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the enemy's naval fo:ce there, which did not j latter three happening to be to Iceward, fub . exceed cight ships of the line, besides frigates rained the fire of the enemy's whole lioc as it and armed transports. Anoiber schooner from passed on the farboard tack. The Monmouth Grenada joined us soon after, and brought a likewise suffered exceedingly, by Captain FanSimilar account; only the master of her, who haw's having borne down in a very gallant bad been frequenciy a pilot on board the king's manner to ftop the van of the enemy's fquae ships, reported that the enemy had between dron, and bring it to action ; but from the very fourteen and nineteen ships of the line. It be smart and we i direaled fire kept up by these ing my intention from this in:elligence to be lip and others that were engaged, I am conof St. George's Bay foon after day, break, I vinced they did the enemy great damage, al. drew the ships of war from amongihe trans- though their malls, rigging, and fails appeared ports, leaving only the Suffolk, Vigilant and less injured than ours. The four fhips laft Monmouth for their protection, uoder the or. mentioned, with the Fame, being so disabled ders of Rear Admiral Rowley, who was in in their masts and rigging, as to be totally in. tended to conduct the debarkation of the troops; capable of keeping up with the squadron, and but he was to join me with these ships if I law tbc Suffolk appearing to have received con G. occasion for their service. One of the enemy's derable damage in an attack made by Rear Adtrgates was vry near us in the night, and miral Rowley upon the enemy's van, I took gave the alarm of our approach. Soon after in the Gignal for chace, but continued that for day-light on Tuesday the bih, the French squa. close engagement, formed the best line which dron was seen off St. George's, molt of them circumstances would admit of, and kept the at anchor, but getting under way, seemingly wind to prevent the enemy from doubling opon in great confusion, and with little or no wind. us, and cutting off the transports, which

The Eignal was immedia:ely made for a gene- they seemed inclined to do, and had the sal chace in that quarter, as well as for Rear latier very much in their power by means of Admiral Row'ey to leave the convoy; and as their large frigates, independent of ships of not more than tourteen or fifteen of the ene the line. The French squadron tacked io the my's fhips appeared to be of the line from the southward, abou: three o'clock in the afterpoGrion itey were in, the signal was made for noon; and I did the same, to be in readineso the tips to engage, and fo'm as they could to Tupport the Grafton, Cornwall, and Liou, get up; in consequence of which, Vice Admi. that were disabled, and a great way afera: butt ral Barrington, in the Prince of Wales, with the Lion being likewise much to lee ward, and. Capain Sawyer in the Boyne, and Captain having lost her main and mizen topmasts, and Gardrer in the Sultan, being the head-most of the rest of ber rigging and fai's being cut in a the Britih squ dron, and carrying a press of very extraordinary manner, she bore away to the fail, were foon fired upon at a great distance, westward when the flects tacked; and to my which they did not rerurn till they got conh- great surprize, do fhip of the enemy was de: derably nearer ; but the enemy getting the lached after her. The Grafton and Cornwall! breeze of wind about that time, drew out their food towards us, and might have been wea. line from the cluter they were lying in, by thered by the French if they had kept their bcaring away and forming to leeward on the wind, especially the Cornwall, which was tarboard tack, which thewed their strength to fartheft to leeward, had lost her main topmaft, De very different from our Grenada intelligence; and was othe wise much disabled; but they for it was plainly discovered they had thirry persevered so stridly in declining every chance of four fail of thips of war, twenty-lx or ewenty close action, notwithstanding their great fupe feven of which were of the line, and many of riority, that they contented themleves with those appeared of great force ; however the ge firing upon these thips, when pasting barely neral chace was continued, and the signal made wishin gun-lhor; and fi.ffered them to rejoin for a close engagement; but our utmoitendea- the squadron, wiibout one effort to cut them yours could not effe & that, the enemy induAri-off

. 1he Monmouth was fo totally disabled oudy avoiding it, by always bearing up when in her malls and rigging, that I judged it proour Tips got near them; and I was sorry to per to send directions in the evening for Capt. observe, that their fuperiority over us in railing Fanthaw to make the belt of his way to Antigave them the option of distance, which they gua, and he parted compony accordingly. availed themselves of, so as to prevent our

