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Ship Francklic, master and crew deserted to march at an hour's notice, in order to eme he", 300 tons, in ballast,

bark for America. Ship, maller and crew deseried her, 300 This day at noon the right hon. the Lord 'tons, 20 gons, (French,) in ballast.

Mayor, three of the aldermen, Meriffs, and a Brig, master acd crew delerted her, so

the common council, met al Guide tons, in ballast.

hall, from whence they went in proceslicn, at• A polacre, master and crew deserted her, 80 tended by the city officers, to St. James's, tons, in ballatt.

where, being introduced by the lord in waita Ix ibe Savannab River above ebe Town. ing, they presented their address on the safe

A ship, of 300 tons, 16 guns (Spanish) with delivery of the queen of another prince. They fome deer skins.

were received very graciously; his majeity A brig, 140 ions, with lumber.

thanked them for their dutiful and affectionate A Noop, tons, 100 Regrocs, with four, address; •nd said, their cong.atulations and and some indigo.

the fentiments which ihey expressed on the fur. A loop, 40 tons, with furniture.

ther increase of his famiiy, could not fail of A schooner, 60 tons, with some indigo and ffording him great pleasure and satisfaction. tobacco.

After which they wcie reyaled with wine, cake, All the above were delivered into lle care of &c. as usual. Mr. M Culloch, agent for the oavy at Savan. Eighe regiments of foot are marked down to nah.

go to America this spring. A noop, go tons, 's men, ro guns, burnt. 3. By accounts from Ireland by yesterday's Anoop, go tons, 8 men, 4 guns, burnt. mail, we are informed, that four regimenis, 1979, Jan. 13. By the Vigilant': tender. consisting of 1503 men cach, are immedia:ely Sloop Sarah, fezed at fea, Francis Salter mar. to be raised, the command of which will be t'r, 60 tons, 72 men, the crews of iwo rebel given to Lord Rofs, and Clonels Luttrell, galeys, burat by the rebels, from Sunbury to Burgogne, and Stopford, and that he expense Charles Town, with salt.

is to be defraged by th: sey:ral officers in the

H. PARKIR. repretive regimenis. Extrait of a letter from Cheter, Feb. 23, Jays,

Advice is received, that five French Tips, A gintieman arrived in this city from fort which were bound from Guadaloupe to Noniz; James, in Africa, with an express to Lird chiefy laden with the effects of several families George Germaine: he was ten weeks on his which were going from thence for France, were pallige, and landed at Galway, in Ireland, in.

ailtaken by Commodore Hotham's feet, and to which place the noop Lisele Wil, in which carried in!o Antigua. he came hom•, was forced by ftress of weather. I the next Acet that fails for the Welt-Indies,

Two thousand soldiers are to be sent out in By whom we are informed, shat the goverror, and principal officers of Senegal were dead; to fi l up the vacancies at i he different Leewa: á that the garrison were fo unhealthy, that few 10and, and defend them again it the French. of the troops remained alive, that prov'lons

Marcb, ro. Letiers from the Grenada Ga. were ve y scarce, but i hat we fill kepe poller- zette, brought with the difpcches to the ad. fion of senegal at Fort James. He also in- miriles, say, that they no longer entertain ang forms us, that she French hadlaken ihe Gam- doub's for their own safery or that of the -bia packet, belonging to Senegal, and caried neighbouring iflands; that D’Estaign's mil her into Gorce,

cariiige at St. Lucia has been at ended wih 24. Orders are sent to Gen. Clinton, at New- the most happt consequences; and the inhabis York, for a furiher detachment of troops to

canis retu'nid to the peaceable prosecurion of be sent from thence to Georgi', !o carry into their planting, and o her employment; that execution the plan of Col. Campbell, for the admiral Byr o has joined admiral B r intton; reduction of South and North Carolina, there that D'Efaign, from threatening fire and being a great number of persons we'l affected fv:ord, is obliged to act on the defensive, and hat to government in both these provinces.

the two admirals have formed the blockade of 25: A train of artillery is getting ready at Martinico, in which harbour the French admiWoolwich to be sent to Amer ca, the officers ral is said to be at last closely (hut up. of which are ordered to hold themselves in

U A number of small vefsels are ordered readiness to proceed to Por Imouth there to by the lords of the ado irly to cruize between embark.

