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Agreeable to private orders from govern- ftrong boom, or chain, and the ships are all ment, all foreigners without distin&tion, whe-drawn up out of cannon or bomb shot. thet excited by curioiry or orher motives, that 7. This morning advice was received that all are detected in any of ihe camps, or along the th: Leeward in ind tips bouod to Ireland were sea coifts or dock-yards, are to be taken into safe arrived there. custody as spies.

Portsmousb, Aug. 8. Yesterday morning pas. Porimouib, Aug. 1. Yesterday morning para sea bý this pori che Jamaica ficet, for the red by for the Downs the Lecward Idland fleet, Lowos, which was convoyed home by the about 130 fail, having been on their pallage Wichelsea, the Camel, ene Lynx, and Duid Gr weeks, under convoy of the St. A bao's, men of wa'. The Lyox and Druid were lefe and Ifis men of war, and snake ninput war. to protcat the trade to Brillol, and the other The St. Alban's is arrived at Spi head. The two are poffe:d by in the feet. The above fleet Snake is gone with several thips under cooroy off the banks of Newfoundland were pas.edia for Ireland; the ships for the Downs are cun a tog, but soon collerted, except 12 tail, ong voyed by the Ambuscade frigate, from Sir of which arrived on Friday at Spithead, called Charles Hardy's feet,

the Green River, Capi. Acdis. Glusgow, Aug. 2. This day at the West 9. Laft night advice was received from Lone India Hips belonging to this place arrived fate caker, that all the Jamaica ships belonging to at Greenock. Admiral Byrco with 22 fail of that place were safe arrived the e. the line convoged them fome leagues off the We have been favoured with the following Ame icad coaft.

authentic lift of ocblemen and gentlemga, who -3. The departure of the feet which is to have undertaken to raise regiments at this imfail from Quebec to England this autumn i. poriani critis : Duke of Rulland, Colonel Tat. fired for the 25th of October, and two men nel, late Rogol Ancaster volunteers, Eurl of of war are to croyoy them, one of which, ihe Harrington, Westminster volun(eers, Earl of Leviathan, is now on her passage to americi. Exeter, Earl of Wiochellea, Earl Gower, Eerl

4. This day a'com.million passed the grear of Antrim, Ea lo Findlater, Lord Caheir, Seal, empwering the Lord Chancellor, with Lord Dyfait, Lord Chewion, eldest son of Earl other lords of his majesty's most honourable Waldegrave, Sir Thomas Eger on, Bart, the Privy Cuocil, to prorogue the parliament to Hon. George Auguft's North, fun of Lord the 16 h day of September next, when they North, the Hon. Colonel Sruari, son of the will again be pro-ogued, and will meet for the E-rl of Buie, the Won George Lucius Cary, dispatch of business on or about the 26th of Mr. Dundas, Coloacl Read, Colonel Keating, October.

Major Santon. Orders are given for some additional works io. It is ca'culated that the iwo Welt-India to be made to the fortifications at Miltord Meets just arrived have brought home upwards Haver.

of 130,000 hogsheads of sugar, beldes tobacco The Botecourt armed brigantine is a'sived and other goods. from Barbadoes, from whence the failed express 11. No coasters now go either to the east. tha 300h of June, and brings advice that Monr. ward or westward in the Channel without conLa Mohe Piquet had taken St. Vincent's, afo vogs, • great number of loops of war and cura ter a siege of three days, and that the island ter, having been forely ordered on that service. surrendered on the 20th of June. This place 12. The Earl of Buic is now raiGng at Hare war the fooner conquered, as the Caribs rurn. sowgale boo men, by giving an additional boun. ed their arms against the inhabitants, and aro ty of three guineas lo such men who shall encer filled the French. I is said the Freoch admi. into the reguars or marides with ihe recruitsal took the advantage of Admiral Byron's ab. ing officers there. Sence, who had left his stacion to convoy the 13. The following tips from Jamaica are West India fleet to a certain latirude, in their rived in the river, v.z. the Handlon, Sowden ; way to England. La Mothe Piquet's force the Cunningham, Pienry; the Northampion, conlisted of four ships of the line, iwo frigates Barford; the Thèmes Dirron, Juporı; the and a Noop, and 3000 troops, and it was sup- Africa, Cornie; the Dallinż. Whyley; the posed they would proceed from thence to al Favurile, Christie ; the Nancy, Smell; the tack Grenada.

