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Conftantinopie, August 2.

(future determined how far that liberty was to

extend, as well with respeê in the payment of WE are kept in cont no:1 a' the fre- duty as he fort of goods, &c, all which it was

quent fires which happen here, and it is necet ry shou'd be regulated. The Rullian even imagined that there are persons base e- envoy Nill warmly infined on what he had denouch to le fiien diffe ent paris of the city, manded, but was at last persuaded to be fatisthat they miy rib during the confusion, as fied with an order from the Grand Signior, to scarce a d y palles without a fire. The lac- permit the paslage of the veff | above-mentia ter end of lift month we had a molt dreadful oned; in which order, to avoid any future exone, which burne near 20 hours, and con- p!anation, no mention is made of what the fumed upwards of 7000 houses and 17 of the cargo consists of. Thus the affair in itself regrandeft masques; the damage dore by it is mains undecided, and as th's veslel will no valued at 20 m bions of pialteri, Th- Grand doubt be followed by many others, limilar dif. Sultan went about ia person, encouraging the agreeable occurrences are likely to be continu. people 'by presents, &c. to a llop to the ally happening. fame. Several people lift their lives, but Naples, Aug. 10. On Sunday night, the 8th the merchan's loni more property by thieves instant, we had the most cremendous eruption than by the f.e: however, several of the plun- of Mount Vesuvius thar can be imagined, and dee's were taken ur, and are confined. such as the oldeft person here never experienced.

Constantinople, Aug 3 we have just received For some preceding days the volcano had been accounts tha the Cinta'n Pacha has obtained a very noisy and unquiet, throwing up red hot great advantage over the Albanians, by an ar. Iones, and emitting lava at times, but not tifice which dr:w those rebels out of ihe for- freely. Between nine and ten o'clock the disa dels of Triopol zan, and he falling-fuddenly charge of stones and inflamed malier from the upon them killed many hundreds of them, and crater increased every inllanı, and then burst the rest wth d fficulty reg ined the fortress, into one compleat sheet of fire, which mountwhich will be hurt y belieged. The number ed Irat, and continued in full force about 25 of heads cut off upon this occahon was too minutes, when it ceased abruptly. The elevaa great to ve sent here by land ; so that a vessel tion of that column of fire was at least equal to has been hired to ring them. The captain three times that of Mount Vesuvius itself, Pacha has also taken the Pacha of Morea, which rises upwards of 3700 feet perpendicu. who had revolted and joined the rebel Alba: arly above the level of the sea. The whole nians.

cone of Vesuvius, and part of the neighbourConstantinople, Aug. 4 In consequence of the ing mountain of Somma, were foon covered free paffage of the Black and White Seas, with red hot stones and liquld burning matter, granied to Russia by The laft creaty of peace which set fire to woods, houses, vineyards, &c. and he convent on made afterwards, one of The great fall of this tremendous columo ot fire their merchant ships arrived at Confiantinople, was chiefly on the country of Oltaiano, where laden with iron, and destined :o Smyrna. it has destroyed the habitations of 12,000 peoThe captain wanted to proceed without having ple, and the land is covered with a frauum of his vessel cxamined, pietending that he was scoriæ and erupied matter of the chickness of hot under the neceffity of paying any duty two or three fiet; some of the stones that fell whatever; but the master of the customs said there weighed above scolb. and as that coun. that his ca go confifted of articles of consump: try, on the other lide of Somma, muft (in a rion, which cou:d por enter this capital or pass direct line) be at least four miles from the crail, without being discharged and paying certain ter of Vesuvius, the extreme height of the duties. M. Sachjeff