Hull and London, for the better p.otection of 26. The amount of the troops at New York, the trade. before the drafts were made for the Welt In.

12. This morning five men out of every dies and Georgia, war 25,000. Of these 5000 company in the three regiments of guards, were went to the former place, and 3000 to the las mullered in Hyde Park, and are foin to march ter, so that about 17,000 now remain with

to Portsmouth, to be embarked for Ameica, Gen. Clinton.

The above have all turned out volunteers; Mar. 1. This morning the guards, quarter. Such is the spirit of the foot-guards, that more ed in the Tower, who have iuined out volon. than ha'f the number of the whole three regia teers without any draft being made from them, ments have offered themselves volunt.rily. received ordero co hold hemselves in rcadiacts. 15. A regular packet boat is to be ellabljih.




ed betzeen Filmooth and Georgia, to rail the intended for the fiege eocamped on the Red firit Wedne day in every month, for the con Hill, within four miles of Pondicherry; but vendency of tha: colony, and the Floridas. it was the ait before a sufficient number of

15. By the last ad..cas tiom the Wen. In troops were asembled, so that we could attempt, general Grne wos pone from St. Lucia

to aduan e. On this day we took poffeffion of to Dominica to take roll. fion of it.

the Bound Hodge, within connon thut of PonThe Hin. Admiral Augustas Keppe! tas dicherry, which prevented ail commun casion been subræna'd in g've cvičeyce on the im. wish the town by land. on the 6th and gih pendiog inial of vic: dmiral Palliser, for d lo of September we broke ground. boih as the bedence to orders, by discction of the admi- north and fouth Gde of the twn, it having ra't board.

been determined to carry on two attacks; and Weftmirfer, Marcó 16. This day the lords onihe 18th we opened our bailtres rich 28 being mei, a mell nger. was tento che Hon. pirces of heavy, ariillery, and 27 mortars. Huvie of Commons, acqu inting them that the Tho' our fire on the town was very great, yet lords aus horized by virtue of bis majelly's com. he enemy's was equally fo on us from daymillion, for declaring his royai alent to leve. break 'till towards the evening, when our bat. Taleets ag eed upon by both houses, do define eries had apparently the advantage, and the this im mediale aliendavce in the houle of fire fom the fortrets decreased grearly. The pee s, to bear the commission read; and the approaches were continued with the utmost communs being come chi her, the faid cım. expedition posible; but the obftinate science million, impowering the lord aschbishop of of the gar:ison made it neceffssy to act with C...terh. ry, the lord high chancellor of Great caution, and the violent rains that tell retarded Bontain, the lord Prefident of the council, and che wo ks. A gallery being carned into the seve al other lords theic norent oned, :o declareditch to the fou hward, a breach made in the and ronfy ihe royal atlent cu the laid acts, was Bastion called L'Hospital, and the faces of the sed accordinily, and the royal aslene given to. adj.cent Ballions being alo destroyed, it was

An alt for rating a certain rum of money relolved tu pass the ditch by nicans oí a bridye by way of aboui.ies, and for eltablishing a of bua's made for the purpose, and to assault Joʻters.

the place; while, on the norih attack, our bat. An @ for punishing muliny and Gefertion, rer es hud ruined the east 1ace of the north west and for the better puymcol of the army and

Ballina, ind a float was prepared to pass the their quarters.

troops over the disch at the same riose ; anAn act to explain and amend an adt, intily'. Other atrack was to have been made on the seaed, an act for reduc ng into one act of parna. Side to nor hward, where they had ttockades meor the laws relating to the government of running into the water. This was intended to his majeAy's Mips, velle's, and forces luy sea. have been put into execntion the 15th of Dao

Anaa los the beter lwp dy of mariners and her before day-1 gly; but in the forenoor of feamen to serve in his majelly's Chips of war, the 14th the water in the ditch to the end on bo rd merchant thips.

fouthward was so raised by the rains for And to several road, inclosure and private iwo or three days hefore, that it forced itself bilis.

into the gallery, broke it down, and damaged St. James's, Morcb 17, Copy of a Letter from the boats intended for the bridge. It required

Major-General. Munro to the Lord Vijcount two diys to repair the damage done; and every Weymoutb, bis Majesty's principal fecreiary of thing being ready for the assult, it would ftale.

