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sal Keppels in Dover. street, was blown down, Europe, (except those belonging to the French and fell through the roof into the garrets, King) on certain conditions. where two maid lervan's slepe, who where much Extra&t of a letter from Harwich, Jan. 6. brui'ed; a stack of chimncys was also blown Thursday, Dec. 31. This morning a molt down at the Queen's Palace, near the apart. violent gale of wind came on at W. N. W. men's of three of the young princes, but pro- which drove almolt every vessel in this bar videntially they received no hurt: their majer- bour. lies got up and went into all the apartments, to Friday, Jan. 1. The gale continuing all ses if any. of the children or family were nighı very violent, caused a prodigious high hurt, buc no disagier had happened to any of tide, which overflowing the banks of the river, them.'

had filles almost all the adjacent marshes and 4. This morning advice was received at the low grounds, and done considerable damage to admiralty oface, that bis majesty's lip the the walls : several baros, stables, &c. were Jupi'er, wh ch had been milling for some time, blown down, and much corn damaged; tbe and was reported to have bun either loft or machine fur London, which set out about three taken, had put into Lisbon, where he remain- o'clock in the morning, was forced to CUID, ** ed the 18th of Dec. }.it.

so many trees being blown into the soad. On Saturday morning, about six o'clock, a Saturday, Jan. 2. Put back the Prince of fire broke out at Greenwich Hospital, which Wales packei, having met with the violent burno most furioully. At ten o'clock the cha- gale of wind, and forced to throw three guns pel, the dome on the fouth-east quarter of the overboard, in order to lighten her. Put in a building, and the great dining-bull, were en number of ship', &c. with the loss of anchors, tirely consumed. A great many of the wards cables, windlaffes, &c. by whom we learn, were destroyed, and the west wing, in which is there are many lips lost, and others driven on the beautiful painted-hall, was in grear danger, Thore along the coast. as the wind let that way. About eleven o'clock Last night the noop Diligent, of Berwick, several engines arrived from London, and the Lambert master, from Berwick for Loodoo, fire was got under in the evening. The da. came on shore on the Platters, and was foon mage done is veiy great. The fire is said to runk; the passengers, nine in number, with have begua in the taylors lop, wherein the two of the crew, were saved in the boat, which men had beca at work the preceding day, but being much tiove, they na led tarpaulins on, liad mingled koliday rejoicicg too much with and with difficulty reached the lose, the captheir labours,

tain, mate, and three boys were two hours on The following are the wards burnt down at the wreck, and had giren themselves up, bur the late dreadful fire at Greenwich Hospital, providentially a boat from a collier lying in the viz. King's, Queen's, Prince of Wales's, Duke Ofting went to their aslistance, took the cap-ain, of Yoik's, and the Anfon's, besides !we or ma’e, and one boy off the mast-head alive, three others, considerably damaged, that are buc içeechless, the o her two lads were washed in that qua ter: the walis, however, of the into the fea, and lost. Mall, togetoer with that of the caapel, remain

Clay, in Norfolk, Jan. 6. The following nearly enure. The grand hall has not fur- Tips were drove on More on our coaft, between tained the least injury, the fire being confined Cromer and this 'barbour. -At Sheringham, to the fou h-east quarter.

the Fanny, of Sunder'and, David Baxter, York, jan. 5. On Thursdag night we had a master; Prosperous Fanny, of Scarborough, dreadful form of wind in this city and neigh- Henry Porter, malter ; Úrrana, of Sunde bourhood, which began about nine, and con- land, John Maddison, master-A Waybourn, tinued tils about two next morning, whereby Providence, of Rich:fter, Christoph's Gars part of the spire of St. Dennis's church, in bus, matter.--At Salthcuse, Pallas, of Shields, Walmgale, wis b'own down, as were also ma. Zephaniah Shipley, mailer; Unicorn, of Yar: ng chimnies in ditferent parts of the city, and mouth, Franc's Hurry, mafier.-At Clay, the roofs of many houfes greatly damaged. Carnough!, of London, Michael Parket, In the covoirs, 10; many miles sound, there maltes; Hunter, of Sunderland, Thomas was hardy a town or village but what had Willeby, master; they are all lighi bigs, and fome houses unroofed, burns, corn and hay likely to come off: no hands were lost, except Racks blown down, and trees forn up by the one toy. tools, particularly in Castle Howaid Park, The water was 'he higheft that was ever where, we bicas, Iveral buodieds were torn known, the marshes are all under water, and up

