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Str Watkin Williams Wynne, Albany Wallis, in this city, it is hoped they will soon be difEsq;

persed. i here being so immediate family represen Sbeerness, Feb. 4. Great caution is taken wbo tative, Mr. Sheridan walked as chiel-mourn. are admitted into the dock-yard, Duble cener; next the Rev. Mr. Corrington and Mr. inels are planted in the night, and tour guardo Na han Garrick, nephews of the deceased, boats are conftantly rowing about after fun-fet. and Capt. Shaw, who married one of his nie. A guard of marines is at the Ferry. ces; after them the clergy of St. Martin's ; 5. A number of latters were sent from an physicians, surgeons, &c. a deputation oi per eminent failmaker, in Depiford, to a noble formers from either theatre; and talt of all, lord, relative to a conspiracy entered into by the intimate friends of the deceased, among some persons, to set fire to the several dock whom were, Lord Althorpe, Lord Liburn, yards in this kingdom. Some of the incendiSir Charles Bunbury, Hon. Mr. Fox, Hon. Mr. aries are in custody, and one of the party has Beauclerk, Sir Grey Cooper, Mr. Robinson, turned evidence to save himself. Mr. Burke, Mr. Dunning, Mr. Churchill, Orders were sent down from the admiraliy Right Hon. Mc. Morrice, Sir Thomas Mills, office expreis to Portímouth, for two of his Sir Jofua Reynold, Dr. Johoron. Mr. Hoare, majeily's Dips to fail immediately for PlyMr. Cumberland, Mr. Coleman, Mr. Harris, moush and cruize off that place, and to top Rev. Mr. Cholmendlev, Mr. Airey, Mi. Line and take every ship or veffél chat is any ways ley, Mr. Ford, Mr. Gibbon, Mr. Le Texier, fufpicious of carrying on an illicit crade, or beRev. Mr. Balc, Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Wilson. hanging to the French, and not to suffer ang Mr, Harditae, Dr. Burney, Mr. Qularme, hip or veffed to enter the harbour without Mr. Angels, Mr. Racquet, Mr. Walker, &c. thoroughiy examining them. &c.

Edinburgh, Februry 6. The hearse was attended by two files of the PROCLAMATION, guards, one on each hde: fifty mourning The Lord Provost and magiftrates, taking coaches, and a greater number of noblemen into their serious consideration the late tumulis and gentlemens empey carriages followed in the which have difturbed the peace of the ciiy, and procession to the abbey; which altogether, being willing at the same time to remove the formed one of the most atriking, and awful fears and apprehension which having diftrefl-d 1pectacles that ever was exhibited, and reflects the rinds ot many well-meaning people in this no small honour on the executors who planned me ropholis, with regard to the repeal of the

penal Marutes against papills, take this pabe On Saturday morning about two o'clock, lic opportunity of informing them and the pube a fire broke out at à çoachmaker's in Oxford. lic in general, that the Lord Provost is author freet, which burnt hrough in:o Well-It reel, rizes to assure them, tha: the bill for that purwhere it consumed three boules.

pose is totally laid aside; and, therefore, it is Edini urgb, Feb. 3. Last night some idle boys expedied, that such persons will carefully avoid astembled at a house at the 100t of Chalmer's connecting themselves with any tuma'cuous alClose, part of which was intended for a popish lembiy for the future. church, but had not hither'o heen occupied ; After this public assurance, the Lord P:04 the rest of the iuilding was po flessed by a cler vost and mag. ftrates will take the most vigourgyman of that profession. They began by ous measures for repressing ang tumu'tuous or breaking the windows, but their number be

riotous meetings of the populace, which may ing greatly 'o created, they proceeded to defroy hercafter arise ; being fa'i bied 'hat any forure the furniture, and at last let it on fire. The orders will proceed orly from the wicked mag

