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of it will winter ac Plymouth, and the other Lord Hgde packet-boat left that island, the 16th part at Portsmouth.

of September, that D'Estaing had failed from They wrice from Brest, that a fine new fri- Cape Frarçois for North America, with 26 gate of 36 guns, with a number of soldiers on fail of the line, 22 friga'és, and to transports, toard, bound to Cape Nichola Mols, took with 6000 troops on board. fore about 28 leagues from that place, when she Porijmousb, Nov. 21. Arrived the Champion blew up, and all on board perished.

frigate, Cap'ain Hamilton, from Jersey. By The routes for che different regiments which this frigate we learn, that last Tociday the comp»se the camps of Coxhcath and Warley. | Ambuscade frigate, Captain Phipps, in 1 siocommon, mille lent fiom the War-office on lent gale, goc on shore on the rocks near Jer1 bursday laft, and bo h camps will be entirely fey, but after cutting away ber masts, got off, broke up before the expiration of next week. and into St. Aubin's Bay.

20. Commodore Johnstone is failed with his This morning arrived the Prince of Wales, Squadron for the coast of Portugal.

Royal Oak, and Nonluch men of war, from The disagreeable advice was received yester.ebe West Indies; the ships under their convoy day of the Valentine Indi man, Captain Ogil- | parted from them in a gale of wind off the vie, and the French priz: East Indiaman, Banks of Newfoundland, except eight, which from the Mauritius, having both run ashore they brought safe into the channel. It is fearon the Shark Sand near Guernsey; molt osed the Grampus and Toriaise ftoreships are the hale goods, though much damaged, are lot in the gale; the Royal Oak, and Non. likely to be saved, but the lali-petre of both such, lprnog their masts, and the Prince of mus, to a sery confiderable amount, was io. Wales threw 20 of her guns over board. tally destroyed soon after they firuck on the 22. This day came on at Guildhall the ground. They ran ashore in a hard gale of election of a chamberlain for this city for the wind in aftempting to Guernsey, on the remainder of the years, in the room of the approach of a Reet of near twenty fail at the late Benjamin Hopkins, Esq; (be court came close of the evening, which they took for a on the hufing at one o'clock, when the redetached 1quadron of the combined Nects. corder addrelled the livery in au elcquent

This morning arrived express at the General speech, the subsance of which was, that " as Pull Ofice, Lombard Atreci, the mail from the he had no doubc of the judgment of the livery Well Indics, which was brought over in the to discriminate, he truned to their good sedlo Lord kiyde packet boat, Capt. Jefferys, which to elect the most worthy candida:e; but his failed from Jamaica the 16th of O&tober last. precise words could not be heard, on accoust

When ene Hyde paeket left Jamaica, all was of the amazing croud. Mr. Wilkes Spoke nexs, ar: et, and they had not been able to learn expressing his intentions, if chosen, and his bere d'Estaing was, though several schooners ruperabundant giat tude to the livery ; his bad been dispatched for that purpose, to vari speech was received with applause by at leaft ons paris of the West Indies; from which it isoo people who could not hear a word of was fapposed he was gine to North America. it, and by almost all that could.: Mt. "The force he bad with him conlisted of 26 fail Jimes then said a few words, but seemed to be of the line, 12 frigates, and 160 transports. oppressed with the weight of his own diffidence.

Advices are received from Halifax, of in late The names of the candida'es were then prodate as the 20th of October, which mention, posed, when there appeared a very great ma: that every thing is quiet there, and they had jorly in favour of Mr. Wlkes, whom the beard nothing o! d'Enaing.

