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Mountins and aul Hills Frute bairing Trees and aul Cedars Wilde beesst and aul Cattel Reptiles and aul winged foul sets forth thine most wurthy Prayse and declares thine Glorie Thou Eturnal Rulur of thee Univerce Aul Creetures depends uppon Thou thee Soverain Lord for inn thine Hande is the life ov evry Living Thing and the Breth ov aul Mankinde These waits on thee Jehovah that Thou may give they there Foode in due Seezun That Thou give them they Gathers Thee Open thy Hande them is filled with Goode Wen Thou Hide thine Countennance them quicklie Perrish wen Thou taik awai there Breth They Expires and Returns to their Duste Wen Thou send Forth thine Spirrit them is creaited and thus Thou rennew the faice of the Erth Let us Prayse Him for his Mity Actes and According two his Exseeding Graitness Bless the Lord O our Soles and aul that are within we bles His Holie Naim which forgive our Sinns which heel our Infirmittes which rescue our lifes from Destrucchiun and crown us with Luving kindnes whose Mursey Endure for Evur.

All authors it is to be presumed expect some recompense for their la bours. As for Mr. H. if his anticipations on this head are at all extravagant, he cannot do better, we think, than digest the story of Alexander and the Pea-thrower.

..... uldadora 14 00 Art. XX. Practical Arithmetic, or the Definitions and Rules in Whole

Numbers, Fractions, Vulgar and Decimal: Mental Calculations : Rules and Tables for valuing Annuities, Leases, &c. Exemplified by an extensive and select variety of Examples relating to business : . and Questions for Examination. For the Purpose of instructing

Pupils in Classes. With Notes. By J. Richards. 2d ed. 12mo. pp. xii.

158. Price 3s. bound in sheep. R. Baldwin, 1811. THIS book adds one term to the almost infinite series of treatises

I on arithmetic lately published; but nothing, as we can perceive, to the real stock of information on that elementary subject. . Art. XXI. An Impartial Examination of the Dispute between Spain and her

American Colonies. By Alvarez Florez Estrada. Translated from the original, by W. Burdon. 8vo. price 38. Sherwood and

Co. 1812. SENOR Estrada is a very judicious and well-informed writer.

His liberal views of subjects connected with political economy, are truly wonderful for a Spaniard,' and though we are, with his translator, of opinion that he is in error with respect to his main object, we do justice to the ability of his reasoning, and the purity of his patriotism and his intentions.

There can be little doubt but that the possession of the transatlantic dominions, have, in conjunction with a narrow and injurious commercial and colonial system, materially contributed to the national decline of Spain. The effects of these are ably and perspicuously traced by the present writer ; who thinks it would have been happy for Spain, . had an earthquake swallowed up these mines of gold and silver, and if in their room she had possessed vallies abounding with harvests and. herds of cattle. The influx of the precious metals enriched individuals, but the government and the nation were poor; Spain being only 'a sort of channel or canal, through which the wealth of America flowed in to other nations,' p. 145. The colonies have, even by the admission of Senor E, been badly and despotically governed, and it has thus happened, by a sort of reaction, that either portion of the great Spanish empire has contributed to the injury of the other.

We do not follow this writer through the interesting details, and specious though fallacious reasonings by which he endeavours to prove it criminal in the distant provinces to reject the yoke of Old Spain. The most efficiently argued portion of his pamphlet is that in which he endeavours, perhaps succesfully, to prove that the New Spainers cannot maintain their independence without a con nection with some powerful European State. Their population, thinly scattered in an imperfectly organized state, over the surface of an immense region, and composed of different and even discordant

elements, would not, he thinks, be able to resist an enterprising invader. · If this inference were correct, it by no means affects the unquestionable right, in common with every other nation, of the Americans to legislate for themselves. The purpose of protection would be as effectually answered by alliance as by subjection ; and our own situation with respect to our former dependencies in America, is a decisive proof that, instead of exas. perating the passions of a people determined to be free, it is the wisest as well as the most liberal policy, to lay the foundation of a lasting friendship, by prompt and gracious concession.

Art. XXII. Dix's Juvenile Allas, containing Forty-four Maps, with

plain directions for copying them, Designed for Junior Classes. 4to. 48 plates, Darton, jun. 10s. 6d. half bound. 10s. coloured

1811. THE maps given in this Atlas, are mere outline sketches ; so that

the high price fixed upon the work, will necessarily limit the extent of its circulation. It should seem that the principal information communicated in the volume is that the whole was “ drawn by Tho.