, ihe Ruffian envoy, column of five above-mentioned seems to be waired upon the Porie, and demanded, by confirmed. Craccia Bella, a hunting seat of virtue of the above mentioned treaty, a free their Sicilian majefties, fugated between Ottaipallage for this vell:l, and any others that ano and Nola, is likewisc destroyed, and it is might hereafter arrive from Russia, without an fe-red many people have perished; but as yet exception being made to any sorts of merchan. no exact account of this melancholy accident is dize whatever, or the payment of any duty. published, all being in the u mift consternation, The Ottoman ministers said that it was true The inhabitants of Portici, Torre del Greco, that by the said treaty a frée navigation on the and Torre del Annunciata, have fled ; and as Black Sea was granted to Ruflia, but that is their situation is much nearer to ihe volcano was stipulated in the convention which follows than the country dellroyed, they must have ed the treaty in question, that is Rould be in suffered more, had not the wind bcca much in VOL. X.


their favour, and carried all the crupted matter blank by the Province of Zealand, while those in a contrary direction.

of Gelderland, Utrecht, Friesland, Overyffell, Yesterday Vesuvius was much agitated, and and Groningen, declared in their answers to threw violently, but nothing in comparison of the circular letter from the States of Holland, what is above related. Uniil the lava (which that they were not against giving their consent by its confinement in the bowels of the moun. to the convoy, provided an augmentation was tain occalions these horrid spasms) finds a made in the land forces of the republic, which vent, we cannot be free from apprehensions of is al present much talked of. As to the giving an carthquake, which might do great damage an answer to Sir Joseph Yorke's memorial that to this capital.

is again put off to next month. The appearance of the eruption on Sunday Copenbogen, Aug. 31. His Dapilb majesty night was far beyond description : clouds of has just published an ordinance, forbidding the the blackest smoak accompanied the liquid fire contructing of vefsels of any burthen whatsothat was thrown up; and from these clouds ever for the service of any foreign powers

for constantly issued the brightest forked lightning: two years; as also tu forbid the manufactory The rest of the sky was free from clouds; and of naval, military, or ordnance stores, except before the eruption, it had been a clear flar- for the Danish service, during the same period. Jight night. We are in the midit of processi Hague, Sept. 1. A letter from L'bon menons; and the head of St. Januarius has been tions, that a violent earthquake had happened exposed, which is considered as the laft resource in the Provinces of Arragon and Leon, in in times of danger. We hope we shall-foon Spain, which had done considerable' damage, See the lava break out, when all will be calm and several lives were lost. again.

Hague, Sepi. 7. They write front Genoa, Naples, Aug. 17. On Wednesday Mount that a negociation for a very large sum or loan, Vesuvius alarmed us again; but a quantity of to the Uoited States of America, is now going Java being discharged, it is hoped this tremend- forward there, which, as the terms are advangus eruption is nearly at an end. The whole tageous, and the Court of Versailles become country for three miles round Ottalano, lies Securities, is likely to be foon filled up. buried under the ashes of Vesuvius; and had Hague, Sept. 9. Advice is received from that shower continued for one hour longer, Vigo, that a fire had broke out at that place, every inhabitant of that town must have perished which had reduced near one hundred houses to under the ruins of the houses, as in the city of ashes, and that several Spanish families, witb Pompeii in the reign of Titus. As yet we their effects, had perished in the flames. have only heard of two lives being lost; Madrid, Sept. 13, Advice is received here of though the destruction and defolation of the a dangerous insurrection of some of the inhacouotry about Oitaiano is beyond description ; | bitants in the island of -Luconia and Monilla, and the damage is eltimated to at leaft 300,000 which was not quieted when the dispatches cama ducats.

away, and is likely to end in very serious con. Hague Aug. 26. A Ruslan Courier passed sequences. through this place in his way to Great Bricain, Paris, Sept. 15. Since July last, fome Eng. and delivered some dispatches to Sir Joseph | lish ships have been cruizing incessantly in view Yorke, and Prince Galliezin, the English and of our ports; some of them were seca on the Russian ambassadors, which are thought to be 28th of August before Havre-de-Grace, which relative to the offers of mediation made by the prevented the large transports leaving the baEmpress of Russia, to terminate the differences lon. Every day Gnce the 26th part of between the courts of Paris and London. the baggage has been embarkiog, and the