2 vast number of sheep were drowned, and a Dublin, Jan; 5; Yesterday a proclama:ion great dial or damage dune ai Clay. Backocy, was illued by the lord licurezani and council of and susthouse. The wind N. N. E. Ireland, to roke oft she general embargo la d A letter from on board the Yo k Eall Iudia. upon a l ships and bied, the 291h of may man, which is on fhore in Margalc-roads, fay's, lait. Airo a promasion to take off the cm hat they have plenty of gangsn.en at wok in ba'zo, so far as espects tips carries provi taking out the cargo, and they are in hopes of Gous from this wingsom to any of the posts in (aving it all will very little damage; and whey


Nov. 15. 1756
Nov 1, 1757

53 likewise believe, if the weather continues mo. by the roots; but happily we do not hear of deute, that they shall save the ship.

any lives being loli near this towo. At Weston, Orders are given froin the board of admirla near Stanton, a miller and his man, endeavoura ty for an immed'a'e return to be made of the ling to keep the mill against the wind, were samb's of transports in government service at killed by th: mill falling op them through the the differen poris in this kingdom and Ireland, violence of the storm. in order to have a sufficient number ready to

11. The folowing are the ranks and dates embutk che troops that are defined for Ame of the commissions of the naval court-martial

on amiral Kempel: All the officers, who are to return to Ame Sir Thomas Pye, admiral the White, rico apaioft the summer campaign, have receiv. Matthew Buckle, vice admiral of the Red. e astice from the War ofice to hold themselves John Montigue, vice admiral of the Red. in readiness to embark in thirty days to join M. Arbu hnor, rear admiral of the White. their respective regiments there.

Robert Rodsam, rear admiral of the White. fas. 7. We learn from Brighthelmstone, M. Milbruk,

May 21, 1758 that much damage was done there last week dus. F. S. Diake, ag the hard gale, which was attended with Taylor Penny, terrible storms of thunder and lightning ; fc- John Moutray,

Dec. 28, 1758 veral fmall vefses a.e on shore, and must be William Bennet,

Mar. 6, 1760 bt; the coast is envered with pieces of wrecks,

A. Duocan.

Feb, 21, 1761 ad fone dead bedies have been call on shore James Cranston,

Apr. 7, 1762 and buried

J. Butler,

Ditto ditto Cheffer, January 8. “ The Les Deux Amis Admiral Keppel's own captain in ihe VaEsit indisman, bound froon China and Pondi lant, at the reduction of the Havannah, when cherry, to Pori l'Orient, in France, was taken Keppel was second in command. the Knightzeer overthc230

12. We have received melancholy accounts December, off cape Finifterre. Her cargo con of the shipping on the Newcastle Coast, by the fhs of fine tea, ilk, callico, nankeen, hand late hurricane, on Thursday se'nnight; but kech,ck, cotton,

who became the Cabes, &c. which at a moderate computation is names of vesses that are for certain loft, thar valped at 150,000l. tut untortunate'y for the the foil wing, viz. 07&rs, the above vessel was wrecked last Thurs The Generous Friends, Walker, on the Midday evening, near Mostyn, in Flinthire, in a dle Sands. The crew saved. kakknightpromhof

The Resolution, Butyman belonging to capt. Beaumars, and was wrecked the same day near Atkinson, on the York nire coalt. Abergely; but we are happy to hear the men board perished. de al laved. On board the Les Deux Amis The Adventure, Atkinson, belonging to ***C 24 English and 24 French, opt of which Mr. Row, near Cromer. Three boys were naaber only to Engib and three French were drowned. preserved, i he remainder of the French (the They write from Guernsey, that the damage

merhetruck)pedovt, den henghench, drawned; one of them look with him in the the very heavy storm on the in and ad inft. confalon, a box of diamonds worth 16,000. exceeds every thing of the kind for fifty years and arther a wedge of gold that weighed 221b. part. a great number of ships are wrecked, and torh of which were loft as well as themselves. The greatest part of their crews perilhcd.