Spike Tender, Robinson; the Cyprus, BusBy virtue of a treary lately negociated be rows; the Welt-Indian, St mson ; the Printween she courts of France and Spain, the cess Mry, Arthur ; thc Mary, Smart; the French have agreed lo evacuate that part of Friendship. Dunn ; thc Amelia, Foirbrocher ; the island of St. Domingo which they now the Levira, Ackland; the Experimeat, Seapoffels, in lix months, and the whol: Ond is bourn ; the St. Mary's Planter, Gill; the In futuie to be dependent on his Catholic Mo- Harlui, wbile; the Molly, Lurk; the Row. jelly

Jand, Magnus ; the Betly, Harlord; and the the last dispatches from commodore John Bedford, Curling. fone contain an account of the impostibility The last letters from Jamaica mention, that of his accomplisbiog. the destruction of the three companies of fool, with a train of artiltransports collected at Havre-de-Gracc. The lery, had just embarked at that piace, to rein. entrance of the harbour is defended wi.h a force the English ferilements on the Musquito


ном Е NEWS

445 Ahore, and to ereat some strong batteries next l'he people of Plymouth are in the utmost con. to the Spanish Gde.

internation. The Ardent, of 64 guns, in are 14. We hear that the noble offer of Sir tempting to join our feet, was attacked by Waikin William, Wynn to raise 3000 men at two: 4 gun fhips, and two frigares, all of which his own expence has been molt graciously ac The engaged in a running fighe four hours; cepted by the king. They are to be one segi- some letters say the is taken, but others allert meat of thice baltalions, and the whole to be the is arrived in the Sound, much thattered; commanded by his Royal Highvess the Prince he letters are numerous; bur I will give you of Wales.

a true copy of Sir Charles Hardy's dispatch to 16. Orders are given for all bis mij.fy's | Lord Edgecumbe, in answer to his Lordship. tips and vessels of war, from frigares of 36 My Lord, guns down to im ll cutters, to be imre date: " I received both your lord ship's dispatches, provided wish boarding-nets, hand-grerades, and immer'iately ordered the whole Acct co Atink-pots, close quariero, &c

tick. I am on the date of this off Falmouth, The following thip from Jam ica arrived in the soun to meet the combined Acers of the river, viz. the Golden Grove, Thomp- Frince and Spain, and give your lordship a fon; the Tiecothick, Elder; the Orange Bay, good account of ihem. Summerfielt; the Dorothy, Deilem re; the “ L ft night is bloring hard at call, the Jamaica, Germain ; the Hibbers, Boyd; the Fiench and Span'sh feets were obliged to go Nancy, Lawrey; Che Gn den Rule, Thomp to the westward, so you must expect in my son; che Mary Goodwin, Lawrance; the next to hear of a bloody batile." Generous Alderman. M D nald'; the Ann, Captain Berkely. whole thip is now re fitBuffels; the Paroallos, Carr; the Earl of ting, as soon as h. hea d of inc French and Effingham. Brown; he Green Iland, Walt; Spanii Aects being in the Channel, asked the Duke of Chan tos, B.eli; the Commerce, leave of Lord Shulcham (the commander in Watson; the Farmer, Ashton; the Green chief at Plymouth) to travel couftrite neftward, River, Addis; the Solt Spring, Oglevie; and will he could procure some small (wift. sailing the Nancy, Plow.

veffel, in which he meant to go in search of 19. An express arrived at the Admiralty Ofir Charles Hardy, in orde. oo give him infice with an account of the junction of the formation of the enemy being in the hannel ; French and Spanish feets, being upwards of his gallant sequelt was compli-J with, and he Sixty fail, which were feen off Plymouth; is now, we understand, at lea upon this gecerthat his majesty's Ihip Malborough, which fary and imporiant service. wa then on her passage with the Worcester 18. Advice is received that a Spanish squa. and Iris, to join Sir Carles Hardy, was chased dron which had been c: u'zing on the coast of by five sail of the eneme's ficel, but being a Barbary, after canonading the town of Lar che clean lip escaped them, and got into Ply two days, männed 18 launches, and entering mouth, but no accouat was received of che a small river at the said place, burnt a xebec at two lailer thips.

the entrance of it, and at erwards proceeded The same day in the afternoon another ex three miies up the river, when soo Moors, press was brought to the above office from Ply, who were in embuth, on them in a parmouth, with advice, that both the fleets were row pals, and cur hem off, only seven laun. wiibin three leagues of each o:her, and that ches escaping. They Jott 400 men, among a general engagement was hourly expect:d. them several officers, and 305 were made pri.