Hague, Aug. 29. Our last accounts from troops have had orders to hold themselves in Paris Tay, that great ager are laid upon the readiness. The delays are attributed to calmı, intended invasion of Great Britain ; the prepa- which hinder ships from acting. There are rations for which are still carrying on without 89 transports for infantry, 55 for cavalry, 62 intermission all along the coasts. A placard for ammunition, and 15 for cattle. has also been published at Paris, which is to be Paris, Sept. 16. On the 22d of July, an distributed throughout England, in case a der. earthquake made a frightful ravage on the cent takes place, setting forth, that no vio coads of Tournay. . The Presbytery of the Jence will be used towards those of the British village of Nivelle, as well as the church, and subjects who shall not appear in arms, or com- many houses were overthrown; and it was felt mit any hofilities; that every necessary they afterwards at Castle-Abbay, where it threw Mall fu:nish to the French army shall be down the tower, church, and almost all the paid for, &c. Notwithstanding all these great buildings. Happily all the religious were out. preparacions, the season is said to be too far | The famous village of Fontenoy was also ate advanced for an attack upon England, but that cacked, where fixey houses were overthrown, they may not be entirely lost, they are to be and as many inhabitarta killed. The fort employed in conquering Jersey and Guernsey news that we received of this disaster adds, that

Hague, Aug. 31. The states at their laf its terrible effects extended even to the borouga meeting only deliberated upon the old Gory of of locuze, and further. granting convoys, which was opposed point.


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L o N 0 0 N. on our coasts with three ships of force under
Plymourb, Auguf 26.

his .command.' Being in want of provisions

and fresh water, he landed a number of men, HE greatest spirit has been exerted in every who carried off a parcel of theep and oxen, for department since the alarm of the French

which he bountifully paid the owners, and imand Spanish flects being on our coast, and mediately weighed anchor, without committing great thanks are due to the seamen, and the

any sort of hoftiity on the inhabitanis. The people of the dock-yard, as well as the whole drift and intention of this adverturer is to incountry around. In three parishes 15oo men tercept our linen fhips, and to watch for some turned out in one day, under-Bastard, Esq. of the East India ficet that are daily expected Two hundred smugglers, a desperate set of to touch at Cork. men, who have constantly bid defiance to Dublin, Aug. 28. Yesterday, pursuant to a presa-gangs, as well as to the civil authority, resolusion entered into by the corporation of have curned volunteers, and are now training this city, at the last allembly, an address was by the Royal Scorch.

presented to the lord lieutenant and council, The country in general is rouzed, and the seuring forth, that as it is probable the garria whole coast from Start-point to Deadman's. fon of Dublin may be called away, they pray point, an extent of 60 miles, is asmed, and an army of 1000 men for the defence of the city alarm pofts erected. The miners are busied in may immediately be made, pursuant to an act erecting a new battery. Capia n Berkeley is em of parliament for confituring a national militia, ployed in laying a boom across the entrance of pafíed hese laft reflion. the harbour, which will be strongly defended by 31. Accounts trom Mequinez, by this day's batteries on the opposite fhorcs; troops are mail, confirm the advices of the refusal of the marching from all parts of the country, and emperor to the application made by Gen. El. every species of exertion is taking place.

liot, governor of Gibraltar, and Admiral Duff, Plymoulb, Aug. 27. Two days since a schooner

for a lupply of raw and barley for the nourisharrived here express from the governor of Guern. ment of the catile, in case of a blockade of that Sey to Lord Shuldham, with an account that place, and also of wood for fascines and palli30 sail of French transports, full of troops, lades for the garrison. The Emperor likewise passed by thac island to the westward, as fupo refused to accept of the offer of the English posed to join the French and Spanish Aecis. ministry of artillery and engineers for the conThe camp on Buckland down is broke up, and quest of the Spanish settlemen's in Africa. the Wiltshire and Sourh Devon militia are en Sept. 1. The gentlemen of the county of camped in a field adjoining the lines, between Cornwall, voluntarily, and at their own exthis place and the dock; the Royal Scotch at pence, marched up a body of upwards of fix Maker, the Highlanders near Cawsand, and the hundred miners, at a few hours notice, to Hampshire near Penlec point; upwards of 200 ftrengthen the lines of, and to men, mostly failors, belongiog to Kingston artist at the other fortifications caryring on there. and Cawsand, have taken arms as volunteers, The Camborn and Illogan divifions, cscorted and joined the camps. A battery is erecting at by Francis Baflert, John Stackhouse, and Mount Edgcumbe, where, by permission of his William Harris, Esqrs. are quartered at the Lerdhip, a number of trees have been felled to dock; the St. Agnes division, under Nicholas saile a breallwork; another is erected at Caw. Donnithorne, Esg; Melis. James and Nankifand, and a third on the opposite Aore, near vell, are likewise quartered at dock; the Gwenthe north corner. A very considerable num