When we were close in with St. George's star from ever getting into action; and being Bay, the French colours were ten fying apon to leeward, they did great damage to the matt's the furt and other batteries, which left no doubt and rigging, when our thot would not reach of the enemy being in full poffeffion of the them. The ships that suffered most were those island. To dinodge them was impracticaole, the action began with, the Grafon, Cap coolidering the flate of the two decis; I theretain Colling wood, the Cornwall, Captain Ed. fore fent orders to Captain Barker, the agent, wards, and the lion, Captain Cornwallis.. to make the best of his way with the trans. The spirited example of Vice Admiral Bar.ports !0 Antigua or Sr. Christopher's, which rington, with the former thic:, excosed them ever he could te:ch, incending to keep the king's to a severe fire in making the attack; and the ships between them and the French squadron,




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which at the close of the evening was about Rear Admiral Parker's DiviGon. three miles to leeward of us, and I had no

Yarmouth, Capt. Bateman

500 64 doubt would at least be as near in the morn

Lion, Hon. W. Cornwallis

500 64 ing; for although it was evident, from their

Vigilant, Sir Digby Dent

soo 64 conduct throughout the whole day, that they

Conque- Ş Rear Admiral Parker were resolved to avoid a close engagement, 1


Capt. Harmood could not allow myfelf to think, that with a

Cornwall, Capt. Edwards force so greatly superior, the French admiral

Monmouth, Cape, Fanthaw would permit us to carry off the transports un.

Grafton, Capt. Collingwood molested; however, as his squadron was not to be seen next morning, I concluded he re A Return of tbe killed and wounded, July 6. turned to Grenada,


Killed. Wounded. It is my duty upon this occasion to repre. Suffolk

25 fent, that the behaviour of the officers and bien.


30 of hio majelty's squadron was such as became

Royal Oak

4 feamen, zealous of the honour of their coun. Prince of Wales

46 try, and anxious to support their national cha


8 racter. The marines likewise, and troops that Trident


6 were embarked with their officers in the king's Fame

4 thips, behaved as brave soldiers; and from the Sultan

39 cremplary good conduct of ihose who got into Princess Royal action, from the visible effect which their brisk Albion and well directed fire had upon the enemy's

Stirling Castle Hips, and from that cool determined resolution Elizabeth and very Asong defire of coming to a close en Cornwall gagement, which prevailed universally through Monmouth


28 out the squadron, I think myself justifiable in Grafton

35 laying, that the great superiority in numbers

Medway and force would not have availed the enemy Lion-not known with) so much, had not their advantage over us in certainty, but said by Capt. failing enabled them to preserve a distance lit- Fanshaw, who spoke her) 25 36 tle calculated for deciding such contests. after the parted from the

You will herewith receive a list of the killed squadron, to be and wounded. Vice Admiral Barrington is among the latter, but his hurt is flight, which is happily the case with a considerable part of

Admiralty Office, Sept. 11, 1779. the wounded.

Extract of a letter from Rear-Admiral Edwards, J. BYRON.

Commander in Chief of bis Majesty's Sbips at LINE OF BATTLE.

Newfoundland, to Ms. Stepbens, dared St.

Zabr's, July 24, 1779: The Suffolk to lead with the starboard, and I arrived here the 21it infant; I found his the Grafton with the larboard tacks on board. majesty's ship Surprize, capt. Reeve, who on Hon. Vice Admiral Barrington's Division. the 14th instant, was preparing her for fea;

Men Guns and receiving information, that his majesty's Suffolk,

a med Schooner Egmont had been attacked and Captain Christain,


taken off Cape Sper, that day, by a privatect Boyne, Capt. Sawyer, 520 68 brig, immediately Nipped his cables, and went Royal Oak, Capt. Fitzherbert

out after her. In the evening he ko: fight of her, Hon. Vice Adm. BarPrince of

chased, and about twelve o'clock at night took Wales, rington


ŞRear-Admiral Rowley }617 74

600 74


617 74 her. She proved to be the Wild Cat privatcer Capt. Hill

of Salem, not ten weeks off the stocks, mouniMagnif. Capt. Elphinston боо 74 ing fourteen carriage guns, and had sevenly. Trident, Capt. Molloy

soo 04 five men when she came out. Lieutenant Gara Medway, Capt. Affleck

420 60 diner and 20 of the Egmont's people were reHon. Vice Admisal Byron, Commander in taken in her, but unfortunately the schoones Chief, his Division.