have taken place on the 17 h ; but on the 16th

M. Bellecombe sent me a letter by his Aid de Pondicherry, Oelober 27, 1978.

Camp, M. de Villene, relative to a capituloMY LORD, I have the honour to inform your lordstip of

tion, which was signed by both parties the

n"xt day. The gallant defence made by M. the success of the East I d'a company's troop. | Bellecombe will ever do him honour, and I beg againAt Pondicherry, atter a fiege of two months iezve, in justice to the troops ! bad the honour and ten days from the first investing of the to command, to allure your lord hip, that place. Ttierown su rendered by capiiulation they acted with the most determined resolution on ihe 17th of October, and I have lene here

on every occasion. . I am in a moft particular wi h the terms of capitulation. I have to requert manner obliged to Sir Edward Vernon, and his yous lordship will be pleased to lay them be majesty's squadron, who most charfally gave fore his majelly : and as I have been so for every affinance during the whole fiege, and turate as to h te had the honour of command.

when the aflault was refolved on, Sir Edward ing troups that bave reduced a place of such landed his marines, and 200 seamen, tò afla consequence so the Britisa fettlements in lodia, in the attack. my b'most with now is, to have his mijesty's approbation of niy conduct. As your lordship may wish to be informed of the operations of

The arsicles of caniculation amount to the trops during the fiege, I have the honour twenty-fix, by the fi-ft of which the garrison to fend you the dollowing acc sunt:

are allowed to march out with all the honours On the 8th of Angull, part of the troops of war.

I have

I have the honor of sending your lord!hip | His Highness the Nabob'o troops, 3 kiled, 7 herewith a return of the killed and wounded wounded. on both Gides, together with a litt of cannon

Total 224 killed; 693 wounded, and llores taken in Pondicherry.

(S'gned) H. A. M. Casoy, Adj. Cen. These dispatches will be delivered to your The company's troops con'isted of 19,500, lordship by enfign Rumbold, of the 6th regio of which 1500 we: e Europesn. ment of foot, who obtained liis mrjesty's leave Return of ebe Killed and Wounded in tbe Garrison to come to India with his father, the governor of Pondicberry, 1778, (nearly) of this fe' tlement. He has acted as one of my European officers, 7 killed, 19 wounded. Aides de Camp Gnce I have been on this coast; and, as I have great reason to be perfeally taal Regiment of Pondicherry, 45 kried, 343

wounded. tisfied with his conduct, I beg leave to ecommend him to your lordhip as a young man of European artillery, 29 killed, 69 wounded.

Scapoys, 52 killed, 94 meric. He takes with him the colours of Pon

wouded. dicherry, to have the honour of laying them at

Citizen', 3 killed, 7 wounded.

Bineks dobourers, 64 killed, 148 wounded. his majesty's feet.

Totsi 200 kiled, 480 woorded. I have the honour to be, &c. (Signed)

The garrison ut Pondicherry confifted near. HECTOR MUNRO.

ly of 3000 men, of which gco wė. e Europeans, Return of Guns, Mortars, Sbo., Small Arms, and

Admiralty- office, Marcb 16, 1779. Powder, taken in Pondicberry, 1778. Captain George Young arrived this after. IRON GUNS.

noon from the Eart-Indies, with dispatches Serviceable. 3 thirty fix pou ders, 18 twen.

from commodore Sir Edward Vernon 1o Mr. Is-fou: ditio, 13 eighiesn ditto, 30 iwelve Stephens, in which he gives an account of an ditto, 60 e'ght dirto, 44 (ix ditto, 11 four

indeclive action on the soth of August ditco, 2 three ditto.

lalt with the French Squadron off Pondi. Voserviceable. I thirty.fix pounders, 18 cherry. His fquadron combited of the Rippen,

twenty-four ditto, 3 eighteen dito, a twelve Covent: y, Seahorse, Valentine india ihip, and ditto, se'gh ditto, i four diito.

the Cormorant Noop. Anothe letter too Total serviceable,


Sir Edward Vernon is dated Masrals On I · unserviceable,


31, 1778, informing the Lords of the Admirai BRASS GUN S.

ty, that on the 25th at day bre k, ho jaw Serviceable. 6 twelve pounders, 6 eight ditto, Arange fail very near him, ídiuinig iv fir Pon.