napdivision, headed by John Beauchamp, Robetr ber of volunteers are also raised in this town, Lovell Gwarkin, and John Vivian, Esqrs, are who are paid by a subscription of the inhabi quartered at Plymouth; and the Redruth dia tants, which already amounts to 1000 l. and vision, under Meslis. Dickenson and Ennis, two independent companies, under the com are on the Mount Edgecumbe side of the mand of gentlemen who have been in the army, and now reside here, are formed.

2. Capt. H. who was on Tuesday examined Dublin, Aug. 27. An express arrived with at Lord George Germaine's office for carrying an account, that the famous Paul Jones (who on arrcasonable correspondence with the French fome time ago plundered the house of the Earl and Spaniards, and committed to prison, makes of Selkirk, on the coast of Scotland, endea- the third person apprehended for those practices voured to set fire to the town of Whitehaven, Goce Friday la lt . The following are a part of and, after an obftinate engagement, took the the proofs" laid positively, viz. That several Drake loop of war) has made his appearance monchs fnce, previous to his being unde!!)



America, he commanded a company Aarione! drove the enemy before us, who burnt the for the internal defence of a small fort and bat cruorry, as they retired, and go with a 15 tey at Gibraltar, buil' on purpose to innov iles of Poonah, without suffering gear lots, any depredations which mght be committed though the enemy were 50,000 itong, and by the Spaniards at that time. He is said to cannonading us continually for 21 days, during have received several thousind pounds from the wbich uime we lost our second in command, Spaniards, on promise that whenever they Lieut. Col. Cay, and capt. James Stuart, (wo should attack it, he was to deliver it into their of our beft officers. bands; but happily he was ordered for the Ame. By this time the committce were well conrican ftation, where he could not help display. vinced Ragaboy had no friends, but was diso ing his agility in the above practices, and, as piled throughout the whole country. fortune would bave is, is now returned to Eng. Having now only 12 days provisions, they land to receive the reward of his iniquitous pro came to a resolution to reireat, and that in the ceedings. He was again examined yesterday night of the 11:h of January. We were at this at Lord George Germaine's office, and the cime in a town the enemy had burnt. We proofs appearing At onger againit him, was re marched at eleven o'clock, but had such in. manded back to prison.

cumbrance o! baggage and carts, that it was Limerick, Sept. 3. This morning the purlers (wo before we all got c'ear of it. The enemy of the cight unde mentioned East India ships having information of our intentions, came upbroughi an account of the safe arrival of those in us before day, and obliged us to balt, and tips in this liver yesterday evening, viz. stay a whole day on the hill. We suffered

The Latham from China; Lord Norih, from greatly, both in officers and men, from the ditto; E.rlof Man fiec, from ditto; Lord Hol- en-my's guns; as they were very near us, and Jand, from oiito; Valentine, from Bengal; o hollows and places we could not touch Rochford, from dirto; Northington, from ditto ; Gro'venor, from d tto.

On the 12th, about three o'clock in the afo They left St. Helena ihe 24th of June, and ternoon, we retreated to a villiage a mile fure met nathing on their pastoge bus on Man Ila Ther, and on the 14th began to irear. lo such thip, which they let pars, not knowing of hof. a fituation we could not expect favourable erms, tilives. They also brought in with them, un but by the accouets I hear it is worse iban we der their convoy from St. Helena, four wha. had any reason to expect; and so had for the Jers from the coast of Brazil, Jaden with sper. company that the governor cannot comply with maceti and oil.

any part of it.

