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To peaceful Belgia li wealth and fame

Do thy productions yield,
More than if with viétorious arms

She gain'd the hostilc field.

'Tis hewn fo plain, that he who runs may

read, But wilfal ignorance remains deceir'd.

The spiritual journey, readers, hence begin, And taught the way to glory keep therein ; Shan those bye paths which surely lead to hell, Where wicked men in endless torments dwell; Skuo ev'ry vice which Satan strives to lay Asítumbling blocks, to lead your souls astray; Torn D-t aside at tempring pleasure's call, But watch your goings daily, left you fall; And by this book forewarn'd of ev'ry snare, Walk circumfpeély, and proceed with care.

Lei good Evangelift point out your road, And lead you safely thro' this world to God; Let blessed Faithful † your companion prove,

[move, In Jordan's Stream he will your fears reAnd land you, after death, in realms a. bove.


In ancient days, as authors tell,

Not royal hands dony'd
To draw the sender clew, and oft
Were at the loom employ'd.

One fa'r Arachne's matchless worth

The royal preacher tells, How fam'a for these indultrious arts,

She all her sex excells.

Her noble life there virtuous arts

Allisted and inspir'd;
Her noble life and various works
Immortal fame acquir'd.

xi. To Nill more serious thoughts may tuna

The contemplative mind,
And in the wheel of life and thou

No small resemblance find.

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XII. For while with rapid whirl we turn,

That scarce a spoke's in view,
As swiftig roll our years their speed,
As unperceived too.

As oft by accident onthought

We snap our strongest thread.
As fudd- breaks the thread of 1 fc,

And shrouds us with the dead.


1. "HOU mun, now ev'ry pleasure's past, Come, let me turn to ferious thoughts, And moralize on thee.

What tho' not like the gay spinnet,

Thou charm'n the list'ning car,
Yet thy intrinsic worth, when vicw'd,
Far greater will appear.

III. Tho' from the filk-worm's labour wrought

More fplendid robes we see,
Yet ev'ry useful ornament
May be obtain'd from thee.

Those costly germents only clothe

The rich and great alone ;
Tby more diffusive labours deck
The cottage and the throne.

Nor only deck, thousands from thee

Their whole fubfiftence gain ;
Whole nations bless the useful art,
Nor seck thy help in vain.

For aid to bear oppreffon's load

To thee lerne & flirs,
And pensions to each titled tool

Maft from thy labours rif.

XIV. And as eterniiy's vast round

Is fadow'd out by thine, Well to secure eternal bliis

It should our hearts incline.

XV. Would fome, too affluent to want,

Or their own works to wear, Each triding folly laid aside,

These caly kaagurs (hare,

Reflecting thus for others wants

Vouchtafe to turn the mana
By whar transcendent blessings could

The gunerous workbe crowald?


The bible. On a dying bed. of Ireland.

The grace of faith.

The ancient name


G my

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An O DE to FANCY.. Humbly addressed to Miss E-E, of W-D.

AY Fancy, denizen of air,
Halte, halte-expand thy wings-1 prove
The wild anxieties of love.
Oh! quickly by thy magie pow'r
Convey me to Maria's bow's,
And there benignly place me near
The lovely maid my heart holds dear,
That I may gaze until I spy
A little love in either eye,
And hear the music of her tongue,
As sweet as angel ever lung;
Enfold her in my cager arms,
And feast my foul upon her charms.
What joy to see her cheeks the while
Sweetly dimpled to a smile!
Upon her lips warm kisses play,
o let me steal cach kiss away!
Fancy, complete the blissful scene,
And leave me fupplicate my queen ;
And show, without the geil of art,
The tender anguish of my heart,
And everlasting love express'd
In capitals upon my breaft.

