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LOVE at FIRST SIGHT. Florinda conceived a predilection Illustrated and embellished with an ele- for the stranger-the kranger was in gant Copper-Plaie, from one of the most discourse with his friends was, that he

no case her debtor. His continual eminent Artists.

wished to see her again ; he wished he THE attachments of love are sud- had spoken his sentiments to her.

den, founded predilection; Wishing (faid his friends) never bat the consequence is not always conquered kingdoms : endeavours somehappy.

times are effectual-See her, try her.” Florinda was the flame of her pa “ I will, (replied Beniogno) I will. rish : though a rustic, she did not want If she be a mere rustic, without forfor education or fortune : fhe ftill af- tune, I will have her. She wants not fected the rural dress and the rustic the graces; she wants nothing to make manners. The inhabitants of her vil- an husband happy. If modesty, if delage endeavoured to gain her heart, licacy, if cultivated mental parts have but they endeavoured in vain. She any appreciation, she must make any saw no one whom she could esteem- husband happy. But I am afraid that no one whom she could prefer. The lhe is pre-engaged. I am afraid that round of several years, after she was she does not like me-Her behaviour

xteen, could not fix her heart; and her was so cool, so disdainful, when I father, who wished for a settlement, talked to her with too much freedom wished it had been fixed long before. as a stranger."

On the first of May, a day of festi «« You are a foolish fellow, (replied vity in the country, her father gave his friend)-Yon give over the chace, her leave to accompany the eldest before you have beat the bushes.” son of a neighbouring farmer to a “ I will not give over the chacé, dance. She was chosen queen of the (replied Beniogno)-I am determined May. Some gentlemen from the me- to return to the delightful spot, to see tropolis going that way, were stopped the queen of May, to pour my sensa: by the found of pipe and tabor. They tions into her ear3, to incline her eialighted --Florinda was then going ther to pity, or to forgive me. I may down in a country dance with her possibly prevail--I may not-the alpartner. Her movement, her person. ternative is either happiness or misery. al charms, affected one of the strangers. The event I leave to providence." His friends found that he was caught, The companions of Beniogno laugh. laugbed at him-But she appeared en ed at him ; but still he continued rereserve. Those who know what love folute. After they quitted him he is, may calily solve this problem. still persisted in his attachment. The

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next morning he went to the enchant the chapter of bargain and sale--bat ing spot where he first saw her. He let Florinda be called to answer whewanted an introducer- but love al. ther she will take me for life or not." ways finds one.

Her father acknowledged the proFortunately she came out, attended | priety of this remark. She was calwith a favourite friend. Beniogno led, and refted upon his sentiments. stopped at her appearance, but reco The marriage was immediately convering himself, he advanced with all cluded on, and the parties, though in the tremors of a true lover, and at last love at firf fight, having parental conassumed the fortitude of one.

sent, lived happy, and left behind them “ Permit me, Florinda, (said he) as happy a progeny. to accompany you in your walk. The excursions of a female are sometimes dangerous.”

He had scarcely finibed his fen- MARRIAGE CEREMONY of the Son of tence, when two men rushed upon

Moodo, Heir apparent 10 tbe Sulian

GINDANO. them, one of which seized on Florinda. Beniogno was alarmed, he put [Extracted from CAPTAIN FORREST's his hand on the guard of his sword, VOYAGE 10 GUINEA, &c.] drew it, and run the person through who had hold of her arm— The other N the 29th Rajah Moodo feut ran away.

me a young bullock as a new As soon as the assassin dropped, the year's gift, and on the 30th of Derecognized him-he was the eldest son cember his eldest son, Datoo Utu, was of a farmer, who had proposed him as married to Noe, the grand-daughter her partner for life, but had been re to the sultan. A day before the marjected.

