it is attempted to delineate the stronger Passions of the Mind; each Passion being the Subject of a Tragedy and a Comedy. By Joanna Baillie. The third volume. 8vo. 9s.

ASTRONOMY. ... Evening Amusements; or, the Beau. ties of the Heavens Displayed ; in which the striking appearances to be observed in various Evenings during the Year 1812, are described. By William Frend, esq. M. A., Actuary of the Rock Life Assurance Company, and late Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. 12mo. 3s.

EDOCATION. ' Illustrations of Rhythmus: Selections for the Illustrations of a Course of InStructions on the Rhythmus and Utter. ance of the English Language; with an Introductory Essay on the application of Rhymical Science to the Treatment of Impediments, and the Improvement of our National Oratory; and an Elementary Analysis of the Seience and Practice of Elocution, Composition, &c. . By John Thelwall, esq. Professor of the Science and Practice of Elocution. 8vo. 10s, 64..

BIOGRAPHY. The Life of the Rt. Rev. John Hough' D.D. successively Bishop of Oxford, of Lichfield and Coventry, and of Worcester; formerly President of St. Mary Magdalen College, Oxford, in the Reign of James 11.: containing many of his Letters and Biographical Notices of several Persons with whom he was conpected. By John Wilmot, esq., handsomely printed with engravings, 4to. 11. 11s. 6d., and on fine paper, 21. 2s,

The Life of John Knox: containing Illustrations of the History of the Reformation in Scotland ; with Biographical Notices of the principal Reformers, and Sketches of the Progress of Literature in Scotland, during a great part of the Sixteenth Century. To which is subjoined an Appendix, consisting of Letters

HISTORY Memoirs of Joan d'Arcor, du Lys, commonly called the Maid of Orleans; chiefly from the French of the Abbé Langlet Da Frenesroy, with an Appendix and Notes. By G. A. Grave. Sro. 78.6d. .

MEDICINE AND CHIRURGERY. Medico Chirurgical Transactions published by the Medical and Chirurgical Society of London. The second volume, illustrated by eight plates. 8vo. 16s.

An Inquiry into the Process of Nature

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in repairing Injuries of the Intestines; Stubborn Facts; or, a Brief View of illustrating the Treatment of Penetra- Princely Gratitude and Domestic Sufting Wounds and Strangulated Hernia. fering. By James Seymour Davis, esq. By Benjamin Travers, Demonstrator of Late Assistant Inspector-general of Anatomy at Guy's Hospital, and Surgeon Barracks. To which is added, his Cor- . to the Hon. East-India Company, and respondence with his Royal Highness to the London Infirmary for Diseases of the Duke of Cumberland, addressed the Eye. With engravings by Stewart. to the public at large, but particularly 8vo. 15s.

to the Officers of the British Army. 8vo. A Dissertation on the Bite of a Rabid Animal, being the Substance of an Essay A Word to the Wise, addressed to the which received a Prize from the Royal Pillars of the Community. By an ObCollege of Surgeons in London, in ihe serving Bye-stander. 2s. 6d. Year 1811. By James Gillman, F.L.S. Number I. (to be continued on the 8vo. 75.

1st of every Month) of The Mentor - A History of the Walcheren Remite Magazine; including the Encyclopæ tent; commencing with its advanced dia Mentoriensis. 8vo. 2s. 6d. State, when most dangerous and destructive to the Soldiery, and conclud

NATURAL HISTORY. ing with its very favourable termination, Instinct Displayed, in a collection of effected by those means first proposed well-authenticated Facts, exemplifying by the Author only to the Legislature, the extraordinary Sagacity of various and to the late and present Army Medi Species of the Animal Creation. By cal Board ; with the Morbid Appearan Priscilla Wakefield. 12mo. 5s.6d. : ces on Dissection; also the Sequels, Anæmia, Acholia, Ægyptian Ophthal

NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. mia, &c. &c. elucidated by Dissections. An Essay on the Probability of Sensa, By Thomas Wright, M.D. and M.R.I.A. tion in Vegetables; with additional Ob, &c. 10s. 6d.

servations on Instinct, Sensation, IrritaThe Morbid Anatomy of the Human bility, &c. By James Perchard TupGutlet, Stomach, and Intestines. By

per, Member of the Royal College of Alexander Monro, jun. M.D. F.R.S.E.

Surgeons, and Fellow of the Linnean Professor of Medicine, Anatomy, and

Society. Sro. 5s.
Surgery, in the University of Edinburgh,
Fellow of the Royal College of Physi.

PUILOLOGY. cians, &c. Illustrated by twenty en

Select Greek Sentences from the gravings, royal 8vo. Il. 18s.