We left hostages with them, Portsmoutb, Sept. 5. On Friday in the after. Mr. Former and Lieut. Stewart, and perurned noon arrived ar Spitbrad, Sir Charles Hardy, to Bombay as soon as posible, moving very with the grand ficer, enalting of 40 fail of the light indeed, as we had loft almost all our bago line, three go gun Mhips, nine frigates, and lix goge. fireships, having pallid the combined feets of The Bengal army, under Col. Godda:d, is 66 faii of the line, off he lizard ; the English | arrived at Surat, and the colouel is expected fleet was chated by them, bur is being hazy wca down in a few days, so I suppose we hali have ther, foon loft fight of them.

something to do foon. 10. Some dispatches we'e b:ought to the Extract of a Letter from a Gentleman at PondiPlantation office from Gen Preveft, comman

cberry to bis Friend in Londen: der in chief of hi maj sty's troops in Georgia, Nothing but the Pondicherry and Mahie bufswhich came by way of Bermuda, with ady ce nets keeping es all employed for moft part of that he was 'hen ae Beaufort wi h the troops this and last year, hindered me from writing under his command, ali healthy and well, and to you much sooner. Ii is quite unneces.ry .plent fully Impplied with provisiops; that he tor me to w:ite you on this occafion any account had not in 100 men fince he re'reated from of what was done a' che former of these places, Char es Town; that ihe Georgians contined as it will long ere this have been in the public well affected to government, and that he was prinis: however, as I beiseve the hip which then waiting fira renforcement of troops carries this, goes with ihe f'A dispatc e: since from New York, 10 proceed to the reducti in the surrender of Mahe, I wll the efore men. of Charles Torn

rion such particulars as I hit k moft 1.tesetting, Exeral of a lei'er from an officer a! Bombay, being at leluje, and on the spot. March 16. 1779.

Our derachmin under she command of col. The governor and flat commi: tee fiited out Baibwaie, confill d of three com.adies of an exredi n roca y Raaboy to Porina, think. artillery, one batak o of European inf=p'ry, ing he had a number of frie di who would join and thice ha radio s of Seapojs; the last of him s foon as he got into the count y. which arrived at Titlecheniylhe 14 hult. Two

We left Bombayihe 25:h of November last, of the battalions of si apiys, wi h the engineers, and were ir rumber about 30 fighting men, arrived some ime oeioie, were encamped at soo being European', A commitee went with the exiremiy of our boundaries, when the us to letle aff. rs, civil and military

Mr. Europeans arrived and had taken poefboa of Carnack, Col. Egerton, and Mr. Morlon, who fome ac: anced posts on hiils, within gu lho! ded a tew days after we le's £ombaji We of two French pifts, hom whence they had


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been fred upon. The European infantry were Cody of a letter from the Honourable Vice-Admiral put into Pardals to the Northward of Tille Byron 19 Mr. Steptens, derid Princess Rogal er cherry, tiil their camp equipage should a rive, jea, ike fıb of July, 1779. which did not happen till after the surrender of the place A summons was sent in on the Apieeable to what I wrote you by the St. 10ch, and the usual answer received. A bat. Alhin's, a dupicate of which wili accompany tery was begun by the Seapoys within 300 yard: this, I faled im S Chrislorhei's the isth of the enemy's nearest post, a frong work on of last month, ar tre ame time the trade left it an eminence, called Correchy, the 18th ar 'o: Europe, and proceed d 10 windward of the pight, but not near finished ; and on the morninostor protection of the convoy, intending ing of the 19th, a flag of truce came out with 10 call a Barbadoes in my way to St. Lucia articles of capitulation for the furiedder os Ma. but a ft ong lee current, with the wind at east, hie and dependencies. In the ev ning of this retarded out preg e's to much, that it was the day we were put in poflession of rechy, and 30th of Jone bet re he squ dron could weather the succeeding morning in that of the rett, net The land of Martinico. This induced me to a fhot fired on our part, but a few on hirsi proceed directly to St. Lucia, where I arrived no lives loft on either Gde, and but part of our next morning, and learnt that the French had detachment encamped before the place. poflefloc the mielves or he Illand f St. Vincent,