had separated before captain Reeve, whose con

duct upon this occasion deferves much com(Ariadne Frigate to repeat Signals.) meodation, could get sight of them. Fame, Capt. Burchart

I have the pleasure to inform their lordships, Nonsuch Capt. Griffith

500 64 that captain Cadogan, in his majesty's chip Sultan Capt. Gardner

600 74 | Licorne, onihe zult of May, fell in with and

took L'audacieuse French privateer of twenty: Capt. Blair

four fix pounders, and 194 men, who engaged Albion, Capt. Bowyer

600 74 him hali an hour. The privateer had 22 men ,

killed, and 17 wounded. The Licorne had . 3

500 64

only one mon wounded. Elizabeth Capt. Truscott

600 74

On the 15 h of June, captain Cadogan parred

600 74

Princess (Hon: Vice Adm. Byron },70 90


with his convoy in lat. 48. deg. 50 min. north, , river, under the command of col. M'Lean, and long. 42 deg. 48 min well, in a violen: with about 700 troops. They reem-d a fitt gale of wind; and on the 19th (in lighi o inclined to dispute the paslage of the river: land, of here) saw a fho, wsch he chac-d, their resolution, however, foon failed them, and at two P. M. the next da, come up with and an unexpected and ignominious flight took and took her. She pr vid to be the general place; the confequence of which was, that not Sullivan American privaterr O* 24. lix-pour one angle velfel of the'r whole fe e escaped, as ders, and 106 men, and arrived here the next will appear by the following list of the rebel day with the Licorne and French p 2". fleet, under the command of commodore D.

14. The Ranger privateer of Brinol, o! Saliontiall, destroyed at Penobscut: fourteen guns, Gx-p unde's, and so men, and Warren, 32 guns, (18 and 12 pound.) blown up. a letter of marque of Liverpool, of fourteen Monmouth, 24 guns, ditio, guns, four-pounders, and 36 men, being Vengeance, 24 guos, ditto. eruiling in company, fell in with a Span th thip Putnam, 22 guns, ditto. called the St. Agnies, Don Ferdinand Rononzo Sally, 22 guns, ditto. master, bound from the Manillas to Cadiz ; Hampden, 20 guns, taken. and after a smart engagement, took her, and Hector, 20 guns, blown up. carried her into Cork She is estimated ac upwards Hunter, 18 guns taken. of 200,000),

Black Prince, 18 guns, blown ups Porifmourb, Seps 14. The following thipo Sky Rocket, 36 guns, dito. failed this morning from $r. Helen's, on a le

Brig!. cret cruize, viz. Rompey, 59 goins, admiral Active, 16 guns, blown up. Sir J. Lockhart Rols, capt. Johnstone; Bere Defence, 16 guns, ditto. wiek, 74, capt. Stewart; Bientai'an', 64, cape, Hazard, 16 guns, dirco. M’Bride; Jupiter, 54, capr. Rey ods; Phee Diligence, 14 guns, ditto. Dix, 44, capt. H. Parker; Ambuscade, 32, Tyrannicide, 14 guns, ditto. capt. Phipps; Diana, 32, capt. Fulconer; Providence floop, 14 guns, dleto. Southamptoo, 32. cape Garnier; Brilliant, A med schooner Spring Bird, 12 guos, burat. 28, capt. Ford; Crescent, capt. Hope; Mik Nancy, 16 gcos, bound on a cruize, but capford, 28, cape Burnaby; Porcupin", 24, cape. tured by the Greyhound, on our poffage co Conway ; Cormorans, 18, Bonnett, 16, Penobscot. Helena, 14, Fire brand and Incendiary fire Rover, 10 guns bound also on a cruize, boty fhips; Flying-flh, Griffin, and Nortle cutters, captured by the Galatea, on our paslage to

