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always in the

On the Pleasures of Solitude.

319 bring on a woman they pretend to gay world, te fome the stream of life love. Happy are thofe who are truly may glide easy and smoothly along ; penitent ; but far happier they who but 'tis imaginary all. To others a never stand in need of repentance. capacious field of inimitable delights


seem to be spread before them ; MARTHA GREY. I but in the end they will find disap(To be continued.)

pointment and shame. The pleasures of the world, however taking they may be, almost always, at laft, become

tasteless and infipid. Those who are On the PLEASURES of Solitude.

whirled round and round in the eddy (Concluded from Page 267.)

of luxury and excess, and toffed about

in the confused bustle of a jarring ETIREMENT from the world croud, are, as it were, stretched on the

is sometimes absolutely neceffa-tenter-hooks of keen distress and tury for every individual of the commu multuous agitation. Peace of mind is nity. Unless we devote a proper por a stranger to ther, and enjoyments tion of our time to meditation and re devoured with such eager baste, speedflection, passion will surely get the as- ily surfeit and disgust. perceptibly down the delulive stream promiscuous throng of the noisy crond, that leads to the gulph of ruin. In the lives in a perpetual warfare: Our heat and buftle of the world, the mind conversation and intercourse with the iö' inebriated, and the various objects world is, in many respects, a seminawhich surround us seldom appear in ry for vice. From our infancy, from their true and genuine aspect. Gilded the first unfolding of reason we are acas they are with a deceitful varnish, customed to hear the pleasures of they dazzle our eyes, and we catch at wealth and honour extolled. From them with eager impetuofity. Tempt. our earliest yonth the pageantry and ing as they are, we overlook the iting riches of the world are proposed to us of such enjoyments, and do not confi. as the chief aim of our future life. der the dreadful concomitants. Be. Thus educated, no wonder these glitware, therefore, Oye votaries of plea- tering baubles so easily captivate our sure ! ye men of the world I beware of affections. Thus trained up, no wonthe consequences of such dear-bought der the world and its gay scenes have acquisitions !--When the goddess of so great an influence on our corduct. pleasure unbosoms her charms, and 1 Breathing naturally a contagious air, lays before you the gilded baits of 'tis impossible for us to escape the contreachery; when she invites your re- taminating effluvia. 'Tis equally impose to the bed of roses, attracts your possible to reside in the giddy throng, affe&tions, and enchants with her (where luxury and excess, deceit, sensmiles, refled for a moment on her luality, and revenge, and all the forfallacious, destructive, soothing allure-midable train of innumerable vices ments, and that, I hope, will be suffi- lurk) without warping to its baneful, cient to check the precipitancy of your its pernicious influences. inconfiderate ardours,

'Tis the characteristic of little and The world is treacherous and de. frivolous minds, to be enamoured with ceitful. All its enchanting, captiva- the fantastical follies and vulgar objects ting scenes are unreal. The pleasing of life. Sublime and important things prospects which it opens to the human are quite adverse to them, quite fomind passes away like a shadow. It reign to their dispositions. Natural furnishes nothing permanent, nothing objects and curiofities, which strike satisfactory. Vanity and mutability the philosophical spectator, are their are indelible characters written on all aversion. A gratification of sensual its enjoyments. In the midit of the enjoyments is the summit of their de

fires, and all that their coarse apore jor, loch icrenity oi mind, zod mental benfions can relish. Wholly satisfied latisfactioa, as ihe sorld can beter with these inferior things, they extend befior, their narrow views no further, nor ever Retire, therefore, frequentis retire withdraw from the flattering scenes to into the cool and filegt inade ; bid 2dwell among objects divine and immor-dieu now and then to the follies and tal. Ah! wretched, wretched those, gaiety of life ; io hall the ardency of who, quite swallowed up in the gulph your fecular arccations be abated ; of the world, and immersed among reason will regain ber empire ; the fenlible objeéts, have never found the world will appear in its true light; balm of peace to heal their wounded the inviĝble regions will open to the fouls ! Have never acquired any tafte mind, and itrike the soul with all their for the more folid and satisfactory importance. There you may look pleasures of the understanding and the back on the part, look forward to the heart !