riage, the portion was carried in grand Florinda, recollecting this circum parade over the water, from the brideftance, imagined that his last interview groom's father, to the sultan's palace. was not of the most honourable kind, Finding the custom was to make preand being rescued by Beniogno, she sents to Rajah Moodo on such occathought that he who had saved her fions, some presenting him with a honour, had a claim to her person.- palempore, another with a piece of She smiled him her thanks, and beg. chintz, and so on, I presented about ged him to favour her father with an three yards of superfine broad cloth, account of her danger, and her rescue. which I had the pleasure of seeing He complied, the father received him move with the firit offerings in the with transport, and on his begging her proceffion. I followed to the sultan's, hand, told him, if her heart would go where the portion was sorting on a with it he was welcome to it, provi- floor in the hall, and some clerks were ding he could maintain her in that taking an account of it ; Marajan Pastyle of life in which he could wish to galy, and some others, putting a value see her. " Retired from the busy on each article. - -Amongit' other world, (added he) I may seem to be things, was a bulse of gold-duft, which nothing; yet my daughter can bring I had in my hand : it weighed about you thousands, which I have preserved five or fix pounds, and was valued at áy æconomy from the wreck of more about twenty tangans an ounce. Valuthousands."

ing a kangan at half a crown, to which “ I want not money, (replied Be. it comes pretty near, gold here may niogno) I defire nothing but your be about 21. 103. an once, reckoning daughter. My rent-roll is 16,000l. one dollar five shillings. per annun, and I think, if I mould

Presently mounted the ramparts Tettle the whole upon her, I should two iron guns, four pounders: these be a gainer. But we have hither were part of the portion, and valued to been talking at random, upon at eight hundred korgar!.

« I was

Marriage Ceromony of the Sultan of Magindano. 229 “ I was told that Marajah Pagaly vent, which, to his widow-daughter, undervalued many of the articles, which and grand.child Fatima, must have were to make up the portion twelve been an addition to their loss of Withousand kangans. Some even suspect- tamana. I had, indeed, observed, ed him of wanting to put a bar to the that since the match was upon the car. match. It is difficult, in a foreign prt, Fackymolano did not visit at his country especially, to come at the fon’s, Rajah Moodo’s, so much as fortrue spring of action ; but that even merly: ing I found Rajah Moodo dressed in - About a week before this, having a coat of mail, made of buffaloes horn passed by Datoo Utu's apartments, and brass rings. In this dress, accom which were in the fort, and in the panied with his friends, without any same tenement where his father dwelt, of his Bisayan guards, he crofled to I remarked that the large bed, chira the Sultan's. I went over soon after, jars, chells, &c. were taken away. and perceived he had put off his coat Fatima, as her portion, had sent all to of mail, which lay near him on a mat her grandfather, Fakymolano. on the floor. Seeing me, he beckon “ I failed before the tenth day afed for me to sit down by him, which ter their marriage, and so did not fee I did. Having taken the liberty to the conclufion of it according to their ask him about the valuation of the custom. But some time before this I portion, " Oh, (says he with a laugh) had been present at the marriage of there are four hundred engas oner. one of Rujah Moodo's daughters to

“ Next evening, being the 30th, the fou of an Illano prince. came on the folemnitv.

Freit A great company was assembled company being assembled at the Sul at Rajih Voodo's, amongst which were tan's, Rajah Moodo put the question the bride and bridegroom. The prielt to the company, whether it bould be took the man by the right thumb, a marriage ? All answered with a loud and after putting to him the important voice in the affirmative. A pricit then question, the latter fignified his assent walked into the middle of the floor, bra all inclination of the head. to whom Datoo Ulu got up and ad- The bridegroom then went and sat vanced. The prielt, whom they cal-down by the young lady, who was led Serif, (a term of dignity bettowed Pezted tiwards the farther end of the upon every suppol:d descendant of ball, fome young ladies, her compaMahomet) took him by the thumb of nurs, riting up at his approach to the right hand, and said to him cer mske room for him. The bride aptain words, which being explained to percd discontented, and turned from me, were to this purpose

him, while he kept turning towards “ The priest asked the bridegroom her, both being feated on cushions laid if he consented to take such a person on mats on the floor. as his wife, and live with her accord “ The company finiling at this, I ing to the law of Mahomet? --- The thought it a good opportunity to fix bridegroom returned an allirmative.- my Gerinan tiute, and play a tune, The company then gave a loud hout, having asked Rajah Nicodo's permitand I heard immediately guns go of 6011. The company expressed fatisat Charrow's Castle, where, I was

asfaction, but the bride ftill locked ateld, himself kept watch. —The verse to her lover, who was a handJady did not appear, and so had no fome young man, and she continued so questions to answer. In this they re the whole evening. She looked, infemble the Chinese.