Theritis declared duly elected; but a poll was By a letter from Martinico it is confirmed immediately demanded in favour of Mr. James, thar that island has been ravaged by a dismal and another for Mr. Wilkes, which commenced fempelt, on the 28th of August: and adds, at half palt two o'clock. that al midnigh: the winds blew with an incre. A Spanish thip. of bel ween boo and 700 ob e lury; the whole coast was covered wjih toris, laden with sugar, coffee, logwood, and hipwrecks; 16 lips at a: chor in St. Perer's hard dollars, bound from the Havannab to road were drove off and wrecked ; 12 others, Cadiz, valued at 200,000l. is taken by the bound to Fort Royal, went totally down ; the Antigallican privateer, and carried ialo Lilboa. houses on the island were defolated, and propifions ar such a rare, that is was hardly possible

Extraft of a letter from ebe Hague, Nov. 19. to procure them, the negroes solely amounting “ The Utrecht Gazette is suppressed for fis to 75,000.

weeks, upon the requi:i:ion of the Danilh am21. A mip yefterday a rived from St. Kitt's, ballader, who complained to the States-Geneby which it is learnt, that the Prince man of val that the printer of that paper, in an article war, and two others of 64 guns, are coming from Copenhagon, which mentioned ihe relli. home convny'o the West India fileer. The cution of two ihips taken by Paul Jones, and purpose of ihe return of the men of war is brought into Bergen, had prefumed to add, merely to get new mafts. The ship that that this nep of his Dan th Majeliy was probabrought this news, failed for St. Kitcs, the big meant as some atonement to the court of beginning of last month.

London for the treatment of the late enfor. A seport prevailed at Jamaica, when the runate Que:n of Deemask.

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"We hear that the States of Holland, before, ne apprehension of another vise from the they adjourned last Saturdy, took the memo French. rial of the English amballador under considcra

B. IR T H s. tion, and after allembling again on Wednerday delivered an answer to Sir Jofeph Yorke The Dutchess De Charters, of a prince. yenesday. Although we do not exactly know The Archduchef, confort to the Archduke the contents of the answer, it is said, har the Ferdinand, of a prince, ac Milan. States General declare, chat he should be forced The lady of Sir Thomas Beauchamp Pro&tor, to do it, and that they Brilly forbid ony thing bart; of a daughter, in Savil-row. being furnished him, but what was absolutely

MARRIAGE S. neceflary."

25. Yesterday, at three o'clock, the num The Hon. and Rev. John Hewitt, rector of bers on the close of the poll' for chamberlain St. Mark's; dean of Cloyne, and son to the of this city, stood as fo'low:

Right Hon. the Lord Chancellor of Ireland, Alderman Wilkes

2332 to Miss Jane Moore, second daughter of Dri Mr. James

370 Moore, of Dorset-Atreet, Dublin. After which Mr. James drclared his relgoz Lieut, Col. Bell, of the Northumberland tion, which was received with loud houts of Militia, to Miss Grand, of Beverley. a poläufe. The declaration will be made on a Capt. Jolini Spencer Keppel, o Miss C. future day by he sheriff

Lofrea, daughter of Samuel Loften, Efq; of Yellerday the earl of Hillsbo'ough kisled his Great Mark W, Bucks. majelly's hand on being appointed secretary of Thomas Gunter Browne, Elg; of the 37th ftate, in the room of lord Weymooth, resigned. regiment, to Miss Browne, eldeft daughter of

Earl Gower has religned the presidency of Lyde Btowne, Esq; of Wimbleton. the conncil. Eirl Ba'huilt is appo'nted in his Edward' Hiliard, Erq; of Lincoln's-inn, bare rom; but his lord'hip did not kiss the king's riller at law, to Miss Crolier, of Cowley, in hand yesterday upon is.

Middlesex Yeller day the printer of a morning paper Johd Wing, Esq; of Thorney, in the Ide was ordered up by the Court of King's Bench of Ely, to Miss Catharine Elger, of Peter boto receive judgment, for publishing hand-bills | rouch. expieslive of joy at the victory obtain d by The Rev. Robert Croft, of Harlsey, in Admiral Keppel over the ministry. He was Yorkshire, to Mil Ann Wanley Bowes, of sentenced to be confined in Newgate for 12 Hanwell, in Middlesex. months.

Thomas Gore, Esq; of Afhlyos-hall, Herts, Admiral Gambier his hoised his flag on to Miss Thorpe, of Salisbury. board the Dublin, lying a: P ymouth, having Walter Gullifer, Esq; of Witham, in Essex, fucceeded lord Shuldham, as naval commander 10 Miss Crolhy, of Biuton-ftreer. in that port.