Dix, North Walsham, for the use of schools ;" for this important - fact is enumerated no less than forty-seven times, being placed duly

not merely upon each of them, but under the “plain directions for copying" them.

Art. XXIII. Poems on Miscellaneous Subjects. By Miss R. H. 12mo. . pp. 121. Gale and Curtis. 1811. THOUGH the subjects of these poems are styled miscellaneous,

1 yet with a very few exceptions, one epithet will comprehend them all. From first to last they are amorous. Love is the only sheme in which the fair writer seems to take the smallest interest : and her harp is at any rate as refractory as that of Anacreon, if it is less lively and ingenious. It was not without considerable surprise, we learnt, that these compositions are the sallies of a very youthful muse, some being written at the early age of thirteen. We should like to ascertain under what sort of elementary discipline the little lady's education was conducted. If her poems are solely the produce of her own head, we can only say that so premature a developement of faculties has seldom been heard of.


** Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige the

Conductors of the ECLECȚIC Review, by sending information (post paid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works; which they may depend upon being communicated to the public, if consistent with its plan.


In a few days, will be published, in a froin those of Burman, Arytreus, Rud. quarto volume, and a few copies on large dinan, Hunter and Love, and partly by paper. The History of the Royal Soci- the editor, A. Dickinson, of the Univerety. By Thomas Thomson, M.D F.R.S. sity Press, Edinburgh. To each Psalim Author of the Systern of Chemistry. will be prefixed the nature of the verse,

To be published in a few days, printed with a scanning table. Some copies in the most elegant manner, by Bensley, will be printed on royal paper. ; with three beautiful engravings. A Let Some Account of a Journey into Alba. ter from Athens to a Piind in England. nit, Rounrelia, and other Provinces of In rüyai qua to, price ll. 59. in boards. Turkey, during the years 1809 and 1810.

Heady.or publication on the 31st of By J. C. Hobhouse, is in the press. March, in two voluines, royal quarto. Speedily will be published, Four SerPrice jl. 5s.' in boards. The Devotional muns, preached before the University of Family Bible; with copious Notes and Cambridge, in November, 1811, on the Illustrations, partly original, and partly Excellency of the Liturgy, prefaced with selected from the most approved Expo- an Answer to Dr, Marsh's Inquiry, ressitors, ancient and inoern, with a devo- pecting “The reglecting to give the tional Exerci.e or Aspiration, after every Prayer Book with the Bible." By the chapter. By John Fawcett, D.D. of Rev. Charles Simeon, Md. Fellow of Helden Bridge, pear Halifax.

King's College, Cambridge. *** The work may be taken in month Mr. D. C. Webb will shortly publish, ly parts, price 7s. or in numbers, at I's. in an octavo voluine, Observations and each. A few copies have been taken off Remarks on various parts of Great Brion a super-royal paper, in the most cle tain, during four excursions made by gant manner: when complete, this edi. him in the years 1810 and 1811. tion will be sold for 81. but at present Professor John Leslie, of Edinburg, the purchasers of the first volume for has in the press, a View of the Facts as51. 58. will be entitled to the second for certained concerning Heat, and its rela. 21. 23:

tions with Air and Moisture, in an ocDr. Aikin has undertaken the sole fu- tavo volume. ture superinten lence and composition of Mr. Wilson, of Magdalen College, Osthe Annual Register (originally publish: ford, has nearly ready for publication, ed by Mr. Dodsley) commenc ng with the Isle of Palms and other poems.. the oume for 1811, which will appear Mr. Fletcher, of Blackburn, will shortin the course of this year.

ly publish, Remains of the late Rev. E. · Mr. R. Semple, author of two Journies White, of Chester, from papers in the in Spain, is preparing for publication, in possession of the late Mi. Spencer of Lia smal octavo volume, a Sketch of the verpool. Present State of Caracas, which place ne A Poem entitled India will make its recently visited for commercial purposes. appearaíce in a few weeks.

