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Bagdal, June 15.

Ihappened in the affairs of Persia, but we have

not yet learnt the particulars any more than of E have been for fone months uncer he revolution which is sito have happened

taln about the fate of Kerim Kan, in Egypt. Since the ad of his minth we have Regent, or, more procely, King of Pe sa, nt heard of any fies. The people begin enbut we have now rice veci formal accounts of tirely to ch.nge ebeir npinions, and approve his death, which happened at Schiras, on the of the measures adopted by the new Grand 15th of March. His eldet lon, A bolfat Kan, Vilir, who has found means to reconcile liimwith the advice of Zeki Kan, and Sadid Kin, Set to the ulemas, or lawyers, who were his his uncles, having concealed his father's grea'est enemies, and he has also quieted the doach, fummoned on various pre exts the Janisaties by removing her chief, who was a principal Kans, Sultans, and o. her chiefs of very carbulent min. Their Iranquillity seems the country, whom he fufpected of being confimed by their pay.days having parfed wi h. against hs incereft, 10 come to the palace out any disturbance, which was mach dreaded, where he had them all massacred, not ca- as it is said projes were actua ly formed to ceptiog (wo cousins of Kerim Kæn. After depose the Grand Signior and his ministers on this bloody expedition he arrested Manerola har day. We hope tin at the Ramazan, or Lent, Mirza, who migltt have some pretentions lo wiil país equally quiet. the throne of Persia. He then published his Rome. Sepe. 29. Yesterday morning about father's death, and, fupported by 10,000 men, leven o'c'ock, we are informed, that a Azn of had himself declared Rogent of Persia and lighting Aruck the magazine of powder in clie chose his two uncles for bis zenerals and mi- citadel of the Civita Vecchia. The effect of nisters. Almost all the governors of cities the explofion, by the velocacy of the communi. and chiefs of Hord-s have acknowledged him, cation of the fire to all the barrels, which were and sent him presents. Persia is now as quiet very numerous, was fuch, that in a moment as in the reign of Kerim Kan, and money is the roof of the gove nor's palace was blown up, Atriking at Ispahan, in the name of the new the walls split alunderi the Mount of Piery Regent. The Pacha of this city has even fent thrown dows and deftroged, an iron gate broke a Turkish cfficer to congratulace Abolfat Kan to pieces, two Mips at anchor in the mole of on his accession to the théone of Perba; this the ralle were funk, with their whole cargoes; prince is 24 years of age.

the churches and houses in the neighbourhood Ragusa, s.p. 14. We have received advice damaged, and the windows broken. Only five by a vellal from Salonic", that the Albanians persons have hitherio been found dead; but it is have ent'rely disappeared from thie Mosea sinee presumed there will be more, as an extraordithe Turkish troops have obrajved (10 vidło nary number of wounded persons have been, ries over them, which cpi? 8000 men on one with difficulty, raken out from under the runs. fide or other; and to the honour of the Cap. Copenbagen, 04. 2. In consequence of a re. tain Pacha ir must be mentioned, that to stop qu'sition, by Mr. Fden, envoy extraordinary the farther effusion of blood, he granted to the from London, the king has ordered two transramainder of the Albanians part of what they port (h ps, brought into !h: port of Bergen by required, together, wth a sum of money. a frigate calling berself one of Paul Jones's Among the other artic'cs of the treacy it is quadron, to be delivered up. The E»glih agreed, th't Albania Thall for the fu ure be thips above mentioned were, the Betty, of governed by a Bacha ; that the Porte, forget- Liverpool, and the Union of London, for ring what has happened, Gall grant a general Quebec and New Yo:k, laden on account of pardon to all the guilty; that that nacion government. His majesty, when he ordered Aall enjoy for the 'u'ore ceita ni privileges, these vefsels to be verlored with their cargore, and some exempions rela.ive to his mariige gave orders to stop the Amer can cossair, 2 + trade to the cla:es of th: Grand Signior. in hours after their depariure, to prevent them a confequence of this arragemear the Albani- second time from being incommoded. ans, who were in the Morea, have recerned Contantiropie, 027. 4. The deputies from to their own country again, and have primiled Crimea Tariary having executed their cornis. dit to leave it without a particular order from fion, only was a favourable wind to retuita the Porte.