1 box ditto, 18 four dito, 4 three ditto, 21 dicherry, upon which he made in Coven'sy two dicto, 18 one dirlo.

and Sea-horle's signal to we'gu ana ch«cehir, Voserviceable. one pounders.

who immediately food out to sea, wi h all the Total serviceable,


fail she could crowd; and to prevent loging upserviceable,


company with the trigates, he weighed and Howitzers. 6 three inch and half.

food oui after them; about b li palt eleven BRASS MORTAR S. o Clock A. M. saw the Sca-horie engaged with Serviceable. 7 twelve inch, s eight ditto, a

the chace, which soon after itruck, and provfeven ditto, 4 lix ditto, 2 four ditto. ed to be the Sariine frigate, one of Monf. Total,

Trunjolly's squadron, who had lost company IRONMORTAR S. a tew days before in chace. She is a fine thip, Serviceab?e. 2 twelve inch, 1 eight ditto. only two years old, and a prime failer; had, Total,


when the was taken, only 26 niue pour des SMALL ARMS.

mounted; but as the is of a larger icatrine French mulquets and bayonets, 5934 than asy of our 32 gun fr'g he purpoted, Ditto without bayonets,

248 ordering the naval ftorekeeper to purchale he'r Rifle barrel pieces,

108 for his majesty's service. The treesh iquaWall pieces,

60 doa conlisted of the Brilliante of 64 guns, Carbines,

45 Pourvoyeuse of 36 eighteen pounders, the SarPiftols,

556 tine of 32, and two of their country thips Swords,

930 grmed as ours. Gunpowder, 80 barrels, soolb. cach.

Admiralty Office, Marcb 17, 1779. Shot of different sizes, 21,708. (Signed) T. Mannoung,

Extract of a letter from Cummodore Evans, to Commissary of fores.

Mr. Stepbens, dated at Spirbead, March 15,

17.9. Return of ibe Killed and Wounded of the Company's His majesty's catter the Rattlesnake, of 10

Troops, at ebe Siege of Pondicberry, 1778. carriage and 12 swivel guns, with a compleEuropean officers, 8 killed, 27 wouuded. ment of Gxty men, commanded by Lieut. Ditto cavalry, 2 wounded.

Knell, returned from a cruize to Spirhead this Ditto artillery, 17 killed, 61 wounded. morning, having had a very levere action with Ditro infantry, 48 killed, 114 wounded. two French p.ivateer cutters, one of which the Seapogs, 148 killed, 482 wounded,

bas brought into Sipihead with her.


H O M E N E W S.


could be got.


74 Anel,


32 32

74 Pearl,

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74 Camel,

24 24 20


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14 12

Lieut. Knell informs me, that ge!terday I reveral persons in the rulns. The foating enmorning at day-break he saw iwo French cura gines picvented much more damage being done, ters, about two leagues to leeward of him., The fire raged a long time before any' water standing in for Fre ba Wa-er Bay, with the wind at Weft Souen Weit, he immediately 19. Letiess from Governor Tryon at News wore and made jail after them; the enemy, York advise, that no less than 200,000l. worth obferving his approach, mide all the fail they of prize piopetty had been already brought in could, and stood to tea, steering south lowth there by the letters of marque, lately commiscal

fioned from that port, The Rattlesnake gave hace, and ar half past The following is a list of the ficet under the one o'clk P. M. (being them about four command of Admiral Byron : league: tom Havre-de-Grace) came up with


Gün!. engagey he largelt curter, of 14 caruiage Princess Royal,

90 Tortrise, puns 12 iwivels, and 92 men; the other cut Aibion,

74 Diamond,

32 ter, cried it.e Frel o de Dunkerque, mount: Lornwall, in? 12 carriage guns to swivels, and 82 men, Conqueror,

74 Loseft ffe,

32 which failed remarkably well, and is deemed Culodon,

74 Niger, ene of ih. fiteit sailing cutiers ou of France, Fame,

74 Southampton, cam. upci her allittance and jointly engaged Grasion,

32 the Raslespake ull four o'clock, when the Invincible, 74 Boreas, largest struck; the other thee ed off, and as - Royal Oak,