#d, We hear froin Lyon, that that place has tefauving to bring in the vetfel, or peijsh; 23 of suffered greaily by the late high wind. A filha the enfortunate people have been boce to inding-boat was run down and sunk, but the men and interred. - A great part of her curgo is

were laved. Six ih ps were driven on shore, bodaed in our custom house, Parkgate, and Li- and received much damage. The road from verpool

, and, we are forty to add, much dama: | Lynn to w Neck was rendered impassable by red. The fpirited conduct of Sir Roger Moltyn, the overflowing of the banks. Two men were

M1,M.Phant, khe church, nende and others, ca not be sufficiently com mended; vouring to preserve the citile in the mai lhes. thong arm:d their tenacs, and prevented by Many houses were uor ored, and received other spety means in their power, the coniry people, damage. Some h viands of fat sheep were abs affimbled in great numbers, from pluna drowned ; onc man loft upwards of soo by a dering the wreck; hur notwithsianding all their bank breaking near Foridick and Cross Keys Feilance and actives property to 'he ad unt of washes, and the lcfs of sheep and cattle on the fcwral thousand pounds was carricławay." Sale Mathes is not cahiy to be ascertained; a Bars, Jan. 8. Lit Thuratay evening the house near Lynn, upon the bank side, was blown form beyaza here with liphining, thunder, and over, and the family, corinting of a man, bis ful, which continuent li nigiit, attended with wise, and three chiidren, w're drowned. Inv. On Friday morning two barns and n any

Letters from virinus part of Cumberland chimnies wae brown down. in lord Bratul fay, that very tow houses in that county escap

, abzut ice tiae linge seks were loia up cd receiving come damage in the late hurricane;

All on

and that many corn stacks were blown away, , majesty's packet-boat, the Weymouth, Capt. and a great number of trees either broken or Buckingham, with the West India mail on torn up by the rools : at Warwick.hall upwards board, tor England, had fell in with the Geof forty trees were torn up, or broken. neral Sullivan privateer, io lat. 50, 7, long. 14, 2*

From tbe LONDON GAZZTTE. 32, mounting 16 six and four pounders, who Extract of a letter from rear admiral Sir Peter in which Capt. Buckingham was mortally

took her, after an engagement of two hours, 12 Parker, to Mr. Srepbens, dated at Jamaica, wounded, and died a few days after : the cuprbe 2456 of 0&tober, 1778.

tain, finding that the privateer was of too great, “ Captain Deane arrived the 19th instant, force for him, and having four of his men kilwith the squadron under his command, and will led, and several wounded, and four feet water fail again in a few days. During his cruite he in the hold, he ordered the colours to be struck, took five fail of French Chips, two brigs, and two which the Mate did. The Weymouth failed knows, outward-boord, and ewo American brigs from Jamaica the 29th of November, and the and three schooners from America, bound to day a!ter, while in light of the island, spoke St. Domingo.

with seven sail of transports, bound thither from The Camel has also rent in a French snow New York, with troops on board. They had homeward-bound, laden with sugar and in-parted with the feet for the Leeward Mande digo.

io 17 degrees lat. She also spoke with a schooWe have now as many French prisoners as ner in the windward passage, who informed will almoft ferve ro liberate all the Englilh fca- him that the troops were landed at St. Augurmen at the Cape."

tine, and were on their march to Georgia. The A Acet, with transports and soldiers on Mate of ihe packct boat is arrived at Falmoutb, board, actually failed from New York the 27th who sent this account to the above office. of November to the southward, supposed for Carolina.

A M E R I CA. Notice is sent to the officers of the Middlesex militia to join their regimenis, that they may Boston, 08. 8. We hear that the returns be ready by next month to march into the bars made to the general court from the several racks in the Savoy, Whitehal!, &c. to do dacy towns and Plantations refpecting the constituin the room of those guards who are going to rion of govetement lately agreed upon by the America.

convention of this ftate, are as follow, viz. By order of the lord Chancellor, a collection

Year 2083

Nays 9972. from the records in the Register's Office has N. B. 129 rowns and plantations have made been made, and fairly copied for his lordship's no return. 'use, which contains an account of the origin of New York, Nov. 10. The French and rebels all the offices in the court of Chancery, inge- are on ill terms. Monsieur Gerad and the conther with such alterations as have been made at gress had a quarrel, which rose ro high, that varicus times by former Chancellors, as the ad- the former had resolved to return to France, miniltrasjon of justice required.