home : befides several presents of ralue, the Conftantinopke, Sept 19. One of the Sultanas Porte alle gave them 10.000 plalters for their 'is brought to bed of a prioce, wbo has been travelling expences. All the arricles of the named Mustapha: his highress has now three flaft convention with Ruflia, relative to Crimea Cons. We are afluis_d, that a great chaoge has and its chief, are fully ratified, but the Russian Vol. X.


minister could not get the deputies to be pube They write from Angiers, that almost all ! Tickly treated as the ministers uf an independent the inhabitants in that and the neighboring prince.

provinces are affiliated with the dysentery. Trieste, 027. 11. We have just received some

Hague, Nov. 3. Advice is received from Jellers from Constantinople, which say, that Brelt, that moje ihan 12.000 seamen have al. the inhabi ants of that great city are now a- ready fallen a sacrihce to the epidemical disorder mong fire and fames, that half the capital is ro pievalent at this time in the combined Acets burni down, and that it seems almost impor. at ihat port. hible to stop the popular dithu bances.

Hague, Nov. 6. The States General hare Cadiz, 0* 14. The Court of Spain give given orders for all their secrlements in the Ealt great encouragement to all American sailors | Indies to be put in a proper Date of defence. That will ente into their service, judying them Utrecbt, Nov. 7. The deputies of the Stares much fuperior to their own; they have now of the province of Utrecht being informed en hard their feets npw.rds of scoo of them, chat an epidemical disorder rages in the neighand more a'e daily arriving from America. bouring provinces, and that it had even go:

Lisbon, 0.7. 16. The Marquis de Pombal, into this province, resolved, " That from the la'e prime minister of Nare, who, during the sth of this month till the ift of April. 1780, perine reign, has been a continual onject of no Jews or other persons should be permitted persecution and haired, is at last condemned to go about the country buying and selling 20 to perpetual imprisonment. Two members of kind of lik, wool, cotton, or linco manufacthe council were for taking his life ; but tures, on pain of being severely punithed." her majesty, hearkening ocly to her Hogue, Nov. 12. They write from Madrid, clemency, mitigated his punithmeat. This is that that court had given positive orders that no probably the last time tha! this minister will Russian ship of war should, in fotorc, be par be heard of all his death.

mited to enter any Spaniih port in the MeditchMadrid. 07. 21. We have received advice ranean, on any presence whatever. that Don Barcelo, in consequence of unfavour Stockholm, Nov. 15. The grand balon which able winds, has been obliged to quir bis fta:ion has been fo:med at Čarlsc:oog is reckoned on: before Gibraltar, and that an English frigate of the finest performances of the age. I had condu&led to that fortress a chebec which contains 24 places, in which ships may be had on board the equipige of a in p of war be only be kept dry, but may be taken cas by longing to the division of Don Juan Langa'a. Jerring in water af any lime, which may be

Paris, 081, 24. We have accounts from done joto any one of those places separately. Martinico that a storm has caused great damage The engincer who had he, direction of this in that is nd on the sih. of August. Fur work is Mr. Tunberg, and he has acquired reen ships were much dam.ged; the quarter of great, reputarion by it. He has also invented St. Peter fuffered mor, and the Fort Royal a fore of, with which one map was a litle da naved; almost all the plants discover the na'ure of the soils uoder waler. have been to'n up by the roots, and 75,000 Hague, Nov. 19. There are only tweets, negroes are in danger of bring starved. five men of war equipped out of the forty-one