A third account says. yesterday an express foners. arrived at the Admiralty Office from Lord It is calculated, that, including the reguShuldham, at Plymovih, bruught by Sir Ja. lars, militia, now raised corps, volunteer cob Wheate, firft lieutenant of the Marlbo- companies, and affociations, upwards of foursough, with an account of the above thip be- ícole thousand men are now in arms in Enge ing chaced, eight leagues off Scilly, by the land alone. French and Spanish Heels. She fortunately A Boop of war lo fent off with an express outsailed them, and arrived at Plymouth wich to the governor of Gibraltar, with intructions the intelligence. The feets are said to confnt to deliver it at all events, notwithstanding the of fifty fail of the line, and ten frigates; and Spaniards have blocked it up by sca. were seen off the Ram's Head when the express By the latest advices from Gibraltar we hear, came away.

the Moorish admiral bad entered the Mediter. Extraat of a Letter from Portsmoueb, Aug. 17, ranean in a ship of s4 guns, with twelve ships

We hear that the Belleille, of 64 guns, and of smaller force under his command; and that Warwick, of so, having been the homeward- it was expected the first object of his ciuize bound Exft. Iodia (hips, confifting of 11 fail, would be the Spanish trade. safe in Cork, have lince joined Sir Charles General Prevoft is retired to Beaufort, which Hardy.

is deemed to be sufficiently stroog to withst ind Extract of a Letter from Exon, Aug. 18. any force of the Americans. The general wairs " The news of the French and Spanish for a reinforcement to proceed on his delign Acets being off Plymouth is confirmed, to the upon Charles-Town. number of 67 fail of the line, and 20 frigties; By the lat letren fiom Grenada it appears


that the island was in a Gate of safety, Ado | May,) he was much annoyed by part of Genia miral Byron being returned to his oid Aation Mouliric's militia, and loi dear 100 men. off St. Lucia.

Liocoin, with about 2000 men war generally The three regiments of guards have now, in the rear of the British army, with intention and bave had for fome time past, orders to be o cut off their retreat to Savannah ; but, on ready to march at an hour's notice, if oced finding Gea Prevoft meant to hold his polt on ibould require.

John's illand vill succour could be given him, General Smith is going out governor to he got a reinforcement from Gen. Moultrie's Madras, in :he room of Sir Thomas Rumbold, cow militia, and from Gen. Williamson's Bort. who comes bome on account of his ill party stationed ac Sullivan's-island, and the Nate of heal h.

north hore of Cooper's-river, and attacked 23. Yeterday morning, at ten o'clock, an the British army on 'heir ground at St. John's. expreis arrived at the Admirally from Vice fland. Lincoln in this attack was repulsed, Adm rol Lo d Shuldham, at Plymouth : the and loft upwards of 140 men, but did cong. particulars which have transpired ore, "ha: the derable damage to the Brisidh army. General un'ied fleets of France aed Spain after having Prevost thought proper to retreat from that continued within a few leagues of Plymouth station the night after the attack, left fome of for several days, had suddenly disappeared, on his baggage, and retreated regularly, though Wednesday, the 18th, directing their course much annoyed by the American minia, to to the weit ward. The above express makes Port Royal ór Beaufort, which is situated on no mention of the capture of the Ardent, and an illard app'oach:b!c by a causeway, and a is particular in mentioning that he enemy did I bouc 70 miles foush of Charles Town, in not attempt to make any landing, nor did they wh ch lituation he was when the list accounts appear to make any manasures that could in: come from Carolina. His army. when it lift dicate an intention of a bombardmene of the Sivannah, was 3000 effective men.

la diffe. town.