ftrates attended, and oled every means in views of bad and designing mco. God fawr their power to prevent hem from accomplish. tbe king ing their defiin, but ia vain ; for notwithstand Dilpa:ches were sene from the admiralty for ing their efforts, and those of the city guard, the commissioners of the different dock-ya ds, and a party of the south sencibles, the whole for do ble centies to be llationed, for the beto inside of the house was reduced to alhes. This ter preservation of the said yards from fires, and forenoon a party of the same rioters, it is that no persons be admited therein without a imagined, atracked the chapel in Black.friars particular recommendatior. wynd, the whole furniture of wbich, books From ibe LONDON GAZETTE. &c. they either destroyed or ca ried off. Aber Wefiminsler, Feb. 2. This day the lords b-ing which they bruke the windows, &e, of several mei, a mellage was sent to the Hon. He use of individuals whom they knew to be catholics. Commons, by Robert Quarme, E'q; geoman The magiftrates this day iflued a proclama:ion, wiher of the black rod, acquainting them that defiring masters to keep in their servants and the lords, authorilec by vir've of his majesty's apprentices; notwithstanding, which great commission, for declaring, his sora aflene ta numbers assembled in the evening in the Col- several acts agreed upon by both houses, do des leg- court, wieh an intention, as they said, of fire the immediate attendance of this hon house knocking down the house of Principal Robert in the house of peers, to h-ar the cimmi fir, who, tłby imagined, favoured the popish read; and the commons being come chibyte bi!! ; but as fume troops of dragoons are arrived the faid commillion imposicring the lord arthe



109 bishop of Canterbury, the lord high chancellor Suffolk, Jobo Sheppard, of Campseg Alh, Eq. of Great Britain, the lord prefident of the coun- County of Southamron, Charles Coles, of Buricl, and leveral other lords therein mentioned, ten, E'q. to declare and notify the royal afTent to the faid Surry, James Bourdier, of Coombe, Esq. zas, was read accordingly, and the royal as. Suflex, Joho Harrison, of Rother field, Erq. fent given to,

Warwickih. Sam. Aylworth, of Halford, Esq. An act for the better regulation of his ma Worcefterlh. John F ter, of Stourbridge, Esq. jelly's marine forces while on fhore.

Wiltih. Rob. Cooper, jon, of New Sarum, Eq. án a&t for repealing an act made in the last Yorkfhire, Thomas Duncombe, of Duncombe fellion of parliament, intitied, an act for the Park, Esq. more easy and better secroning of his majesty's

SOUTH WALES. land forces and marines; and for fubfticuting Brecon, Charles Vaughan, of Sketherog, Esq. other and more effectual provisions in the place Carmas hen, Evan Prothoroe, of Dolowillim, thereof.

Esq. An act for allowing the importation of fine, Cardigan, Thomas Pryce, of Cardigan, Era. organztned, Italian (hrown lilk, in any maps Gain'tgan, Barth Greenwoud, o: Cardiff

, Esq. a veficis, for a limited time.

Pembroke, David Griffish, uf Llon yche, Esq. An zat for repairing he highways and b'idges Radnor, Jonathan Ficíd, of Llanbadara in the county

of Lin ithgow and Bathgate. Vynidd, Esq. An act for enlarging the term and powers NORTH W A L E S. of an ac in the twenry sixth yes of the Anglesey, William Peacock, of Llanedwen, Elg. reign of his mjesty king George the Second, Carnarvon, Jeffery Prendergall, of Marle, Ela. izcided, an alt for repairing the road, from ibe Denbigh, John Wynne, of Coed Coch, Esq. Turnpike Road of Buckton Burn, in the coun Flint, John Wynne, of Soughton, Esq. ty of Durham, through Berwick upon Tweed | Meioncth, Henry Arthur Corbet, of Ynys.ya to Lammerton-hill, and also the several other maen Gwyn, Esq. roads cherein mentioned, lying in ibe laid coun. Mortgomery, Robert Corbet, of Leighton ty, and with in the liberties of the said town of Hall, Esq. Berwick.

10. The act of parliament for the more And to three private bills

Speedy recruiting his majelly's land forces, havSheriffs appoisted by bis M jesty in Council for ike ing received the royal affent, by commission, Year 17-9, viz.

we hear, from undoubied au hority, that the Berkshire, Rich. Smith, or Chilton Lodge, Elg, joftices of the peace, and the commissioners of Bedfordih. Sir Rowland Alston, of Odell, Bart. the land tax for the county of Middlesex, and Bocks, John Carter Pollard, of Finmere, Esq. the city and liberty of Westminfter, intend to Cumberl, Williams Hafell, of Dalemain, Esg. carry the fame into immediate execution, have Chebire, J Bower Jodrell, of Yeardley, Esq. ing ordered the proper and necessary direction, Camb. and Hint'. W. Fellows, of Ramsey, Esq. to be given to all the constables and peace of Cornwal, Tho Vyvyan, jun. of Trewan, Esq. ficers, to seize and secure every idle and difurDevonshire, Robert Lydtone Rewcombe, of derly person that may be found making any Kent-n. Ela.