Paris, 08. 30. It is remarked boe with that were agreed upon.' These will be disided chagrin, that near all the merchant Acets of into four {quadrons, one of which will be the English have the good fortune to arrive composed of nine ships, two of 36 guas, one of safely at their deftinae.ons, whilst ours have 10 44, one of 40, two of 36, one of 30, and combat cither the winds or the enemy's priva. of 26 gu's, and will be cymmanded by the teer, The Acet especied from ibe Welt In- Count de Byland, and is delt ned to cruiz: ! dies has been dispersed, and live ai Chips loft. the Mediterranean. The second will confifts The capain of one of ehrm, who is arrived at tire fhip, one of 64 gens, one of 36. erem Be leili, dec! res, ila the day after the storin, 40, and two cf 35 gurs, and will be commande which they met with forty jezglies from the ed by Rear Admiral Binker, and will fail ou Bertrandlas Nandsp ha fe'l in wiele iwo Chips of the West Indies. The third will only be ce the co voy, cnet wlieti junk foon after, and poled of iwo ships, one of 64, and ihe other the other, having been struck with lightning of 36 guns, uoder command of Capt Reni Wis all on fire; folhat he had only time to and will go to the Coast of Guinea. The lave the crew of the former, and a few unfor. Sourth squadron will be commanded by Ad tunate mon from the latter.

miral Ryolt, and coolilt of nine ships, iwo of Paris, 0.57. 31 We have recived letiers 65, (wo of 56, one of 40, odc of 36, from Spain which inform us, that the go. 30, and two of 26 guns, wbich are to remain vernor of Gibra'tar having 90 p!'y suffered the in the ports of the Republie, to be employed as troons of his Cacholic Mwiny to raise their occasion may require. The three frit mentworks and batteries of 200 cannon against that oned squadrons will fail the end of this month place, bar, just after their fin thing them, for their respective destinations, and will escort played on then with such and eff&t as (0- all the vetiels of these provinces which * tally to delir.y choir works, and disimount ready, except thosc, ladea with contrabası their battories.

goods, wood for thipsnilding, &c.

one of


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, is

LONDON. 08. 21. of the late earl of Suffolk ; no other promo:ions

or changes to k place. VOL. Harcourt killed the kings hand on be The regiment railed at Dalkeith, in Scot. in the room of gene: al Burgoyne, who has re completed ; the men baving entered for three Signed the above command, with all other de. years only, have been prevailci npon to take pendencies on government, to the amount of his mjesty's bounty ro ferve till the end of the 3500l. per ann.

war, and to be incorporated with the guards. Plymoub, 08. 22. This evening the grand Nov. I. This morting an express arr ved at feet passed by bere under the command of Sir the East India hause, from Portsmouth, with Charles Hardy, and was joined from hence by the agreeable news of the sale arrival of the four mo e 74 gun fhips, and i wo frigates of 32 feet of East Indiamen from the River Shannon, guns each ; so that the whole fleet now confits in Limerick, off Spithead, all wel', under con of 40 Ahips of the line, one go guo ship, five voy of the Jupiter, and other frigates. This frigates of 32 guns each, (wo of 28 gons, (wo Meet is said to be the richest ever known to arrive ot 24 guns, three Noops, and eight firelhips. at one time.

Prefon, O&. 26. The mob this day came to 2. The latest accounts fom Lisbon still conthe works of Meff. Watson, and entirely de firm, that the Portugues: are de:ermined to ftroyed them. The reason of their being de observe the stricteft neutrality with the present ftroyed was, that the proprietors of the works belligerent powers. thought themselves so secure, by there being 3. His m-jefty has made a prefent, our of some foldiers in the town, that they were quite bis privy puife, of soo guinea: io Mis. För.. unprepared ; and the rioters coming a different mer, widow of the lare Capr. Farmer, of the road than what they expected, ruthed upon the Quebec frigate, to defray the expences of her works, and curned the cohorns that were to "zing-in. have played upon them against the building. The marquis of Carmarthen is going to raise We arc qui:e in an uproar, they swearing that soo more men in Yorkshire, for the lervice of they will set all the town on fire from the op- government, having raised the like number a position they met with, but we will do all in few months ago. our power to prevent them.

Yesterday, at a little past two o'clock, che All the regiments of infantsy belonging to lord mayor, with Mr. Alderina Kennett, the the elector of Brunswick have received orders mayor elect, acccompanied by the following to provide themfelves with tenis, as they are aldermen, viz. Allop, Townsend, Crefby Soon to be employed in his Britannic majesly's Thomas, Hart, Hayley, Peckham, Clarke, service.