Robert Comyn, Elg; of Lincoln's-inn, to On Tuesday last his Grace George Duke of Miss Mercalfe, of Bury- street, Edmonton. Marlborough' was unanimously choren bigh 087. 23. The Rev. Mr. Brereton, rector of fteward of the corpro.rion of Oxford, in the Alton, Wiles, 10 Miss Longland, of Krbyzoom of Sir James Dashwood, Birt, deceared. Atreet, Hatton Garden.

On Monday Nov. 15th the Stare Lottery 27. William Gaisford Peach, Esq; of Rookfbegan drawing ar Guildhall, lipce when the moor, in the county of Gloucester, to Miss following numbers have been drawn capital | Norman, of Henley upon Thames, prizes, viz.

Nov. 1, Francis Slonehouse, Etq; of Wand/No. 28.721, 20, ocol.

worth, to Miss Lucy Lawson, of CannonNo. 15,175, 9,213, 10,000 each.

street. No. 39.732, 5925, 5.ncol. each.

4. Sir Robert Barker, member for WallingNo. 48,703, 30 755, 2,cool. each

ford, to Miss Hallow's, only daughter and helNo. 34,881, 42,437, 10,360, 1,000l. each. ress of Prabazon Hallows, Esq; of Glapwell.

No. 1638, 26,141, 10,387,21.552, 11,969, 8. Sir Peregrine Campbell, Knight, of Ro23,953, 12 794, 59,340, 39 226; 19 954, chefter, in Mifs Snythson, of 'Stepney. 44.332, sool. cach.

14. Thomas Lowther, Erq; of Hampstead, No. 8,580, 33,397, 1,709, were drawn to Miss l'orothy Bilson, of Hatton-gardes. blanks, but being flift drawn tickets, were en 18. Jacob Delander, Esq; of Torrenham, to titled to 1,cool. each.

Miss Maria Davenpırt, of Newgate-ficet. No. 30.089, 11,875, 11.348, 6,872,

DE A IH S. 34,409, were drawn 201. prizes, but being firft drawn tickets, we c each entirded to r,cool. be. Matthew Carr, Efq; of Rychope, near Sunfides,

derland, one of his majesty's justices of the On Tuesday eyening Gen. Conway arrived peace for the county of Durham, in town from his government of Jerley, was Major General Valentine Jones, at Llanidyesterday at court, and laid before his majesty 'ors, in Montgomeryshire, Colonel of the 62d the state of that island on his departure, which regiment, now in America, is now so Nrongly fortified Ibas they are under Admiral Collins, at Southampton.


William Sibthorp, Esq; at his apartments in The Rev. Mr. Cotron, at Winchester. Bond-streer.

31, Thomas. Pitchers, Elg

; at Watfords Mis. Gamon, lady of Richard Gamon, Esq; Herz fordMire. and mother to her Grace the Duchess of Chao. Nov. 1. Dr. Hincklev, treasurer of the Chi. dos, at Barh.

lege of Physicians, at his house in Aldera anJohn Tucker, Esq; at Weymouth, in Dor- bury. ' fetshire, which borough he represented in pa: John Reeves, Esq; at Kingsland, Hertfordo ljement.

thire. Sir Abraham Hat,ington, Knight, at Wal William Turton, Esqi of Sou dyn, in Oxtham, in Ellex.

fordshire, Sir Thomas Head, at Lingley, in Berks. Thomas Barring on, Esq; at illington, for

Capt. Jonathan Armstrong, at Mile-end, merly a dry-falter of this city. commander of a ihip in the Jamaica trade. 4. James Lyndíay, E!q; at his house at

Capt. John Pearlon, at Wandsworth, for. Hackney, formerly a wholesale linen draper. merly commander of a fhip in the royal nary. 15. John Leds, Esq; at Norwich.

Archibald Ogilby, Esq; at Inchmartine, in 2. Mrs. Nicholas, at Croydon, reliat of Scotland,

the late · Nicholas, Esq; of Stanford, in Alexander Thornton, Efq; at Richmond, Lincolnshire. formerly a wholelale grocer in his city. 8. The Rev. Mr. Henry Foulkes, curate of of 18. William Bridgen, Esq; at Forty-hill

, the unised parishes of St. Maryaret Paciens, near Enfield, alderman of Farringdon ward and St. Gabriel Ferchurch. within.