rors or disturbances in the lireets, or freDorfe ih. R. Goodden, of Over Compon, Efq. quenting houses of ill fame. Derbysh. E. Sache ve el Sirwell, of Morley, Ela. 12. The judges very laiely gave their oplo Ella, William Godfrey, of Woodford, Esq. nion, that all Mops and warehouses vnder the Glouce 'ershire, Charles Coxe, of Hanbury, Esq. roof of the, or that have any Horrordih. Richard Baker, cf Hartinyforc. internal communication ibcre with, are part of bury, Eig.

the dwelling, house, and so be aliefied accordHere o d. J. Salway, of Rickards Calle, El. ingly. Kent, William Slade, of Lewisham, Esq. Yellerday evening on advice arriving from Leicestarih. Ch. Morris, of Lcddingron, Esq. Pertsmouth of the bonourable acquircal of Lincolníh. J. Madd son, of Gainsborough, I sq. admiral Keppel by the court martial, the winMaamounthire, William Adams Williams, of dows of the honícs in the principal Greets of Langibby, Eq

London and Wellimin ter were illuminated Northumberland, Dan Crafter. of Crafter, Esq. with lamps, candles, &c. and different devices. Northamptonshire, Rogers Parker, of Petei- The portico of the Manfion-house was illuborough, Ela.

minated with upwards of 300 glass lam s. Norfolk, John Berney Perre, of Westwick, Esq. The bells of several churches were iung, kuns Nottinghamshire, Wm. Dennison, of Osling- were fird, and other demonfrations of joy ton, Efq.

prevailed. Oxfordh. E1*. Wi:is, of Swerford Park, Esq. A c urt of common council was held at Rouenalhi:e, John Freer, jun. of Okeham, Eng. Gui'dhall, when a motion was made and se. $bro; itse. i bomas Eyton, of Eyton on the conded, that the thanks of the court be given Wix Moors, E.4.

to the honourable Auguftu, Keppel, which Seadriah, San. 8.ker, of WeA Dundrs, E.q. was agreed co, and a commitee of fix alder. affordshire, Edward Walhouse Oakover, if men and twe've commoners wite appointed to Oak yer, Elg.

draw up the same, which being done, wis read


and agreed to, viz. " That the thanks of this the Admiralty, and made a bonfire with them

coort be given to the honourable Augurios, before the gates. Some of the mob seemed Keppel for his long and faithful services to his not to be at the lower class. country; for his ready acceplance of the com 15. A difparch arrived from New York, with maod of the British feet at the sequest of his advica, that the Dolphin Noop of war being tovereign, at a time when the nation was in im left rft Porton to watch The motions of count Trinenr danger; for the earnest attentiou that ap. 1 d'Ellaing's Act, wat returned, and had brought peared in eve y instance of his conduct for the in account, that he kept sight of them until "Latery of this country; for his able,judicious, and the ilt of J-s), when a violenc form arose, fpirited behaviour on the 27th of July lait, in which obliged the Dolphin, who was in great his attacking the French ficet ; for his gallant danger of being loft, to make the best of her efforts to re-attack in the afternoon of that way for New York ; that when the storm begon day, efforts rendered abortive for the want of they were in light of the French feet, and b. obedience to his orders by the vice-admiral of fore he left them, he observed most of the the blue; for the protection given by him to thips to be in great distress, and as the form oor trade, to which alone we are indebted for lasted many hours, be thinks they must all, or the fate arrival of the East and West India most of thein, have greatly suffered, as they fleets; for his animating conduct and example had not been fees or heard of afrerwards, bappily followed by such lignal exertion and The Roman.catholics of Scotland, seeing the fpirit in the officers and seamen in the British oppofition and discontent that has been excited Reet, as conveyed terror to our enemies, and in that country, on account of the intcad a bi!! obliged them to seek shelter in their own port for their relief, have of themselves given up all by an ignominious light."

thoughts of applying to parliament for any A norher motion was made and the question thing being done in their favour, choosing raput, that the freedom of this city be presented her to facra fice the'r own ease, than give orto admiral Kesprl in a box made of heart of casion of unleahness in their country. oak, richly ornamented and embellished with 19. A new writ was ordered to be issued for gold, with a proper device to the honour of the electing a member for Scarborough in the roma faid admiral, as a testimony of the great respect of Sir Hugh Pallifer, who has accepted the and pra irude this court entertains of his long place of lieward of the three Chikeid hun. and Faithful kervices to his country.

