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The Words by a young LADY, set to Mufic by Mr. HUDSON.

Slow, and in Time

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Algefiras, Now. I.

the trees, two large vessels arrived on their ON Antonio Barcelo, commander of the coast, one of three, and the other of two

blockade of Gibraltar, having perceived malts; that they landed some men, and besome lights on the evening of the 29th of Oct- haved with great courtesy to the inhabitants, ber, in the southern part of be bay, immedi.tely giving them prcscots; that the inhabitants ordered the cutter Le Saint Louis, Capt. Don in return, ofered them fome whales Aesh, F. Gravina, to examine into the cause thereof. which they refused, after smelling to it; that D. Gravina, at the break of day, discovered a they could not understand anything they said ; vessel, steering towards the port of Gibraltar, that these vetiels afterwards failed iowards the which he immediotely chared; and perceiving North, and couched at different parts of Kamerit roon after to be an English privaicer of 26 chatka, where the fime occurrences happened güns, made the signal of discovery of an en- as before mencioned; that they failed out of my; in consequence whereof the frigates le light towards the North, but in some days reMurcien and le Saint-Sebastien, immediately turned, and failed to the South, lince whick que co sea to his affittance, and endeavoured io they have not been scen. occupy the entrance of the cinal, nocwith We do not kno'y what veftels these can have Nanjing the heavy fire from the enemy's, bare been, unlets they are Cap: Cook's, who failteries on the European point of the roik. Ined from England three years ago to make disthe mean time D. Gravina engaged the priva. coveries, and who has not been beord of lince teer, and by mcans of various manæuyres on he was at the Cape of Good Hope. both sides, ihe privateer was at last drove under Brufils, Nov. 16. The contagious distemper the fire of our fort Sainte Barbe. At nine o'clock among the horned cattle has again made its in the morning, there being a total calm, the appearance in these provinces. The dillriets enemy sent large boats from the port, to receive where it principally prevails are the parts of the cargo of the privateer, but were prevented Flanders and brabant which border upon the from executing the r design, by our guns from Durch Frontier; and, in order to prevent the the faid fort. In the night following, the com- faruber spreading of the infection, this gorernmaader sent some loops to see fire to the priva-meor has ified an ordinance prohibiting the teer, which was executed accordingly, and, af- importation of carde or hides from ihose districts ter being burnt to the water's edge, the blew up into any other part of hele provinces; they this morning, when boats were fent to receive have Ik wie renewed in gereral, with regard the crew that could be saved.

to ali places where the infeélion shall discover Madrid, Nov. 2. A Venetian ship with pro- itself, the regulations wh ch were pur in pracvisions, and an English frigate with ammuni- tice when it iaged with so much violence in this tion and fores, have found means to get into country ten years ago, and which, as they were Gibraltar. Don Antonio d'Ulloa is raid to be then so effeciual as very shortly lo suppress che arrived at Cadiz, where, by order of the king, disorder, though universally prevaleni, will, ic he was immediately dismilled frum the com is hoped, be equally fucceis:ul at preleni in stopmand of our flees, and replaced by Don Juan ping che progress of it. de Langara,

Genos, Nov. 20. Our letters from Madrid Ous lalt advices from the camp of St. Roch give an account of the fortifications in the they, that the garrison of Gibraltar keep up a neighbourhood of Algesiras; above the road of warm fire, which though it doesn't much da- Gibraltar. They conit of a line of circummage, yet hinders the works very much. The vallation opposite the curtain and he thore of number of troops which arrive continually at he fortreis of Gibraitar, of the length of two the comprenders the work caly. It has how. Italian miles, from east to west of the fea, ever been observed, that the enemy have rais which surrounds the fortress; there is a cover: ed new works on all sides, and that their fire ed way that he work. may be carried on wiih. is better dire&ted than it was, which has driven out interuption, with a fort and a small ad. back our advanced guards. It is feared, if the vanced forticle, with other works, and a valt place is not raken before winter, the fiege will number of pallisadoes and barriers ; 214 pieces be very long as that season will oblige Don of beavy artillery are employed, and the works Barcelo to quit his Itation, when Gibraltar may men consist of gooo pioneers, besides several be supplied with prov.Gons and everything eile corps of infanery and cavalry, with 600 oxen, they want.

liangu, Nov. 27. We are informed that the Petersburgb, Nov. 5. The Senate has receiv. Hanoverian troops have received orders to proed, from the inhabitants of Kamischiaika, ad-vide tenis, horses, and all the necessary bagvice, that, according to the custom of theis gere for a campaign. It is not faid for what country Jast year, about the time that the place thele troops are deftined, whether for A. leaves, though fill green, begin to fall frum merica, or elsewhere. VOL, X