rent a'tacks and ski milhes, he lot near 800 We bave from Kingston, in Jamaica the men in killed and caken, several deserted on following asculine of the burning of his m j.ftheirrcrear, and many were left behind in farne ty's hip Gla'gow : it was occ boned by the houses, ill of levels and flux s. car-lels els of the fleward in going down to 25. The Supply frigare ba h taken a rich the hold with a candle in his hand co draw Spanih fhip, bound from the Havannah to rum, and the hip was entire y consumed, Old Spain, and carried her into St. Luca. n twithstanding every effo I was us d by capr. She has on board part of a cargo of a gélleon, Lioyd, his officers, and crew, The captain and is valued at 30,00ol. 1ecing na prospect of saving the ship, oidered Extrast of a 1.lisr from Daver, Aug. 26. the pwder to he i hrown overboard; to which Notwithstanding all communication is conduct the shipping in the harbour, and even nopped berween this port and Colais, per the e th: town, ove their preservation : no lives were art dispatches almost every day passing and reloit, except the master, who was snarched out pilog from Paris to London, but they come of the fames miserably scorched, and died by the way of Flushing, whʼch makes ic ima. next morning on board his majesty's hrigantine pined here that fome negociation is cariping Badger, in which capr. Lloyd, his fficers, and og for a perce, and, if that is the case, there oen, sailed on Thursday last for Port Royal. I will be no engagenient between our grand feet The inhabirants were thrown into confusion, and the combined firet of France and Spain. as her broadside lay towards the town, aud just brought into our pies, by the Dorliog. the guns baing all loaded, went off as the fire ton privateer, a Dunkirk privateer, of 12 lix approached them, the shot of which damaged pounders but I cannor learn ber name." several houses, but happily did no other excous 26. Letters were received yelterday at the tion.'

Admiralty from Captain Boceller, late cam. Although General Prevoft met with no very mander of bis majey's ship the Ardent, of considerable annoyance from the American which the following are authentic particulars : army, it was with some distress and difficulty that on the appearance of the French and he got to James's-island, where he took por. Spanish Airers off Plymouth, they having session of a dismantled fort, and remained ma hoisted Englich co'ours, were caken by the cap. ny days; from hence he made a circuitous rain for the English fleet, who baving received march on the fou h side of Alley-river, till he orders to join Sir Charles Hardy, made fail to got some miles above the town. He polied wards them; Captain Boreher foon perceived the river at the place called Alley-ferry, so his mistake, having almost immediately as he miles above Charles-Town, and catne very discovered his error, received a broadlyde from near the outer lines, which he thought too French ship of 14 guos; this he molt gale Itrong to force. He then fummoned the town landiy fought, and was endeavouring to ctfect to capitulate, which was haughtily rejected; his escape, when iwo other thips of the fine and without doing any thing in that suuasion, force bore down, and cagaged him likewise : he retired to a very good ground on John's-notwithstanding this uoequal contest, like a illund, about 18 miles from the city. On his brave Briton, he would not trike his colours retreat, and repasling Snagsziver (the ruth of till fuch time as be found his ip unable to


447 keep above water; as soon as he frock, he apprehend that there is any truth in it, partimade his fitaation koown to the cocmy, who cularly, as Sir Charles Hardy's late fituation, inltant!y hosted out their boats, by which and the contrariety of the wind, make it almeans himself, and the gallant remains of a molt totally impossible that any such event brave crew were saved; for in a few minutes could have happened. afterwards the Ardent went to the bottom. I have little more to say, excepring chat a

Extract of a letter from Plymourb, August 26. bout half an hour ago a culier arrived here from

“ Since ihe departure of ihe combined Heels Sir Charles Hardy's Aeet, which brought word from off our coafts, we are nearly as much fub- that he was in light of the French, and that ject to doubt and fluctuation in our intelligence from the nature of the ftuation of the filets, of their operations as you are in London. The they must be brought to a&ion in a very ijitle last reporis that prevailed here announced the time. This is generally belicved here. Sir feéts to be off Fowey in Cornwall. This, how. Charles's force confifts at this time, as we are ever, is not generally believed, as it was the further told thro' the same cutter, of fosig-one day before affirmed, with equal confidence, that rail of the line compleat, and ten firty gun they had made their appearance at Falmouth, lips, besides a vast number of frigates, freand after having paraded a while jo innocent, Thips, loops, cutters, &c.” harmless oftentation, deparred just in the man. 26. Orders are sent down to St. Edmund'sner they left us. The easterly wiad Rill'sets in Bury, Suffolk, for the troops that are encampftrong, which is efteemed a great misfortune ed there to march immediately towards the sea here, as it hinders the feets trom coming to coait, to be encamped on a large common, atlion, a thing which we moft ardently long within three miles of Dunwich, by which they for, not doubting but that, in spite of inferiori. will be ready to march either along the coaft ty of numbers, whenever they laall be fairly on of Norfolk or the Effex coaft, wherever their gaged, yard arm and yard arm, the result will services shall be most wanted. b: luck as will give terious joy to every trae Eng: 27. Yesterday morning some dispatches were lift man. In the mean time all our alarm is brought to the admiralty from Sir Charles Marnow over. Great preparations, indeed, are dy, which advise, that he was, on the 19th making for a vigorous defence if they should inft