future, and lay the foundation not onSolit ndc, however despised and conly for your temporal, but eternal haptemned by the fop and grandees of the pinefo. Disengaged from the buzzing present age, is highly commendable importunities of an enfnaring world, The true evangelical orthodox reli- you will have nothing to perplex your gion, published by the great Redeemer mind, nothing to rufle the paflions in himself, enforces and recommends re your quiet and fequestered abode.tirement from the world. Often were There you may meditate on the works the filent shade and the sequestered re- of Providence, and address yourself ia treat, the lonely garden and the soli- unmolested security, to the great Autary mountain, visited by our Saviour thor of your being. for intercourse with heaven. Solitude In every object around you, not the is the hallowed ground which religion meanest plant nor infect excepted, mahas in every age chosen for her own. nifeft marks of the Deity, will present There, disengaged from the intrusion themselves to your view. All nature of the world, and the impertinent a- rettifies of him. All nature is a savocations of life, the agitated spirits cred volume, open to those who conreassume their firmuess, and regain template her in the silent and peaceful their peace. There, sedate and com retreat. I look up to the firmament pored, the soul can contemplate on its above, and whilft rolling mine eyes on own excellency and importance, and the ethereal vault, and admiring the anticipate the awful moment, when dreadfully large globes pendent in the the habitation of mortality thall dil. heavens, which run their ceaseless folve, and all the gay pageantry of this round, am truck with the magnificent carthly scene vanilli for ever. Candia works of the great incomprehensible dates as we are for immortality, me. God. I look round on the gay landthinks we should often retire from the scape, and the extentive scenes of ferworld, in oriker to think seriously of tility : I farvey the lofty mountain, the approaching hereafter. There we which heaves its huge back in the may discover tryths of the most inter- clouds ; the dreadful promontory's elting nature, which were scarcely ever craggy cliff; the wild and lonely fo. heard of in the public line of life, and reit, where a fullen filence reigns; the there we Mall experience fuch tranquil precipice hanging over the sea, which

icems every moment tumbling down By no means I would be underllocs as

with headlong impetucfty into the carecommending, above, a life of continual r. pacious ocean below. With these I sirement and folitude as effentially necellary in take a view of the watery domain, rol. the welfare and happinets of man. No--farling its valt waves rougd the earth ; from it. I would only intimate that it is our duty occasional y to windraw from the public the wide, expantive river, holding a kans of lie, in order to devote fome pare of mirror to the skies ; the clear and limour loiture bcurs to crious and calm reficior. pid Arcam, imbibing as it glides along


On the Pleafures of Solitude.

319 the folar ray; the purling rill, mur- exalted capacities ample matter for amuring under blackened shades; the musement and reflection. Thefe, fen ., foaming cascade, the gushing fountain, fible of the treachery and delusion of &c. &c. and in all of them I see the worldly objects, feel within a call for power and wisdom, in all of them I higher pleasures ; thefe, longing for contemplate the majesty and greatness more permanent and fatisfactory enof the adorable Creator.

joyments, quit the busy scenes of life, But neither the beauty, nor the and seek them in the quiet and peace.. greatness, the wisdom, nor the magni ful abode of solitude. Here their ficence of the pure expanse above, a hours are sweetened with content, and dorned with all its radiant and glorious tranquillity fooths their minds, the fystems ; nor the elegant landscape, minutes glide chearfully away, and a with its flowery tribes, and pleasing calm serenity fills their hearts. Here. scenes of fertility; nor the lofty all nature smiles around them, and all mountain, the awful promontory, and the seasons load them with the gifts of the uninhabitable forelt, together with their all-bounteous and beneficent the capacious world of waters, the Creator. wide expansive river, the filver ítream, Amiable solitude ! quiet and repose, the murmuring rill, the noisy cascade, calmness and tranquillity are the conthe gushing fountain, &c. &c. reflect itant attendants of thy peaceful abode ! any image of the Creator, nor ele- How often have kings and patriots stole vate the minds of them, who are al. away from the glare of grandeur, to ways loft in the giddy throng of a blind enjoy themselves in thy composed reand fallacious world; who never light treat ?-How often do men of the the candle of meditation, nor ever de world, exhausted by fatigue, and fick vote a moment of their time to fedate of the gay impertinence of life, repair and ferious reftection.