Paris, Mov. 28. The officers of the army o! Paris, Dec. 3. The king has issued an edia Bric'any are e'u pingin such numbers that there for creating life annu ties, to the amount of we hardly poft horses enough to bring them. five millions of livres, at the rate of ten per Many people say that the last embarkation was cent. on one life, nine per cent. on two lives, only done to tavour the departure of Don Cor- eight and a halfoo three lives, and eight per ceni. dova's squadron, by obliging the English Aeet on four lives, without any distinction of age, to keep on its own coast. It is said, that that and extending to all pessoas, fubjects or foadmirai will re'urn in the spring with 30 fail of reigners. the line, which, with the 21 he left here, and Hague, Dec. 9. The viscount de la Herreira, 30 of our's, will make the combined Auet next mielier plenipotentiary from his Catholick Mayear con Gill of 81 Sail of the line, beâdes fri- jefty, has bad a conference with the president

of ihe afsembly of their High Mightinelles, and Paris, Nov. 29. A fleet of four ships of the line delivered a memorial, complaining, in the and as many frigates are getting ready for India, name of the king his maller, that the Dutch and 8000 men are ordered to prepare to embaik, ships carry provisions to Gibraltar. part for the East and pait for the Weft Indies,

gates, &c.

[blocks in formation]

LONDON. Nov. 25.

"I now wait the arrival of the enemy. the Right Hon. William Ea l'of Hills gales we have for some time pall had on theke

the borongh to be one of tis majesty's principal coasts have not frultrated their purpokes, by secretar es of Rate, his lordlh'p was this day, disabling their squadron, its efforts here will by his majorly's command, sworn one of his be rendered ineffc&ual by the kill and bravery mojeity's priocipal secretárics of ftate accord of my officers and seamen.” ingly,

30. On Sunday ao express arrived from IreAdmiralty-Office, Nov. 27. 1770. land, with an account that the House of ConExtra&t of a Letter (which was received yefier- mons of that kingdom had unanimously paffed day) from Vice Admiral Arbut bact, Commander the sher: money bill for fir moneho, viz. from in Chief of bis M jesty's pips in NortbAmerica, Christmas to Midsummer next, and no longes. 10 Mr. Stepbens, dated Sandy Hook, 08. 8, 30. On Sunday night Sir Charles Hardy ar1779

sived in town from Portsmouth, was yefterday « On the 23d of Semptember, a privateer as coust, and had a conference with his mabelonging to this port arrived wib a Spanish jesty. prize that the had taken on the sth in the Yesterday morning a duel was fought is Gulph of Florida, which prize has fallen in Hydepark, Metween the honourable Čbarles with Count D'Efaign's feet on the ift, in lati- Fox, and William Adam, Ere; on the fubject lude 28 norih, and 30 leagues difant from the of something which fell from the former gene land, steering to the men ward, and supposed lemao in parliament on Thursday lalt. Mr. to be intended againf St. Auguftine. The Fox's second was the honourable Mr. Fitzmaster of a schooner from Providence (one of patrick, and Ms. Adam was attended by a the Bahamas) which arrived the next day, re-sco ch officer. Mr. Fox was wounded Nightly ported, ihat the fell in with that feet steering in the belly by Mr. Adan's fit ct pistol, which north-west on the 27th of August, and that frccalioned a small effusion of blood on which Me escaped it by dint of få sailing. Re: Mr. Fitzpatrick interfered, and asked if Mr. bel accounts from all quarters corroborate this Adam was satisfied; Ms. Adam said no, unkels intelligence. Several of their velleis arrived, Mr. fox would figo paper retracting what thae feparaled from him in his voyage, and an hid palled, which Mr. Fox refusing, he desired exiraat of a letter, dated at Charles Town, in Mr. Adam to fire; the fe:ond the m'fled, and South Carolina, the gih ult. which wu insert- Mr. Fox discharging his piltol into the air, the ed in a rebel news paper of the it instant an affair ended. Rounces, that Count D'Efaign, wi!h 24 fail of Plymourb, Dec. 3. The troops that have been the line, and 14 frigates, appeared at Tybee on encamped in our neighbouehood all this fam. the 2d of September, and that on the 4th lie mer, broke up, and went into winter-quarters anchored off Charles Town; that he fent in the beginning of last week; they are cantecthere the Bellona brig, with dispatches for con- ed within twenig miles round Plymouth, fo a gress, but a very dreadful gale of wind come on to be collected together in (weniy-four houn, that night, and that he therefore cut his cables Mould they be wanted on any emergency i and ran to fca,

and although the weather has beca very le


N E W S.


vere here lately, the engineers continue to care Dec. 17. By an express over-land from the ry on the works round this town with great East Indies, there is advice of the French being spirit : there are abour 600 workmen conltane- rotally dispolieled or every settlement they had ly employed on them; there are old many in Ara. additional works, such as r.doubes, &c. 'o be His Majesty was attended to the House of erected to Strenghten the Ires, and ihe whole Peeis, Dec. 15, by the Duke of Northumber. is expected to be compleated by May nexi. lind, and the earl of Oxford, and gave the