Di. De Lys, of Birmingham, has in Mr. Aylmer, writingmaster at Hackthe press, in an octavo volume, a trans- ney School, has in the press, a New Syslation of R.cherand's Elements of Physi- tem of Arithmetic, on the principles of olowy, from the fifth and last edition, il cancelling, for the use of schools.' lustrated by notes, and accoinpanied with Sketches of Cottage Characters, by a comparative view of the state of Phy the Author of the Antidote to the Misesiology in this country and on the con- ries of Human Life, are printing in two tinent.' .

duodecimo volumes.' In a few weeks will be published, the Proposals are in circulation for pubPoetical Latin Version of the Psalms, by, lishing by subscription, in one volume, G. Buchanan, with copious notea in Ęgg- royal octavo, and in one volume, quartish, critical and explanatory, partly to, dedicated, by, Permission, to the Rt. Hon. and Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop.of. Doctor De Lys, of Birmingham, has London. The History, Topography, and in the press, a translation of Richerand's Antiquities of Fulham, including the Elements of Physiology : to be ilļustratHamlet of Hammersmith, interspersed ed with notes, by the translator, and with Biographical Anecdotes of Illustri, accompanied by a comparative view of · ous and Eminent Persons, who have re. the state of Physiology, in this country,

sided in Fulham during the three prece- and on the Continent. · ding centuries; and embellished with Mr. Thomas Fisher is preparing, and various Engravings of the Churches, An- will publish shortly, the first portion of cient Monuments, and Inscriptions, the Graphical Illustrations of the Magna Bishop's Palace, and other anc.ent and Britannia of Messrs. J. and D. Lysons ; interesting Buidings, specimens of painte containing sixteen plates of Views and ed Glass, Windows, &c. &c.

Monuments, in the Counties of Bedford The fifth number of the Inquirer, or and Buckingham; engraved from origiLiterary, Philosophical, and Matheina- nal drawings, made during several extical Repository, being the first of the cursious in hose counties. second volume, upon an enlarged and improved plan, will shortly make its appearance.



-To be continued at the end of each A general view of the system of en

Session of Parliament. By Charles closing Waste Lands; with particular

Pope, controliing surveyor of the Warereference to the proposed enclosure at houses in Bristol, and Author of the Epsom, in Surrey. By Samuel Beaz. Conpendium of the Warehousing Laws. ley, jun, Architect and Surveyor, oc

octavo, ll. Is.—The Tables of the Du

· ties of Customs may be had separately, tavo, 2s.

Agricultural Memoirs; or, History of in octavo, price 5s, boards. the Dishley System : in Answer to Sir

A full report of the proceedings at

MD John Saunders Sebright, Bart. M.P.

Two Meetings, of the Merchants, ShipBy John Hunt, Author of Historical Sur.

owners, &c. &c. at Kingston-upon-Hull, gery, &c. &c. octavo, 5s.

April 4, 1871, and February 11, 1812,

respecting the granting of Licenses to BIOGRAPHY,

Foreign Ships; together with a Copy of Memoirs of the late Rev. G. White

the Memoriai laid before the Board of

Trade; and the petition presented to the field, A.M. By the Rev. J. Gillie, oce

House of Commons, octavo, Is. tavo, 9s.

* EDUCATION. BOTANY. Manuale sive Compendium Botanices. Rules for English Composition, and Auctore Sam. Ewer, Societatis Linnæ. particularly for Themes: designed for anæ Socio. octayo, 12s,

the Use of Schools, and in Aid of Self

instruction. By John Rippingbam, Pri. COMMERCE.

vate Tutor at Westminster School, A report relative to the Commercial. 12mo. 3s. 64. Relations of the United Kingdom. By Conversation, interspersed with Poems, W. Waddington, Esg. Is.

for the amusement and instruction of A practical abridgement of the Laws Youth. of the Castoms, relative to the Import,

FINE ARTS. Export, and Coasting Trade of Great Britain and her Dependencies, except The Blind Fiddle.. from the celebrated the East Indies ; including a Statement picture paioted by D. Wilkie, R.A. Deof the Duties, Drawbacks, and Bounties, , dicated to Sir George Beaumont, Bart. directed to be paid and allowed; the , Engraved in che line manner by S. Burwhole interspersed with Orders in Coun. net. . Proofs 41. 45. prints 21. 28. size cil; and brought up to January, 1812. 19 by la inches.