Since the above failed, the Cou; ageux has Penobicot. been ordered to femand is now und r Tail from Toge her with 24 sail of ships and vessels as Spithead, it is said to join admiral Rols. transports, all burnt-Some provision vessels

15. The cargoes of the Duke d'Aiguillon, taken. from Canton to L'Orient; and the Marquis de

BIRTH S. Marbeuf, from the Isle of France to Nanız, The Countess of Chesterfield, of a dead child, both prizes to the Resolution cutter priva'eer, at Chesterfield-house. of Guernsey, capt. Gonin ; and the Hannah Aug. 12. The Princess of Mecklenburgh privateer, of London, capt. Venture, and car Strehz, ot a prince. ried into Limerick, consist of tea, coffee, china, 28. The Duchess of Leinster, of a daughter, filk, muslim, chintz, &c. are valued at at Carton, his Grace's seat io Ireland. 250,000l. They have, besides the India goods, M A R R 1 A G E S. cochineal, &c. (evea chests of gold duft, and Sept. 9. Sir John Berney, of Kirby Bedon, 400,000 dollars.

in Norfolk, Bart, to the Hon Mils N ville, 17. By a letter from Limerick, dated Sep. only daughter of Lord Abergavenny. 11, we learn, that four sail of East-Indiamen, 11. Robert Bu·ler, of Ballyraggett, Esq; to in addition to the eight that had previously ar the Hon. Miss Langdale, daughter of the late Tived, were that day come safe into thac har. | Lord Langdale. door.

16. Augustus Perkyns, Elq; to Miss WarAdmiralty-office, Sept. 23.

This morning caps. ren, only uller of Sir John Borlace Warred, Dickson, of his majesty's ship the Greyhound, Bart. arrived from North America with dispatches

DE A T H S. from commodore Sir George Collier to Mr. William Henry, Lord Viscount Carlow, at Stephens, by which it appears, that he failed on Swadlinbar, in Ireland. the third of Auguft from Sandy Hook with his The Countess Dowager of Moray, at Dry. majesty's ships Raisonable, Greyhound, Blonde, law, near Edinburgh. Virginia, Camilla, Galarea, and Olter Noop. Sept. 2. Sir. Cecil Bishop, Bart. at Bath. On the 14th the rebel fleet, commanded by 7. The Right Hon. the Marchioness of commodore Saltonstall, presented themselves Blandford, at Ea! Sheene, in Suriy. drawn up in a crescent acrofs the river Pe II. The Right Hon. Richard Grenville dobscot, having, in conjun&tion with the rebel Temple, Earl Temple, Viscount Cobham. army of ocar 3000 men, under gen. Lovel, 19: John Glyan, Erq; Recorder of the cities intended to form an unfinished fort on that I of London and Exeter,

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Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, appro

priated solely to their Use and Amusement.

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539 540

i Let:er from Miss Wallis to Miss Gre- 17 Suite Histoire d'Epaminondas viile

507 18 A Description of October 2 01 Nervous Complaints 508 19 Eugenio and Cla:a, a Tale

543 3 Hiilory of Captain Herbert and Miss 20 Letters of Aza

545 Nug, ne SIO 21 Enigmarical Questions

548 4 The Unexpected Recovery

S11 s The Tr acher us Husband $13 22 POETRY.-An Extempore to Miss 6 Agapetus and Cleora, a Tale

516 Belley E-l-g, of Paddington---Stan, Medi'ations in September

517 zas audrelled to Miss Harriot Sih, of 8 Account of the Vestal Virgins 519 Paddington-Ode to Virtu:–18 Ro, The Matron


ferra-Southwick, a Descriptive Poem10 On the Writings of Shakespeare 524 La Rage D'Amou-On the Dilloldvion 11 The Governess

525 of the World-To Miss Anna 12 Natural History of the Nightingale 528 A Robus-The Wish

549-552 13 Memoirs of the celebrated Maid of Orleans 522 | 23 Foreign News

553 14 Reflections on the present State of 24 Home News

S54 Great Britain 535 25 American News

S60 15 Account of the Device, or the Deaf | 26 Births

ibid Doctor 536 | 27 Marriages

ibid 16 Leter from F. Scudamore to Lady 28 Deaths

ibid Saville


This Number is embellished with the following Copper-Plates, viz.

