On the Architectural History of Ely Cathedral

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J. Van Voorst, 1868 - 296 pages
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Page 195 - Knights o' th' Posts, About the cross-legg'd knights, their hosts; Or wait for customers between The pillar-rows in Lincoln's Inn ; Where vouchers, forgers, common-bail.
Page 55 - ... soon after he was appointed, in intentional imitation of the pronounced Norman work adjacent. Canon Stewart also points out that Bishop Eustace is known to have rebuilt S. Mary's Church, where the rough masonry and plain lancets are wholly unlike the beautiful work in the west porch. And he adds : " It is evident that Eustace had nothing to do with the erection of any part of the present cathedral. The galilee which he built has totally disappeared, and the porch which has gone under that name...
Page 272 - There was a famouse house of hospitallitie, called the GES.TE HAULE, * within the Abbey garth of Durham, on the weste syde, towardes the water, the Terrer of the house being master thereof, as one appoynted to geve intertaynment to all staits, both noble, gentle, and what degree so ever that came thether as strangers, ther interteynment not being inferior to any place in Ingland, both for the goodnes of ther diett, the sweete and daintie furneture of there lodgings, and generally all things necessarie...
Page 326 - Geographical and Comparative List of the Birds of Europe and North America.
Page 166 - Haec igitur sunt quae idem Ranulfus et Symeon abbas ex jussu regis Willelmi constituerunt uno quoque anno dari ad opus fratrum. ad vestimenta eorum septuaginta libras*. ad coquinam eorum sexaginta...
Page 91 - Etheldredae plurimum confidens, manum misit ad forcia ; et primo lapides et ligna quae conciderant in illa ruina, cum magno labore et expensis variis extra ecclesiam fecit apportare et ipsam de pulvere nimio, qui ibi erat, celeritate qua potuit emundare ; et locum in quo novum campanile fuisset constructurus, per viii partes arte architectonica mensuratas, in quibus viii columnae lapideae totum aedificium supportantes erigerentur, et infra quas chorus postea cum stallis esset construendus, fodere...
Page 325 - BRITISH LEPIDOPTERA. 8vo, 5s. ADAMS, BAIKIE, AND BARRON. MANUAL OF NATURAL HISTORY, for the Use of Travellers. Post 8vo, 12s. ADAMS, H. AND A. GENERA OF RECENT MOLLUSCA. 3 vols. 8vo, Plates plain, 4 10s. ; Royal 8vo, the figures of the Animals Coloured, Q.
Page 128 - III. and his Queen Philippa, in whose time the building was erected. It is likely enough that they were so. Heads, closely resembling them, are to be seen in other churches of that age. On the southeast arch, are the heads of a bishop and a priest; perhaps meant for bishop Hotham and prior Crauden. Opposite to this, on the north-west arch, are the heads of another priest, apparently younger, and of some secular person in long hair. Who would not be glad to be convinced, that the former was a resemblance...
Page 326 - Hirst. 8vo, 15s. CLERMONT, LORD. GUIDE TO THE QUADRUPEDS AND REPtiles of Europe. Post Svo, 7s. COUCH. ILLUSTRATIONS OF INSTINCT. Post 8vo, 8s.
Page 328 - FLORA CAPENSIS. 8vo, vols. i. & ii., 12s. each ; vol. iii., 18s. . THESAURUS CAPENSIS. Vols. i. & ii., 21s. each. . INDEX GENERUM ALGARUM. 8vo, sewed, 2s. Gd. . NEREIS BOREALI-AMERICANA. Royal 4to, sewed, 3 3s. . SEASIDE BOOK. Fourth Edition, foolscap 8vo, 5s. HASLAM. PERRAN-ZABULOE. THE CHURCH OF S. PIRAN. Foolscap 8vo, 4s. Gd. HENFREY. ELEMENTARY COURSE OF BOTANY. Second Edition, by MAXWELL T. MASTERS. Post 8vo, 12s. Gd. . RUDIMENTS OF BOTANY. Foolscap 8vo, 3s. Gd. . SIX BOTANICAL DIAGRAMS FOR...

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