The troops which stay here are, (ne com with a very small force, and wi' hout oppofitipany of artillery, one company of Eu orean on. Upon a conference with Major.General infantry, and a battalion and a half of Seapoys Gent, it was determined to attempt the reIt is thought the place will be destroyed imme- taking of St. Vincent, for which purpose the diately. Commodore Sir Edward Vernon lett troops were ordered to be embarked immedi. this for Bomb y afier the surrender, with the ate y on board the tranf.or's, and every thing Ships Rippon, Á hia, Coventry, and Sea Horse. got in readinets without a momen's loss of time; The two laft, wish the company's armed vel but in elligence being rceived of a fleet seen sels, brought our de achment from Arjengo, at morning to leewad feering a course for to which place we m.Iched by land throuh Gienada, I wrote to Lo ! Macartney, by onc the Trevancore country at ar immeo fe expenceuf his aias de camp that happened to be at St. to the efficers, as the Madial cimmitee re Lucia, log ve his lordship notice of our motions, fused the viu.l indulgence of double Batty o and thar the troops and squadron would immethis occasion. The Aba man of war brou no diately come to his selief, if, at St. Vincent, or ftores for the reduction or this pace from on the Fallage thither, we thould learn that Bombay. We hope that the Bombaye s mean Grenada wa attacked. I likewise fent an efduing something to retrieve their la e mi: furtune ficer in a fast tailing schooner to look into wi h the Mostras after this moni on, as in Fort Royrl Boy, where he saw thirteen large this cale we exp:ei cur party wh ch remain here thips, which he fupposed ships of war, more es. will be ordered to jo n them, I suppose you pecially as one of them bose a Aig at the forehave heard from better informed correlpondents top gallant matt-head; but a irigate and iome the late un'oriundle (not to term is worte) af other Imall craft giving him chace, he was prefair which he Bombayer, have had with the vented from going so near as he intended. Morattas, wherein they give up Ragaboy, to The line of battle, to be transmitted hereget themselves off.

wiih, will thew that the squadron under my Extreet of a letter from Gibraltar, dated July 19, command confifted of twenty-one thips and a by sbe way of Lifoon.

frigate; with these and the transports I failed We are now close belieged on the land lide, from St. Lucia on Saturday the 3d, and next and in light of the garrison is a camp, con afternoon had inrelligence from St. Vincent of taining upwards of 29,000 men. This camp more than 30 Tail of French men of war and was f. inhd in a few days and is bee veco che farmed ship having passed there on 1 hursday; Orange Grove and the lines, on a very large and amongst them appeared o be upwards of plain. Not a ship can go out from hence, nor twenty ships of the line of barile. It was far. apy enter, Our troops are con inually under ther reported that Monf. de la Motte Piquet arms, and the dons are expected to make an bad joined the count d'Estaing about a week attack every day, but we hall give them a no- before with a strong reinforcement. Upon ble dose of 21 mostars from Will's battery; all this information the ligoal was made instantly our dread is from the shipping; could we but to bear up for Grenada ; but it fell calm soon have some men of war fent to our relief, wefter, and continued so until nine o'clock next should have no fears left.

moroing, about which time a small schooner From he LONDON GAZETTE. that leit Grenada on Sarurday evening came

Admiralty Office, Sept. 1o, 1779 inco he fleer, and the principal persun on board Yesterday in the evening the Honourable her (a merchant) reported, that the French Vice- Admiral Barrington and Captain Sawyer, had landed about two thousand five hundred of his Majetty's lh.p the Boyne, arrived at this troops near the town of St. George on Friday, office with dispatches from the Hon. Vice Ad. made an atrack on the fort that night, and miral Byron, of which the following are copies were repulsed ; that lord Macartney expected and extracto

to hold out a fortnight, and that he had seen


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