Cork, Dec. 3. Last Tuesday evening the royal atsent to the land- tax, che mait-tax, the Pembroke, Capt. Allison, arrived here in 29 American habeas corpus, and the Italian Gilk days from New York, and brings intelligence bills. that Count D'Estaing had put into Cheapcak. 15. Sir John Lockhart Ross fails with a Bay, with his feet, from Hispan'ola, feveral Squadron for the Mediterranean, at the same of his thips having loft their malts: it is fup time that Sir George Rodney sails with the pored that fome French ships of war touched as Welt-India fileet. The two fleets will keep Georgia, as the Experiment, commanded by company to a certain latiiude, and then sepaSir Jame. Wallace, was taken off ly bee River rare, each making the best of their way to ihe by part of D'Efaign's squadron, after fishing place of their deflination. three large line of battle thips, vill the Expe Official accounts have been received by goriment was almost sink ng. It was thought veroment, authenticating the loss fuliained by prudent to evacuare Rhode Island, and the the French, of iwo men of war of the line, garrison was lafe arrived at New-York; some and several transpeits, which were coming thips of burthen were funk in the river near from the Grenades, and bound for France ; Sandy-Hook, and every precaution used to the whole foundered in their postage, in a viorender any attempe fruitless that may be made lent gale of wind, and every soul on board peagainst New York. There were, however, litrihed. tle app.eheasions in that pace, as certain ac. From the LONDON GAZETTI. counts had been received of violent distentions

Wbireball, Dec. 18, 1779. between the Congress and Aroold's pariy,

Extract of a letter from Caprain Dalrymple, which caused Mr. Wahington to quit the Jera commandant of the Loyal Irish Volunteers, to seys with his army, and io cncamp at German the Right Hon. Lord George Germain, one Town, close to Philadelpbia, in order to fup. of liis Majesty's princiral secretares of late, port Congress, who aic" daily losing ground. I received yesterday' by Lieutenant Carden, of The Roebuck, with her great proviGon flect the both regiment. from this port, were safe arrived at New York; St. Fernando de Omoa, 08.21. Your Lord. so that the army there bath fupplies abundani. Aip would be informed, that General Delling ly fufficient to lan till next spring. General had dispatched me to the Mosquito Shore to Prevost had begun his march from Beaufort in collect a foree, and that he had also rent arms, September lait, co attack Charles-Town, which artilery, and ammunition for St. George's was expected would not hold que above a week Key, being the principal settlement of ine or ten dass

Bay men, Extraat of a letter from Mr. D. French, of Depeo On the 27th of September, the day of our ford, dared the corb of Dec. 1779.

arrival at Black River on the Mosquito Ahose, “Sir, I have the picaruie to intorm you an adv ce boat came up from the bly with certhat I came pafluoger o board the snow Sintain intelligence, that the Spaniards had on the Thomas, from St. Croix, bound to Copen. 15th of September taken posle lion of St. hagen, and landed at Dover yesterday. The George's Key, having a number of armed Pe. 24th of Nov. in la'. 39. 33. N. long. 22. 40. tiraguas and about 600 med.

On this notice, fell in with and (poke to the privateer Jackall, having colleclcd 60 Indians, and inlifted some belonging Bristol, a Bermudian buili vefsel, volun:eers on the lhore, we failed in the Porand shcathed with copper. She had then in cupine floop of war with three transports, for company with her a large Spanish Chip, from the relief and re-establishment of the Bay. men. Buenos Ayrei, laden with hides and a large On the evening of our departure from Black quantity of furs, &c. and about 1, goo ooo dol | River, we fell in with Commodore Lustrell in lars; the calb they were gerving on board the the Charon, accompanied by the Lowestoffe privareer, in order to make the best of their and Pomona fiigates, whec we were informed way for the fir. It port. She is called ihe Nue-1that St. George's Key had been re-taken by ftra Senora de la To'ce Senore, Don Antonio his Majesty's armed schooner Race horse, and Xerabiria Dela Gomez, master; The was then that the remaining inhabitants with their llaves 13 weeks from her port, and when taken by had setired to Truxillo and Rattan. I intendsaid vellel knew nothing of hostilities bringed to have consulted the Bayoinen on re-settling commenced with Spain, and from the accounts Honduras, when I was informed that his Ma. I received from the captain and officers, chry jelly's fhips had been at the Gulph of Dulce, look upon her to be the most valuable prize ind not finding the regifter ships there, bad thal has been taken this war. The above you proceeded to St. Feinindo de Omoa, where they pay rely on as a fact."

discovered them; that they had entered the 4 Q3


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