Plomer, Sa : sbury, Kichen, the two sheritis, 27. A Du ch captain, just arrived in the ri. recorder, and other city officers, waited upin ver from Cadiz, brings advice, that whilit he the Lord Chancellor at his h use n OrmondJay in the bay fix men of war, two fr gates, street, and having been introduced to hi: Iord Nip, and eighteen iransports, failed with reinforce the recorder (Mr. Adair) according to utval ments for the Spanish garrisons in the Weltcuflom, acquainted the Lord Chancellor, that Indics, where both France and Spain ase me. the city of London had proceded to che a dirating some enterprize of the wimost importe mayor for the year ensuing, and that Mr. Alance.

ceiman Kenncit had been du'y elelled, a genThe aldermen and common council of the Weman every way quaiihed forihe high and inr. city of Dublin had agreed to address their re- pucant office to which he had been cholen, presentatives in parliament not to vote for any and after passing a sho:t panegyric on his abilia money bills of longer duration than six months, pies, concluried wi' he saying, he made not the until the great obje&i, a free trade, is obtained. lealt doubt but the alderman above-mentioned

The East India Company do not expect any would execute the duties of the high and im more of their ships home trom the East Indies portant cffice to wh ch he had b-en appointed un'il the latter end of Janu ry, or the begin by his fellow citizens, wil uprighenefs, arning f February; hy which time they are pro- Gdaily, and integrity.. The Lord Chance lor mited to have a strong convoy for them from hen addresting himself to Mr. Alderman KenSt. Helena.

nett fajd, hr was d rected to inform hm, 39. Wedocsday lord Stormont kissed his ma- chat his majesty had been made acquainted jehy's kood on being appointed secretary of with the clection, and highly approved of the Aase for the Northern department, in the room.)choice of the citizens of London." After who

ibe Chancellor shock him by the hand, and, 20,000 trorps were actually embaiked; 10 coa wilhed him health to go through the fa igyes to serve as marines, and she remainder to act on of his office. The company were regaled wich land as occ.lion mighe require; tha: his squawine and cakes, and then re!urn:d to the Man- dren were all in the highet hea. th and fpirits, Gon-house.

and only aoxious for mccring the combined 5. The keels of four new men of war are enemies of their country. The wind having ordered to be laid on the focks in the king's chopp.d about to the northward, 2.d coat ouyards, in the course of the present m.n.b, viz. ed blowing from that quarter or she tall four one of go guns, at Wool wich; one of 70, 40 or five day, there is very reason to expeâ Sir Chatham; one of 74, at Porilmou h; and one Cha: es has not only failed, but that the fileers of 60, at Plymouth ; begides here, chrec more áse near o her, if the French and Spani. of th: shid rate are contracted for at private aids have left B eft. yads, a: Hull, Southampion, and Harwich. Sir Charles Hordy hiving been joined by the

A new ship of war, of 70 guns, is ordered to Shrew (bury, Canata, Monarch, sippen and be built al Chatham dock yard, to be called Tariar frigate, hus no* under his command 44 the Oírraburgh.

fail of the line, two fifties, 19 frigates, 8 fiueDarincuit, Nov. 6. The following is an ships, and 22 cutlers exact account of the cargo of the Stanıth thip Excer, Nov. 12. We have ju't rece ved ad. the N. S. de Piedal, taken by the Dore priva vce here from Plymou!), that his majesty's leer of this port, and cow (ife in our harbour ; lipihe Apolio b.d, after a defperare engage142,117 Gilver dollars,

mene (in which Cupe Powoa'l, who con mand. 38,949 Aiars in gold doubloons, ed, wat dangerously wounded, and it is sad, 31 ingots ot xoid,

is dead) taken the Belle Poul, a French frigate, 5 ingots of liver,

of 40 gurls. 42 bales of fine boaver,

13. The latelt accounts from Gibraltar, a11,061 hides in the bar,

mong » variety of other particulars say, that 3 balcs of fine woul,

admi al Dofthed aken the cannon cat of his i dirlo fine tur.

nip, and pi-need them on a battery lately creci. Exelosive of the ingots of gold and Giver (the ca oa tlic New Niue, and which ivas fo judic. value of which is not kn.sw.)he rest of the oully louated as to keep the i'n my ar too cuecargo, as far as it has been known by the biils liderable a distance to be able 1o do any imperof lading (though it is repposed there is more tant execution even on the t.wa. on boa d) an:0:nts to 80.ocol.