Good heav'ns! what pleasing frenzies roll
Tumultuous o'er my ravish'd soul !
A mighly visionary joy.
Does ev'ry faculty employ!
My bosom beats-i glow-I spring
On sportive fancy's rapid wing,
And conscious of her magic pow'r,
I seem already in the bow'r ;
Maria (hines before my sight
In all the majesty of light;
Good-nature brightens ev'ry grace,
And sweetly smiles upon her face.
Fair Venus, Love, and harmless glec,
The muses nine, the graces three,
The nymphs, and guardian fylphs of air
Disport around their darling care,
And hail with songs of praise and mirth
The day that gave Maria birth,
Methinks with ardour I explain
The cause of all my present pain ;.
My hcart complains in heaving foghs,
And my soul sparkles in my eyes :
Methinks the charitable fa'r
Listens with pily to my pray'r,
And, angel-like, on me bellows
The balm of hope to heal my wocs.

Inscribed to Miss ELIZABETH HLL, of

St. James's.

Celia, thou pride of the plain,

Whofe ablence fo lately I mourn'd,
Am I bless'd with thy presence again,
And art thou once more pow relurn'd!

Ye shepherds and ogmphs of the grove

That so lately beheld me look lad,
Ye can prove the effect of my love,
That a passion for Celia I had.

Each damfel that dwele on the plaio

I pafs'd with a negligent eye,
Nor strove I their love for to gain,
Nor paid their fond glance with a figh.

No, Celia, my mind was too full,

In either no charms could I see ;
Each other fair beauty secm'd dull,
When ouce I compar'd them with thee.

How oft on the turf as I lay,

Or rectin'd by the murmuring tide,
Have I wept the dull hours away,
And augmented the stream by my side.

T'he day brought no pleasure to me,

The night could afford me no rest,
Still, ftill were my thoughts fix'd on thee,

o Celia! fond hope of my breaft! Tunbridge-Wells.


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Fluping, Nov. 22.

brave colonel and 20 men ; upon which major

coust de Lufig ork the command and kepe his CEVERAL merchants of Dunkirk defirous post.

. ,

Two days after this, the Aultrian isg the present dislentinns between France and battalions, to force fome posts of ihe regiment Ead, asd having obtained Icave of the ma of Stutterheim, near Jagerodorf, which occaBates of this place to exercise the catholie Goned a very warm action; in which the enetil gioc, come intolerant dissenters, after hav- my having advanced with considerable force, ing nade useless representations on this subječt, col. Windellen at the head of two barralions of orked the citizens and peasants, which occa- Renzel, with their bayonets fixed marched 10 Kosed fo violeor a fedition, that the magillrates meer them ; our troops fired 60 rounds, and Feie obliged to revoke their resolution, and to defendes themselves will three batalions came proscribe the catholic religion ; but the people to their aslistance, when they repulsed the enefeeming difpoled to commit greater excelles, it my, who lost in this affair one piece of canwas necessary to take efficacious measurs to ap non, and had 300 killed and 75 made prisoners. peate the resolt. Two corps of inf.ntry and Our troops acquired great honour in this asavalry are come to reinforce the usual garrison fair. fince which time the regency have resumed Paris, Dec. 3. It is assured that M. de la their wthority, and the principal authors of Motte Piquer has put to sea again with all the the disturbance taken up, as well at Flushing thips that were under fairing orders. The Count as a Middleburgh and West Capell.

de Bouille, who brought the news of the cakViana, December 2. Lieut. gen. Baron de ing of Dominica, is set out for Bref, where the Stein, having, on :he 25th of November, re Copat d. Grasse du Bar's squadron waits for ceived orders from Baron d'Elrichshausen, ge- him. Eight hundred men, of the regiment of neral of infantry, to reconnoirse the fortifica. Champagne, are embarked on board that squations of the city of Jagerndorff, and to dislodgedron, destined, it is said, for Dominica.' the chemy from the village of Weiskirchen, Breslau, Dec. 9. The king has had a night dose to that city, in order by that means to fit of the gout, but is recovered. His majefty approach the city the more easily, he set out is so well satisfied with the bravery of his troops the next morning, the 26th. on this important in the action near Sagerndorf, the 26th of låst en'erprize, and entirely succeeded, after an en. month, that he has presented 500 rixdolia stu gegensacihich falled from eleven o'clock in each battallion upon that service, and has prn. tae forenoon till past five in the evening, when moted the four senior captains to the rank of the enemy were driven out of the village of majors. Twelve more battalions are detached Werfkirchen. The loss of the enemy is very from hence to reioforce the hereditary prince of cooliderable ; 30 prisoners were made, and near Brunswick. 100 Prufian deferters have joined the Austrian Petersourgb, December 11. On the sth inst. aray. The Prulliao troops in that