1. A new Pattern of a Corss fuus a Pocket Books, 2. A brauriful Historical Picture

of ihe Unexpected Recovery: and 3. A new Song, fet ic Music by Mr. Stone, of Marlborough.

LONDON: Printed for 0. Rovin'on, No. 24, Paternoster-Rów, where Favours

from Corretpondents will be recuiv.J.


E hope, that in future, our patronesses will be more sparing of their

complaints, and bear that teitimony to our honour which it deserves, that of never palming upon them any narrative of our own under the name of a pretended correspondent : were this the case, nothing would be casier for us than to take up the thread of a story, which we ourselves had begun. But as the condescension of the lady who favoured us with a continuation of The History of Caprain Herber! and Miss Nugent, though entered into a sweet alliance, which might be a sufficient excuse for her not winding up her narrative, will serve to evince more than we choose to express.

The .continuation of l’Hiftore a’Emilie by the author, tho' prevented by fickness, should teach some of our correspondents a little more parience, and prevent them from being too forward in blaming what could not be prevented.

Our friend Henrietta deserves not only our thanks, but that of all our fair patronefles, for the continuation of the life of Epaminondas in French.

In prose, the favours we have received are numerous almost beyond expreffion. The Oriental Tal, from Mi. C*****, is under consideration. The continuation of the series of letters from 'ndiana, are arrived.

M. K. C's hint about Patterns, are referred to our Female Committee, and will be duly attended to. We mult thank our other correspondents in the profe department, and especially Maria Meanwell, for her address to the Fimale Reformir. 0 mon Msn's Card to the Ladie'. Eniginatical Lift of Ladies in Chefbam, by 7. K---. Of Ladies in Sunbury, Middlesex, by R-d-bmi W-.g. of Mens Christian Names, by Jane B

fw. Of Nine Men of War in Sir Charles Hardy's Fleet. Public Buil.ings in London. Nine Kirg dems. La

List of General. And an Enigmatical Alphabıt, by H- B-ki. List of Six Pair of Turtle-Dours in Rarcies and Surpnes, by Y. ř. z. Life of Towns in Yorkshiria by Crito. List of Laajes in Spiral-Fields, by Go-Smoby, Sr. &c. &c.!!!

In the poetic department we are hononred with A Leétiere sint with a Rose to a very Young Lady, by H----*. By a Young Ladz on fering a Difjenting Minister in a flowered Needle-Wrought Band, with fulleped Eages, by Flavila. I be Ungrateful Bee, a Song, by H. B. A Song, by Anonymox. Toe l'outh of the Mill, by Paftorella., A Robus, hy 2. X. An Epiftie from a Gentleman in London, 10 bis Friend in the Country, ligned Correspodent. A1 Acroftir, by 8. B. On Miss Gr's Return to Kendall, by Damon. Stanzas in Autum-, by Verles 'wrote on the Author's Birihaljay', by Amaior (mado An Acrostic on ar amiable Lady not many Miles from Rea-lion-Sirel, Clerkenwell, by Edwin. To Ca N-, Author of the l'arles 10 Miss J-W-s, interted in the Niagazine for Auguft, by A Carizvay Buck. Epigram and Epitapk, by. A young Philanthropist. Addressed 10 Miji G--, of K-Square, on her laté Recovery from the mall Pox, by 7. C. To Mr. 7. -1, on Human Hppiness, by 7. D. On the Dearb of an Infanı, by Harmonia. With an overflow of other pieces, for which we are at a loss whether we should admire the mul. tiplicity, or elegant compofitions of our new correspondents.

The author of the beginning of the Novel, is either at liberty to send for his copy to the editor, or favour him with the whole of the narrative, prior to publication; but is desired to advert, that the correspondents of the Lady's Magazine are all Volunturs.

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