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he eyed them as they passed with the mated by the fall of his friend, and greatest attention ; their charms faded pushed at Timander with redoubled in his fight, and her absence seemed vigour, who being faint through loss to have deprived the fifterhood of of blood, and unable to parry his that radiance which her presence re-thrusts, received a wound in his thigh, feated upon them.-.A thousand which brought him to the ground. tormenting thoughts rushed into his On seeing him fall, the aflaffin ran off, head, but none of them that led him and left him weltering in his blood. to the true reason.--He was deter The Intendant de Police being at that mined to make an enquiry after her, time on his rounds, met a man runand received an answer, informing himning with a drawn sword, which was that Belvidera was taken from the bloody. He ordered him to be arreft. school by her guardian, but her place ed, and took him along with him to of retidence at that time was a pro secure him in some place of confinefound secret. Resolved to trace her, ment. In his progress to his place of he employed a thousand stratagems, destination, he heard the groans of a lut without the least fuccess.

person at a distance, dying in his earso It would have been some consola- He directed his steps to the place tion to have known the Itate of her from whence the alarming sounds heart, for he was uncertain, even tho' seemed to proceed, and found Timan. he hould find her, whether the might der in the critical situation which we be influenced in his favour : if not, he have already described. Being attend. imagined that his pains would be funged with torches, Timander lifted up his away, and a second fight would serve eyes to the all-chearing rays, recosonly to heighten his unhappiness. nized the traits of the person who had

Being now of an age to see the assassinated him, and cried out, “ That world, he resolved to vitit foreign is the villain !"_" What villain ?" reparts, thinking that the charms of oplied the affaffin.-" Have you not ther beauties might obliterate the traits killed, unprovoked, the dearest friend of Belvidera. With this intention he that I ever had in the world ?-Look set out for the continent, and made the at him-there he lies, in your ftead, grana tour of Europe. He mixed a. in all the agonies of death. I should mongst the politeft circles, but found have followed him, had not providence that Belvidera had made a deeper im-nerved my arm, and reduced you into pression than he had before imagined, the deplorable state in which the Inand that time, instead of weakening it, tendant has found you.” made it morc indelible. He loved “ Heavens! (cried Timander) how Belvidera in every beauteous face he is villainy accompanied by falfhood! contemplated, and would often say to But crimes are generally like the bees, himself, “ If she be not more beauti- they cluster. One crime calls for anful, she is at leait equal.” Tired, but other to support it, and he who once not delighted with his foreign residence, deviates from the line of rectitude, he thought of returning home to his knows not how to stop: he is situated native country, which was the more upon a glassy precipice ; the firft falfe attractive on account of its being the step carries him down to the botresidence of Belvidera.

tom.” As he was returning from an assem “ Did we not meet you running bly in Paris, on the night previous to with all the speed you could ?" replied his intended departure, he was set up the Intendant. "Your flight argues on by two persons with naked swords, guilt-you must come with us, and who attacked him with great fury. this gentleman, whose wounds will be Having drawn his sword, he made a a security against his flight, shall be brave defence, received a wound, but taken care of until he is better." ran one of the assailants through the In consequence of this declaration, body, His comrade seemed to be ani.'the assassin was taken to a place of


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confinement, and Timander was con- first faw, and where he then expected veyed to a surgeon for his cure. to see his adorable Belvidera.

The next morning the Intendant Belvidera was itill concealed, still waited on Timander, enquired after not to be found by his utmost rehis health, was informed that the searches. Her guardian, who thought wound he had received was not mor to enjoy her fortune, was dead ; the tal, and begged to have an interview old maiden lady who had the care of with him. Timander, on hearing his her was dead likewise. The most cri. office announced, ordered him to be tical, the most anxious enquiries could admitted immediately.