dreds. Another motion was made and the question The amount of the employments resigned by pur, that the committee who drew up thethanks, Sir Hugh Palliser arole to no less a fum ihsa do provide the said box, and present the hon. 4000l. per annum. Augestus Keppel with the same in the name 20. About one oclock on Saturday, the de of inis court : the same was resolved in thc putation of aldermen and commons of London, affirmative.

waited upon Admiral Keppel, at his house is Sir Hugh Palliser resigned his place as one of Aud'ey. Street, where they delivered him the the lords commillioners of the admiraley. freedom of the city of London in a box made

Advice was received that commodore Hotham, of heart of oak, ornamented with gold. Hiywith four hips of the line and several frigates, ing refrelhed themselves, they let out at 1 had blocked up Martinico ; and that he only o'clock, in the following procession, to dide # waited for a reinforcement of tips frim ad- the London Tave: n, in the cey. The two miral Byron's feet to join him, when he city marthals on horseback,'their horses adornAbould immediately attack i har island. ed with blue ribbans; alderman Crosby, as fe

13. Tourfdy night a riotous mób was nior alderman in his own coach, with a failor worked up to do a g eat deal of damage in dit- behind carrying a blue Ag, with the word Serent parts of the town. At the Admiraley KEPPEL in large red letters: next that of the they forced one of the great gates off, and admiral in which he rode with lord R. Caresbroke most of the windows and laips; at ford dith on his right hand; after then two or three Northa's, in Downing.streer, they forced the naval officers, the other aldermen, commoners, 'window-frames out, and many got into the and city.officers in their own caruiages. The house, where they were fecused in attempting proceflion cime doxn Bord-Itreet, St. James's io destroy the furniture. At si: Hugh Palliser's, rect, and so on to the Strand. in Pallomall, they ransacked the house of all Crois the mob, who were now become very the furnirare, as well as those of lord Mulgrave numerous, taking of the admiral's borfes.dre and captain Hood, in Harley-freet, where all him themselves; and three liilors, after air the windows were demolished, as were those in placing the coachman, gor upon the box, where the front of the Pantheon in Oxford-stree, at they hoisted the fig from the alde man's coach which place many of the riorers were taken. Scon after this the procession was joined by any

Jurice Adding on attended at lord North's marine fcieiy, with emblematical streamers house, and red the time act, norwi hitanding which followed the city marshals. At Temple which the my would not difperse evil a purty bar a band of martial music received him, ant of the hor guards made their appearance. another at the Obelisk, at the bottom of Fleet N-ar 40 were taken in the hruse. A party of freet. They arrived at the London Tavern de mob alfu bick: all the fedan chains ócar bout five o'clock, amidnt be acclamations

At Charios

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a val concourse of people, who thus united in well commands at Elizabeth Town; with his papag-chelr public acknowledgements to their brig de of 800 militia, cantoned between Els favourite admiral, Ms. Keppel was attended zabeth Town and Newark; colonel Stephen by his brother che general, admiral Campbell, Moyland is marched with his diageons to the Hob. captain Wallingham, and another na Lancaster, in Pennsylvania. val ofica, being requested by the committee Barbadoes, oa. 29. Ever fince we received to bring four friends along with him to din. the news of the taking of Dominica by the Ref.-- la the evening the mob re-assembled, and French, we have been putting the forts on this parading through the principal freers, compel. ifland (which are numerou:) inen sepair, and led the afrighted inhabitants again to illuminate getting tores, which they much wanied here; their houses.

a number of cannon are plagted round the Seved millions, making the most confidera- island. ble part of the loan for 1979, ars, or certain Pbil.delpbia, Nov. 12. In the general aflemly will be obtained acarly on the following bly of Pensylvania, on Tuesday latt, the fode tams :

lowing proceedings took place: 600 3 per cent, at 64 per cent £.610 The cammittee appointed for the purpose, 371. 105. of an anneily for 29 years,

brought in a draught of refolves expressive of cheaply valued at. Ut years pur.