9. Moorey, E'q; at Homerton, for John Lawson, Esq; at Hampstead.

merly a West India merchant. Capt. James Dickens.n, at Plallow, in Ef. Benjamin Hopkins, Esq; chamberlain of sex, formerly in the American trade.

London, at Lid, near Romney, in Ken!. 19. Alexander Isaac. Keyser, Efq; of Cornelius Humphrys, Esq; Mark-lanc, at Clapton, one of the brokers be. 11. Capt. William Picairn, nephew to the Jonging to the Bullion-office.

doctor, and son of Major Pitcairn, who was Gervas Hayward, Esq; at Sandwich. killed at the battle of Bunker's-bill.

The Rev. Mr. John Lowther, Rector of Sir James Dalt wood, Bart. at his feat at Otlerden, in Kent,

Kirkling'on, in Orlordibire. The Right Hon. Robert Maxwe'l, Earl of Colonel John ''ells, lace of the third regiFarnham, at Caven, in Ireland.

ment of foot-guards. Dadiel Danvers, Esq; at Bath, one of the 12. Archer Barlow, Esq; at Muswell-hill. partners in the Bath bank.

Mr. Long, gentleman commoner of 20. Sir William Smychlon, Knight, at his St. Mary-ball, Oxford. feat near Rochester, in Kent.

14. Ms. John Beecroft, at Walthamstor, Sir William Gardiner, Bart. at Roche-court, formerly a bookseller in Pater nofter row. Dear Fareham, Hants.

James William Gibbons, Esq; at his house 22. George Tollet, Esg; at Betley-hall, in St. James's. S:afford hire.

15. The Rev. John Laufon, B. D. Rector Master Fowke, çon of Sir Thomas Fowke, of Swanscourt, ai Chullehu:it, in Kedia of Lowesby-hall, Leicestershire.

Reginald Mortimer, Ffq; at his feat, near Mits Mary Ridley, young:At Gifter of Sir Killgobben, in Ireland, a descendant of the Matthew White Risley, Bst.

famous Roger Mortimer, who lived in the reiga 24. Emanuel Philips, 5sq; at bis house at of Edward 11. Dulwich.

20. Mrs. tornih, relict of Mr. John Disej 25. The Rev. Mr. Thomas, of Fever fram. Cornil, pilater, in Backfriars.

Abraham de la Fontaine, Efq; a French mer 21. Robe ·, Esq; one of his Majefty's chant, in Fenchurch strecta

Justices of the Peace, and a Major in the MidJohn Brackenbury, Esg; at Spillby, in Lindle cx Milicja. colnshire.

Mr. Atkinson, many years Register of the 26 Roger Altbam, Esq; of the Inner Tem Mayor's-couit. ple, barrister at law.

Mr. Jones, Master of the Swan's Nelt, in Adolphus Delandet, Esg; at his house in Coleman-ftreet, Red-lion-ft:ect, Holbo n, formerly a merchant 23. Mi's Parker, eldest daughter of Robert at Lisbon.

Parker, Esq; late of Coerdco, in Lapcasaise, 29. The Right Hon. George Lord Willough. 24. Ms. Wellon, reilåt of Mi. Wellon, by of Parham, in Newman-ftreet.


a packes of this city. James Hamilton, Esq; a Dutch Merciant, Mr. Thomas lowood, one of the supervis in Feochurch-treet,

fors of the New Annuity-office, South-Scr 39. William Arsold, Esq; merchadt, a his house, houfe on Great Tower-bil.

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Entertaining Companion for the FAIR Sex, appro

priated solely to their Use and Amusement.


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1 Eflay on' the Writings of Shakespeare | 18 History of Captain Herbert and Miss

Nugent 2 Histoire d Emilie

620 19 Miss Willis to Miss Eliża Willis 653 3 Remarks on the Character of Miranda 20 Letter on the H-ad-Dress of Ladies, in Shakespeare's Tempelt

ib. by Lady M. W.M. 4 The History of Sophronia, founded on 21 Account of Zoraida, a new Tragedy facts

The Long Farewell 1. ib. 22 Cure for the Cramp 6 Sclim and Selima. An oriental Tale 23 The Tru- Point of Honour ib.