15. Advice is riceved from Gibraltar, that 7. Lurd Macartney was at count for the first they had found reans to gee into that gairies time since his arrival in town, on his pirule of upwards of 100 head of liye cattle from the honour from Fiance, and had a long conference cost of Burbary, and that the troops wee ja with the king

high Spirits and good healih, being well up 8. An accuulot is ordered to be taken, anded with every siecillary of litc; also that the sent over to this k ngcon, of 'he number and Spaniards have no: ye done any damage to the nature of he feveral manuteliures now cried fore:fic tons, nes are hey under any apprcheson in Ireland, in orde: io lwy the fame before lions of their being able to take it. the Brain pariiament at the time of their The following thips are lo fail with Sir mecting

George Bridges to the well-toeves, 10. The following is the disposicion of 'he viz. troops in North America, according to the last

Guns, Commanders, re?uros :

Sandwich of 9c Sir G. Rodacy. New York,


C-p:. Young. Long in nu,

3300 Aj x

74 Uvedale. Penobsco!,

sco Mop agus

74 Houi on. Halifax,

1390 Shiez pou y

7+ Robin'oa. Canido,

44 S: H. Pa kr. Georgia,

jocc Greyhound 28 Dixon. Florida,

359 Cycieps

28 Robertson.

20 Freder:ek. 29000 Hurnit

16 Haswell. The last dispatches received by government from Sir (borlis Hardy, were daird from Tor

Extra&t of a letter from ou Officer loro belongings bay, the 3 of November, where his quidron

ibe Qurbec frigate, dared at Bref, 08. 14, at that time lay wind bound: lie informed the

1779, to bis faiber in London, admiralty, however, that the moment the " Itake this filt opper:uniy of writing to smallest varia! on in the wind (bou d permit of you, ured father: we are at persent on his tailing, he meant immediately io lreich board one or their ships, but expect to be conover for Breall n ferch of the enemy, whom veyed in prison emy tour. Through favour. he was wellinto med layihee, detained by the of Providescu, I was one of those who lwam. fame contrary wind, in the cuter roads of Biest, and was one taken on board the Sc. Veiitanie; with as Lil of the line, on board of which forty of us in all.


25.0 Phænix

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* The following is a lif of th-ir names, :of people, who at length dispersed without any which for the fatisfaction of their friends, be other mitchief being done except the breaking pleased to publish.

of the windows in the house of the attorney ge“ Lieutenant Roberts, Thomas Field, lieut. neral, by some unthinking persons, carried of marines; James Read, master's mate; Jo away by the influence of an overheated zeal." leph Crookes, carpenter ;

William Rowle. 17. The pension lift of Ireland, from LadyRunner's mate; Daniel Crawford, furgeon's day 1775, to Lady-day 1777, amounted io mare; John Eveni', John Hay, Thomas Quay, 208,9441, and from 1777 to 1779, 60119,9621. Ralph Iladley, John Connei, Benjamin Roes, so that there was a saving of:88,98:1. in the Joleph Tracle, Thomas Couper, William two last years. Butcher, Job Cooms, John Reynolds, Tho In the military pensions in Ireland, during mas Pearce, Joon Durcanton, Thomas Raw the above time, there was a decrease of 4359). lins, Richard Hadley, John Marr, John'i ard, bur then thee was an increase upon the traff San.uel Summe's, Johu Yardley, John Buck of 24071. ley, John Sweetman, Thomas Parrods, Wila The chapter of incidents, viz. fecret service, Jiam Bulliwin, William Bail, Thomas Fordan, &c. in Ireland, from 1775 10 1777, was Daniel Kelly, Robert Jones, John Raymount, 33,7741. from thence to 1779, 32,4941. so that William Baldwin, John Conner, Joseph Lit there was a saving of 12791. tichill, Ennick Knapp, William Pact, William The debt of Ireland up to, 1779, Wallford, Simon Bannis.

amounted to 1,062,5971, bút neither the Ton" We are treated with the utmolt care and cine annuiiics, nor ihe arrears due were in. humanity.