bring no tidings : but yet he would On his introdu&tion, a chair was not give up the hopes of seeing, of placed for him by the bed-fide, and 1pcahing to her, of pouring into her after a little pause, the officer of the ears the accents of untainted confian. night began to assure him that he was cy, of undeclared, of invincible atproud of having discharged his duty in tachment. so critical a moment with so much dif After a long research, he discovercretion.-" The gentlemen who af ed, that on the decease of her guardian saulted you, Sir, for really they were and governels, the bad taken poffeflion gentlemen, mistook you for another of her eftate, and went to some distant gentleman, who had run away with an county. He traced the place she had opera dancer, and were resolved to sa gone to with indefatigable industrycrifice him to the fury of jealousy. but when he arrived there, was 'inConfidering you as the person I find formed that she was courted by a you to be, they had no malice pro young gentleman of fortune, and thio' pense: the remaining offender is forry, ihe did not give any countenarice to heartily forry, for his fault ; but that his addreffes, she had disappeared with will not exculpate him from the crime him. of endangering your life, nor atone This account shocked him more than for the loss of his friend.

a clap of thunder. He was in fuis. are at liberty. I have done my duty, pence whether he should prosecute bis at leaft, in endeavouring to secure the enquiries, or give her up for loft: but peace of this metropolis, and I hearti meafuring her sentiments by his own, he ly wish you a speedy recovery.was biased more by hope than by rea

When the Intendant had finished his son. On farther enquiry, he discoverspeech, Timander looked up to him ed that the person who made his adwith glistening eyes—“ I am glad,” dreffes to her, irritated by her positive said he, “ though my life was in dan denial of accepting his hand, had by a ger, that the attempt upon it did not stratagem conveyed her to a madproceed from any determinate bad de house, where she was confined for some fign. I am thankful to Providence time. He found out the mad-house ; for my escape, but at the same time and he was informed that she had made grieve for the fall of one of my inno her escape from thence by the affifty cent antagonists, and, if permitted, ance of a young gentleman of fortune. shall set out for my native country, as Her escape gave him joy--but the aufoon as the cure of my wounds will thor of her escape incited jealousy. permit it.”

Determined either to settle the afA few days transpired, but these fair with the young gentleman, or to few days appeared as many years, be find his dear Belvidera, he dismissed fore Timander was able to revisit his his friends to every part of the envinative country, and go in search of rons. The intelligence they brought Belvidera. At last the moment came was, that the young gentleman who when his departure was, by his sur-rescued her performed that office geon, thought safe. He failed from merely from principles of humanity, Calais with a fair wind, arrived at Do- and that as soon as he had lodged her ¥cr, travelled post to the spot where he safe, he left the country to join his


Sir, you

corps, who were ordered upon a fo- j air, perch on the flowers, and display reign expedition.

their mealy wings, painted with purKnowing the spot to which she had pie, gold, and azure.

See how they been conducted, Timander was deter- | {port about from flower to fover, fipmined to find her. Many a tedious ping a little fantastic delight, as if their day passed in the research, and he whole intention was to be intignificantfeemed to be as much at a luss the last ly pretty. Hark! what a confused day as at the first. But one refresh- din!--The air swarms with the buze, ing mora, following the trillings of the zing tribes. Millions of glittering inrifiag lark, and the song of the night. fects, waked by tlie genial influence, ingale, he was furprised with superior fart into exiftence, rise from their harmony, and drawing nearer and dark abode, and back in the animating nearer to the spot from whence it is. warmth. The bees (induftrious little sued, he entered into an agreeable animals !) have left their citadel, and glade, and discerned his Belvidera in numerous multitudes repair to the finging the dictates of conitancy, of blooming meads or purple heath, where unrevealed, of invincible attachment. they cling to the fragrant frowers, and The surprize of this rencontr. may be with inserted tube ingeniously drain petter imagined than expressed ; the them of their nectarious sweets. How effufions of inviolable attachment need delightful to see them ply, with incesnot be mentioned to those in a similar fant asliduity, their pleasing talk, and fituation.

The lovers were free to to hear their drowsy hum, as they take each others hands-they did lo- sport with busy wing through the soft and are now as happy as any connubialf and yielding air ! pair can with themfelves to be.