neighbour- the emprefs's birth was celebrated with tbc usuhood are now shut up in the city of Jagerndorff

, at folemnity. Ac night her imperial majesty and the little village of Krottendorff, near that. vouchfaled to be present ac a suppor and ball

given on the cecafion by nons. de Nariskin, Brel, Dec. 2. M. de la Touche Treville's master of the horse. The commissioners of the fasadrop, composed of the Neptune, of 80 Ferme displayed their loyaliy on the occalion,' gons, and seven other lips of the-lice, with by a public entertainment given to all the inha krea frigates, and folyor fifty merchant Mips, biranis of this city, at the expence of alove fikt from hence the day before yeste day: 20 000 rubles. This teast was a'tended, how. The Altonna re, of 64 guns, (one of the above ever, with the bad consequences gene aily waitfeven) was obliged to return, having lost her ing on those public thews given to a populace aochors and cables.

incapable of any discretion. Several hundreds Berlin, Dec. g. The following is an account of inhabitants delt their lives; and the police, o what has palied in Upper Silesia, viz. The seldom irre in its accounts of furby Jifilters, hereditary prince of Cruncwick it nill pored owned that 200 people we etuend deal with his corps of troops at Troppau, and lieu. in the tree's. tenat gene: al Stutterheim is at Jagerdorf, Perersturçó, Dec. 12. Our court has just **ere fie is daily ha:salled by the Auliriane Agnes the priple treatyween Great Brita'n, On the 24th of November they attacked the Prullia, and 'Rullia, -utch con aing several Battalion of Steinme 2, which repulled the very advantageous articles and stipulations in Ariane włb great courage, but they lost their favour of the former, Vai. X



Lisbon, Dec. 13. In conformity to the last France and Bourbon, that the pews of a ropo treaty concluded between our court and that of rure with England had reached India ; that, in Madrid, a plan is drawing up for the establish- consequence, they were very active at Pondiment of doties and culloms upon merchandize cherry in guarding against any surprise from the palling from one estate to the other; from English ; and that at the ide of France they which we hope to gain great advantages, and were arming a number of merchant fips. that our trade will be no longer in the power Paris, Jan. 4. The roth of this moath the of the English; beldes the Droit d'Aubaine Chevalier de Ternay will be ready to fail for between this kingdom and France being taken the East Indies, with seven ships of war, five off, the subjects of the two kingdoms may Alutes, &c. Besides the legion of the Duc de become podéfied of inheritances in cither of Lauzun, he is to have 4000 troops with him, them.

Hague, Jan. 4. They write from Petersburg, Paris, Dec. 16. According to the falt d!- that her imperial majesty has ordered the dockpatches received from the Count d'Elang, he gards at Riga to be enlarged and repaired for iere Bolton the sth of November, with his the purpose of building some first and second whole Aees, followed by many merch-nt Inips, rate Tips of war; the mole is to be run furwith several Americans of diflinction on board. her into the sea, some new batteries, maga. He would nor (iffer the packet-boat to fail be- zines, storehouses, &c. are to be built, and all fore the 8th, thar the course he steered Mould he fortifications to be greatly Atrengeheued and not be known in Europe. It is presumed he is augmented. gone to St. Domingo.

