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Lady's Magazine;


Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, appro

priated solely to their Use and Amusement,

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1 Philidor and Irenc; or, Rural Lore| 14 The Governess

140 115 15 The Tale of Geneura 2 Rousseau's Emilia 117 16 The History of Flypafia

147 3 Letter from F. Scudamore to Lady Sa. 17 The Matron

149 ville

11818 A City Night-Piece in Winter 151 4 Erigmatical Qneftions

19 The true Point of Honour s The Lazy Lover

20 Solutions to Questions

156 6 The Boalter 7 Mischief of Laughter, and Benefit of | 21 POETRY.Christmas, a Pastoral Tears

125 Damon ani Delia, a Pastoral Ballad $ Mili'ary Distress

Death, a Viso!-On Absence, a Pafto. , L'Hirondelle & les petits Ofeaux 131 ral--Inscribed to the amiable Miss Eli. 10 Dances of the interior Inhabitants of za -:-An Elegy on the Death of North America

132 Mr. John Goodwin-Prolopue to the 11 Letter from Miss Clifford to Miis Liverpool Prize-Verses written by a Granby

Lady in Affliction

12 Histoire d'Epaminondas 136 22 Foreign News
13 Powers and Progress of Music 137 | 23 Home News




This Number is embellished with the following Copper-Plates, viz.

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1. An elegant Pattern for a Work. Bag. 2. A beautiful bidorical Picture of Phili. dor aud (renc, or Rural Love : and 3. A new Song, lei to Music by Mr. Hudlon.

LONDON : Printed for G. Robin'on, No. 25, Paternoster-Row, pere Favours

from Correspondents will be received.



E are not a little obliged to the author of the Letters from Mrs. Scuda-,

mire to Lady Saville, for the submiffion and readiness of recomposing the letter which had miscarried, and without which the thread of the narrative must have been broken, and the continuation unintelligible.

We are likewise obliged to the translator of Emilia for resuming her pen, and favouring us with a continuation of a work fraught with so many useful precepts to the sex.

Will Miss Clara R forgive us if we should whisper to her that we are importuned for the continuation of her letters, and that the suspence of our readers seems to have become bois rous ? Among

other pieces in profe, we have received a Letter from Fanny Lovel 10 Sophia. Beau!y, an Ejay, by 9. H- Tre Moral Advijer, No. 11.

On Irut Beauty, by H. H- Lift of fair Ladies in Deal, by Ulyffes. ift of Men's Chrif. tian Names, by

Lift of Names in Eastbourn, Sufex, by Lorenze. Partial Solution of the Lift of Flowers in obe Supplement, by F. Fr. Enigmatical List of Signs and Cinsellations, by F. Fr. Lip of young Ladies in Woodford, Esex, by Ġ- Lift of Cories in England. Enigmatical Lift of Comedians, and of Gounties and Towns in England and Wales, by W. D. W-lh. Enigmatical Lijl of Churches, by Mary Abrook, at Mrs. Harris's School, Uxbridge. Thoughts on the return of Spring, by the author of the Excursion, who defires us to advert to and correct the following errata in the latter piece, page 598, line 17, Trophonius':. Pagg 694, line 35, read jill. The same page, line 26, after murmurs, should have been a period, and an ellitfis after gonder. Page 695, read Hejperus. Same page, line 27, read worlds. Page 696, line 11, read diminutive. Vol. X. page 11, line 1, read nesl. Same page, line 50, read expof. d. Page 73, line 26, read Hopkins's. Page 76, line 37, read amusing. Same page, line 33, should have been a period instead of a comma after around me. With respect to the ellipjes mentioned by this writer, he may see that they are seldom used by printers at present, and that a comma answers their purpose as well. A phyfi. cal Cale, from Amelia, is received, and an Address from fome Ladies to Mr. Hawa kins, whose poetry has appeared in our collection, to favirr them with bis Portrait, figned Susannah G-, Grafton-itreet, and Dorothy M-, Bond-Itreet,

Amidit other poetic productions, we are favoured with an Elegy or Mrs. Cbarlion, by Joanna. To Miss Kitty M-, by 1. P. Eprobalamium 10 - ! T 1, by G- R-1-), To Miss D by B 0. Poem, by W. M, and Jobn. Verses on Myrů, by Lorenzo. Acroflic, by C. L. The Charms of Suzet, by Mr. Hawkins. To the Editor, by Philomuld. On a Friend, by M. P. Verjes to Mr. Perfea, Surgeon, at Town-Malling, Kent, by Sympai heticus. Love at forft Sighi, by J. To Miss Phy, by J. D. Elegy the Firl, by

To Miss Maria ir, and Verses written at Fami, by J. D--, with a variety of other pieces, which, though tedious to specify, we have received with gratitude.

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Lady's Magazine;

MARCH 1779.




PHILIDOR AND IRENE, Congenial fouls attract each other ;

the coalition of Philidor and Irene

was, therefore, no miracle. RURAL LON E.

The parents of the youth and lass

knew nothing of their attachment ; SHE

Gimulated, but stronger by dif- that they were attached. fimulation. The passions in unculti Irene prided herself in watching vated nature are equally strong, but her flock; Philidor in tending his herd. regulated by custom, and the fimplici- They met together by chance; they ty of unadulterated rufticity. The liked each other ; they wished not to latter leads to the end aimed at soon-be feparated. Their souls were coner than the former, because it has on- genial : they wished to be united. ly the delired end in view; the form. L'uhappily, a family quarrel existed e chooses to go into a kind of laby- between the fathers of Irene and Phirinth, to bewilder, and to take en jur. lidor. The dovere, if they may be

called such adverted to this circum-. The loves of Philidor and Irene will stance, and they despaired of an union confirm these remarks; the other loves by conjunt ; t they were so warm in of rusticity will do the fame.

their filial duties, that they both dePhlidor was the son of a farmer, clared that they would not be united not spoilt by custom, and, which is without the consent of their parents. more, not spoilt by education.--He It were to be wished that all children always followed the dictates of his would have this sentiment engraved heart, his conscience, his understand-upon their hearts, for why should ing. Could he be wrong in following children be born to make their pathe dictatcs of a monitor which heaven rents unhappy? - Why should they game to guide him ?- Could he be think that they have more experience, wrong in following the only light which more attention to their welfare, than nature afforded him?

their parents have ? Irene, the lovely Irene, was the The interviews between Philidor Dearelt neighbour he had. She had and Irene were frequent--not too freall the personal charms of beauty, quent-not unnoticed. The parents without the adscititious heightenings. on both sides were apprzed of them, She had more than these adscititious and employed spies to watch their priarts could give her-The bad inno- vate meetings. Gence.

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