. cruising 16 leagues to the westward of the return, bul that is hardly expected by us now. Lizard, all well, and that he had been joined I must say, for the honour of this place, that by the Marlborough and Ramilies, reported to British valour never thone more conspicuously be taken, and the Jupiter, but had seen nothan it has done here. All the youth, of all thing of the French Aeet. ranks and denominations, have entered into af. The earl of Donegal, besides giviog a confociations, and the ordnance have been siderable som in bounties for railing men at ed to send in three thousand Itand of arms, so Belfalt, has made a present of six field pieces, that we shall be, by the time another such as- with carriages compleat, for the ufe of the fault can be attempied, in a much better plight croops in that part of Ireland, at his fole exfor refiftance.

penoe. You have heard, I suppose, that when Sir Charles Hardy received intelligence of the com

BIR Í H. bined fleets of France and Spain being off this coast, he immediately ordered a council of war

July 16. The Right Hon, the Countera to be called, where, without much debate, it Cowper of a third fon, at Florence. was unanimously agreed upon to make every

August 19. The Right Hon. Lady Algernon effurt that could be used to come up with the Percy, of a doughter ac his Lordships house in enemy, and either to affect the honour of the Sou h Audley-street.

19. The laty of Lord Brownlow, of a son British flag, by driving them out of light of English land, or to perish, to the latt man, in at their house in Bond-treer. the attemps. This heroic rcfolurion, which

M ARRIAGES. was soon announced here, contributed much to improve and strengthen the spirit which had George Loch, Esq; of Drylaw, to Miss Mary begun to prevail so generally amongst us. Adarn, of Maryburgh in Scotland.

An accoulot is just received here that Sir Thomas Horton, Efq; to the Hon. Miss Charies Hardy had tallen in with lotne of the Stanly. eldest daughter of the late Lord transports belonging to the combined fleets, as Staige. they were on their return, Steering towards the William Powlett Powlett, Esq: of Som. coast of France with several thousand marines bourac, in Hants, to Miss Mary Dalton, of on board, which he had taken, and sent to- Hurlbourne, in the same county, wards this port. They are not yet arrived, July 22. The 'Rev. Maurice Johnson, to nor in light at the writing of this. Although Mis Buckworth, daughter of Theophilus Buck this report is rife and general, yet I hear of no worth, Elq; of Spalding in the county of Linonc that giver any authority for it, nor can colo. tell indeed in what quarter it origloated, how August 4, Alexander Moncrief, Eig; to Miss It came, or from whence ; I do not, therefore, Vearch; of Craigdeohie. •



5. Joseph Sage, Esq; to Miss Sarah Shake Captain Christopher Tillier, formerly in the Spear, daughrer of helate alderman Shakefoear. merchant service, at his house in Parci-nofter

11. Juho Elmes, Esq; al Hammersmith,

12. William Gapper. Esq; of .he Temple, 3o. Samuel Collier, Esq; formerly in the grandson of the late Abrahan Gapper, Erqi Ean-India company service, in Kentilh-town. serjeant at law, to Miss Stonhouse, on y daugh. 30. Mr. Harrison, · eleik to the treasurer ter and heriori of George Stonhouse, Esq; of at the chamberlain's office. Bristol.

35., The Right Hon. the Earl of Peter. 13. William Bowles, Esq; of Heale, in borough, at his house in Soho Squa'c. Withi e, to Mrs Dinah Franktand, daughter Joseph Conftabie, Efy; at Bromley in Kent. of Sir Thomas Franklaud, Bart. of New Bond August 1. Mrs. Rosliter, widow of che late Itreet.

aloerman Roffitei, ac Ifington. DE A T H S.