the fenfeof this house respecting the Qanitelto chase

431 and proclamation of the British comm lioners, 7 lattery tickets, at 21. each pre

which being read and confidered by paragraphs

was unanimoully agreed to as tollows: 2 behs of a yea's intereft, being

The house having taken into their confidera ebe advantage gained by the in.

tion a manifefto and proclamation of the British tereft commencing before the mo.

commoners, dated at New York, the 34 d.y acp of the loni, paid in

27 of October lait, signed “ Carlife, H. Clinton,

William Eden;" came to the following usaniFor every 1000l paid in, received

mous resolutions, viz. 33. Advice is received, that his majesty's itt. Thas the afferrion contained in the said frique the Milford, of 28 guns, Sir William manifesto and proclamat on, of the hi surable Chaloges Boroaby commander, had off Tenc congrels having no authority to reject the prorisc engaged a French storelhip, of 40 guns, pofitions which were made io them by she laid Bizar four hours, that

the Milford was obliged commissioners without a p evious consulrarioa three times to sheer off to repair the damage of the respective assemblies, either mauitefts the received: but at length the Gallic flag was an insidious dehgn of dividing and di anising caged ta şield to the Milfurd.

the citizens of these flates, by misieprelenting 25. It is said that she trial of vice admiral the powers of congress, or betrays an igno ance Sir Hugh Palisser will take place on th:184b of the trust which the p?op e of cheie vailed of March, and it is expected 10 be held on board ftates repole in that hon. body, and of the the Britzonia, in Portsmouth harbour. powers with which they are vested. A M E RICA.

24. That every part of the transactions of Janeice, 08. 19. The assembly meet to Congress with, or relating to the Britib com00*, may of whom are much displeased millioners, is most thoroughly approved ot and et account of the immenfe expence of 15,000)

.applauded by this house. That the house sepa day, whicts the island had been put to lioce jedis with indignation the said manifesto and Danial law has been laid on, for paying the proclamation ; and will creat with the urmont mlicia, making encampments, redoubes, foris, contempt every offer which can be made to feo ke all round the island; which, however duce them from their independence, or theis flagreeable to individuals, must be acknow. alliance with France. lugad an ad of beculicy agaiost any attemp! Extracl fiom the minutes, du tarmy might project, and of confequence

JOHN MORRIS, jun. the works ase, and will remain, a stubborn de

Clerk of General Assembig. tract of private property and public good. Martial law is to be taken off to-morrow.

BIRTH S. New Yoré, Dec. 19. By late accounts from The Queen of Naples of a princess. New Jerley, we are iatormed, that gøneral Jan, 10. The princess of Asturiaz of an la. Walkington's head-quarters were at Mrs. Wal fanta, at the Pardo, Madrid. d's, about t*eive mies from Brunswick; 16. The Princess Louisa Henrietta Carolina, the eart of Stirling's, at convivial-hill, a fcae spouse of his serege highness the hereditary of Phelis Van Ho'n, Esq; about severi miles prince of Hefe-Darmstade, of a prire: Isa Im Bruniwick; majr general Green's, al Feb. i. The counters of Rotebus, of a ilt. Vaa Vetcher's, in the Rarioa river; daughter, 'aHolland-house, Dear Keolington. brugeroer genau K90x's, with the artillers, ac Ediso M.Donald's, at Pluckamin, zbouc

MARRIAE S. Kighteen miles from Buofwack. With the four Richard Brooke, Esq; of the fih regiments pateral chiccts there are about seves and to Miss Brooke, of josmyn-ftreet. {antz Lundred rebels. Brigadier general Max. | Jan. 22. Charles Heniy Mainwaring Esq;





of the 50th regiment, to Miss Wroughton, eldest Feb. 1, Peter Paradise, Esq; formerly Britif daughter of the late Rev. Mr. Wroughton, Conful at Salonica. Rector of Welbourn, in Lincolnshire.

2. J hn Page, Efq; member of parliament .Feb. 15. Clark Gayton, Esq; Vice Admirall for the city of Chichester. of the Red, ro Miss Elizabeth Legge, daugh 2. Sir Everard Buckworth, Bart. in Wige ter of Captain Legge, of Hation-street.

more-street. Thomas Panton, Erq; of Battersea, to Miss 3. George Garrick, Esq; brother to the late Small, of South Lambeth,

David Garrick, Esq; at his house, in Rullele lor 16. The Rev. William Dechalr Tattersall, freet, Covent-garden. to Miss Ward, of Wandsworth, in Surry. s. Mr. John Turis, gentleman of the ewry DE A T H S.

to his majesty,

5. James Parson Ortley, Efq; of the inand The Rev. Humphrey Lloyd, Rector of one

of St. Christopher. of the portions of Treddington, in Worcester 6. William Dutton, Esq; at Hendon. Shire.