625 24 Enigmatical Questions Tragical Story of Ludovisid Caranjani

62825 POETRY.-On the Approach of 8 An Ellay on Chearfulness 631

winter. A PalloralVerses to a young , Maria Mcan well to the Female Re. Lady who had a fine Genius for Poco furiner

try-Address to a young Lady. with 19 The Governess

ib. a Poem--Prologue to the Times-Epiu The Mation. No. 77.

logue to the fame-On N B12 Military Diftress

boaling of his Fortitude-To Richard 13 Memoirs of Mrs. Learor

Brinney Sheridan, Esq; on his Critic, 14 The t'teacherous Husband

640 &c. &c. &c. Prologue to the New Iş Letters of Aza

642 Tragedy of Zoraida--Epilogue to the 16 Account of the Times. A Comedy. fame

661–664 646 26 Foreign News

665 17 Palamon and Amasina, á School for 27 Home News

666 Wives. A Domestic History 647 | 28 American News



635 637 639

This Number is embellished with the following Copper. Plates, viz. 1. A Pastern for a Lady's Muif. 2. A beautiful historical Picture of the Leng Fare

well; and, 3. A new Soog lei to Music by Mr. Hudlon.

LONDON : Printed for G. Robin'on, No. 25, Paternoser-Row, where Favours

from Correépondents will be received.



T has been always our study to oblige our correspondents, and extend our

plan from intimations which they have generously favoured us with.

The request of a Pattern for an Apron, by a lady who shines in our collection, we have complied with, not valuing our expence, providing we can express our gratitude.

The author of Shakespeare, or remarks on Shakespeare's characters, has done us a singular honour in presenting us with Number I. and hope he will not zake it amiss that we have published an extract from it for the entertainment of our fair correspondents.

The rich Pattern for a laced Apron to be wrought on Car-gutt, 13. now in the hands of our engraver, and is designed for the Magazine for January next.As the drawing is by one of the most ingenious artists in London, we doubt not but the lady who requested it, as well as our fair patronefles in general, will be satisfied with it on account of its richness and elegance.

We waited for the continuation of Fanny Scudamori, &c. till we had scarcely time for printing the favours received from our other female friends.

Indiana may rest assured that we shall do her due honour when we have re. viewed the series of her letters.

We are greatly obliged to a new correspondent for The Fortunate Sequel, or the Adventures of Ella Worthy, a Now l, in a Series of letters, by a Lady: and as they display an uncommon knowledge of the human heart, are wrote with spirit and elegance, and are fraught with sentiments that are necessary for the condu& of the fex in general, they fhall begin our collection for January Rext, and be continued every succeeding month without interruption.......

Among a great and elegant variety of pieces in prose, we are honoured with a continuation of the Morning Meaitation, by E=2-3: Letter to the Edie tor, List of Ladies in East and Well-Lavington, Wildfire, and Lift of Gentlemen is the same, by Eliz. L-g. The Life of Mahomet, by — An Essay on Bigotry, by T. B. Lif of young Gentlemen in Trowbridge, Wilts, by a confiant Reader. On the Praal ce of Gaming among Ladies of Quality, by Queries relating 19 the rofining of Beer, by 7. Clarke, &c.

We are favoured with the following pieces of poetry, Verjes addrefil se Ms L.1-rf B-, by T. P. An Enigma and Rebus, by Y-8--pb. Or the Death of a lovely Bor, by Clara.' ' Disappointment, un Elegy, by Mr. Hawkins. Winter, addressed to Miss S---v, by Amintor. To Miss M. M-#, by 1.D-A. Totie amiable Viss M. B-:, by 7". P--k, Lines from a Brother to a Siper in Town, by J, R Rebul, by A. 2. with an Antwer 10 one in October, with innd. merable other pieces, some of which shall be inserted in our Supplement, to be published in the middle of January next.

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