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Lady's Magazine;


Entertaining Companion for the FAIR Sex, appro

priated solely to their Use and Amusement.

For FEBRUARY, 1779. .

This NUMBER contains

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i Military Distress

59 16 Occasional Letters to Bob Short 93 1 Letter from Miss Clifford 10 Mils17 Funeral of Dr. Bryce

94 Granby

0318 History of Capt. Herbert and Miss Nu3 Epitome of the Life of Mrs. Ann


26 Baynard 6519 The Tale of Geneura

97 4 Histoire d'Epaminondas

68 20 On the Bchaviour of Serrants Ś The Virtuous Villager. A moral Tale 21 POETRY.-On the amiable and ac

complihed Mirs Anne Bay - Prologue 6 The Suspicious Husband's Stratagem to the Law of Lom'nely-Epiloyu. to

the same-spilo u':0 Jehu---Imitation , Rural Excursion in September 73 from Petron, Afri upon the sight of & Thoughts in younger Life 76 a beau:iful Lady's Portrait – The delo 9 An allegorical Epislle to a young mar pairing Shepherd, a Paítoral-Death, a ried Lady


101-104 10 The true Point of Honour 78 22 Foreign News

105 11 The Matron 83 23 Home News

107 11 The Law of Lombardy

8624. American News 13 The Governels 8725 Births

ibid 14 The Moral Adviser 89 26 Marriages

ibid is Life and Aftions of Admiral Keppel 27 Deaths 90 128 Bankrupts


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This Number is embellished with the following Copper-Plates, viz. s. An elegant Pattern for an Apron or Handkerchief. 1. An affecting historical

Piąure of Military Distress : and 3. A Song, jer to Music by Mr. Handel.

LONDON : Printed for G. Robinson, No. 25, Paternoster-Row, where Favours

from Correspondents will be received.

To our


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E return our thanks to the translator of Rousseau's Emilia, and could

with that our whispers had the same effect on every one of our correspondents of the fame description : besides the above, we are favoured with the Series of Letters from the same person, and shall insert both pieces in our

We are sorry to find by the author of the letters from F. Scudamore to Lady Saville, that the one prior to her last was omitted, and that it was owing to some oversight in the post, as we can pledge our honours that it never cams to our hands. This letter contained an account of Mr. Scudamore's illness, recovery, and departure for her father's house, with the death of her mother: and if she is poffeffed of any copy, it shall be published prior to that we are honoured with this month, as the interruption in the thread of the hiftory will be less confused.

We are obliged to Urgaina likewise for intimating this discovery. If the learned lady, who has favoured us with two letters from the French, will proceed in the series, we shall be obliged to her.

Among other pieces in prose, we are favoured with several Solutions to the Rebufes in the Supplement, which we are obliged to poftpone, as the redundancy of public and temporary matter left us no room for them. We are obliged to Chrift. G-w for a Lift of Women's Names, to Maria Clara for feveral Solutions, Harriet Ophelia for Lift of Towns and Villages in Efix, to j. H. R. for list of young Ladies in or near Rochdale, to Juvenis for Reflections ou the Awfulneji of Death, to Amelia for a Solusion of the Question relating to ebe Hole at the Top of Yia-Pori, which she seems to have mistaken, &c.

In poetry, we are favoured with Verses on Winter, &c. by Amelia_To Miss B, by Juviais-On a young 'Lady at Hull, by T. G. M. C. B.--To Miss G—, by Armigir- An Acrostic, by a Confant Reader -To a young Lady, by G. R--:- Paradife Regained, by 1. F. F.-To Mrs. M-, hy M. S-a. Solution of the extraordinary Mountain, by Harriel-The Wij, by Henrietta C-r. Epitaph on Mr. Garrick, by J.) - Damon and Delia, &c. by Mr. HawkinsSong, by Ti-b.-On the Death of a Lady's Linnet, by Henrietia G-.--Verses written by a Lady in Afriction.-To Delia, by Eugenius-Ben's Soliloquy, by -n. On the Death of Mr. 5. Goodwin, by L.-Solution to an Enigmatical Description of a Mountain. by W. D. Wach.- A Song in Score, the words by Mr. Smieb, the music by Mr. Mafiot; with a prodigious number of others, which, though we cannot enumerate, we are under great obligations for.

We fatter ourselves that our readers will justly attiibute the omiffion of our not noticing the taking the island of St. Lucia, (in the West Indies) and our recovering the province of Georgia, upon the continent of North America, as related in the London Gazette ordinary and extraordinary, to their very late appearance in this short month. In our next our readers will find these accounts at large. The same cause, we hope, will apologize for our not men tioning the happy delivery of the queen, and the birth of another prince, ia the proper department of the Magazine.

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Lady's Magazine;




MILITARY DISTRESS; of nature, to that generous compassion

which impells us to pity, to succour OR

the distressed. Benevolence is certaina DAM INVILLE

ly one of its first prccepts, which MonAn ANECDOTE. forin was always an enemy to.

He ILufrated and einbellished witò an ele to attending on its folemn offices, but

confined himself to going to church, gaat Plats, from a Defizr of one of the he returned more inhuman, more amoji eminent Artists in Paris.

varicious. TONSORIN was one of those His wife, who brought him an am.

whom riches corrupts and deple fortune, died of a broken heart, praves ; perhaps he might have been on account of his manner of life, and born with the tendereft feelings, but left him an only son, named Daminthe genial feed was choaked by wealth. ville. The thirst of growing rich was his In contrast to his father, this young master passion; it entirely engrossed man was endowed with the most ami. him, and he sacrificed his life to it. able qualities : he was, especially, beFrom hence followed his obduracy, nevolent, and poffeffed of the nicest his studied inhumanity, his infatiable feelings. His noble and interesting avarice, his decided contempt, his ha- port announced an heart open to all tred of every thing that could excite those impressions which ennoble our in him an idea of distress, while on the nature. He was near two and twenty. other hand he profituted his homage If sensibility be the source of virtues, to the leaft dawnings of fortune. Alit likewise sometimes involves in era rich man seemed to him to be made of rors and chagrin, the almost inevitable a different substance from others of the consequence of the passions. Somefpecies. Would any one think it pos. times honourable love is not less to be fible that a man of this cast, no less dreaded than that which is vicious. abfurd than injurious to his fellow The former is attended with a kind creatures, a thing so odious, should of fanaticism so much the more diffipique himself on the practice of piety? calt to fubdue, because supported by I mean, that Monsorin milaking the pride, which makes it appear greater true {pirit of devotion, attached him- in our own eyes : the more important felf only to the extrrier, and either the facrifices are which it makes us miftook, or was totally ignorant of the offer, though it flatters and tyrannifes duties which true religion requires. over us. He would not think, that it adds to Daminville, instead of regarding the that propensity which is an emanation avaricious principles of his father, gave

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