and actually sold some of his furniture for that 15. Advices were reccived at lord George purpose; but he was diverted from his design, Germaine's office, which came by the way of and the affair was made up for the present He France, that the two Carolinas, and Georgia, told the congress that Melis. Franklin and had submitted to the British government. The Deane had misinformed his master with respect advices are looked on as authentic, as his lord. to the numbers, strength, resources, unanifhip, on the receipt of them, sent to inform mily, money, currency, articles of commerce the different officers of Atate of the above event, and fidelity of the Americans, and even with though no particulars have yet tran“pired.— respect to provisions for the French ficer. This And in the evening a cabinet council was held may be relied on. The Bollonians and at lord Weymouth's, at which all the great French fill disagrce, they have had another officers of state assisted, which fat several hours; scuffl: lately. and this morning his lord hip waited on his ma A spirit of mutiny preva'ls in Washinge jesty with the relult of their delibrations at the ton's a my. It began with the efficers, who queen's palace.

insisled on having their say increaled, as the 17 In consequence of a fresh contract be. congress morey had funk io much in value. tween the French and Aine.icans, the state of their request was den ed, but they were fome. Virginia has agreed to furnish the farmers genea what pacifid by lzige douceurs. The main ral of France annually, wih 20,000 hogenes was so great that general on heads of tobacco, at the ra'e of 6 Id per pound. thought it necellary lo wihdraw to forie dii.

This morning advice was received at the In tance from our lines. From the ffices dia house, of the loss of the Colbrooke Eall the sam: frir descended to the common (vlIndiaman, capt, Meris, t. the call. ward of diers, and he mitir became so fcrus, rj ar, the Cape of Good Hope, bound for Bombay the copsreis bave been obliged to allow them ad Chna, on a fliken ruxk; all the crew are four imos chi ir former pay; and to such an faved, exceptin so about twenig iailors. heicho is the spirit of metiny risen, iha: Walh.

25. This morning advic. wus received at the inton has been under the necessity of parcelGeucrsi Posl-Uffice, froix Palmouth, that ling our bis army into severat divifions, and


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Marriages and Deatbs.

55 dare not true them together. This is the ac 15. James Errington, Esq; of Berks, to tornt we bave from the country, and it is be- Miss Maria Cooke, of Oxford. ftreet. lizend bere. Nor is this to be wondered at, 22. Benjamin Partridge, Esq; of Upper Grofa when the deprecia:ion of the continental money venor-Itreet, to Miss Elizabeth Crofis, of Oxhenkidered. A bushel of wheat, which for-ford-ftreet. mely fold for os. or Bs now felle for sos or kako scow, that might be bought formerly for

D E A T H 3. skull now cost 45l. or sol, and all otber things in the fame proportion, even such as The infant Charles Francis, prince of Nate cestry fill affords. In short, the paper ples, and of the Two Sicilies, and heir of that terteney itself must destroy the rebellion, if crown, in his 4th year, at Naples.

by our ill management, do not cherilh and Dickson, Esq; physician at Taunton. fopart its .

The Reigning Landgrave of Helle Rhinbo-Park, Nov. 24. By accounts from the fels Rothembourg, at Caflel, field mafhal in tentry. we learn, that Capt. Joseph Branf, at the service of their Imperial M jesties. the head of a strong party of loyalists and In Miss Jenks, of Wellbeck.street. dass about the beginning of last week, attack The Sultan Mehmet, fecond son of the dad defeated a numerous body of rebels, Grand Signor, at Conftantinople. wa Cherry-valley, in Tiyun-county, and The lady of lord Deerhurst, at Ledbury, in da he afterwards totally demolished that set. Herefordshire, in chid birth. tkannt. This event has thrown the dema Lewis Grant, Esq; fourth son of Sir Ludofogues in the upper connties of this province in- vick Grant, Bart. o the greatest consternation : and Captain J. Harwood, Esq; Comptroller of the Cola Braar is carrying devaftation along the westeso toms, at Rochester. frecarier, and daily expected to pay a visit to The governor of Senegambia. the town of Goshen, in Orange county. George Weller Poley, Esq; at Bexted-hall,

The following notice appeared in the New in Suffolk, a Barrister of the Inner Templc. York Getette, of Nov. 21" To all genıle John Thornbill, Esq;of Thornhill, in Hertso refogees, and others, who are inclined to fordshire. letle on any of his majeliy's Bahama Ilands; John Wilkinson, Era; a considerable thip kis excellency brigadier general Browne pur: broker, at his house at Dyer's Hall, Upper poing to fail immediately for his governm:ne, Thames-street. with a number of troops, as well for the proreca Jacob Waliers, Efq; at Newington, formerly ties of those irlands, as for the fafety of its log- an Italian merchant.