3. The Rev. Kenrick Prescot, D. D. master

of Ca harine Hali, prebendary of Norwich, Edward Collingwood, E64; at Geenwich. and rector of Baltham, in the county of Cam

James Guthrie, tra secretary to the Hon. bridge. the boa d of Trullees in Edinburgh.

4. The Right Hon. George Rice, knight of Miss Talh.l, of Stone Cattle, Kent. the thire for the county of Carmarthen, and a Joshua Thompon, Efq; at Barnet, formerly colonel of the militia of that couniy. a Turkey me chant.

4. Richard Cartwright, Efq; in Pall-mall, « Daniel Hog.n, Eq; on Glasnevin road, Lisbon merchant. Dublin, formerly an officer in queen Anne's The Hon. Mrs. Cavendish, in Piccadilly, fervice.

aunt to the duke of Devonshire. The Rev. Mr. Norborne, in Great Queen Mr. Alderman Hill, of Exeter. ftreet, Lincoln'. inn-fields.

5. Peter Benson, E'q; on Blackheath, for Mr. Wen, of Ulverstone, author of merly a Barbadoes merchant. the tailory of Furne's, Guide to the Lakes, &c. The itev. Mr. Morden, in Nallav ftreet,

Mr Fareg, one of the aldermen of rector of Cantley in Norfolk. Worcester, at Ba h.

6. Hugh Brown, Esq; at Blackheath. The Rev. Dr. Moore, at Bracondole, ncar 6. Samuel Darley, Erq; of che Middle Norwich.

Temple. Hilkiah Bedford, Era; of Durham, barrif 7. John Cooper, Efq; io Pall-mall, member ter at law, and fellow of St. John's Coilege, for Downton, in Wills. Cambridge.

8. John Elmes, Esq; at Hammersmith. Mrs. Chappe'ow, reli&t of the Rev. Leonard Hughes, Esq; merchant, of St. Mary Chappelow, R. D. formerly Arabic profeflor Axe. in the University of Cambridge.

John Dalrymple, Elg; at Edingburgh, late The Hon. Thomas Warien, Esq; his ma- Lord Provost of that city, jelly's attorney general for the Leeward Mands 10. The new born son and heir of the late at St. John's in Antigua.

Faid of Suffok, on the third day after his birth, John Wogan, Elq; at Whifton, in Pem. Duke-street, Westminster. brokelhire.

10. Robert Phillimore, Esq; at Kensington. The Hon. Miss Jane Wilhelmina Napier, u. Miss Harriot Plucks, at Knaresborough, youngest daughter of the late William Lord in Yorkshire, second daughter of William Napier.

Plucks, Esq; of the same place. William Doughty. Ffq; in Yorkshire. 11. Daniel Fox, Esq; of Bipfield, io Berk

The Rev. Mr. Humphry Henchman, Pre- hire, at Bath. bendary of Sarum, and Recor of Barford St. 14 The Rey. William Waring, A. M. SobMartin and Great' hiverell, Wilts.

Dean, and Vicar-Choral of the Cathedral of Lieutenant O'Hara, at Antigua.

Ch chefter, Rector of Eastergare, and Vicar of Berry Horne, Etq; brother to John Horne, A dingbouid, in Sufles. Esq; at Brentford,

15. Miss Elizabeth Olborke, at Waltham. Žuly 29. The Rev. Caleb Fleming, D.D at now, in Eflex. Hoxton, pafor of a diffenting congregation, James Tomlinson, Erq: at Ham, in Edex, at Pinners-hall.

formerly in the service of the Ealt lndia comSir Alexander Parry, Bart. at Ham, in Essex. pany.

Thomas Durand, Efq; in Fenchurch-Areet, 18. John Prior, Esq; at Burford, in Os. formerly a planter in Barbadoes.

fordibire. Emanuel Joseph, Efq; at Cobham, in Surry. Capt Boyce, commander of the John, in the

29. Lieutenant William Ewell, of the Wor- Greenland irade. cefter militia.

19. James M'Intol, Efq; at his apartments 30. The Rev. Mr Murison, principal of the lin Cornhill. acw college of St. Andrews.

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