Græcae Sententiæ, translated into

English; to which is added a verbal MISCELLANEOUS.

Translation, with the Part of Speech The Edinburgh Almanack, and Im annexed to each Word, to give greater perial Register for 1812. Containing assistance to the Learner. A Sketch not only the whole matter given in other from Xenophon's Anabasis is also subAlmanacks, corrected and improred; joined, translated in the same manbut also, among other Lists, Rolls of the ner. 72mo. 2s. 6d. sewed. Freeholders of all the Counties in Scot A Dictionary of the Malayan Lanland as they stood at Michaelmas 1811, guage, in Two Parts, Malayan and and as certified by the Clerks of the English, and English and Malayan. By respectire Counties. With a plan and W. M. Marsden, F.R.S Author of the elevation of Seafield Baths. 18mo, 4s. History of Sumatra. 4to. 21. 2s. bound. A Correct and Picturesque Map of

POLITICAL ECONOXY. England and Wales, with part of Scot. An Enquiry into the Nature and land, shewing distinctly the Navigable Causes of the Wealth of Nations. By Canals and Rivers now completed, or

Adam Smith, L.L.D. F.R.S. With a under execution, as well as those for

Life of the Author. Also, a View of the which Acts of Parliament have been ob

Doctrine of Smith compared with that. tained. By George Allen, Navigation of the French Economists; with a MeOffice, Stone Staffordshire, in the sheet,

thod of facilitating the Study of his or on Canvas neatly fitted up on Rollers, Works, from the French of M. Garnier. or in a case for the Pocket, from 76. to A new edition. 3 vol. 8vo. ll. 4s. 138, each.


Some Modern Principles of Education Sermons on Various Subjects. By

considered; A Sermon, preached in the David Brichan, D.D. Minister of the

Chapel of the Assylum- for Female United Parishes of Dyke and Moy, in

Orphanş, Lambeth, on Sunday Decemthe County of Moray, late of Artillery

ber 1st 1811, and published in Comstreet, London,

pliance with the particular Request of Number 1. Critical and Practical the Committee of that Institution. By Lectures, on the Epistle to the Church

Laurence Gardner, M. A. Alternate of Ephesus; Revelation 2. 1.-7. By

Morning Preacher at the Asylum, &c. Samuel Kittle, Minister of the Gospel.

1s. .

!! , . 1s. or without covers 6d.

o TOPOGRAPHY. ! . A Family Bible, containing the Saa Mr. J. J. Park, of Hampstead, has cred Texts of the Old and New Testa- announced his intention of publishing ments, with the Apocrypha; illustrated by subscription, a Topographical aud by Marginal References, and the most Historical Account of that Place, in useful explanatory Notes from the Bible one vol. 8vo. accompanied with engraof Dr. Doid, and from the Works of vings. Communications are earnestly other celebrated Divines. Part I. (to be solicited by him. . . continued Montbly) embellished with A Political Essay on the Kingdom of beautiful Wood-cuts, illustrative of the New Spain ; containing Researches Manners of the Times. This Work will relative to the Geography of Mexico, be completed in 35 Montbly Parts, and the Extent of its Surface, and its Politiwill contain 100 elegant Designs, by cal Division into Intendancies, the phyThurston and Craig, cut in Wood hy sical Aspect of the Country, the Popula-. Bewick, Branston, and other eminent tion, the State of Agriculture and Manu. Artists, forming two handsome quarto facturing and Commercial Industry, the volumnes, 4to. 25.,' and on superfine royal Canals projected between the South Sea paper, 3s. iii!

and the Atlantic Ocean;, the Crown À Sermon preached in the Parish Revenues, the Quantity of precious Church of All Saints, in Derby, on the Metals wbich have flowed from Mexico Anniversary of the Derbyshire General into Europe and Asia since the Discovery Infirmary, October 7th, 1811. By of the New Continent, and the Military Thomas Gisborne, M. A. For the Be Defence of New Spain. By Alexander nefit of the Derbyshire General Infir De Humbolt. Translated from the Orimary, 2s.

ginal French by John Black.. With The Crisis of Religion : 'A Sermon, eight Maps of Points of Separation and preached at Laura. Chapel, Bathwick, projected Communication between the November 17th, 1811 : containing South Sea and Atlantic Ocean, and a Strictures upon Mr. Lancaster's System Map of the different Channels by which of Popular Education. By the Rev. the precious Metals flow from the one E. W. Grinfield, M.A. Minister of Laura Continent to the other, Volumes III and Chapel. 1s, .."

IV. 8vo. 11. 119, 6d. .

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