died, as I think a woman ought, “ Neither Fackymolano, Topang, whole consent is not asked in an affair nor Utu were present. Topang, no of such moment. Next evening I donbt, considered this as a mortal blow found them drinking chocolate to. to all his hopes; and Facky molanogether; her looks seemed mending, could not be supposed glad at an e but she did not smile.


« On the tenth night she with represented were ridiculously matched, apparent reluctance, conducted, befor and had agreed to treat in music both all the company, by two women, the most common and the most imporfrom where the fat, towards a large tant affairs of life. Is it to be ima. bed in the same hall with the compa- gined that a master calls his servant, or ny; and was put within a triple row sends him on an errand, singing ; that of curtains, other two women holding one friend iinparts a secret to another, them up as the passed. The bride- singing ; that men deliberate in coungroom following passed also within the cil singing ; that orders in time of batcurtains. The curtain being dropped, tle, are given singing ; and that men ihe company set up a houting and are melodious with swords and darts? hallooing, and, in about a quarter of This is the downright way to lose the an hour, dispersed.

life of representation, which without “ In the Moluccas the marriage doubt is preferable to that of harmony; ceremony, as captain Forrest obferves, for harmony ought to be no more than is fomewhat similar.

a mere attendant, and our great masThe woman, attended by some of ters of the stage have introduced it, as her own fex, comes into the mosque pleating, not as necessary, after they and sits down: then the Imum, or, have performed all that relates to if the parties are people of rank, the the subject and discourse. NevertheCalipha, holding the man's right lefs our thoughts run more upon the thumb, asks him, if he will marry musician, than the hero in the

opera; that woman, and live with her accord. Luigi, Cavallo, and Cesti, are still preing to the law of Mahomet.' To this sent to our imagination. The mind he antwers, 'I will.' Then the not being able to conceive a hero that priest asks the woman, still fitring befings, thinks of the composer that set fide him, the like respective quellion, if the song ; and I don't question but the will obey? Three times must the that in the operas at the palace royal, aufwer, “I will."

Baptist is an hundred times “ The woman rising, the man and thought of than Theseus or Cadmus*. she pay their respects to the company The same author (peaking of Recipresent: the woman is then conducted tative, particularly that of the Venehome. But before she goes out of the tian opera, says that it is neither fingmolque, the priest gives the hufband ing nor reciting, but somewhat unthe following admonition.-.“ You known to the ancients t, which be must not touch your wife with lance

des or knife : but, if she do not obey you, take her into a chamber and chantie . Wirks of Mons. Si. Evremond. Vol. II. her gently with an handkerchief.


+ This remark, upon examinarion, will be fund to be wil! 100 time, not withitanding the · gurrents in favelli of recirasive, which ao mount 11:10 flance in his, tha: it is a k nd of

proie in ouric, that is beauty concit's in c.m. Of the Powers and PROGRESS iny néar nsture, and in impriving the i atural MUSIC.

acenis of words by more pathetic or emphati

cal tores. Proface to be opera of Semile, by From Sir John Hawkins's prelimirn's Mir. Congreve.'. Mr. Hughes in the lame Discourie io ibe HISTORY of Muodore, delivers these as his sentiments. Vol. I.

• The recitative style in compofirion is foun

drdon that variety o' accens, which pleafus ia (Continued from Page 211.) che pionundation of a good orator, with as

Title devi.lion from ir a posible. The dif. THERE is one thing in operas so triene tones of the voice in ulton:hmini, jog, contrary to nature, that I can

forrow, rage, lenderness, in fu marion, apoi. not be reconciled to it, and that is the reple's, interr gations, and all the other va. singing of the whole piece from the be

rities of speech, make a sort of pa ural mnfic

which is very agreeable; and this is what is giming to the end, as if the persons I intended to be imitated, w ich some helps, by




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