inhabitants, will give every encouragement The right hon. the countess of Litchfield, ia a bis power to those who are desirous to re. Hill-freet, Berkeley-square. the thicher during the rebellion. The salubri James Grim Read, Eq; fa'merly an agcac

of the climate of these islands, with the viciualler for Gibraltar and Minorca. rex advantages to be reaped in time of war, Jan, 3. John Bingley, Esq; in New Bondi fo well known that it is needless to say morc ftreet. on the subjeQ; only as a further encourage 3. David Lloyd, Esq; at Berllandowyll, in mese, his excellency the commander in chief | the county of Carmarthen, and justice of peace will order the necessary provisions for their for that county.. Spege upon proper application.- Land will

3. Cap. Hulley, at Tower hill, com. be granted to those who apply for it.” mander of a ship in the Streights trade. MARRIAGE s.

4, Mss. Hamilton, wife of Mr. Hamilton,

printer, in Falcon-court, Fleet- ftreet. The Rev. George Loggon, rector of Law. 5. Capt. Robert Harper, at his house at fard , in Efez, to Mifs Raiment, of Besk- Deptford.

7. Roger Sedgwick, Esq; an eminent banJan. 1. Michael Dodson, Firq; of Cliffordsker at Manchester. bea, to Miss Jenkinfoo, of Mariborough. 9. Roger Slann, Efq; merchant, at his 4 M. Bolland, of Old Swan Lane, to house in Mark-lane. Mills Gipps, of Canterbury.

9. Charles William Sjunders, Efq; in Great 6. Mr. Nathaniel Wright, builder, of Al. Portland-Areet. balgate-street, to Miss Skinner, of che same 10. Charles Moseley, Esq; late a Dutch mere

chant, at Chelsea. 1. Sir John William Pole, of Shute. in De 10. Thomas Glent worth, Esq; a: his house obine, Bart. to Miss Templer, of Slover at Fulham.

10. Mrs Holliday, a widow lady of 5. Mi6 Wro:telley, one of the maids.fho. ample fortune, at Watford, Herts. auto birt majesty, and Gifter to the duches 12. George Macartney, Elq: at Dublin, fa. of Cration, so Colonel gardener,

ther of lord Macarın y, governor of Grenada. 13. Mr. Henderson, Comedian, of the 12. The Rev Henry L' thingron, D. D. Theatre Rotal

, Drury lane, to mils jmie at Eanburne, in suflex. vices of that purish, Tiggins , of Chippenham, Wilts.

and of Bexhill, in the fame county


14. Mr.

-Campbell, mercer, in Bishopf-, of Salisbury Square, Fleet.ftreet, printer. John gate-street.

Steele, of Chicheiter, suflex, timber-merchant. 14. Mrs. White, wife of Mr. White, book Thomas Amory of the Strand, ironimonger. feller, in Fleet-ftreet.

William Futcher, Lockyer, of Fawley, in Samuel Sykes, Esq; at Hoxton.

Southampton, deater. John Boyall, of Mar. 18. Edward Comber, Esq; clerk of the Bri. ket Deeping, Lincolnshire tanner. Edward stol road, at the General Post-office.

Rimmer, or Warrington, in Lancalhire, COID20. David Garrick, Efq; at his house at factor. Rorrt Bord, of Aldermanbury, Hampton.

mercbant. Joseph Merryman, of Edmonton, 21. Mr.--Hunt, a wholesale grocer, in broker Alexander Catmur, of IronmongerNewgate-street.

lane, brokom John Davis, of Lower ftreet, B A N K R U P T S.

Illington, cow-kueper. Joh. Bridgen, of Ut

txeter, Staffordiliie, apothecary. Richard Stephen Reinhard, of Milstead, in Kent, malt Camps of W rmpay, in Norfolk, merchant. ster. George Walker, the youn er, of Road, in John Turton, of B istel, merchant. Henry Somersetzhire, clothier. Richard Ware, late Marriot, of B'fh. pigate-freet, carpenter, of Lodgate-hill, Stationer. George Holt, of William Litchfield, of Brick-ftreet, HanoverWhitechapel, brewer. Thomas Noiton, of square, cow-keeper. Thomas Smith, of Fleet-Atreet, haberdasher. George Taylor, late Long acre, upho sterer. Jofeph Steel, of of Cha' ham, money fcrivener. John Kitle, Chepping Wyc mb, in Bucks, tanner. John Jate of Thames-stree', glover. Benjamin Compom, of Bishops Waltham, Hants, groSaunders, of Cenarth, in Caermarther fhire,