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A View of the Island of St. Thomas, Temple, Barrister at Law.—The third taken from the Havensicht. Engraved edition, re-arranged, considerably enby Stadler, after a drawing by Vieillet, Jarged, and otherwise improved ; incluPrice 10s. 6d. Colours, 11. 5s. Size ding the statutes to the end of the Ses211 by 25 inches.

sion 51 Geo. III. and the adjudged cases The fourth number of vol. 3 of the to the end of Easter Term 51 Geo. III. Liber Verilnlis, after the original draw. By H. Nuttall Tomlins, Esq. 4 vols. Ocings of Claude le Lorain, the fifth and tavo, 31. 12s. last number of the work will be published Tracts on legal and other subjects, in a short time. 11. 11s. 6d. each pum, part the second, containing, 1. Obserber. Proofs 21. 12s. 6d.

vațions on that part of the Law of EviMiscellaneous Etchings. By J. S. dence, which relates to the Proof of Cottman, from his own designs, contain Deeds. 2. Brief notices of the law, as ing 28 prints of Antiquities, Dedicated applicable to Actions for malicions proto Sir H. E. Englefield, Bart. with index, secution ; together with the Report of a super royal folio, 21. 12s. 6d.

Trial in such a case; and a Cursory Sixteen coloured views in the South Inquiry as to the Mode in which Reeords Seas, &c. after drawings by Webber, should be proved. By the Hon. Sir W. with descriptive letter-press. Colum C. Smith, Bart. LL.D. F.R.S. M.R. bier folio, hot-pressed, 81. 8s.

I. A. Third Baron of the Court of ExPart 1, of portraits of illustrious and chequer in Ireland. Part 2. octavo, celebrated persons in the reigus of 4s. 6d. James I. Charles II. and James II. consisting of 28 prints from Vandyke,

MATHEMATICS. Kneller, &c. Engraved by J. Smith, and revised by Carlom, with biographi

Stereogoniometry: or the Doctrine of

Solid Angles, also on Leeway and Magcal memoirs, by J. Watkins, LL.D. su

netic Sailings, by W. Cole, octavo, 14s. per royal folio, hot-pressed. 41. 14s. 6d.

A treatise on the Resolution of the Part 1, of Picturesque Views and Sce

- higher Equatious of Algebra, by W.Lea, nery of Norway. By J. W. Edy. Con

quarto. taining ten colored pripts, with descriptions, super royal folio, hot pressed,

MEDICINE, 31. 3s.

One hundred engravings from paint A report of the Medicinal Effects of a ings on Greek Vases, which have never Spring lately discovered at Sandrocks, in been published. Drawn and etched by the Isle of Wight. By Wm. Lempriere, Adam Buck, from private collections M.D. octavo, 75. . now in England. Part the first, of ten Observations on the Contracted Intesparts, 15s. each, or 61. 6s. to subscribers tinum Rectum, and the Mode of Treatfor the whole.

ment; 'accompanied with Cases, illystrative of the different . Morbid Appear.

ances attendant on the Complaint. To A history of the Lung Parliament, which are subjoined two Engravings of with Plates. By J. May, Esq. quarto,

the Disease. By W. White, Member 11. 11s. 6d.

of the Royal College of Surgeons, Lon

don, and one of the Surgeons to the City JURISPRUDENCE.

Infirmary, Bath, 3s. 6d. A treatise on the Game Laws, and on

MILITARY APPAIRS. Fisheries. By W. Chitty, 2 vols. octavo, 11. 11s. 6d.

Proposals for the formation of a corps The present state of the Law between of Lancers, by J. Drourville, 10s. 6a. Debtor and Creditor, by W. Mindim,

:: MISCELLANEOUS. The opinions of different Authors upon Good Men of Modern Date! a Satirithe punishment of Death. Selected by cal Tale. Written by Mrs. Green, auBasil Montagu, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn. thor of Romance Readers and Romance Vol. 2, octavo, 12s,

Writers, &c. 3 vols. 12mo. 155. The whole law relative to the Duty: Essay 16th. Of the Management of and Office of a Justice of the Peace; Light in Illumination; together with an comprising also the Authority of Parish Account of a New Portable Lamp. By Officers. Originally compiled by Tho- Benjamin, Count of Rumford, F.R.S. mas Walter Williams, Esq. of the Inner oclavo, Is,


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