Hague, Jan. 6. The Spanile Court has lately Danizic, December 20. Prince Repnin arrived advanced i he French Monarch a very consides. the day before yesterday in this city with a nu. ablç loan at a low intereft, on a fred contract merous train, and had an audience of his ma entered into by the two crowns. jelty the next day. His highness is one of the Berlin, Jan. 9. Our latest advices from Silefia congress for atjufting the Bavarian fucceflion. give us great hopes of an approaching accommo

Triesle, Decimber 21. all the late arcounts dation, the preliminaries to which, some say, are from Turkey and the Levant agreeing with re alıeady signed. We wait impatiently for a congard to the healthiness of thole places, the rio firmation. gour of quarantine, which had been imposed in Hague, Jan. 12. The Dutch, minister has this neighbourhood, has been taken off. given

for answer to the proposals of the court Cologne, Dec. 25. Our accounts from Mentz of France, delivered by the French refidest, mention, that an officer of some dignity bad that “ the republick bad firmly refolved to delivered a memorial to the elector, in which take no part in the present quarrel between is represented in the strongest manner the ne France and Great Britain, but to obferve a eso y there is for the estales of the empire to Nriet neutrality, unless forced to a cafferent unite and raise an army of 50,000 or 60,000 line of conduct by her treaty with one or the men, as well for the defence of the empire as other of those two contending powers, to concur in the settlement of the affairs of Ba.

Utrecbr, Jan. 13. We have accounts from PaSaria. These accounts add, that this piece is ris, the 4th of January, that the ambassador of well drawn up, and much approved of. Vienna has decared, in an audience of the king

Hague, Jar. 1. The French Court has enter- of France, " That their Imperial and Royal ed into a lublidy treaty with the court of Den. Mejesties, finding themselves obliged to conmark, and the republick of Genoa, which istotinue the war, desire to be furnished with the continue in foree for five years.

24,000 meo, according to the treaty of alliance We have accounts from Petersburgh, that and friendfhip the first of May, 1756." To the court proposed to that of Copenhagen to which his Most Christian Majesty anfwered, fit out a combined feet for the protection of "That the aliiance of their Imperial and Roythe English trade in their respečive eftates, al M-jefties is too precious for him not to with and the North Seas; but that the court of Co to preserve it, but thashe desired them to weigh penhagen, in answer, lovited the Empress to all the present circumstances : on the one hand, jo'p them, the coort of Stockholm, and the u. he is himself at war, because the Englila have, n·ted provinces, io protect the trade and navia after long injuring the trade of bis subjects, gation of the neutral powers from the infulis actually committed hoftilities against his navy, of the English. This invitation was in con- which, according to the terms of the treaty of fequence made in the court of Stockholm by alliance, would oblige him to require the same that of Denmark, which rent orders to their succour from their majesties, which would in minister at l'etersburgh to conser with the mi- fact be only an exchange of troops; that on the nisters there about it. This is said to have o her hand, the trcaty of 3750 recalls and been a'ready menrioned to Mr. Harris, and maintains that of Westphalia, of which France likewise orders sent to M. Mouschin Pouschin, is guarantee, and all the powers intcreated in at London, to make the necessary representati- the conftitution of the empire, had folicitons to the British gernment on that ruhject. ed him at lealt to observe the promised neutra

Paris, Jan 1. fe just lea'n b; the Fitz-lity." James from Chin which put into the Illes of


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1 N “D O N.

gazine is al ways kept in war time for the home. York, Dreember 22.

ward. bound ships from India. TE bear from Rochdale, and the neigh Edinburgb. Jan. 1. Notwithstanding the dif. Wednesday nights laft, the inhabitants of those yet we find men are cañily raisid in the Highparts were much alsrmed by two severe shocks lands, where the officers are popuiar. The e 20 esthquake. lis course was observed to Argylelbiie quota of West Fer cibles, amoubte be from west to caft.

ing to loo, were raised in two monihs; and, 24. By virtue of a commission from his ms. we hear, the new battalion of Lord Macleod's -47, the royal effent was given to the follow. regiment, conlifting of 1009 men, is already ing bills, siz.

nearly completed. although it is only three The bill for autborizing the lords of the ad- months since ibe recruit ng began. miralry to bold a court masrial on thore for the The men of war which convoyed the Welte trial of Admiral Keppel.