to thee, and lay themselves in thy Solitude (as already observed) is downy lap ?- Thou alone art able to dismal and tiresome to the foppish part footh the mind, when agitated and oof the world ; it is also equally irk vercome with the cares of the world! Some and disgusting to the ignorant Thou alone cant direct the soul to its and the vulgar.- And why is it difa- proper home, and awaken those latent greeable to fuch? Why is an innocent suggestions, which were loft and eflife of calmness and tranquillity ridi. faced in the bustling croud. culed by the false wits of the age?-- Hark! is it fancy, or do I really, Because they have no tafte for the

hear her fay, " Infatuated mortals ! beauties of nature, no relith for fub- why do you busy yourselves with lime objects. Unless engaged in the trifles, exhaust your strength, and giddy round of trifles and vain amuse- spend your time in that which fatisments, they are like a fish excluded fieth not ! - Why do you follow an afrom its natural element. They are tom, and catch at a shadow.The at a loss how to spend their time, and ítream in which you are now gaily: know not how to employ their failing along, will inevitably bring you thoughts. They are chained to the to the gulph of disappointment and world, and nothing, be it of ever so shame. The ignis-fatuuz hy which interesting a nature, can induce them you are guided, will infallibly lead to thake off their fetters,

you to headlong precipices and unfa. With those of a more refined and thomable gulphs, where you will be enlarged difpofition, how different ! swallowed up and loft. Come to me, Do they slip away from the circle of and I will guide you " where no shaamusements, and sequefter themselves dow stays ;' the veil shall be taken, from society, they are entertained in from your eyes, reason shall re-atsume the most agreeable manner imaginable. her throne, the world shall link in its Every object before them, whether a importance, your fiery pafions shall nimate or inanimate, affords to their cool, and the ardour of your secular

affections be moderated. Come to la, the rofes and carnation, and other me, and I will lead you to the foun- gifts of Scharming Flora which deco. tain, where pleasures unsullied and un rate our gardens, and embellish the mixed perpetually Row. I will open fields and plains at this season, fully to your view a boundless prospect of compensate for the loss of the preces which thall never fade, never decay - A wise distribution of Providence Only pay me a few occasional visits, this, to appoint a proper, a particular and I will bestow on you peace, com- time for every diftinet species to apfort, ease, and tranquillity, through the pear! Were all the flowery tribes to narrow bounds of time, and at length bloom together, the entertainment conduct you safe to the regions of would be fo very tranfient, that we confummate felicity, and unmoletted should neither be able fufficiently to security."

enjoy their sweetsi nor have time to Market-Lavington. J. L-G. contemplate their beauties. But now

as every sort appears in a regular fuc.

ceflion, the collation is prolonged duCONTEMPLATIONS Oxebe' SUMMER-ring the whole season. Our gardens Season.

are constantly cloathed with beauty,

and the flowery meads please the ena Wrillen in a Bower.

raptured eye, and exhilarate the ima

gination, not only for a few weeks in From bright’ning fields of ather fair disclos'd, the spring, but during all the summer Child of the fun, erligent Summer, comes

months, till even the approach of In pride of youth, and felt through nature's

winter. depu, He comes, attended by the sultry hours, The sun now blazes with insufferaAnd ever-fanning breezes on his way; ble ardor !-Potent and powerful are While from liis ardent look the turning his rays ! His fiery beams convert the Spring

air into a kind of liquid fire ! Exposed Averts her bluibful face, and carih and skies

to the intense heat, the fields are harAll to his hot dominion leares.

dened to iron, and the roads are THOMPSON'S SUMMER, page 57. scorched to dut. The vivid verdure "HE vivifying warmth of the ver- of the plains is gone, and the lively