Thomas Kiniyside, of Fashian-street, fhop-keeper. Jonathan Couri, of Woodford, Spitalfields, carpenter. William Fuller, of Row, in Efex, mariner. Tbomas Cieafer, Lambeth, broker. Thomas Chaloner, of St. Dow or late of the ci'y of Bich, in Somerset. John's freei, coal-merchant, Isaac Titford, fhire. Charles O'Hara, of Salisbury-ftreet, in and Samuel Jones, of the Strand, sword-cut. the Strand, wine merchant. John Watts, of lers. Thomas Pickersgill, of Liverpool, haCompton-Areet, Westminfler, upholder. Ro- berdasher. Thomas Clark, Jobe Ellior, and bert Moyfett, of Lombard-treet, hatter Richard Bartlett, of Weymouth, Dorfershire, and hosier. Henry Floud, otherwise Hiniy merchants. William Yate, of Kidderminfter, Flood, of che City of k xeter, dyer. Robert Worcestershire, grocer. William Haynes, ef Roblon, of Richmond, Yorkihire, grocer. Sa- the Old Change, Callico-glazer. James King. pusi Bevan, of Whitechapel, brandy mer. fton, of Old Artillery Ground, folk-weaver. chant. Ralph Tatham, late of Havering John Walker, of Harp-alley, broker. John Park, Elex, scrivener

. Llaze moor, of Green Gunbie, of Holborn, distiller. Mary Sanyer, wich, cooper. Emanuel Wiliams, of New- of Duke-street, Westminster, milliner. Hanington, Surry, stone-mason. James Healey, nah Sumner, of Wigan, Lancashire, milliner. of Bagnigge-marth, Clerkenwell, brick maket. John Nightingale, of Preston, Lancashire, haThomas Pritchett, of Camberwell, innkeeper. bedaher. William Renell, of Exeter, moWilliam Mauricet, of Highgate, merchant. ney scrivener, Thomas Carter, of Chester, Thomas Williams, of Oxfo:d street, haber-, innholder. Moses De Päiba, of Sion College dashur. William Cockcroft, of Scocks, in gardens, Broker. John Wright, of Chatham, Halifax, Yorkshire. Samuel Smith, of Taun. upholder. John Oliver, of Coldwell, in Nor. fon, St. Jamer, in Someretfie, dyer. John thumberland, drover. John Hull, and Charles Taylor, of Pockthorpe, Norwich, baker. Tho. Hall, of Holborn, hatters. Samuel Osborne, mas Smith, of Leadenhall street, oilman. of Birmingham, factor. ,,Edward Raggets, of Henry Sump:er, of St. John the Evangelift, Rippon, Yorkshire, grocer. David Jones, of in Westminster, stone mason. Joseph Hale, Bury, in Lancashire, vintner. William Har. of Curtain' road, Shoreditch, buckram-fif- rison, of Conglerod, in Chesbite, grazier. Johan

fener. Richard Lloyd, and Sporrier Flah. Pope, of Brittol, cabinet-maker. Benjamin man, of Exeter, coach-mallets.

Edward | Wriggiesworth, of Tadcaster, Yorkhire, cornGraham, of Casline, Cumberland, drover. fallor. Daniel Hutchenson, of Nicholas-lace, William Bell, of Carlisle, drover. Simcon dealer. William Milligan, of Kirkby Ken. Joseph, of Reedness, Yorkshire, mopokeeper. dal, in Westmoreland, liden-draper. AbraJoseph Cooper, of Gloucester, tanner. Johnson ham Young, of St. Sepulchre's, feedfman. Gildart, James Gildart, jun. and Vicor Bu- | Thomas Tyler, of Great Prescot-treet, Good ligny, of Liyerpool, merchants. Jonin Davis, Dan's fields, watch-maker. George Mallifon, of Billtone, in Scaffordshire, tos-maker. Tho- of Bihopsgate, coach-mafter. Richard Baker mas Wakefeld, of Birmingham, roy-maker. of Kingston upon Thames, mealman, Witijam James Forhyth, of William-street, Adelphi, Smart, and Henry Smart, of Billiaghurst, soal merchant. John $cort, of Wapping, Suflex, timber-merchants. John Vaugham, of lighterman. Joseph Harris. of Church-down, , Bristol, merchant. George Smith, of PockGloucesterfiise, dealer, William Richardson, "hiH, Yorkfhire, dealer.

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