JAMES READ.” cluded, nor the deficiencies for seven months 56. On Friday lalt a courier arrived in town before in the several departments of the reexpres from Paris with advice, that most of venue. the edicts of Comic D'Ellaing made after the The lottery intended to raise part of the supply conquest of Grenada, had been refcinded by or in Ireland fur next y aris to confit of 40,000l. dere. of the court, in conlcquence of the spirit- tickets, at sl. each; the highest prize io,cool. ed mem rial of the chamber of commerce. The The prizes a clo bear interest at four per cent. proprietors, thrrefore, of estates in that isand but to be paid off in a certain time. will not be wanronly dispofleffed of them by 18. The squadron under the celebrated comshe decrees of a perfid.ous vi&tor; and even the mod, re Jones, now in the Texel, and which sugars that were ready for exporting, are order is supposed will pue to lea between the 2ch cd to be thipped for France, and from thence ar.d 25th inft:ol, confit of the follow ng sn ps. to be sent to Englani in neutral bottoms fos ? hey are to go north about, and are sa d to be the use of the British owners.

bound to Philadelphia, Extract of a letter from Dublin, Nov. 16. The Serapis, of 44 guns, taken near Hull,

" Yesterday be ween seco and 6cco working Jones's ship. manufacures allembled before the Parliament The Alliance, of 36 guns on one deck, House, in College Green, and at the avenues Bofton built. Jeading the cta, cry ng out, " a free trade, a The Monfieur, of : 2 guns, belunging to the hort money bil, and the rights of Ireland;" St te of Pensylvania, purecaled by the French. and stopping the members on their eniralice The Palas, of 32 guns, Bosti in onill, fitted into the house, they swore them to support the oui ar br. 1, and manned chiefly with Ameinterest of their country, by voting for a lyrican prisoners from Plymouth' and Poitimonths money bill. The millitary was huonght mouh. in order to suppress this alleinbly, but the peo The Revenge, of 14 guns, a Philade'phia ple appeared lo determined and fixed to their brigantine. puipole, that any attemp. of that kind would The Langerville, of 12 guns, French built. have been aliended with much mitcier and Sea Horse (urter, 18 guns, a prize. effufion of blood on both sides. Those mem A renser llroo, & guns. bers who approved themselves friends .o their The America, of 24 gros, is Mill at Bergen, country were received with cle louded acca ma | in No vay, and will, i is supposed, join him rions of jo; and gratitude. The women j ined in the tid feas. They all carry both French in the repeated shouts of a free tride, lhort mo- and American a burs, to insure their fafety ney bill

, &c. whilft terror and dismay ap. in any neutral pore that might incide to lop palled the souls of many.

them or their prizes, " The gentlemen who composed the lawyers 19. The Fench are dismantlinp their fleet, corpo attended' unas med, and echoed the huzzas and landing the provisions; the Spanish Admi. of the manufacturers; ct :he same : ime alluring ral Cordov., wi h the major part of h's Chips, is them that they might recuro quierly to their also preparing to quit Brest, and return l.ome Felpective ploces, as every exertion would be to Cadiz; so that our navsi war, as far as devied to procure what it was equally their in pended on the operations of the combined terelt, and that of the kingdom in general to Meets of the inen y, and the Britih fleet under sccmplith. The lord mayor, and sheriffs also, the command of Sir Charles Hardy, may be diningoishid:hemselyes on this occafion to pre- concluded to be over for this year. The Brivent any evil consequences from thie concourse I tifh feet be divided cast and west, one part


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