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Samuel Bentley
S. Bentley, 1831 - Great Britain - 448 pages

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Page 156 - and legitimatization according to the form of the King's charter thereof made. The which charter was read in full Parliament and delivered to the said Duke, father of the said John, and his said brothers and sister, the tenor of which charter ensueth. Richard by the grace of God, King of England and France, and Lord of Ireland, to our most dear cousins the
Page 247 - of my saide Lord, he hath been ful vertuously occupied, as in goyng of Pilgremagis to Seint James in Galice, to Rome, to Seint Bartylmew, to Seint Andrew, to Seint Mathew, in the Royalme of Naples; and to Seint Nicholas de Bar in Puyle, and other diverse holy places. Also [he]
Page 273 - defensionem nostram eundem Robertum, homines, terras res, redditus et omnes possessiones suas. Et ideo vobis mandamus, quod ipsum Robertum, homines, terras, res, redditus et omnes possessiones suas manuteneatis, protegatis et defendatis, non inferentes eis vel inferri permittentes injuriam, molestiam, dampnum
Page 52 - longe. And every Standard and Guydhome to have in the chiefe the Crosse of St. George, to be slitte at the ende, and to conteyne the crest or supporter, with the poesy, worde, and devise of the owner. Place under the Standard an hundred men.
Page 227 - ladys and lordys, best beseyn of eny pepyll that ever I sye or herd of: many pagentys wer pleyed in hyr wey in Bryggys, to hyr welcomyng; the best that ever I sye. And the same Sonday, my Lord the Bastard took upon hym to answere xxiiij
Page 406 - the tongue of which should be made to resemble burning fire, and appear to be continually moving, and the eyes of sapphires or other suitable stones; and to place it in the Church of St. Peter, Westminster, against the King's coming there. And the King being informed of the cost, it should be defrayed.
Page 296 - reported to the House of Lords the sentence of the assembled clergy, in Latin and English, and delivered the documents attesting it, which were sent to the Commons. On the Monday following, a bill to invalidate the marriage was read ; and on the next day,
Page 385 - yt was so late that there myght no servyce be served savyng wafers and Ipocrace. And when this was done, anone came into the hall greate lights of wax torches and torchets; and as sone as the lyghts come upe into the hall the Lords beganne to ryse fro there bords
Page 385 - And when he had all seyd, anon all the hall cryed Kyng Rychard all w' one voyce. And when this was done, anon on of the Lords brought unto this champion a cope full of red wyne cov'd, and so he toke the cope and uncov'd hym and dranke thereof, and when he had done, anon he
Page 227 - was maryd on Sonday last past, at a towne that is callyd the Dame, iij. myle owt of Brugys, at v. of the clok in the mornyng; and sche was browt the same day to Bruggys to hyr dener, and ther sche was receyvyd as worchepfully as all the world cowd devyse; as

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