Mrs. Fellowes, relia of the late Coullon Humphrey Rant, Efq; councellor at law, Fellowes, Esq; at Hampstead. one of the portmen, and recorder of Ipswich, 8. Isaac Ramus, Esq; one of the pages of Orford and Harwich.

the back stairs to his majelly The Riv. Mr. John Ray, Rector of Weft James Osgood, Esq; ai Blackheath, an offi. Dean, in Wilts.

cer in the train of arrillery. I he Right Hon. Brisney Butler, Earl of Mr. Ifaac de Groot, great grandson of the Lanesborough, Viscount and Baron Newtown, great Grotius. guvernor of the county of Cavan, and one of The Rev. Mr. Edward Foote, brotber of the his majesty's molt Hon. Privy Council of the late Samuel Foote, Esq. kingdom of Ireland, a: his seat dear Booler f. 9. Dr. William Boyce, at Kensington, or

ganift, composer, and master of his majesty's John Alhby, Esq; alderman and town clerk band of music. of Shrewsbury.

Charles Greene, Esq; of Hemingford, in John Reed, Esq; one of the council in the Huntingdon fhire. fervice of the East lodia company, at Calcutta. 9. 'I he Right Hon. Edmund Butler, Viscount

Simuel Vines, Eq; a banker, at Worton Mount garret, of the kingdom of Ireland, ia under-edge, in Gloucellershire.

Albemarle-street. The lady of Philip Yorke, Esq; one of the 10. Henry Allcraft, Efq; at Mitcham, in danghters of the late Sir John Cult, (peaker of Surry. the House of Commons.

13. James Riddell, Efq; fecretary to visEdward Gardner, Esq; at Pishiobery, near count Stormont, late amball.dor at the court Sawbridgworth, in Heilfordshire.

of France, General Mollyn, gove por of Minorca, and 13. Richard A Aley, Esq; at Southgate. colonel of the ist regiment of drageon guards. 14. The Right Hop. the Counters of Corn.

Walter Cotler, Esq; comptioller of excife, in wallis, lady of the present earl, ac Culford in : Scotland.

ElTex Philip Honeywood, Era; only fop of general 16. James Dalrymple, Esq; at Wandsworth, 1 Honeywood.

formerly in the service of the East India comFan. 21. Mr. John Reynolds, one of the pany, ai Fort St. Geo-ge. gentlenen of the Chape-royal, and of the 16 Mrs. Dah cod, deputy mistress, of the choir of Westminfter Abbey.

Queen's Robes, and one of the women of the 22. Edward Pownall, Esq; at Siffron Wal- Bedchamber, at her apartments at St. James's. den.

16. Mrs. Watson, relict of Watlon, 23. Thomas Harman, E'q; at North Reet, Era; at her house in Grosvenor-treet. in Kept.

19. Miss Anne Jenkins, ateher apartments 24. John Willyams, Esq; at Canterbury, in Ruffel-court, the oldest matter and commander in the BANKRUPT S. royal navy.

John Cr pps, of Catcaton-freet, Jinen-dra26. Mr.Hudson, in King-ftreet, Co- per. Joseph Le Jeune, of St. Giles's dealer., one of the most eminent portrait Wiliam Ford, of Ofwellry, in Shropfhire, fcri

vencr. Henry Leigh, of Honiton, Devonshire, 26. Abel Smith, Efq; at Nottingham, one iroomonger. Hannah Sibbet, of Berwick upon of the representatives in paritment to that Tweed, grocer. Robert Waters, of Lakenham,

Norfolk, dealer. Joseph 1 hawaits of St. 27. George Masters. Efq; at Brompten. James's in Bath, gun-smith. Richard Hay28. Thomas Telt, Esq; at Duiwich in Surig worth, and Richard Brown, of R ppor. York.

39. John Friseuberg: E!9, at his houle attire, mercers. William Kipliog and Rich, KipTeddingtop.

ling, of Brompton upon Swale, Yoikth. drovers The Remainder of the Bankrupts in our next.

painters in his time.



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