Yonder is Flora, crowned with flow

ers, advancing! Dressed in the gayeft R

robes of spring, fhe appears inimitably charining. See the graces attend her,

and hold up her glittering train as the THOUGHTS on the return of SPRING. walks in queenly state through the

groves, the gardens, and fields DeIS paft! gloomy winter is paft lightful goddess! I feel the power of with all its howling winds and thy charms !-- Wherever ilie


Me piercing froits !--Torrenta of rain no Teds flowers of every hoe, and perlonger deluge the meadows, nor cloudé fumes the zephyys wings with aroinaobscure the sky, but all nature emer tic sweets, more delicious than those ges, as it were, from a torpid state, of Arabia. and begins to re-assume once more her Hark! -- The woodland choirs awonted vigour. The great regent of wake--The little songsters of the the day no longer creeps along the groves, which had long been dumb, edges of the southern skies, but mounts animated by the season, resume their higher, and traverses a larger circuit in notes. No longer they fit fhivering in the hemisphere ; again he collects his the filent shade, benumbed with cold, potent beams, again sheds his benign and indulging their woes. No more influence over the face of the earth, with timid flight they tkim over the and blazes with a more animated re plains, but soar aloft, and flutter about fulgence.See ! all is ferenity and with an air of jucundity. The thrush splendor above; while all is gaiety and chaunts forth his bold notes; the blackbeauty below.

bird, in amorous strains, warbles out The genial warmth begins to rouse | his full song; the lark, messenger of the infect tribe from their annual state morn, mounts the skies, pouring out of torpidity. The gnat and the beetle the moft delightful melody; while the put off their earthly robes, and venture bullfinch, the linnet, and the rest of into the air. Butter Aies of all hues re- the feathered choiristers atteft their fign their wintry tombs, frilk about the joy, and try again the long-forgotten



Thoughts on the Return of Spring.

175 firain. The cuckow also, but lately conjugal endearment, inexprefible to returned froin the southern climes, describe, which always accompanies the joins the choir, and with his uniforin marriage ftate, when the hearts and note, nodding on the spray, proclaims Couls of the blessed pair are as one ; the approach of spring. A concert of when they earnestly endeavour to inmusic fills every grove : the woods e- crease the happiness, to comfort each cho with the sweet modulations of its other in all the offices of life, and gay inhabitants : every green bough, live inviolably in peace, tranquility, and and every blooming fpray resound with comfort. harmony: from all quarters the ear is

Philomel is also arrived in onr'eouncharmed with artless Atrains, which are The preceding evening as I was at once the perfection of muốc, and walking along the vale, by the marthe very language of joy.

gin pf a silver stream, I heard his enAlready the swallows are returned shanting modulations from a reighfrom their long migration beyond the beuring thicket. Struck with the deocean. At their first arrival they were lightful melody of the new visitant, I feen but feldom, and flew weak and stood motionless for a while, listenfeebly; but now, as the weather grows ing to his song. The little creature warmer, and the number of infects ran through all the variations of music: increases, they gather activity and

sometimes the tone was so bold that strength. Ye new vifitants, I congra the groves echoed with the delightful tulate your arrival ! Once more, agree

strains ; in a moment it was so soft that able ftrangers, I welcome ye to our it hardly touched the ear, and could ifland, who have fo long been absent. carcely be heard ;-at one time it was Hail little harbingers of the spring! drawn out into a long breath, stealing you elevate, you gladden my heart; off into a different cadence, now interyou excite in me the pleasing idea of rupted by a pause, then changing into a returning summer. May no unfore. new note by an unexpected transition : feen accident devote any of you to an sometimes he precipitates, sometimes. untimely and premature death ; may flackens his note. With eager attenno rapacious faicon disturb your tran:

tion I listened, when frequently, to my quility, or satiate himself with your great regret, the foug had ceased. innocent blood.- Hark! how delight Rains now descending in soft and ful is the twittering note of these pret-gentle showers quicken vegetation, and ty birds as they aim the liquid air over render prolific the capacious womb of our heads. Their gladsome chatter is the earth. The fields and meads which probably indicative of the joy they were stripped of their verdue, and of a feel, for having migrated in safety from raffet hue, affume a moft delightful those warmer climes where they passed green. The juicy groves feel the balthe winter. - Remark, oh! remark my influence and swell their turgid buds their amazing instinct, and adore big with blossoms. The ragged thorns, that unseen Being operating in his and even the prickly brambles, which creatures. --See how fagaciously they in humble state creep along at the foot reconnoitre the roof of their former of the hedges, are robed with beauty. habitation, and are already making Look wherever we will all is unbound. preparations for a new and sweet pro-ed beauty to the roving eye.- Now geny. The two sexes are consulting we experience what the sacred poet so the most eligible spot, where to fix the elegantly describes. — 'Tis a master muddy citadel. Methinks mutual love piece in its kind, preferable far to the and reiprocal affection seem to sparkle oft elaborate descriptions of the in their eyes, while employed in this Greek or Roman bard, as indeed to laudable undertaking.-A pattern for any thing of the kind, found in the our imitation ! Emblem, fignificant works of the classic authors. In short emblem this of that unparalleled feli- it is so concile, so delicately, and fo city, that consummate enjoyment, that f beautifully expressed, that I cannot


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pass it over without repeating it.-bales of cloth from the packers ware“ The winter is paft ; the rain is over house, wrapped up within a ftrong enand gone. The flowers appear on the closure; others, I perceive, have excarth, the time of the singing of birds panded their fragant blossoms, and diris come, and the voice of the turtle is play their beauties to the admiring heard in our land. The fig-tree put-light. teth forth her green figs, and the vine (To be concluded in our next.) with the tender grapes give a good smell."

For the Lady's MAGAZINE, Truly nature is in her prime ! the vegetable tribes are putting on their

A CARD. gayest clothing. See yonder eims be

Dr's most respectgin to open their buds, and in a few days more the infant leaves, tinged tributors to the Lady's Magazine, and with the deepest green, and quite ex. begs their favourable acceptance of a panded, will give them a most lively Treat she here presents them with. and Aourishing appearance.

Those First, there is at their service three willows alfo, I perceive, are tipped with fourths of a wild youth added to a tafsels of grey, while the adjacent pop-numerical letter, and what frequently lars that grow by the side of the river, strips our houses against our will, changare pointed with rolls of filver. Evening the last letter. the venerable oaks, which require a She next presents them with three greater degree of warmth, begin to o fourths of the symbol of fympathy in pen their turgid buds, and will very woe, and what makes the counsellor foon appear dretsed in their vernal li- plead our cause, added to half of what very. Louk round wherever we will, will at his life's end receive him. we observe the wonderful operation of For supper she sets before them some nature's all powerful and secret-work-tender offsprings of the feathered waring hand.–Favoured by the balmy riour, and what grows plentifully in gales and fructifying showers, the fresh- the meadows, added to small birds that ened hills lift their heads and smile. Aock about our houses ;-a place menThe garden opens its beautiful scene, tioned by the Pfalmift as remarkable exhales its aromatic odours, and per- for the whiteness of its fnow the fourth fumes the gentle zephyrs with its fra- part of the emblem of innocence, with grant sweets. The moistened plains and a rural fong (changing 'the firit letter) irriguous valleys quickened and as it well dret--a variety of chattering were gladdened by the beneficial humi- birds, and one third of two prefixt to dity, laugh and ling. The stately trees, four fifths of a species of fleet mountogether with the diminutive herbo, af- tain beafts, plentifully accompanied fume a new life, and Aourish again in with a vision, changing the first letter. all their wonted luxuriance.

To drink she has procured two se. The haw-thorn in every hedge ap- venths of a mournful tree and a colour pears in a milk white bloom, scarcely reversed—a story with which children a spray to be seen but is arrayed with are delighted, expunging the first letter a lovely profusion of filken gems. The --a kalendar month :-half of what fruit trees that decorate our orchards, admits light into our houses, with a fiare also putting on the same amiable nal vowel added -- three fifths of a clothing, and promise, ar rather give black, and another word for we—and a us a fair prospect of a fruitful season. merry fellow. As yet the bloom is not all uniformly Thus my friends you behold what before you in perfection ; but it only waits for a

I've fet, few more rising and setting suns, to un Though fimple and plain'tis the best! could get, fold its painted treasure : some are like

Then feat if you like it--you all welcome are,
And bclicve me I'm

• Cant. i. 11. 12. 13.



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