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earlier readers, but the biographical and interpretative matter is now more extensive and is adapted to the pupils' enlarging interests. It will be noted that many approaches to literature are supplied and that neither pupils nor teachers are limited to a single cast-iron method. It will also be noted that some methods are excluded. Literary history, detailed biography, and stylistic analysis have no place in a book for boys and girls in the eighth year of school. The selections are unabridged and are often accompanied by such brief notes as would be necessary in


school edition. Every selection is studied not only by itself but as an introduction to a wider reading and study. The introductions and biographies are designed to give every possible aid to the enjoyment and appreciation of literature, and also to the coördination of these masterpieces with the experience and interests of the pupils.

The Editors are indebted for assistance on the Helps to Study and the Glossary to Miss Mary Leland Hunt and to Miss Katherine Morse, of the New York Training School for Teachers. They are also indebted to the Oxford University Press for the use of Jowett's Translation of Plato.

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