24 tempted to escap", bı Licu'. Knell perceiving Sultan,

74 Deal Calle, her inten-ion, tore down, fired three broadlides, Prince of Wales,

74 Pelican, and then boarded her, fearing she might get Boyne,

70 Druid, away by outsailing the Rattlesnake, and by Ruby,

64 Hinde, that means carried her.


64 Seaford, The Rattlesnake's people were immedlately Reifonable, 64 Bcaver,

18 employed in splicing and refitting the rigging, Nonfuch, 64 Cameleon,

16 which was much damaged by: he enemy's Thot; Portland, 64 Hornet,

14 whilft in this foruncion, the French curter Preston,

50 Shark,

34 wh ch had fi ft ftruck, crouded all her fail, and Centurion, 50 Sylph,

14. the Rattlesnake not being in a condition to Iris,

50 Dispatch, follow he', the effeétud her escape.


50 Ariadne, I have ibe plealuse to acquaint their lord- Venus, fhips, that none of the Rattlesnake's crew vere Ao extraordinary London Gazette was pubkilled ; lieutena' t Knull (wbose spirited can liined on the 24th instant relating to the tak. duet deserves much commendatis) as wird ing of the fasd of St. Lucia, a d the disa ed, together wi honenie, len men. 1 positions of our ficets in the West Indies; from

The commander strehijun de Dunkerque, whence we have extracted the following parand iweive of 'uns people, were killed, aud ciculars, for the information of our readers. thirty wou ded, most of which are mortel. In Mjor General Grant's kater, dated Dec.,

It is ima, isied l'he other curter fuffered great31, 1778, to Lord George Germainc, he says ly, by her being longer ebpaged, and Itriking The 16 h, D'Estaing landed about gooo men, co the Raitleroake.

which had been colicated from ibe Frisch 19. Yesterday morning, between two and Bands, with an integrion to take possession of three o'clock, a fire broke out at a thip.chand- Barbadocs, Grerada, and St. Vincent. In mort, Jeros, between the Hermi:age Bridge and according to our information from French reUnion Sairs, Wapping, which buint both porrs, every British fetilen,ent in the Weltkides of the way. Upwards of thirty houses indies. in front were consumed, with most of their The 17th, in the morning, I withdrew'tvo furniture. Many houses were born down be- advanced piquets from polts uhich I nevis intween Hermitage-trect and the river, allo fe. rended to defend, and from wbepce a fhot was veral oil and hemp warehouses, full of thofe not fired. That move, I imagined, encourararticles, which were likewise consumed. Tuised the enemy to attack gen. Meadows' corps, computed that above fifty houses are burnt which was well posted in very strong ground, down and damaged, besides warehouses with upon .be Vigle. pitch, tar, mais, &c, and other out-buildings; The French were formed in three columns, fome tips were likewise confumed, .nd feveral consilting of 4 or 5 000 men, commanded by of the small craft, &c. damaged. Several per- M. D'Efaing, the Ma'quis de Buuile and Low fons were buried in the ruins of a house, which vendahl. Their iwo first attacks were made fell down, but we'e happily dug out alive : with the impetuosity of French man, and they the house was thrown down by the explosion were repulied by the determined bravery of of some gunpowder lodged in the cellar. Five Britops. They made a third atempt, but tep are said to be killed by the falling of one were loon broken, and retrea'ad in-coníufirin, of the boufis, being all buried in the ruins, leaving their kil cd and wounded in our power. It is said, that about one o'clock in the after- | They were permitted to buy the dead, ard boon a lack of chimnies fell down and buried cariyoff the wounded. M. D'Estaing any.




ment to accoun: for them as prisoners of war. By another letter from the some gentleman,

