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Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, appro

priated solely to their Use and Amusement.

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This NUMBER contains 1 The Surprise, a Tale

391,16 On the Power of Philosophy 205 2 Thoughts on the return of Spring 114 17 Ancient Palaces and Gardens 207 3 A Card

17618 Bob Short's grateful Acknowledgment 4 Observacions on the Sagacity of the

ibid Spider 177 | 19 Powers and Progress of Music

208 s Occasional Letters to Bob Short 179 20 Solutions to Questions

212 6 Dances of the interior Inhabitants of | 21 POETRY.-The Charms of Suzet, or North America

180 farewell to Phillis, a Pastoral-Love at 7 Letter from Mr. Fto Miss Can first Sight-Epithalamium, inscribed to

182 James T-t--tn-To Jenny-To the 8 Reflections on chc Awfulness of Death Editor-Elegy on the Death of Mrs.

183 Charlion-The first Elegy-Solution to 9 The Faithless Guardiao, a moral Tale the Enigmatical Mountain Paradise

185 Regained Epitaph on Mr. Garrick 10 Military Diftress

213-216 11 Account of Who's the Dupe 195 22 Foreign News

217 12 The Governess 196 | 23 Home News

219 13 The Matron 198 24 American News

223 14 Matilda, or the Female Recluse, an 25 Births

224 Anecdote

26 Marriages

ibid 15 The Female Rcformer 2042 Deaths




This Number is embellished with the following Copper-Plates, viz. 1. An elegant Pattern for a Jacket and Coat. 2. A beautiful historical Picture of

the Surprise : and 3. A new Song, set to Music by Mr. Stone, of Merlborough.

LONDON : Printed for G. Robinson, No. 25, Paternoster-Row, where Favours

from Corretpondents will be receired.

E Deed only to speak half a word to Henrietta R-: the wise

derstand the language. What must we say to Miss Clara R-? Let her tell us what she would have us say.

The translations we have received of The Swallow, &c. are more numerous than we can specify ; but as we acknowledge the reception, we hope our fair correspondents will excuse the want of insertion.

In the prose line we are indebted to our friends for Tbe Moral Adviser, No. III. Miss Cl fford to Miss Granby. Letters from a Lady abroad to her Friend, by Maria. Detached Thoughts, by Anne L, G. Series of Letters, by Northumbrienfis, &c. &c.

A lady requests fome of the faculty to favour her with a Recipe to prevent Hair from growing after it is plucked up by the roots.

Another defires to know what is become of the Letter of Amelia to the Ma. fron? If she addresses a letter to the Matron, she will inform her.

A correspondent begs the favour of a pattern for Watch Cafes.

We are indebted to G-R-y for a curious drawing for a Shawl or Hando kocbief, &c.

Dr. Cook's Son, on looking over the former Magazines, will perhaps find his worthy father's Dissertation on Coughs, &c.

In the poetical department we are favoured with An humble Address 10 Mifs Charlotte W-re, by Damon, Death, a Vifion, continued. "On Spring, by Juvenis. To the amiable Miss , by 9, s. On a faded Rofi, by Incognita, aged fourteen. Lovely Nancy, by M. Spring, a Pastoral, in imitation of Cunmingbam, by Mr. Hawkins. A song for the Ladies, by Henrietta --r. Folby detected, with a subsequent letter, by M, To Delia, by E-g-s. The refurn of Spring, by Finish. Lines by a Youth to bis intended Wife, on the Morning of their Nupcials, by Joseph Da.

The infamous letter we have received from a person, who blamés us for not inserţing a piece of his received a year ago, must convince us that he can produce nothing that ought to be admitted into fo chaste a repofitory as our's ; and we beg to add, tliat as we do not will his correspondence, we will not receive his abuse with that impunity which he may imagine. Men of sense, men of sentiment, are always bashful, are always devoted to decency; but the ig. norant, and consequently the impudent alone can be guilty of any gross, any bad expressions or sentiments,

We think ourselves honoured by the Rev. Mr. Taker, for the transmitting to the Editor his Ode to the Warlike Genius of Great Britain, his Ode to Curiosity, A Poetical Encaium on Trade, An Epitaph intended for the Riv. Mr. Eccles, lare of Basb, Translation of the Carmen Seculare of Horace, with Notes Critical and Explanatory, An Elegy on the Death of David Garrick, Eji; and a Congratulatory Ode to Admiral Keppel, works which have so much merit, that we recommend them to the perufal of our fair correspondents, especially as the author has paid many a handsome compliment to the most illuttrious of the sex among the noblefie.

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Lady's Magazine;




THE SURPRISE. lay in affairs of such a tender nature, Embellished and illustrated witb an ele. The thought, were dangerous, there gant Copper-Plate, from the Design of Belvidera's governess, he removed her

fore, without affigning any reafon to an eminent Ariift.

from school, and placed her under the HAT paflion which was design inspection of an old maiden lady, who life agreeable, and to strew the paths wards the male sex. through which we walk in our pilgri To render herself worthy of the mage to a better state, is too frequent-confidence of Belvidera’s guardian, she ly the cause of the most heart-rending had her taught only by women, walk. forrows. I need not mention the ed out with her only round her own name of the passion, or quote the rolls garden, and kept her from church, to of experience to confirm the truth of near her read to her at home. the observation.

These precautions, though taken so The loves of Timander and Belvi- early, were not early enough. The dera are known only in the country to interview at the ball had fired the bowhich they belonged, but the 'ills soms of the orphans with a mutual which they experienced may be exem- fame. Belvidera wished to see Tiplified in every kingdom on the globe. mander, and Timander was not less

Timander and Belvidera were both ansious for a rête-à-tête with Belvideleft orphans, and taught by the same ra. He walked several times round dancing-matter, who, at the usual va- her school the day on which she was cations, had a ball, in which the pupils taken away from it, ardently wishing of the different feminaries were brought to snatch a view of her ; but from titogether.

midity, ran away and hid himself when The guardian of Belvidera was mo- any person opened the door, or ap. rose and suspicious ; he kept a strict proached to the house. Hope will, ere over every motion of his pupil, and sometimes irradiate the thickeft glooms itrove to prevent her from having inter- of despondence, for though he was difcourse with the other sex from motives appointed of bis wishes, he flattered of avarice, because, if the died fingle, himself that he should see her the next her eftate was to fall to him. When, Sunday at the place of worship. Never he heard of the promiscuous manner did he tread the sacred threshold with obferved in the ball, his attention was such thrilling pleasure ; never did he roused, and he was in pain left his fa. press it on his retiroment with so much vourite plan should be fubverted. De.languish. When the ladies appeared,

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