India fleet, &c. from Puri'mouib, under the The bill for the more fpecdly condemnation command of Lord Shuidham, wise The Aof prizes taken from the enemy.

merica, Magorificent, Shrewsbury, Foudroyo The bill to enlarge the time limited for al-ant, Prince Giorge, Elizabe:h, Defiance, lowing the drawback on callicoes and mullins Yarmouth, Rellution, Medway, Hector, Reстроrtеd. .

source, Romulus, Grampus, i ortoise, ProThe Wood-Baft wick inclosure bill.

ferpine, Vigilant,, Rullel, Comber. The bill for the better preservation of the land, Suff ik, Lyon, Furop?, Janus, Deal efter fibery at Whitfable.

Cóft'e, Dromeday and Pomona. In all sevenThe bill for making the parish church of teen fail of the line, leven frigares, and three Macclesfeld a perpetual cure and benefice. armed storeships, cnvoying 3co fail of mert

The lords comm siooers were, the lord chan. chan: ftips and vessels. "Lord Shuldham comcellor, the aschbishop of Caater bury, and Lord mands the whole, ell they go to a certain lati. Sandwich.

tude, when he will return with ten fail of the Cork, Dec. 31. This day was brought in here line, and leave the command o! the rest to come the Epaminondas ; lhe was taken by the Betsy modore Rowley; who will go to the West Inand Rockingham letters of marque, belonging des with the West Indiamen; but another 10 Lancafter, of 16 guns cach; they fell in commodore and two other frigates, with the with her near the island of St. Michael on the irade to New York. soch inft. She made very little refift:nce, hav By the violence of the wind last night consi. ing only 35 men on board, and lix four poun- derable damage was done to the shipping in the des. She was only two months from the Cape river. In St. Martin's lane, part of a house

jod Hope, and seventeen month, from Old was blown down and five people terribly bruisPit She has 518 chests of tea on board, ed; a stack of chimneys was blown down in *, ond y o her goods, as mullins and coffee, d Arundel-ftreet, Strand; a fack in Norfo k.

cough va uarion, is f,id to be worth itreet, a ftack in Surry-street, three llacks in $70,0...! there are nine pallengers on board, Drury-lane, a fack in Cursitor-freet, which iaid to have some very valuable ven- beat in the root of the houre adjoinig; rwo

Racks in Gray's-inn-lane; a fack on Clerken. Àvila c me to the India-house, that the well green, úhich fell though the roof of the brutalt-Indiaman, outward. bound, which house, and killed a boy in bid; the ch mneys ***•. with the convoy from St. Helen's on at the house of Mr. Granger, at Ball's-pond, Indy bart, was accioentally run down by the ne:r 10 ingron, and his man that day in the Ptak moes of war, on Tuesday morning bout house narrowly escaped with Iris life. 'Staplesa pompy or checa, and Giat between 70 and 80 of inn-ha'l is almost is pped, and much damage The Crew were dre ned.

done in the inn. Many trees were torn up by CF Webb who commanded the London the roois in Sc. James's Park and in Moor. 2.1 Indaman, is returred to town, and was fields. Scarce allseet in town but beais marks sterday at the East to dia-boule, :o report'he of violence from the storm. arus of this relancholy accident. The third 2. During the hurricane yeAerday morning Late vas one of the number drowned. a large lack of chimneys belonging to the

The London was brund to St. Helena, Ben. duke of Montagu's house io Privy garden, ta leo, and China; he had prov:6-ns and was blown down, and bcat er tough the roof of itxes co buard (valued at 10,0001.) for the gar- he huulc, bu: happily no prion was hurt; hon at ibe fi:mentioned place, where a ma. another lack of chimneys, belonging to admi


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