The dissoliciun made by. General Meadowa, doted St. Lucia, January, 6 it appears that the for the defence of his polt, was malteriy. He Coont remained in a lare of inadlivily was wounded in the arm early in the day, but for several succeding days, when he began; Temained in the field, rode abnui, and gavcor. co conceive it was the count's intention to form ders every where, till che attack was over. a blockade with a view of Harving us into a has never quil'ed his poft, a red continues to riur ender; but in Admiral ia ringtoo's uiter 2 command the reserve, which the surgeons did tonitho.ent, in the morning of the 29th, have not think he would have been cqual to. Mains re-embarked h s troops. during the preced. jor Harris, who commands chegrenad'ers, and I ing nigh', he retired with his whole feet toMajor James Murray, who commands the wards Mart niq'e, and left us is quiet postela light infantry, distingu Mhed themfelves. The lion of ihe island of St. Lucia, which capiculatofficers and men were cool and determined ; ed whist bis Alei wos fill in loyht. tap. they even furpailed, if possible, their usual pears allo that the admiral had taken the Bune {pirit and bravery. The French artillery that ker's-hill privaiers of 18 guns, which he has had been raken were of great ule. We found commissioned as a loop, in his majetty's serin the magazines, a: the different batteries, a, Vice, by the name of ebe Surp.ize. It likewise bundred rounds for each gun. Three (weive appears chat capt. Gardner had taken the Lyon, pounde's, which were placed upon the Vigie, a French ihip of 40 guns, after an obftinate en. did amazing execution ; and the bacteries upon gagement, having on board upwards of 1300 the south side of the bay, which were well hogsheads of tobacco. served by the ariillery, flanked the enemy's By exprenes from vice Admiral Byron we columns, annoyed them exceedingly, and ob. leora cbac he joined admiral Barringtoa off St. Jiged a French man of wor, which endeavour. Lucia, January 6th, with the squadren under ed to aslist in the attack from the en'rance of his command. Acco ding to another letter dared the barbour, to Srip her cable.

Februars 4th, we learn that Moof. D’Estaiga The enemy had four hundred men killed up. came out of Port Royal harbour. in the inland on the spot, five hundred dinge oully wound of Martinico, on the 121h of January, with 16 ed, so as to render them unfit for service, and six rail, and theiched over towards St. Lucia ac hundred Nightly wounded. This is 'heir own day lighe. “ Nex' morning I got under way from

We had only ten men killed, and the cul de Sac, with thirteen fall of the line one hundred and thirty wounded : some of and three frigates, and food for the French them have already joined their corps, and our squad:on, under a press of fail, in a line of Jols upon the whole will be under fifty. battle a head, but Moaf D'ENaing no sooner

The moment he was gone Monsieur de Mi- discovered car force than he tacked, and coud and the inhabitants offered to capiculae. made she belt of his way to regain the harThe capitulation was signed the 301h, by which bour, which he accomplished before it was your lor th'p will see that they obtained fo. possible to bring any of his lips to action. vourable terms.

His precipitate retreat makes it difficult to ac. By rear admiral Barrington's letter to the count for his conduct in coming out with so secretary of the admiralty, dated St. Lucia, De considerable a force, unless we could suppose cember 23d, 1778, it appears, that he was at him unacquainted with my having joined Rear tacked on the isth of that month, in the Admiral Barrington, and that he intended anCol de Sac, by Count D'Efaing's Squadron, all other attack upon this illasid ; the only thing half past is ibat morning, when the Count against such a belief is the great reason we have thought proper to bear down with 10 foil of to think him well informed of what palles at the line, without doing us any material injury; St. Lucia. Finding it in expect the and at 4 in the afternoon, he made a fecond French squadron would give us bartle, and their attack upon us, with no o her success, bow. fecure fiuation in Port Roy 1 Harbour not ade cver, than killing 2 men and wounding 7 on miring of their being ompelled to it, I did board the Prlace of Wales, and wounding also not chuse to run the hazaıd of being drove to one on board che Ariadne, who is fince dead. leeward by the current, which would have hapByt admiral Barrington says he has reason to pened had it fell lirtle wind; therefore after believe that the enemy sustained considerable having stood close in with Pust Royal, I took damage, as their mancutres betrayed great con- the advantage of the frelh breeze which then fufion, and one of their ships, in particular, prevailed, and that eveoing brought the squawhich fell to leeward, seemed so disabled as not dron to an anchor in Gros-iflet bay, which being to carry the necessary fail to get to windwad between three and four leagues 10 windward or again. The next day (the 16th) the Count the grand Cul de Sac, enables us with more thewed a disposition to atrack us again; but convenience to watch the motions of the French, upon the appearance of a frigare faoding for and gives a better charce of cucting off the his feet with several Ggnals flying, he plied reinforcement they expect noder Mons. Tree to wiadward, and in the evening anchored off ville, tould it come round the south end of Gros.ißes about two leagues from us.


J. BYRON"? Lift of Birebs, Dearbs, &c. are obliged to be omitted this Month, for want of room.

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