nal months is now succeeded by green of the woods is changed to a ' the scorching heats of summer, and ruffet hue. Faded is the inimitable sultry hours follow the soft influence beauty of the gay parterre, and all its of the all-chearing spring. Loft is the charms apparently languish. boundless profusion of blossoms which Lo! the flourishing mead looks lately arrayed the trees : faded the fickly, and the spontaneous profufion vernal Mowers which every where en- of fowerst hat decorate the furface, ' amelled the fields. The purple vio contract and hang their drooping let no longer diffuses its odoriferous heads. The little warbling tribe also, sweets; the meads and the groves are overcome by the heat, have lost their ftripped of their filver daisies, and the tuneful notes, and fit filent in the emfragrant cowlip, which appeared so bowered shade : not a strain is heard gay among the verdure, is no more. from all the tenants of the grove. EToo delicate for the potent heat of ven the cattle, if not reposed under fummer, they resigned their beauties be some cooling shelter, pant for breath, fore the commencement of the scorch- and toss in the burning element. Smiting seafon, to make room for the rest ten with the piercing rays of the sun, of the blooming tribes. Succeeded as 'every thing-appears languid all around they are with an innumerable variety me, and a kind of lifeless inactivity of other elegant species, we do not de- reigns through the extensive landscape plore their lofs, are scarcely sensible of of nature. Nothing is to be heard in Their absence. The anemone, auricu- the garden but the drowsy bum of 6



Contemplations on the Summer Seafon. 321 becs, or the moan-like buzz of wing freshing gales, the men and beasts are ed infe&ts. These, indeed, and only enabled to bear the intense heat, and these, feem animated with peculiar vi- | pursue their labours with unremitting gour under the direct influence of the activity. fun.

In this sequeftered arbour, where What a languor and faintness does Retirement takes up her abode, methe sultry heat of the present season thinks I am peculiarly happy. Un occasion in the human frame !—The pierced by the fervent beams of the fpirits droop, the strings of activity are fun, here I can fit at ease, and conrelaxed, and the body, dissolved in in template the works of nature. In dolence, longs for the cooling shelter, this delicious shelter, secure from the and the embowered shade. Intolera- raging severity of noon, and the powbly hot and piercing is the fun at this erful influence of a blazing sky, I can hour of the day, the air glows like a survey with composure the pleasing fiery furnace, and hot ascending steams prospects which every where surround exhale from the burning ground, andme; whilft all the animal world withadd to the fervency of his beams.- out, exposed and unsheltered, droop Unhappy the labourer doomed to toil and languish in the insufferable, insupall the long day under the blazing lu- portable hcat. minary !-Unfortunate for the travel Notwithstanding the warmth of the ler, who, bathed in sweat, and expo- sun is at present fo excessive, the lafed to all the fiery beams, is obliged bourers in yonder meadow defy the to pursue his journey in the glowing potency of his beams, and follow their element !

work with uncealing asliduity. A mul. But what is the heat of our temper- titude of rustics ply with nervous arm ate climate to the scorching regions of the crooked weapon, and sweep off the the torrid zone, where perpetual sum. luxuriant herbage. See the sprightly mer reigns ? T'here the dazzling efful. | females follow after, turning and gence of the blazing luminary con- Spreading the breathing harvest to the founds weak - fighted mortals, and fun. In an adjacent meadow some parches the herbs to dust. In these are railing it into regular cocks ; othe raging heat is found in its full per- thers loading their waggons with the fection, if I may so speak. To them recent hay, or clearing the new mown the summer season here would be cool surface with their rakes. The ground, and refreshing. The complection of unburthened of its waving treasure, is the natives is there tanned into foot, Aushed with new verdure, and exhibits and every species of life pant, and to the wandering eye a lively green, droop, and languish. The earth is resembling the chearful robe of spring. like a glowing Hearth, and the air like All around the new-mown hay emits a deluge of fire, which almost fuffocates its fragrant exhalations. The tedded the inhabitants. Pierced by thc fer- grain, wafted copiously in the circumvid, the infupportably fervis rays of ambient air, gives a moft rural and de-. the sun, they are broiled, as it were, licious smell to the breeze, and inalive. Their bodies melt : overcome spires health and chearfulness to those and faint they seek the embowered who often ramble over the new mown fhade, and long, earnestly long for the surface, cool refreshment of the evening todamp Amazing! Since I took my seat in the raging fire, and mitigate the insuf- this delightful buwer, bow is the air ferable heat. Was it not, indeed, for darkened with murky vapours and this most welcome breeze, which con- lowering clouds! When I first reposed ftantly visits them, both mornings and myself in this reviving ihade, not a evenings, they must incvitably link in brecze shook the most tremulous leaf, the burning element, aud their climate not a cloud was seen over the pure exwould absolutely be uninhabitable.- panse of heaven. The fun shone forth But, favoured as they are by the re with one continued glare, and renderVOL. X.



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